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Globalization: A Force for Good? .. Fed. Reserve Governor Frederic S. Mishkin..With the protection of property rights, honest government, and financial oversight and enforcement, would-be investors with the best projects will be the ones who actually get external funds to invest--and this is the crucial role of the financial system. We have seen that the repression of the financial system is a great obstacle to economic growth and the reduction of poverty in poorer countries… Globalization can therefore help generate the political will for institutional reform. We have seen this happen in emerging-market economies that have experienced rapid growth.. Making financial flows truly worldwide and creating robust, efficient financial markets in developing countries is not optional. (met de BIS als baas natuurlijk)

Central Bank ChairmanDefends Russian Banks’ Right to Invest in Europe.. Foreign banks are welcome to expand in Russia, but Russian banks also have the right to invest in Europe, head of the Russian Central Bank Sergei Ignatyev told a press conference in Dresden on Thursday

World Bank Says Russia’s “Unpredictable” Policy Deters Investment.. Moscow has rattled some of the biggest Western firms working in the country in recent weeks, including energy titans Shell, Total and ExxonMobil, with regulatory moves widely seen as a campaign to revise the investment terms

Bush: 'We're Too Dependent on Oil'.. look, let me just put it bluntly: We're too dependent on oil,".. "We live in a global world. When the demand for oil goes up in China or in India, it causes the price of crude oil to rise. And since we import about 60 percent of the crude oil we use, it causes our price to go up as well, which means the economy becomes less competitive.".. "And then, of course, there's the national security concern for oil," Bush added. "Why? Well, we get oil from some countries that don't particularly care for us."

Germany, France Urge Russia to Ratify Energy Charter.. Answering the calls for greater security of energy supplies, Russia has said that there also exists a security of demand…Russia claims that security of demand would help the Russian companies to invest more in exploration and development.

Government urged to act on underpriced coal for generators.. Yesterday UK Coal, Britain's biggest producer, warned that it would make a loss for the year because of disruption.. due to geological problems.. at four of its five deep mines in July and August.. "The government has to get both sides together and try to facilitate them arriving at a solution even if it has to be that the government (=belastingbetalers) has to pay the generators a given amount,"

LET'S GET REAL ABOUT DEFICITS.. Peter Schiff.. So just what is it that the President is bragging about? Presiding over the fourth largest budget deficit ever (after having presided over the largest) while simultaneously being the biggest tax and spender in our nation’s history?.. However, my guess is that before the end of the Bush term, foreigners will finally pull the plug.

Testimony of Chairman Alan Greenspan.. July 24, 1998.. Nor can private counterparties restrict supplies of gold, another commodity whose derivatives are often traded over-the-counter, where central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise… In conclusion, the Board continues to believe that, aside from safety and soundness regulation of derivatives dealers under the banking or securities laws, regulation of derivatives transactions that are privately negotiated by professionals is unnecessary.

The credit business is more perilous than ever..(over hedge funds/derivaten) This problem of crisis management will be even more difficult because of the globalisation of banking. Financial stability can no longer be managed at national level. Yet it remains to be seen how well any memorandum of understanding for international crisis co-operation of the kind adopted in the European Union between central banks, finance ministers and regulators will stand up to a financial hurricane.

SEC May Exclude Lawyers From Amaranth, Broadcom Cases (Update1.. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's general counsel and his top deputy may be excluded from probes into the collapse of Amaranth Advisors LLC and stock because of potential conflicts of interest…Amaranth..that lost about $6.5 billion last month on natural-gas trades.

China's Foreign Currency Reserves Almost $1 Trillion.. Too much money supply leads to excess capacity and this is what's happening in China,''.. They've avoided a crisis thus far because they've been able to grow exports so rapidly, but this can't go on forever.''

Neocons in Space: Pre-emptive War Goes Interplanetary.. the Bush Administration has unilaterally declared its right to conduct pre-emptive attacks on foreign spacecraft and on any objects or installations that might support them from the ground…its militaristic statements have the effect of declaring a "New Space Order.".. This Directive is yet another example of contempt for diplomacy, and for a lack of skill and knowledge in the field of negotiation…The privatization of the space effort is spelled out here, too

General seeks UK Iraq withdrawal.. Chief of the General Staff Sir Richard Dannatt told the Daily Mail that the military campaign fought in 2003 had "effectively kicked the door in"… Major General Patrick Cordingly said: "I think it is a very brave thing for him to say. I do agree. I think there comes a time when you have got to let Iraq get on and look after its own security."

IRAQ DEATH TOLL.. Reaction to the latest estimates of conflict-related death toll in post-invasion Iraq - about 655,000 according to a study.. the U.S. president stated that he believes that the study methodology "is pretty well discredited",..Answering back.. The choice of method is anything but controversial.. The Lancet survey does not perform "extrapolation" from a small sample.. It is not the case that every point in the confidence interval range is equally likely…ignoring this and other alarming findings simply because "they sound wrong" is no way to move forward - if they can't be proven wrong (or partly wrong) on scientific grounds, they must certainly stand, until better evidence emerges.

Iraq war worsening terrorism: John Kerry.. the Iraq war had worsened terrorism and that the Bush administration had squandered the nation's moral authority.

Thousands fleeing Iraq daily in 'silent exodus'-UN.. Redmond said his staff were seeing 2,000 people a day enter Syria from Iraq.. Another 1.5 million people are displaced within Iraq, including more than 365,000 who have been uprooted since February, according to UNHCR and Iraqi government estimates…"The enormous scale of the needs, the ongoing violence and the difficulties in reaching the displaced make it a problem that is practically beyond the capacity of humanitarian agencies,

U.S. govt appeals court's NSA wiretapping decision.. Earlier this month, an appeals court in Cincinnati ruled that the Bush administration's wiretap program can continue pending the government's appeal.

Russian Court Orders Shutdown of Chechen Rights Group.. The restrictive law, which came into effect early this year, imposed government oversight of NGO work and financing, giving the authorities scope to close down groups whose activities are perceived to contradict their stated goals or harm state interests.

How tagging passengers could improve airport security.. Air travellers could soon be electronically tagged.. RFID tags .. inside airports in a bid to improve security.
Canada troops battle 10-ft Afghan marijuana plants.. We tried burning them with white phosphorous -- it didn't work. We tried burning them with diesel -- it didn't work. The plants are so full of water right now ... that we simply couldn't burn them," he said. Even successful incineration had its drawbacks. "A couple of brown plants on the edges of some of those (forests) did catch on fire. But a section of soldiers that was downwind from that had some ill effects and decided that was probably not the right course of action," Hillier said dryly.

Debt and Snakes etc... The Mogambo Guru.. "Central banks worldwide have grown the money supply in reckless fashion in the last year. The pace ranges from a seemingly modest 8.5% in European Union, a modest 7.5% in Australia, and roughly 9% in the United States. Check this! Money supply growth is up to 18.4% in China, 19.1% in India, and a whopping 23.2% in South Africa. These are staggering numbers. Without fanfare, Russia has increased its money supply by almost 45%.".. the biggest run of corporate profits in history and the biggest run of consumer borrowing in history happened at the same time. This is another monster imbalance, with ultimately ugly consequence, that doesn't get much press.".. If you don't own gold already, and you never do, then you are, on the other hand, screwed. It's as simple as that. And that's 6,000 years of history talking.

Banks may be behind plunge in gold price.. "We believe this is actually very bullish for gold because it shows that the sell-off was not driven by investors," said Ms Jacazio.

WHEN ATLAS SHRUGGED part 1.. Antal E. Fekete.. It is amazing that the exploding derivatives monster finds apologists in the “free market” camp.. Government bonds today are not a legitimate instrument of saving as gold bonds of yesteryear were…The government has the following desiderata:1) to have a floor below the bond price; 2) to have a ceiling above the gold price…To promote these desiderata, the bond and the gold markets are manipulated…Default in gold derivatives will bring about the collapse of bond derivatives, with incalculable consequences to human welfare.

WHEN ATLAS SHRUGGED part 2.. Antal E. Fekete.. The validity of Gibson’s Paradox clearly extends to the regime of the irredeemable dollar with a variable gold price. It varies directly with the price level. In particular, as the irredeemable dollar loses purchasing power, the price of gold will rise for the stronger reason. In terms of Gibson’s Paradox, the price level rises less if the rate of interest is suppressed; otherwise it rises more. … This is the unpredictable part. Can Barrick acquire gold properties fast enough to win the race against a rising gold price no longer fettered by forward sales? If it can, this may be a set-back for the gold price. Atlas may be able to carry the $300 trillion derivatives market on its shoulder awhile longer. But if it could not, and Atlas shrugged, then the short gold bubble would burst, triggering the collapse of the $300 trillion derivatives bubble. We could then expect to witness the ruination of the credit of the United States, and the close of the dollar system.

Economists have a blind spot for finance.. They regard money as "neutral" and ignore, on the whole, the role of credit…Of course it is recognised that there are, every so often, monetary "disorders" - but money is "of secondary importance in the explanation of the economic process of reality.".. blind spot and apathy towards the creation of today's gigantic credit/debt bubble.. When the housing bubble bursts, it will be because the lending bubble has burst, not because 'there are too many homes on the range'…This is happening in what is a de facto deflationary environment. Why should this be scary? Because the value or cost of debt rises in a deflationary environment (the opposite happens under inflationary conditions) and these increasingly expensive debts will further drain American consumers of their hard-earned wealth…the coming crisis will be systemic. Or to put it in the words of Tim Geithner, a governor of the US Federal Reserve, the crisis will be "borderless".

Oil sinks below $US58 a barrel.. there's no firm decision on the OPEC cut and in the US they're saying the winter will be warmer than expected," a London trader said.

President Bush Discusses the Economy and Budget.. This morning my administration released the budget numbers for fiscal 2006.. These numbers show that the budget deficit has been reduced to $248 billion and is down to just 1.9 percent of the economy…These budget numbers are proof that pro-growth economic policies work…I believe Congress can make the President's job more effective in dealing with bad spending habits if they gave me the line-item veto, and let me tell you why…but there's another problem with our budget, and that has to do with mandatory spending, particularly with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. (ja van 70.000 miljard US$)..zie ook.. U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK

Lost Wars and a Lost Economy.. At some point pressure will come to bear on the countries that are enabling America's barbaric wars, and the foreign lenders will be forced to cut off financing. This point may be close at hand or distant, but it exists. When the dollar goes, American real incomes will fall.

world war w.. North Korea’s detonation of a nuclear device reveals the latest failure of the foreign policy of the George W. Bush and Richard Cheney administration. .. George W. Bush’s presidency is deeply unpopular in America, and it is disastrously unpopular throughout the rest of the world. .. From the perspective of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, Rice’s latest mission to the Middle East was a total failure. Their warships, missiles and bombers are now in striking position – and they have a very important ace-in-the-hole – a well-financed fifth column of support in Iran.

North Korea: US pressure would mean war .. "If the US keeps pestering us and increases pressure, we will regard it as a declaration of war and will take a series of physical corresponding measures," Pyongyang's foreign ministry said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency. 

"Cold War Shivers": War Preparations in the Middle East and Central Asia.. US-NATO naval deployment is taking place in two distinct theaters: the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean…Iran is in an advanced stage of readiness in the eventuality of a US attack…both China and Russia have conducted war games in Central Asia, in collaboration with their coalition partners…These war games are not isolated events. They are part of a carefully coordinated endeavor, in response to the US-NATO military build-up. They should also be considered as acts of deterrence, intended to display military capabilities to deter military action by US led coaltion…The energy crisis would immediately backlash on freight prices and costs of production in virtually all sectors of economic activity. It would also contribute to disrupting financial markets Worldwide. 

Assad: We expect war any time.. Syria's president, has said that a war with Israel cannot be ruled out as long as a lasting peace eludes the Middle East.

Google is suddenly a two-product company.. $1.6bn (£880m) acquisition of YouTube, which makes it a major force in video networking as well as searching, provides a number of interesting lessons…And if it fails and eye-loose YouTubers migrate elsewhere, then Google has only used overvalued shares to pay for the site while also preventing it from getting into the hands of a rival such as Yahoo!.

Silver to Triple, Mother Earth (Update1).. Silver may surge to $40 an ounce by 2011 as industrial applications boost demand, said Jansen, who manages $100 million at Mother Earth Investments AG…Global demand for silver was 911.9 million ounces last year.. Producing countries such as Peru, Mexico and Australia mined 641.6 million ounces of silver in 2005,

'Liberty Dollars' Can Buy Users A Prison Term, U.S. Mint Warns..Norfed struck the first gold- and silver-backed coins -- which, to avoid charges of making its own money it calls "rounds" -- in 1998 at its private mint in Idaho...True story, phony money. So says the U.S. Mint, which would like to remind Liberty Dollar users that since the United States already has its own currency, the only thing Liberty Dollars buy in these parts is a jail term…"Goliath just introduced David to millions of Americans as a nationally recognized underdog,".. the Liberty Dollar will take it to the people to decide which currency they should use."

Gold Falls as Dollar Rally Erodes Metal's Appeal as Alternative.. Losses accelerated after oil dropped below $59 a barrel, reducing the metal's appeal as a hedge against inflation.

the Bush years will make the nation poorer.. For the first time during President Bush’s tenure, the government’s interest bill is expected to rise in 2006, from $184 billion in 2005 to $220 billion this year, up nearly 20 percent. That increase — $36 billion — makes interest the fastest-growing component of federal spending, and continued brisk growth is likely. According to projections by Congress’s budget office, the interest bill will grow to $249 billion in 2007, and $270 billion in 2008…the United States is now paying noticeably more to foreign creditors than it receives from its investments abroad. That is a momentous shift.

Nobel winner helped shift Fed policy.. Phelps' work helped shape the thinking of the current generation of central bankers…People tend to expect inflation to continue at about the current pace, and they often act in ways that make those expectations self-fulfilling, as occurred during the 1970s when price increases and inflationary expectations soared….More recently, Phelps has been looking into whether policy-makers at the Fed can set a specific target level of inflation and work to achieve it.

Peak Oil.. Yet another 'inconvenient truth'.. "As peaking is approached, liquid fuel prices and price volatility will increase dramatically, and, without timely mitigation, the economic, social, and political costs will be unprecedented.".. Food = Oil.. Food security may be the largest concern of all. For every calorie we eat, we also "consume" at least 10 calories of fossil fuel-used in raising, processing, and transporting…After the fall of the Soviet Union, oil imports to both North Korea and Cuba plummeted, and their industrial agriculture soon collapsed…"Unlimited" energy supply, "unlimited" growth, and "unlimited" currency are all intertwined, and may be about to hit the wall on this finite planet - which would necessitate an overhaul of the monetary system.

Dow ends at record high.. DON’T BUY THE DOW’S NEW HIGH

Gazprom to develop Shtokman alone.. will pipe the gas to Europe rather than convert it to LNG for North American markets as had been planned…Russia's President Vladimir Putin wants to retain as much control as possible over Russia's energy resources and revenues to give the country a new source of wealth and power…members of the European Union will import as much as 75% of their natural gas in 2015,

Poor weather forces operators to take Alaska pipeline offline.. Earlier Tuesday, a power outage caused by high winds forced BP PLC to close operations at Prudhoe Bay in northern Alaska, cutting production from 350,000 barrels to about 20,000 barrels, BP spokesman Daren Beaudo said.

World Bank's Dirty Power Plan.. Equally troubling, among the technologies the World Bank advocates as “solutions” to climate change is nuclear power.. The World Bank promotes these and other technologies to the detriment of renewable energy.. The World Bank is heavily invested in the outcome of the prescriptions it is promoting. For example, it has invested over $25 billion in oil, gas and coal projects since 1992.. Simultaneously, the World Bank is rapidly gaining monopoly control over the carbon trading market, which it actively promotes,

Zim signs deals with Russia.. Vladimir Putin led a large business delegation to South Africa last month when a number of mining deals were signed.

Electricity deficiency!..Zimbabwe.. The country is facing serious power shortages.. None of the six generating units at Hwange power station are working.. The local power sector has suffered heavily due to acts of vandalism on its transmission equipment. Criminals extract oil from generators, disrupting the electricity supply chain in the process.

AirZim resorts to ‘cannibalism’.. one of its three Chinese aircraft for spares as the crisis at the airline deepens…Zimbabwe has in recent months failed to service some routes or delayed passengers because planes could not fly due to a lack of spares or fuel, blamed on an acute shortage of foreign currency to pay foreign suppliers.

Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theater.. The Eisenhower strike force, according to my sources, is scheduled to arrive in the vicinity of Iran around October 21, at the same time as a second flotilla of minesweepers and other ships…This build-up of naval power around the coast of Iran, according to some military sources, is in preparation for an air attack on Iran that would target not just Iran's nuclear enrichment facilities, but its entire military command and control system.

Does Bush Think War with Iran Is Preordained?.. War with Iran -- a war that would unleash an apocalyptic scenario in the Middle East -- is probable by the end of the Bush administration. It could begin in as little as three weeks…The loss of Iranian oil, coupled with Silkworm missile attacks by Iran on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, could send oil soaring to well over $110 a barrel. The effect on the domestic and world economy will be devastating, very possibly triggering a huge, global depression. 

UN SESSION MARKS RAPIDLY CHANGING, UNSTABLE WORLD.. not only is the US not going to attack Iran (we’ve been saying that for two years also), it actually looks like reconciliation with the US is in the works almost as soon as Bush leaves office…With respect to the “stabilization” of Iraq, let’s get something very, very clear. Here, “stabilization” means “balkanization”, and Iran is very willing to cooperate in carving up Iran if it gets control over the Shia southeast…What the US wants is Iraq’s oil which is in only a very small part of the country. That’s why it is building huge permanent military bases in those regions.

America ponders cutting Iraq in three.. Bush and Condoleezza Rice have resisted the break-up of Iraq on the grounds that it could lead to more violence, but are thought to be reconsidering. “They have finally noticed that the country is being partitioned by civil war and ethnic cleansing is already a daily event,” said Leslie Gelb, former president of the Council on Foreign Relations

Weapons of the World's Nuclear Powers

Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'.. Is the Pentagon building U.S.-based prison camps.. about the Pentagon's Civilian Inmate Labor Program. This program "provides Army policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs and civilian prison camps on Army installations.".. the Pentagon pledges to "transform U.S. military forces to execute homeland defense missions in the … U.S. homeland.".. "In the war against terrorists of global reach, as the nation learned all too well on Sept. 11, 2001, the territory of the United States is part of the battlefield," Bush's lawyers argued in briefs to the federal courts.

Guantánamo defense lawyer forced out of Navy.. The Navy lawyer who took the Guantánamo case of Osama bin Laden's driver to the U.S. Supreme Court — and won — has been passed over for promotion by the Pentagon and must soon leave the military.

Time Warner Gives Bush-Bashing Comic the Hook.. for angering top brass at the media megaconglomerate with jokes about President George W. Bush…"They said I was Bush bashing, and it was hatred. I felt like I was in Iran or Cuba or somewhere."

4 senior physicians arrested for illegal experiments on elderly patients..Israël.. found that illegal and unethical experiments were conducted over several years, in a systematic manner, on thousands of elderly patients.

Planet enters 'ecological debt'.. The authors said this year's global ecological debt day meant that it would take the Earth 15 months to regenerate what was consumed this year.

Rising seas could leave millions homeless in Asia.. Millions of people could become homeless in the Asia-Pacific region by 2070 due to rising sea levels, with Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, China and Pacific islands most at risk, says Australia's top scientific body…The report also warned of environmental refugees fleeing their flooded homelands, citing growing migration from some South Pacific island states already suffering rising sea levels.

Marine Scientists Report Massive "Dead Zones"..The number of ocean "dead zones" has grown from 150 in 2004 to about 200 today, said Nick Nuttall, a UNEP spokesperson…"An estimated 80 percent of marine pollution originates from the land,".. In parts of the Southern Ocean, marine debris has tripled in volume in the past decade.


Iran’s oil bourse to be launched.. Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh said here on Friday that all preparatory requirements were arranged for launching the oil stock market in the country.

three Japanese banks to refrain from deals with Bank Saderat Iran.. as a result of the U.S. pressures.. Washington is pressuring Japan to abandon the agreement Iran and Japan's Inpex Corp. signed in February 2004 for development of Azadegan, the Islamic Republic's largest onshore oil field…Sinopec, Iran to Sign Deal to Develop Huge Oil Field.. a major Chinese oil firm, may soon sign a deal with Iran to develop the huge Yadavaran oil field in southern Iran

The End of Gold's Bull Market, Not.. Peter Schiff.. Over the past several days gold prices have plunged.. Many people feel that these declines are orchestrated by central banks or major investment houses…though they may be able to slow gold's ascent, they can not alter its trajectory. If they could, would gold have really risen from below $300 per ounce to its recent high above $700?.. Remember, this metals bull market has its roots in a looming global currency crisis.. The global economic imbalances are stretching to a breaking point. The dollar's role as the world's reserve currency, and the borrow and spend U.S. economy it supports, teeter in the balance.

What will happen when the Hindenberg of derivatives meets a spark from the housing bubble blow-up?.. Bill Bonner.. So far, the property bubble has added $30 trillion to the "wealth" of the developed countries alone…In 1971, the world’s money lost all contact with reality. The
dollar, completely freed from gold, could be stretched almost infinitely…And then began the great bull market in credit generally, and credit derivatives in particular. And now the whole world floats in the biggest bubbles ever – expanded,
among other things, by $236 trillion (tweeduizenddriehonderdduizend miljard!) worth of derivatives (notional value)… Gold may go up. It may go down. But it won’t go away. When the credit expansion
turns into a credit deflation a lot of other credits will disappear.”

EU Ministers Oppose IMF Changes on Influence Dilution.. ``We should consider, in addition to GDP growth and the dynamics of these economies, whether these dynamics are based on an equal footing,'' European Central Bank council member and Bundesbank President Axel Weber said in an interview. ``Whether for example growth in some countries comes at the expense of a major current account deficit.'' The U.S., with the world's largest GDP, also has the biggest current-account deficit.

ECB's Weber Says `Vigilance' Needed Against Inflation.. said inflation will remain ``strong'' into 2008, indicating policy makers will keep raising interest rates into next year.

Ministers 'too slow' on imbalances.. to the threat posed to the global economy from the vast imbalances in capital accounts between the East and West.. they could trigger a correction to the imbalance between record deficits in the US and surpluses in China and other Asian states.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Tells G-7 Not to Fret Over U.S. Housing Slump.. The U.S. would do its part to reduce the so-called imbalances by reducing its budget deficit. Europe and Japan must boost consumer demand, and oil exporters should invest more of their profits at home, Paulson said.

G7 maintains pressure on China over yuan..Finance ministers and central bankers of the Group of Seven industrial nations meeting in Singapore on Saturday repeated their call for China and other countries with large current account surpluses to increase the flexibility of their currency exchange rates, news reports said.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Urges Financial Isolation of Iran.. Treasury's campaign comes on the heels of the Bush administration's failure to secure United Nations sanctions against Iran…Paulson realized that while North Korea -- another source of nuclear concern -- was already sealed off from the international financial system, Iran remains integrated, with banks and trading firms throughout the world, including Western Europe, continuing to do business with the country…International banks including HSBC Group and Credit Suisse Group are doing less business with Iran after the U.S. said they risk being cut off from the U.S. banking system, said Daniel Glaser, a Treasury deputy assistant secretary.

World Bank divided over Wolfowitz reforms.. Sources at the bank, whose mission is to eradicate world poverty, said member countries were seriously divided over its high-profile drive to eliminate corruption... One source described Mr Wolfowitz as "preemptory, high-handed and arbitrary" and accused him of pursuing his agenda with "messianic zeal",..What people are concerned about is the single minded approach and they are concerned about the lack of listening. There is big unease about the leadership and where it is going." He contrasted Mr Wolfowitz's concern over corruption with the situation in Iraq, which he described as the "most corrupt reconstruction effort in history".

General Butler..War is a racket..1933.. War, like any other racket, pays high dividends to the very few. But what does it profit the masses?... I wouldn't go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers…The cost of operations is always transferred to the people who do not profit…Let the officers and directors of our armament factories, our gun builders and munitions makers and shipbuilders all be conscripted--to get $30 a month, the same wage paid to the lads in the trenches. Give capital thirty days to think it over and you will learn by that time there will be no war. That will stop the racket--that, and nothing else…Butler’s on-line boek

Missile Defense Success Cause Global Reaction.. "In the future, the North Atlantic Alliance and European states will not be able to avoid the construction of this system, and it is in the interest of Europe to build such systems in cooperation with America,".. The GBI program is not designed to protect either the United States or its European allies from the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces

Booming insolvency boosts ClearDebt ..UK.. claiming its business was benefiting from a "phenomenal" rise in the number of people struggling to pay off their personal loans and credit card debts. .. "When interest rates begin to rise, the problems begin to bite - especially with energy costs rising as well.".. Citizens Advice said almost 800,000 people have missed a mortgage payment over the past year.

Bilderberg Oil Tax Could Cost Billions.. This global tax proposal, along with a per-barrel tax on oil, have been on the Bilderberg agenda for years. French President Jacques Chirac said this “small levy” would produce at least $3 billion for the UN

Senate passes bill to increase offshore drilling in Gulf of Mexico

Iranian president claims US is the nuclear threat.. the United States, "knows our country has fully collaborated with the International Atomic Energy Agency, which declared we were not in violation of its norms."

EU condemns secret CIA prisons.. "The existence of secret detention facilities where detained persons are kept in a legal vacuum is not in conformity with international humanitarian law and international criminal law,".. Bush has not revealed the location of secret overseas jails, but EU member Poland and candidate country Romania have been accused of hosting such jails

Bush presses case on CIA program.. Bush has called for more specific definitions of what is allowed under the Geneva Conventions, arguing that the measures are needed to shield U.S. personnel from being prosecuted for war crimes.

9-11: Five Years Later—Where Are We?.. Paul Craig Roberts..Questions raised about the collapse of the WTC buildings are not engaged, however, but ignored…If the official explanations are safe, their proponents should welcome the opportunity to show again and again that the explanations can stand all challenges. Instead, the second a challenge shows its head, it is branded a “conspiracy theory.” That tells me that the official explanations can stand no challenge.

Forced labor for Palestinian children in Israeli prison.. One of the children made a statement after his release. “The prison administration has forced all prisoners in Telmond Prison to work eight hours for very low wages.”.. Israeli prison officials also attempt to extract information from children regarding members of the armed resistance and engage in frequent psychological abuse

Female detainees attacked in Telmond detention facility.. Israeli detention facility .. There are 110 female detainees in Telmond living under very difficult conditions and barred from their basic rights, especially medical treatments, and their visitation rights.

World Bank: Embargo making 2006 worst year ever for Palestinians.. The World Bank said unemployment would rise to 47 percent and poverty to 74 percent by 2008. The poverty rate was 44 percent in 2005…By 2008, the World Bank said, the cumulative decline in real growth since 1999 would reach 55 percent.

Iraq to Dig Trenches Around Baghdad.. "We will leave only 28 inlets to Baghdad while all other inlets will be blocked. Supports will be added to the trenches to hinder the movements of people and vehicles.

U.S. troops in new Afghan offensive.. The offensive involved 3,000 U.S.-led troops and 4,000 Afghans.

Big Brother is shouting at you.. Britain's first 'talking' CCTV cameras have arrived.. 'Most people are so ashamed and embarrassed at being caught they quickly slink off without further trouble…Afterwards she said: 'It's quite scary to realise that your every move could be monitored - it really is like Big Brother.

Censorship, naughty teens, biometrics and butt-plugs..UK.. schools can fingerprint pupils without parental consent…Within five years, the police will have a fingerprint database of everyone between the ages of 10 and 20, with that upper limit rolling up year by year. And if the fingerprint technology proves unreliable, that's just a great opportunity to "back it up with" DNA technology instead…Teachers break silence on fingerprinting children.. has already fingerprinted 700,000 primary school children in 3,500 schools without seeking parental consent

Polar bears drown, islands appear in Arctic thaw.. The melt may also open up the Arctic to more exploration for oil, gas and minerals, increase fisheries and open a short-cut shipping route linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Gold, in a nutshell.. The Mogambo Guru.. It is a given that the majority of people must suffer greatly from inflation. If they did not have to suffer, then there would not be any problem with inflation!.. "Let me put it to you straight…How many times have paper currencies - unbacked by gold, become worthless? Answer: every time. And how many times has a gold currency lost its value? Never.".. "in the coming decade, as the [US] dollar suffers one of the great meltdowns in monetary history, gold will reclaim its place at the centre of the global financial system, and its value, relative to most of today’s national currencies, will soar.

OIL SHORTAGES?..It's Happened Before. And it Will Happen Again…all five of these oil shortages…There was plenty of oil in the ground…All five oil shortages were related, or directly caused, by cultural conflict…All five oil shortages had a chaotic impact on the affected national economies…Government could not avert the economic or cultural impact of an oil shortage…America is vulnerable to an energy shortage. 

Ford Could Lose $9 billion.. The report said most of the loss would come from Ford's North American operations.. Company spokeswoman Becky Sanch said Ford would not discuss the report...Ford 'wants to cut 75,000 jobs'

We are in an emerging world war IIINewt Gingrich..Our opponents are evil people who seek to achieve evil things and anyone who offers them hospitality is undermining the freedom and safety of America…President Bush today finds.. His strategies.. failing. And they are failing for three reasons…They do not define the scale of the emerging World War III, between the West and the forces of militant Islam.. They do not define victory in this larger war as our goal.. They do not establish clear metrics of achievement and then replace leaders, bureaucrats and bureaucracies as needed to achieve those goals.”.. A new war budget should be developed from war time requirements rather than peacetime constraints…The United States must develop a strategic energy policy which is explicitly aimed at making the Persian Gulf and the dictatorships less wealthy and less important…It should be clear that as long as the current dictatorship is in power, Iran will remain a mortal threat to the United States…I oppose a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities because I think it is inadequate. I am for achieving more than a military strike, not less than one.

Bush Asks GOP to Back Terror Bills.. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Thursday said that Congress must not pass Bush's proposal to redefine U.S. compliance with the Geneva Conventions.. "The world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism," said Powell.. "To redefine Common Article 3 would add to those doubts. Furthermore, it would put our own troops at risk.".. The other bill Bush is pushing would give legal status to the administration's warrantless wiretapping program…brief Powell

TRAPPED IN AFGHANISTAN.. The U.S. occupying forces did little to alleviate Afghanistan's poverty. Opium production, which was diminishing during the Taliban regime's uneasy tenure of five years (1996-2000), has picked up greatly…In recent months, media restrictions have been introduced in Kabul…President Karzai did not reject the press restrictions, but instead noted that national security was the most important factor for the media to consider, while supporting a free press…It is becoming increasingly evident that the only way either the U.S. troops, or the NATO-led security forces, can survive in Afghanistan is by killing the Afghans. Any Afghan civilian who gets killed by NATO or U.S. troops nowadays is immediately identified as a "Taliban militant."

West 'must not fail Afghanistan'.. Condoleezza Rice said the country would "come back to haunt us" if abandoned by the West. 

LAROUCHE CALLS FOR IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BUSH AND CHENEY.. "Vice President Cheney's shameless lying on nationwide television on Sunday, Sept. 10, and his continuing push for a new, even more devastating 'preventive' war against Iran, underscore the urgency of Congress acting now to prepare a long-overdue bill of impeachment."

The nation's prison industry now employs more people than any Fortune 500 corporation except General Motors.. Is prison labor rehab or corporate slavery?.. A host of firms are profiting from private prisons, prison labor and services like transportation, farming and manufacturing…Federal law prohibits domestic commerce in prison-made goods unless inmates are paid "prevailing wages" but because the law doesn't apply to exports, prison officials routinely market to foreign customers. Prisoners now manufacture everything from blue jeans, to auto parts, to electronics and furniture. Honda has paid inmates $2 an hour for doing the same work an auto worker would get paid $20 to $30 an hour to do.

Oldest Writing in the New World.. From Mexico Has Pictograms Nearly 3,000 Years Old.. "What's exciting is that it makes this first civilization in Mexico and Central America literate,"

Earthlike planets may be common: study.. Earthlike planets covered with deep oceans that could harbor life may be found in as many as a third of solar systems discovered outside of our own, U.S. researchers said on Thursday.

Hear me, doomed ones!.. The Mogambo Guru.. "In oil terms, gold is the one investment that's still very cheap. Historically, gold averaged a cost on par with 15 barrels of oil. Right now, it takes just over eight barrels of oil to buy an ounce of gold.".. "Portugal's central bank sold 15 tons of gold in July and 20 tons in August.".. Hmmm! I am perplexed by the fact that there is only $798 billion in actual cash in existence.. Hahaha! Welcome to the insane hell of fractional-reserve banking!" estimates that inflation is actually running at 10.8%!.. "They call it 'The American Dream' because you have to be asleep to believe it." Hahaha!

Peak Gold - Response to Critics.. The reserve growth we saw during the last three decades will not happen in the years ahead. Rather it was my contention that declines in gold mine production would be the rule rather than the exception for the future… So in conclusion, Peak Gold threatens… I expect the matter to come to a head and once it is realized that there is NO "gold in them thar hills", a new gold rush for existing above ground will begin in earnest.

Gold Investing Glossary (by Larry Edelson)… Allocated account: An account in which an investor’s metal is physically identified as his… Purity:  The purity of gold is generally described in three ways: percent (parts of gold per 100), fineness (parts of gold per 1000) and karats (parts of gold per 24).

Ten Ways To Save $50.. When it comes to managing your money, everyone has two choices: chic lifestyle or wealth accumulation. The smart money chooses wealth accumulation.  They start out living modestly, and as their assets grow and they generate more income, their lifestyle becomes increasingly more comfortable. Before long they’re enjoying the best of both worlds.

Prominent CERA official – “Peak Oil theory is garbage”.. as far as we’re concerned", said Robert W. Esser, a geologist by training and CERA’s senior consultant/director of global oil and gas resources

In the Iraqi war zone, US Army calls for 'green' power.. By reducing the need for [petroleum] at our outlying bases, we can decrease the frequency of logistics convoys on the road, thereby reducing the danger to our marines, soldiers, and sailors,".. the US military is one of the largest consumers of renewable energy, especially at off-grid outposts in North America.

MEDITERRANEAN ARMADA AIMED AT IRAN?.. There is a huge buildup of European war ships in the Mediterranean. And one source suggests that it could be an arms buildup aimed at Iran and Syria… Is that European presence there to aid or to hinder any U.S.-Israeli maneuvers against Iran? Or is it there for its own purposes?

Blair condemns anti-US 'madness'.. "This pamphlet reads like a plea for understanding from a leader who firmly believes that he will ultimately be proved right," our correspondent says.

Soldiers Reveal Horror of Afghan Campaign.. "We are flattening places we have already flattened, but the attacks have kept coming. We have killed them by the dozens, but more keep coming, either locally or from across the border,".. "We have also got problems with the Afghan forces…But many of the police will not fight the Taliban, either because they are scared or they are sympathisers.".. And, of course, the lack of security means hardly any reconstruction is taking place now, so we are not exactly winning hearts and minds."

Winter Arctic sea ice declining drastically.. "The Arctic ice cover is now shrinking in the winter as well as the summer, a NASA researcher finds – global warming is to blame"

Environmental damage highlighted by Google Earth.. He described the selection photographs as "spectacular imagery" that offered a compelling "new way of visualising the dangers facing our planet today",

Neanderthals and humans lived side by side.. Since modern humans and Neanderthals seem to have overlapped for thousands of years in Europe, the big question is: did they interbreed?.. So, if they did interbred, the Neanderthal genes did not survive. “The more realistic demographic models suggest that admixture (gene mixing) was unlikely, and probably minimal or zero,”..zie ook James Shreeve

IMF Identifies Risk of `Disorderly' U.S. Dollar Drop.. A ``disorderly'' drop in the dollar is the biggest risk to world financial markets, the International Monetary Fund said, urging policy makers to prepare and act quickly when asset prices slump…The IMF says the U.S. current account deficit, running at a record rate, needs to narrow…Supply shocks and/or an increase in geopolitical tensions could lead to a renewed retrenchment in risk appetite,'' the IMF said. That ``would likely increase volatility, force risk premiums higher, and erode business and consumer confidence, thereby testing the resilience of the global financial system.''

All the world feels weight of U.S. debt.. should come in at about $800 billion this year. To keep things in perspective, that works out to about 6 percent of the massive $13 trillion U.S. economy…"Big deal, 6 percent," consider that any other country that would dare maintain such a high debt would have had its currency slaughtered by now…The bottom line: Over the last year, the risk has increased that the U.S. will not be able to carry its debt load indefinitely…In the end, our creditors may find another reason to look the other way, even if our interest rates fall – because they have no choice but to keep the U.S. economy's lifeline afloat. (waarom? We hebben toch goud en zilver)

Gold price plunges as investors flee commodities.. “Certainly oil looks weaker short term. But long term, we see the dollar weakening and that will translate into higher commodity prices.”.. “Some are asking about the need to hold gold as an inflation hedge if oil’s going down,” a bullion dealer said.

Company spearheading NIS 7 billion class action against the banks.. Sharnoa claims that the three big banks coordinate their interest rates, creating an effective cartel and impairing competition.

Venezuela Seeks Exxon, ConocoPhillips Project Control.. President Hugo Chavez's latest move to revoke or alter energy contracts granted by previous governments.

Ken's oil for brooms deal: fuel for us, a clean-up for Caracas..London.. diesel would be supplied by Venezuela - the world's fifth-largest oil exporter - as fuel for some of the capital's 8,000 buses, particularly those services most utilised by the poor…In return the mayor's aides would promise to "actively and efficiently promote Venezuela's image in the UK" by highlighting the oil deal's benefits for London's poor and by boosting tourism with advertisements on buses…Mr Chávez favours barter arrangements. Cuban doctors are working in the poorer areas of Venezuela in exchange for the supply of cheap oil to their country.

World has plenty of crude: Exxon exec.. “We have reason to be sure that the end of oil is nowhere in sight,” he said.

Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler .. the US and Jihad..It's essentially an ecological crisis, conveniently pegged on an old religious beef. The population of many Islamic nations, fed by oil wealth, has reached critical overshoot…We will be fighting with them for as far ahead as anyone can see, because our society can't function without their ..resource, oil.. In short, massive economic instability.

The Next Phase of the Middle East War.. The war on Lebanon, which has resulted in countless atrocities including the destruction of  the nation's economy and civilian infrastructure, is "a stage" in a sequence of carefully planned military operations… Confirmed by official statements and military documents,  the US in close coordination with Britain (and in consultation with its NATO partners),  is planning to launch a war directed against Iran and Syria.… The use of tactical nuclear weapons by the US  and Israel against Iran, is contemplated, ironically in retaliation for Iran's nonexistent nuclear weapons program…The "war on terrorism" is bogus.

U.S. Moves to Isolate Iranian Banks.. by cutting off suspect banks and firms from the international banking system, U.S. officials said yesterday…to Europe next week to enlist support from governments and financial institutions for severing Iran from the international financial system. Other Treasury and State Department officials are traveling across Asia and the Middle East to make similar pitches….Levey said Treasury has had tremendous success against North Korea

Bush Says War on Terror Will `Set Course' for Century.. the outcome of the war against terrorism will ``set the course'' of the world for the rest of the century and determine the destiny of millions of people…Bush will call the war against terrorism ``a struggle for civilization.

Chevron may avoid $1B in payments.. The potential bonus for Chevron and its partners stems from a mistake the Interior Department made in signing offshore leases in the late 1990s for drilling in federal waters, the newspaper said.

Chavez says it's plausible Washington orchestrated Nine-Eleven attacks.. Chavez says it's a "hypothesis that is gaining strength."

Syrian Forces Repel Attack on U.S. Embassy.. The White House praised Syria’s security forces for their professional response to the attack.. but then called on the country to play a constructive role in fighting terrorism…“Stop harboring terrorist groups, stop being an agent in fomenting terror, and work with us to fight against terror, as Libya has done

the number killed in the 'war on terror'.. The "war on terror" - and by terrorists - has directly killed a minimum of 62,006 people, created 4.5 million refugees and cost the US more than the sum needed to pay off the debts of every poor nation on earth.

Video: Commanders privately express needing 3X more troops.. for an increase of three times the number of troops currently serving in Iraq,

Nato must pull its weight .. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, the Secretary-General of Nato, said that some countries had failed to live up to their promises on troop numbers.

Blair plays dubious statesman.. By present accounts, he has succeeded neither in the Middle East nor at home.

Association Of Professors Defending BYU's Jones.. placed on paid leave for his controversial theories about the September 11th attacks…A spokeswoman for Brigham Young University says what Jones said in the classroom and how careful he was about disclaimers are subjects of the university review. (censuur?)

Street prices of cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine at an all-time low..UK.. How drug prices have fallen since 2000:  HEROIN: dropped from £70 a gram to £58,COCAINE: down from £65 a gram to £44, ECSTASY: fallen from £9 to less than £3 a pill.. Britain is one of the world's most profitable narcotics markets for gangsters, despite a long-running "war on drugs".  

Pesticide use worldwide touches 2 kg per hectare.. from 0.49 kg per hectare in 1961

Gold steadier, watching dollar and oil.. The market is confused and people are waiting to see what will happen.

Gold Watch: Fund liquidation?.. "I think this is liquidation by the funds and I think we go lower," Kaplan said, adding that eventually gold could slide back below $500 an ounce.

BP rebuked for pipeline failings.. "Years of neglecting to inspect two of the most vital oil pipelines in this country is simply unacceptable," said Joe Barton, the Republican chairman of the House energy and commerce committee. 

Oil prices ease to five-month low.. The Opec cartel of oil producers meets next week and is tipped to keep its production quota steady at 28 million barrels a day.

Russia reaches Turkmen gas deal.. It exports most of its own, more expensive gas to western Europe. 

what the feds have done to the economy.. Buffett is especially concerned about the transfer of wealth to outside interests. He notes: "Foreign ownership of our assets will grow at about $500 billion per year at the present trade-deficit level, which means that the deficit will be adding about one percentage point annually to foreigners' net ownership of our national wealth…We have entered the world of negative compounding – goodbye pleasure, hello pain."

Louisiana man drilling for oil in his 'front yard'.. The drilling rig, 200 yards (meters) from his front door, will drill for what Jordan hopes will be 200,000 to 300,000 barrels of Light Louisiana Sweet and maybe some natural gas…"It's good for everyone to try to recoup these small -- I'm not going to say marginal -- reserves," he said.

Pound falls on Blair uncertainty.. The pound was down about 0.5%

Terror expert warns NYC still a target.. They said they suspect that Iranian spies working on the group's behalf had already done reconnaissance on landmarks, large synagogues and other potential targets in Manhattan and elsewhere.

Iran Corrects Claims Over New Fighter.. "The Azarakhsh fighter jet has been completely manufactured by Iran and it is comparable to the F-5 fighter jet," .. Iran had successfully tested a 2,000-pound (about 900 kilogram) guided bomb named Ghased

Strategy for Winning the War on Terror..White House.. Terrorists recruit more effectively from populations whose information about the world is contaminated by falsehoods and corrupted by conspiracy theories…Democracies expand the freedom of their citizens, while the terrorists seek to impose a single set of narrow beliefs…Deny WMD to rogue states and terrorist allies who seek to use them…The United States and its allies and partners in the War on Terror make no distinction between those who commit acts of terror and those who support and harbor terrorists…Iran remains the most active state sponsor of international terrorism…Financial safehavens…(wat/wie  is een terrorist?)

Bush touts progress since 9/11 attacks.. He pressed Congress to take quick action on two new laws — legislation proposed Wednesday by the White House that would allow terror suspects to be tried by a military commission and a bill that would give specific authority for his anti-terror eavesdropping program…Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid accused Bush of trying to scare Americans into voting Republican in the midterm elections with his speeches. (n.b.,grens met Mexico is wagenwijd open)

FOX News: Terror and security, security and terror.. no talk about stagnant wages, disappearing pensions, rising healthcare costs, incompetence, corruption, pollution, immigration, global warming, skyrocketing tuitions, and, god forbid, Iraq - just terror and insecurity.

The Pro-War Media's Re-Positioning Problem.. Fox News and the other pro-war media outlets are now facing the day of reckoning. The United States is slowly losing the war in Iraq. More important for the pro-war media, pro-war consumers of soap are becoming anti-war…The Administration has a policy of banning photos of caskets draped in flags.

Biometric Scanner Room Guard.. For ages 5 and older

More 'Intersex Fish' Found in Potomac.. Certain chemicals and pesticides are believed to stimulate estrogen production. Also, estrogen from birth control pills and human waste can make its way from sewage treatment plants to the waterways.

Scientists find new global warming threat from melting permafrost.. Methane trapped in a special type of permafrost is bubbling up at a rate five times faster than originally measured, the journal said.

Amazon, A disaster to take everyone's breath away.. The Amazon now appears to be entering its second successive year of drought, raising the possibility it could start dying next year. The immense forest contains 90 billion tons of carbon, enough in itself to increase the rate of global warming by 50 per cent.


The $8.6 Billion Gold Deal.. Mining company Goldcorp (GG) on Aug. 31 struck an agreement to acquire gold company Glamis (GLG) in an $8.6 billion deal, part of a wave of consolidation sweeping through the commodities sector as prices for everything from gold to copper to aluminum soar.

ECB Counsels Later Retirement.. To avert a fall in economic growth due to Europe's aging population, the central bank also advises longer working hours, ahead of migration

Are we in denial about oil?.. But then there are the oil-optimists.. There's always the chance for a miracle, but when you're talking about going down 17-18,000 vertical feet, and going out 5 miles, being in temperatures of 350 degrees, this stuff takes a long, long, long time to develop. "And by then we've run out the clock."

Iran and Japan close to oil deal.. Any deal will no doubt raise eyebrows in the US which wants sanctions against Iran due to Tehran's nuclear ambitions. While Japan is totally reliant upon oil imports, Iran is the world's fourth largest crude producer. (Japan heeft ongeveer 842 miljard US-dollars).

Iran seeks Japanese role in settling its nuclear case

Venezuela, China to set up $5B fund.. Energy-hungry China plans to invest $5 billion on oil-related exploration and production projects in Venezuela over next six years, according to Venezuelan officials.

IMF back in Zim next month.. for their annual Article IV Consultations amid deepening meltdown of the economy.. The IMF has urged Zimbabwe to reduce money supply growth, cut government expenditure, reduce the bloated public wage bill and remove price controls. Despite promises government has not done so…"It’s the same. We are still printing money, the wage bill is still high, the government is spending like never before and the budget deficit is widening

Govt Zimbabwe to buy Feruka refinery.. in a desperate bid to ease fuel shortages.. however warned that the plant, which was shutdown in 1965, was too old and that it would cost billons in foreign currency to bring it back into operation…The renewed interest in the refinery comes as government has failed to finance fuel imports due to serious foreign currency shortages.

Zvinavashe lambasts govt over food security.. Zimbabwe.. "What independence is that when people are hungry 26 years on?".. "They are saying we are going to have a good harvest, but there is no diesel. Should there be an agricultural Bible of Ten commandments on what must be done?"

Russian Finance Minister Proposes Limits on Oil Money Spending.. “Already today, the federal budget is starting to encounter serious risks stemming from the dwindling of its resource base,”

Japan forex reserves rise to record 864.11 bln usd in May.. =Totale forex-reserve; hiervan is slechts 16 miljard usd als goud geboekt..

Start to British Gas price rises.. gas bills going up 12.4% from 4 September and electricity bills rising 9.4%…annual gas bills having increased by 91% since 2003, and its electricity bills having risen 81% over the same period. 

EU Foreign Ministers Discuss Upgrading Future Ties With Russia.. free trade deal which recognizes that post-Cold War Russia has become a significant actor on the world stage and is a major source of energy for Western Europe…A new issue would be energy cooperation.

Russia spins global energy spider's web.. Contrary to the assumptions of conventional wisdom, the US hasn't any longer the global leverage to shape unfolding developments in its favor. Russia is rapidly acquiring such leverage, and it is expertly plying that leverage against US vulnerabilities in the energy sphere.

Foreign Automakers to Invest $2Bln in Russia by 2010 — Official.. including giants such as U.S. Ford Motor Company, Germany’s Volkswagen and Japan’s Toyota, have either already opened or are planning to open plants in Russia in the last few years.

A Top Cuban Leader Thinks Out Loud.. All the talk of the United States becoming a sole superpower “falls to pieces with its bogging down in Iraq” and the derailment of its neo-liberal agenda for Latin America, Alarcon believes…Alarcon opined that there should be “many forms of socialism,” depending on the needs of different countries and movements…I flew back to Los Angeles that afternoon, carrying the strange feeling that America has embargoed itself from a Cuba that it refuses to recognize.

Israel must stop military action: India.. India's main interest is in the stability its neighborhood because our crucial interests are involved in the region.

Indians protest US imperialistic designs.. against attacks by Israel, 'supported by the United States',

Air force Iran to start 3rd stage of war games

Iran exports military equipment to 57 countries: minister.. self-sufficiency in production of military and defense industries came from imposing sanction against Iran adding that the sanctions did not have negative effects, but rather they brought growth and development to military industry.

Blair to visit Israel this week.. Blair wishes to "demonstrate presence" in the region…Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, are each slated to visit Israel this Friday...

Russian Army Offers Lebanon to Help with Restoring Infrastructure

Russia to Sell 32 MiG Fighters to Yemen for $1.3Bln.. will repair 66 old MiG-29 fighters for Yemen in the first quarter of 2007.

Yemen stresses Iran's inalienable N-rights.. Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the city of Mareb on Sunday said use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is Iran's inalienable right, stressing that no country can deprive Iran from its right.

China to invite NKorea's Kim for state visit.. "The Chinese government has decided to restore its relationship with the North, and inviting Kim Jong-Il for a state visit is going to be its first step,"

Asian Arms Race Would Follow A North Korea Nuke Test.. A nuclear weapons test by North Korea would create tensions between Western powers and China, destabilize financial markets and trigger an arms race in Northeast Asia, a US study warns…North Korea has opened some 10 bank accounts at Russian financial institutions in an effort to secure fund flows now blocked by US financial sanctions, a Japanese newspaper said Sunday.

Spain's Canary islands illegal immigrants from Africa tops 1000.. Some 20,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in the Canaries this year…That is four times the total for the whole of 2005.

Zimbabwe to monitor communications.. with Chinese technology, that would eavesdrop on telephone, internet and other communications... "The advancement in technology today means that no one is safe at all from the source of terrorism, mercenarism and organised crime," Brig Gen Mike Sango of the Zimbabwe Defence Force told the hearing.

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease.. GM crops routinely create unintended proteins, alter existing protein levels or even change the components and shape of the protein that is created by the inserted gene…In April 2006, more than 70 Indian shepherds reported that 25% of their herds died within 5-7 days of continuous grazing on Bt cotton plants. Hundreds of Indian agricultural laborers reported allergic reactions from Bt cotton. Some cotton harvesters have been hospitalized and many laborers in cotton gin factories take antihistamines each day before work…Even GM crops with known poisons are being grown outdoors without adequate safeguards for health and the environment.

11 september / Besmettelijk complotvirus.. Ook aan Nederlandse universiteiten stellen enkele wetenschappers vragen bij de officiële lezing van de gebeurtenissen op 11 september 2001…De WTC-Towers waren binnen 15 seconden totaal ingestort, nagenoeg gelijk aan een vrije val onder aardse condities(Hoogte=0,5*9,8*tijd2= 415m=0,5*9,8*tijd2=Tijd=9,2 seconden…zonder rekening te houden met de vertraging i.h.k.v. de luchtweerstand en de bovenliggende 110 verdiepingen (Het ‘pancacken’ van zo’n 85 intacte (v.d.110) verdiepingen zou dan slechts 6 sec. vertraging in beslag nemen! Vrije val is alleen mogelijk als er iets is om vrij in te vallen, dus als er iets weg is, in dit geval als de steunkolommen weggeblazen werden. Verder blijft de instorting van Building 7 een raadsel (=174m, stort in minder dan 10sec in t.g.o. vrije val=6sec) alsmede waarom er bij het Pentagon nagenoeg geen vliegtuigresten gevonden zijn. Na de Bijlmerramp (wat werd er vervoerd en wat is er met het verarmde uranium gebeurd?), en alle andere vliegtuigcrashes, lagen er overal in de omgeving stukken vliegtuig; behalve bij het Pentagon…zie ook: Muslims Suspend Laws of Physics!.. I think the case is made: The fire did not weaken the WTC structure sufficiently to cause the collapse of the towers. 

Don't Believe Those Inflation Numbers.. Mark Brandly.. Excluding the most inflationary prices from the CPI estimates allows the feds to conceal the true harm of inflation…The choice of goods to include in a price index basket is arbitrary ..The Federal Reseve is essentially blaming inflation on rising prices. Inflation is the rise in prices…The Fed points to the rising prices then claims that they must fight inflation. They position themselves as inflation hawks, although they are the cause of the problem.

Housing casts shadow on prospects for banks.. sales of new homes sales plunged 21.6% in July from the year earlier, inventories of unsold homes soared and prices fell.. ..Banks and many analysts said the banks are largely hedged from defaults because on average, they keep only about 20% of the mortgage-loans they originate and sell the remaining 80% on the market as mortgage-backed securities (MBSs)… But Bove sees problems for the banks coming from another angle. "The housing market is going to go down, and it's going to go down hard," he said. "Will the banks see billions of dollars of losses from housing? No. "Will it be a huge drag on the economy and hurt everybody including banks? The answer is yes."

Why Price of Oil Will not Fall Under $60 Again.. Because demand over the past 5 years has been increasing at an average rate well above the average new net production.. through 2013 a series of new production.. "supposed" to come on stream.. on paper everything looks good..

OPEC unlikely to change output soon: Iran.. The 11-member cartel is producing close to its full capacity, with only Saudi Arabia holding back spare volumes…it seems that the policy of (OPEC) supplying more than demand to the market will continue to avoid (OPEC) being accused of causing prices to increase," Kazempour told reporters.

Workers lose traction over past 10 years.. The economic expansion continues to bypass most working families,".. pension and health coverage has fallen in the past five years.

August auto sales down as consumers feel pinch.. dropped almost 5 percent in August from a year earlier.. The shortfall showed consumers were feeling the pinch from a slowing economy..

Afghan opium cultivation up 60 percent.. The record crop yielded 6,100 tons of opium, or enough to make 610 tons of heroin - outstripping the demand of the world's heroin users by a third, according to U.N. figures..…The trade already accounts for at least 35 percent of Afghanistan’s economy.. Karzai.. increasingly criticized for appointing and failing to sack corrupt provincial governors and police.

Ahmadinejad wil VN in New York toespreken.. De VS zijn in principe verplicht om wereldleiders die VN-vergaderingen in New York willen bijwonen, een visum te verlenen.

Venezuela and China -- a troubling alliance?.. "China gains oil resources to the detriment of the U.S., makes a trading partner in the Western Hemisphere, putting a political thorn in the U.S.'s side by boosting Chavez," he said.

Bot: geduld is op met Iran.. De dreiging van sancties moet volgens Bot samengaan met een dialoog met Iran. (als we niet oppassen gaat Iran binnenkort olie verkopen in Roebels i.p.v. Euro’s)

THE LIE OF THE CENTURY..Irak en WMD... Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. In a way, the existence of any faked documents about Iraq's WMDs is actually an admission of guilt. If one is taking the time to create fake documents, the implication is that the faker is already aware that there are no genuine documents…while other leaders in history have lied to start wars, for the first time in history, the lie stands exposed while the war started with the lies still rages on, to the death and detriment of our young men and women in uniform…the same government that lied about Iraq's nuclear weapons is telling the exact same lies about Iran's nuclear capabilities.

Pentagon Moves Toward Monitoring Media.. the tone of Iraq news stories filed by U.S. and foreign media…Pentagon officials have defended the program as a necessary tool in the war on terror. But critics have said it contradicts American values of freedom of the press.

Iraqi Casualties Increase by 1,000 a Month.. the Pentagon reported to Congress today that the number of attacks and civilian deaths in Iraq have risen sharply in recent months — with casualties increasing by 1,000 a month — as sectarian violence has engulfed larger areas of the country.

US envoy to urge action on N. Korea.. Unless negotiations resume soon with both sides showing more flexibility, Washington and Pyongyang could be on a collision course.. Pyongyang claims it has produced nuclear weapons

Ophef over 'moord' op Bush in 2007.. Het is nog onduidelijk of de film van regisseur Gabriël Range in de VS te zien zal zijn…korte nieuwsclip..Video (CNN)

Balkenende wil dwangopvoeding.. Het kabinet zet alles op alles om grote groepen jongeren gedwongen naar een heropvoedingskamp te sturen. Zelfs al hebben ze geen strafblad… Balkenende.. We móeten het mogelijk maken dat deze jongeren ondersteuning en begeleiding krijgen, zich herscholen en werkervaring opdoen. Zonodig met dwang.”.. Hans de Boer.. Het gaat om de toekomst van deze jongeren. Het is in hun belang. Als we niets doen, ontstaat er een groot maatschappelijk probleem” (de zorg betreft dus niét de toekomst van de jongeren maar zorg over de (een) toekomstige nog de ‘hangouderen’, steuntrekkers en ander, nog nader te definiëren, rapaille..Welkom in het Nieuwe Nederland)

Insurance Companies Abandoning Homeowners in High-Risk Coastal Area .. During the 1960s, worldwide damage from windstorms with economic losses of $1 billion or more totaled just $4 billion. …Then, during the six years from 2000 to 2005, hurricanes left a staggering bill of $273 billion. ..One in every 10 people on the planet lives in an extremely vulnerable zone within 60 miles of a coastline and less than 33 feet above sea level, and more people seem to be heading in that direction.

$200M wind farm proposed in Iowa.. Iowa Winds LLC wants to build a 200- to 300-megawatt farm covering about 40,000 acres in Franklin County

2006 Boston World Oil Conference.. Co-Hosted by ASPO-USA and Boston University..October 26 and Friday, October 27, 2006.. Economics..What are the economic challenges in an environment of decreasing energy supplies?

The Silver Summit. September 21st, 22nd, 23rd,24th.. Speakers will include CEOs of the major silver-producing companies

The New Orleans Investment Conference..November 15 – 19.. The timing couldn't be better for the world's oldest, most exclusive and most profitable gold investment conference.

The How And Why Of Gold Price Manipulation.. a "secret" branch of the US Treasury called the Exchange Stabilization Fund. The name says it all. The ESF is not accountable to US Congress or the courts. It reports directly to the President.. But the gold price remained suppressed, despite the fact LTCM carried with it to the grave a substantial short gold position.. the two major means of disguised gold sales – leasing and derivatives.. In March this year BIS admitted manipulation (Nout Wellink is tot voor kort voorzitter van de BIS geweest; zit nu on the BIS board en is momenteel voorzitter van de Committee on Banking Supervision en baas van de DNB!)..zie ook Cheuvreux rapport

Silver ETF Stealth Positive Money Flow.. has added new silver at a pace of 8.2 tonnes or roughly 265 good delivery bars of silver per calendar day.

Peak Oil Forecasters Win Converts on Wall Street to $200 Crude.. Yet even now, OPEC nations are struggling to keep up. Since 2000, OPEC has gradually lost the spare pumping capacity its members can use as an emergency reserve to moderate prices. The cushion has dwindled to about 1.5 million barrels a day from 6 million barrels a day.. The world is not running out of oil -- at least not yet,'' Campbell and Laherrere wrote. ``What our society does face, and soon, is the end of the abundant and cheap oil on which all industrial nations depend.''

Gold Fields Told to Reduce Ghana Power.. as low water levels in a local dam affect hydroelectric power generation.. diesel-powered generators..extra costs $4 million for one month's power generation= $ 51,- per ounce extra energiekosten.

High gold prices motivate acquisitions.. "This is all about economies of scale and maximizing your return. There are horrendous start-up costs associated with building a new mine," Gornall said yesterday.

Gold Gains on Iranian Dispute; Silver Rises to Two-Month High…Insecurity helps the precious-metal markets. People are still putting money into gold.''.. Investment in Barclays Plc's iShares Silver Trust, an exchange-traded fund, reached $1.3 billion today.

Wheat Has Biggest Monthly Gain in Seven Years on Indian Demand.. India may import as much as 8 million metric tons of wheat this year..The global harvest will be the smallest in three years because of damage to European crops.. Prices have ``shifted away from supply, and now it's demand driven,'' Syslo said. ``..World inventories before next year's harvest will fall 13 percent to 117 million tons, the lowest since 1981 and the sixth drop in the last seven years.

US oil and defense industry chiefs cash in.. The report found that 34 defense CEOs have been paid nearly $1 billion since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks…Halliburton CEO David Lesar made a modest $26.6 million last year, even though his company has been criticized for its links to US Vice President Dick Cheney.

Federal Minimum Wage Remains Unchanged for Ninth Straight Year.. Since September 1, 1997, the overall inflation rate has increased by 26 percent.  The costs of certain necessities have risen even more sharply.  A gallon of gas costs more than twice as much as it did nine years ago; the cost of medical care increased by 43 percent.  (See Table 1.)

Lebanese PM: War erased 15 years of development

Iran faces sanctions risk.. Bolton told CNN that Washington did not yet have a firm idea of which sanctions should be imposed first, beyond a preference for measures targeting Iran's leaders and its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities.

Bush Takes His Case to Veterans.. The war we fight today is more than a military conflict," Bush said Thursday. "It is the decisive ideological struggle of the 21st century.".. Bush's message that the fight against Islamic radicals is akin to the battle against the Nazis and Soviet communists resonated with the legionnaires.

Top Iranian Nuclear Official Ali Larijani: Our Response to Sanctions Will Be Painful to the West and Will Make It Shiver with Cold..Video 6-aug.2006..ook over olie-wapen

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad:..Video..Something Has to Be Done against the United States; 23-aug.2006

Ministers say 24/7 news demands 3,200 press officers.. "Under Labour, taxes have soared, but rather than improving our public services, the money has been wasted on wages of spin."

Bush-Bashing..grappig.. Dubyas peaks…We know that dictators are quick to choose aggression, while free nations strive to resolve differences in peace.

California lawmakers approve landmark climate bill.. to reduce its emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, a cut of around 25 percent.

MoGu's Rent-a Moose Suit.. The Mogambo Guru.. And the US national debt is still increasing at about $3 billion per day…"The United States is headed for a recession that will be 'much nastier, deeper and more protracted'.. Every housing indictor is in free fall. As the housing sector slumps, the job and income and wage losses in housing will percolate throughout the economy.".. that it gets worse, as "Consumers also face high energy prices, higher interest rates, stagnant wages, negative savings and high debt levels.".. The Big Mogambo Lesson (BML) that one draws from history is that when this latter stage of the boom-bust cycle is reached, people always rushed, more and more, faster and faster, to buy gold and silver, and the price of these metals soared, as people rushed, more and more, faster and faster, away from the inflating currency.

Why Germany Keeps a Firm Grip on its Gold.. Herr Axel Weber, the President of the German Bundesbank…he will not sell gold.. It's not a good idea to touch the substance. It would be better to consequently push for the reduction of debts. Gold is an important factor for the confidence in the stability of the €. 

Running on empty..Peak-Oil Video 14 min..effecten op consumenten.. transcript

TANGIBLE INVESTMENTS.. Central banks.. Pension and endowment funds..heading back into gold

What's the real US federal deficit?.. The set the government doesn't talk about is the audited financial statement produced by the government's accountants following standard accounting rules. It reports a more ominous financial picture: a $760 billion deficit for 2005. If Social Security and Medicare were included — as the board that sets accounting rules is considering — the federal deficit would have been $3.5 trillion.

US Q2 GDP growth revised up to 2.9%..

Ahmadinejad (Iran) defiant, challenges Bush to TV debate.. I suggest holding a live TV debate with Mr. George W. Bush to talk about world affairs and the ways to solve those issues,"

Iran's nuclear programme 'legitimate' if peaceful: Italian Foreign Minister.. "If Iran is looking to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, it is not only legitimate, but can also clear the way for cooperation"

China orders 100 Embraer aircraft

UN denounces Israel cluster bombs.. "What's shocking and completely immoral is: 90% of the cluster bomb strikes occurred in the last 72 hours of the conflict, when we knew there would be a resolution," 

Behind the plan to bomb Iran.. George W Bush has been methodically paving the way toward a bombing strike against Iran.. The US administration's case against Iran is so weak.. These special interests derive lucrative business gains and high dividends from war and militarism. They include both economic interests and geopolitical interests..The decisive or central role is played, ultimately, by the military-industrial complex itself - that is, by the merchants of arms or wars.

Twenty Things We Now Know Five Years After 9/11.. Oil & the Politics of PNAC…learned from those minutes that Bush & Blair agreed to make war on Iraq as early as the Spring of 2002…US Perilously Close to Dictatorship. ..There Is No Real Economic Plan.

Why it's not working in Afghanistan.. it might have made - might still make - a success of Afghanistan if only it delivered on that third big promise: to rebuild the bombed-out country…aid given by all countries globally and discovered that only a small part of it - maybe 40% - is real. The rest is "phantom" aid; that is, the money never actually shows up in recipient countries at all…complained that when it came to building roads, the Taliban had done a better job; and he too asked, "Where did the money go?"

US accused of bid to oust Chávez with secret funds.. USAID.. provided Millions of dollars in a "pro-democracy programme".."What this indicates is that there is a great deal of money, a great deal of concern to oust or neutralise Chávez,".. The row comes just as China has agreed to invest $5bn in energy projects in Venezuela, including the building of 13 oil rigs and 18 oil tankers.

UK readers blocked from NY Times terror article.. It is believed to be the first time that the paper has stopped British readers accessing one of its articles because of worries about UK law…Earlier this month, the home secretary, John Reid, and the attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, issued a joint warning to the media to avoid coverage of the current terror investigations which might prejudice future trials.

Has ‘1984’ Come to Life?.. It is saddening that today’s world has reached a point where people can no longer feel safe without cameras everywhere to protect them from possible future crimes. Although different in many aspects, today’s society more and more resembles that of 1984.

Cheney says court ruling on warrantless surveillance will be reversed.. He also said U.S. troops will stay in Iraq until the job is done… After his comments, Cheney attended a fundraiser for Nevada Republicans at a private home..

Bush to launch series of speeches on war on terror.. Bush will assert that all the violence and threats are part of a "single ideological struggle" that pits the forces of freedom and moderation and the forces of tyranny extremism.. Before arriving in Salt Lake City Wednesday evening, Bush was stopping in Nashville to attend a $2,100-a-plate fundraiser for Bob Corker's Senate campaign.

Grain crisis looms in Japan.. China has long been a major corn supplier to Asian importing countries, such as South Korea, Japan and Malaysia…"China will certainly become a net corn importer, although their corn imports are unlikely to grow as dramatically as their soybean imports,".. The United States is a dominant supplier with over 50 million tonnes a year of exports - about 70 percent of global exports. Other exporters include Argentina and South Africa, but their exports are much smaller than US supplies.

Monsanto buys ‘Terminator’ Seeds Company.. The United States Government has been financing research on a genetic engineering technology which, when commercialized, will give its owners the power to control the food seed of entire nations or regions…Control of Plant Gene Expression…The patent has global coverage.. saved seeds will not germinate, and, therefore, would be useless for planting.’.. Control of Plant Gene Expression, now give Monsanto and its close friends in Washington an enormous advance in their plans to dominate world food and plant seed use.

Global warning: Devastation of an atoll.. Villagers on the South Pacific island of Tegua are packing up and leaving their homes for good - the first real victims of increasing sea levels caused by climate change

Global Warming Feedback Loop Caused by Methane, Scientists Say.. methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide, might be even more problematic…Methane hydrate—a solid form of methane embedded in glacier deposits—is the catalyst that touches off this warming cycle,

Gold Falls as Declining Energy Costs Ease Inflation Concerns.. Commodity prices are plunging, not rising, and the bond market would have us believe that inflationary pressures are waning, not waxing..The European Central Bank said one member bank last week sold gold worth 17 million euros ($21.7 million). Two banks sold gold worth 23 million euros ($29 million) the previous week. The banks still have less than 160 tons left to sell before exceeding the quota.

INTERVIEW WITH TED BUTLER.. Butler: Hedging doesn’t justify manipulation. The shorted quantities are so large they can’t prove it’s only a hedge…I sense we’re running at a 50 million-ounce deficit…If there is any investment that can set someone up for dramatic financial success, it has to be real silver.

Global Economic Integration: What's New and What's Not?.. Ben S. Bernanke.. four differences between the current wave of global economic integration and past episodes seem most important.. First, the scale and pace of the current episode is unprecedented.. Second, the traditional distinction between the core and the periphery is becoming increasingly less relevant, as the mature industrial economies and the emerging-market economies become more integrated and interdependent…Third, production processes are becoming geographically fragmented to an unprecedented degree.. The final item on my list of what is new about the current episode is that international capital markets have become substantially more mature…The challenge for policymakers is to ensure that the benefits of global economic integration are sufficiently widely shared-..Building such a consensus may be far from easy.. the effort is well worth making, as the potential benefits of increased global economic integration are large indeed. (maar wat doen we als de goedkope olie/gas/kolen/uranium in de tussentijd opraken?)

Peak oil and Bakhtiari's 4 phases of transition.. The four Transition periods (T1, T2, T3, and T4) will roughly span the 2006-2020 era. Each Transition [will] cover, on average, three to four years…In any instance, the overall structure of the 'Four Transitions' is a general guideline for the next 14 years or so -- as far as global oil output is concerned. In practice, reality might prove to be worse than these theoretical Transitions; but certainly not better…The decline of global oil production seems now irreversible. It is bound to occur over a number of transitions, the first of which I have called T1, which has just begun in 2006.. My World Oil Production Capacity model has predicted that over the next 14 years, present global production of 81 million barrels per day will decrease by roughly 32%, down to around 55 million barrels per day by the year 2020.Homepage Bakhtiari

Peak Oil and the Emerging Reality.. Chris Skrebowski.. While economists live in a fantasy world, we have to look at realities here…Oil companies are now struggling to hold onto their positions. The top 5 decliners now are the US, Norway, UK, Syria and Iran. In 2005 the world added 2.581 mnbd capacity…Origineel (.pdf)(must read)..MEER LINKS ASPO 2006

The myth of central banks and inflation.. Kenneth Rogoff.. Or, more immediately, what if there is a disorderly unwinding of the oversized US current account deficit? Having built up public expectations about their ability to deliver high growth and low inflation simultaneously, central bankers might have a hard time explaining what went wrong…Already today, central banks face steeply higher oil prices combined with a pause in falling import prices from developing Asia. But the current conjuncture is just a small test compared with what might happen if globalisation hits a really large bump in the road. Then, at least in a few big countries, inflation will end up being far higher than policymakers or market participants now seem to think possible. Market convictions that inflation is forever dead will be shattered. Origineel (.pdf)

Wal-Mart Fight May Derail Utah's, Company Bank Plans.. A battle over Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s effort to get into financial services may derail the growth of company-owned banks.. The dispute has also sparked broader policy concerns among regulators about whether industrial banks may endanger the financial system…Lobbyists representing the Independent Community Bankers of America, a Washington-based trade group, are pressing Congress to bar non-financial companies from owning industrial banks…Jane Thompson, Wal-Mart's president of financial services, said at an April FDIC hearing that the company ``is absolutely and unequivocally committed not to engage in branch banking.''..

Crude Oil Trades Near One-Week Low; Storm May Bypass U.S. Gulf.. Prices fell as low as $70.40 today (...low???)

Chad Orders 2 Oil Companies to Leave.. Chevron and Petronas.. Deby said Chad..would take over the oil fields that have been overseen by the American and Malaysian companies and account for some 60 percent of its oil production…Earlier this year, Chad broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan and turned instead to China, a move that could help it sell its oil to the energy-hungry power…Last month, the government reached a deal with the World Bank.. Chad can use that money on whatever it wants including weapons.

With Kazakh's Visit, Bush Priorities Clash.. Nazarbayev is hardly the only controversial figure received at the top levels of the Bush administration…Vice President Cheney went to the former Soviet republic in May to praise him as a friend, a trip that drew criticism because it came the day after Cheney criticized Russia for retreating from democracy…With the largest crude oil reserves in the Caspian Sea region, Kazakhstan pumps 1.2 million barrels a day and exports 1 million of that. The Kazakh government hopes to boost production to 3.5 million barrels a day by 2015, rivaling Iran. U.S. and Russian companies and governments have competed for access to its oil.

Iran to miss 2010 oil output target.. "We are not close to the 5.0 million bpd target of the fourth plan. More than 80 percent of the current total oil output is being provided from aged oil fields that need serious investment to increase production,".. He put the countrys current oil production at 4.08 million bpd, which is 30,000 less than its OPEC quota.

U.S. has no choice but break oil habit.. It is hard to overstate the urgency of this crisis. We are already facing declining living standards, diminished foreign policy influence and exposure to the whims of the oil oligopolists. Today, an oil cut-off by a major producer could be devastating

China's Wealth Woes.. With its dollar hoard rising at $17 billion a month and about to pass the $1 trillion mark, Beijing is finding out that it is possible to have too much money…Chinese officials have hinted that if pushed too hard they might shift their near-trillion-dollar reserve out of U.S. Treasury bonds, which could trigger a U.S. and global recession…Why not simply spend the dollar reserve?.. "The problem with these ideas is that you can't actually spend much money on them

U.S. Debt Draws Attention.. Walker's presentation is on the General Accountability Office's Web site. You should see the data for yourself because a picture is worth a thousand bullet points…The real problem is the exponential increase of the deficit 20 years down the line,.. If we don't immediately start dealing with our financial problems, says the comptroller, we risk the fate of the Roman empire

Mortgage lenders' share decline broadens.. "An inverted yield curve is not a happy environment for mortgage lenders,"

Consumers gloomy, Fed minutes show less gloom.. The decline in confidence also "suggests U.S. consumers may finally be feeling the pain of the housing market and the fluctuations in oil prices,".. sales of new and existing homes in July both tumbled by more than 4 percent. Inventories of homes for sale hit levels last seen a decade ago or more..

Data show one in eight Americans in poverty.. Some 17.6 percent of children under 18 and one in five of those under 6 were in poverty, higher than for any other age group…Major cities with the highest proportions of poor people included Cleveland with 32.4 percent and Detroit with 31.4 percent under the poverty line.

BP in oil and gas markets probe.. U.S. federal investigators are examining whether BP manipulated crude oil and unleaded gasoline markets, the company said on Tuesday.

Rumsfeld Lashes Out at Bush's Critics.. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Tuesday the world faces "a new type of fascism" and likened critics of the U.S. war strategy to those who tried to appease the Nazis…Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., chimed in that Rumsfeld's remarks were trying to "shoot the messenger" rather than examine failed policy.

Venezuela's Chavez to Sign Energy Accords With Syria.. We are two countries who are resisting imperialism,'' Chavez said upon arrival in Syria in remarks carried by the state television station…Venezuela has repeatedly said it wants to diversify customers for its crude oil. The South American country now sends about 60 percent of its 2 million barrels in daily oil exports to the U.S.

Cities in peril as Andean glaciers melt.. The rate of glacier retreat has shocked scientists,.. In the short term, the president says, it could cause overflows of reservoirs and trigger mudslides, and in the longer term cut water supplies.

Blistering Drought Ravages Farmland on Plains.. “We don’t have any record of anything like this happening before,”.. “But if there’s not a crop, there’s not a crop,”


Energy in a Nutshell..Basically, if you wanted to invent an ideal energy source, you’d create oil...There is no energy solution that can support the world’s current population, let alone a population that’s increasing...Coal..Tar and Oil Sands..Shale.. Natural Gas.. Methane Hydrates.... Nuclear Power.. Hydropower from Dams... Hydrogen.. Biomass.. Solar….Wind.. Fusion.. Geothermal.. Wave Energy... Tidal Energy.... solar and wind are the best and only long-range solutions.  If energy, time, and money are misguidedly spent on coal liquefaction, oil/tar sands, methane hydrates, and other finite fossil fuel resources, which also increase global warming, not only do we risk polluting the air, water, and ground to the point of potential mass extinctions, we are only delaying the inevitable energy contraction, and even more people will be born in the meantime to fall off an even higher cliff.

Dirty Secrets of the Temple.. the power to create and control the money supply… It’s the secretive, inviolable and accountable to no one Bank of International Settlements (BIS) founded in 1930 and based in Basle, Switzerland…it’s privately owned by its members …Over de Federal Reserve [van toepassing op alle CB’en]..The Federal Open Market Committee..literally has the power to create money out of nothing. It does it in a four step process.. How the Fed [en alle CB’en] Harms the Public Interest in at least four ways.. Through the invisible tax of inflation.. The public also loses because the banking cartel is able to practice usury.. Through the taxes, we must pay to cover the interest on the huge national debt.. the cartel is able to get the public to bail out the system with more of its tax dollars…whenever any of the too-big-to-fail banks.. hedge funds [etc.] need financial help to survive.[ BV Long-Term Capital Management].. It’s [real motives are] not to serve the public interest…But having a central bank is not in itself a bad thing provided the bank is government owned, controlled and operated for the public welfare...Steve Lendman’s Blog  

Gold futures fall, suffer a nearly 4% weekly loss.. "Inflation data released during the course of this week also dented gold's prospects for further gains for the moment," Nadler added…Gold, he said in a note to clients, "remains on course to finish the year above $700.".. Physical demand for gold from China has supported prices this year.

Gold Rises Amid Concern Iran May Not Meet UN's Nuclear Deadline.. Iranian concerns ``will weigh on oil, and that will get inflation concerns to come back to the market and support the gold price,''

Govt to relax scrap, raw gold import norms ..India.. The government is soon likely to relax scrap and raw gold import norms paving way for higher and cheaper import of the precious metal into the world’s largest gold consuming country…Currently, India does not have a single London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved refinery.  

Miners heading out to sea.. While offshore oil wells have been around for decades, sea mining for minerals is in its infancy. Copper prices doubling in less than a year and gold prices near record highs are helping it grows up quickly.

You can't track gold prices much more closely than with ETFs.. gold is really unnecessary for most investors.. With that said, if you honestly think the U.S. economy is a disaster waiting to happen and the dollar is about to crumble, then gold would be a way to play that theme.

Chile copper mine in talks with union.. on the London metal exchange jumped as much as $265 to $7,555 a tonne, before last trading at $7,420…The mine, which produces 8 percent of the world’s copper..Escondida's net profit soared to $2.9billion in the first half of the year due to a prolonged copper price rally fuelled by tight supplies, booming Chinese demand and new investor interest in commodities.

Scientists flock to test 'free energy' discovery.. McCarthy (Steorn)claims it provides five times the amount of energy a mobile phone battery generates for the same size, and does not have to be recharged. Within 36 hours of his advert appearing he had been contacted by 420 scientists in Europe, America and Australia, and a further 4,606 people had registered to receive the results. (zou het dan toch lukken?) site: Steorn.. Steorn’s technology appears to violate the ‘Principle of the Conservation of Energy’.. Steorn is making three claims for its technology:… The sum of these claims is that our technology creates free energy

China rates rise catches markets off guard.. increase of 0.27 percentage points.. annual gross domestic product growth in China quickened to 11.3% in the second quarter, the fastest pace in a decade.

German producer prices for industrial products rose 6% in year to July.. Germany's second- largest steelmaker, said in an interview Aug. 10. ``Costs have climbed and we have to pass that on somehow.''.. Fuel prices rose 8.8 percent from a year earlier and heating oil costs were 25 percent more expensive, today's report showed. Prices of lead, zinc and tin surged 85 percent from July 2005 and steel costs increased 12 percent…Continental AG, the world's fourth-biggest tiremaker.. second-quarter profit dropped 18 percent…Investors are betting that the ECB will raise its benchmark interest rate

Microsoft extends massive share buyback.. by $16.2 billion.. Other US companies are also moving to repurchase their stock, signalling that they see limited investment opportunities in the US economy which has shown signs of slowing in recent months.

President George W. Bush.. August 19, 2006.. The [UN] resolution calls for a robust international force to deploy to the southern part of Lebanon…The conflict in Lebanon is part of a broader struggle between freedom and terror that is unfolding across the region…The terrorists fear the rise of democracy because they know what it means for the future of their hateful ideology.. Our Nation does not fear the future because we are determined to shape the future. We will build a more peaceful world and leave behind a stronger and better America for our children and grandchildren.

Bush Rejects Calls for Iraq Pullout.. "It's bad policy," Bush said.. he declared that the government must be able to succeed and that leaving too early would "make the world a more dangerous place.".. He spoke anew about an idea..- an oil royalty trust that would give citizens across Iraq a stake in how the resources are developed.

Iran launches tactical missiles.. Analysts interpreted those war games as a thinly veiled threat that Iran could disrupt vital oil shipping lanes if pushed by an escalation in the nuclear dispute…to reply to the UN by August 22

Pakistanis find no evidence against ‘terror mastermind’.. Analysts suspect Pakistani authorities exaggerated Rauf’s role to appear ‘tough on terrorism’ and impress Britain and America.

The CIA Torture Loophole.. A contractor was found guilty in the death of a detainee, but the potential for more abuses is high…CIA officials — disguised with wigs and mustaches — testified at Passaro’s trial that they had in no way authorized his abuses. And prosecutors introduced a December 2002 CIA memo they said showed that Passaro’s acts were clearly not authorized…The exception in the memo — that the prohibitions could be overridden if a senior official gave the OK — has never before been made public and creates a loophole large enough to drive a truck through.

Participanten Bilderberg 2006..koningin Beatrix... Victor Halberstadt, Professor of Economics, Leiden University;… Neelie Kroes, Gerard J.Kleisterlee, President and CEO, Royal Philips Electronics.. Maxime J.M.  Verhagen, Parliamentary Leader, Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA).. A.H.E.M. Wellink, President, De Nederlandsche Bank.. Ollila, Jorma Royal Dutch Shell.. Geithner, Timothy F.. Bernabè, Franco

European Media Probe Dangers of Secret Surveillance Systems.. Security Experts' 'Suicides' Called Into Question.. Vodaphone's top executive in Greece reported to the prime minister that unknown outsiders had illicitly eavesdropped on top government officials…the spyware was much more deeply embedded and clever than anything either phone company had seen before…According to parliamentary investigations, the spying may have been carried out using the United States's secretive Bad Aibling base in the Bavarian Alps, which houses the American global eavesdropping program dubbed Echelon.

Life in a Post-Carbon World.. The big fact is that the major oilfields around the globe are getting tired and are in decline.. the age of cheap, plentiful oil is coming to a rapid close. And that is a greater, surer and more profound threat to Western civilization as we know it than Al Qaeda multiplied by a hundred… The American (én Europese) Dream is a petroleum dream, a high-energy dream, an oil dream, a gas dream, an electric dream and, of course, a carbon dioxide nightmare.

Ford slashes production as gas prices sap demand.. said it will cut October to December production by 168,000 units from year-earlier levels..which is 9% below 2005 levels…Ford debt under review.. Standard & Poor's also said its considering a downgrade of Ford, while Fitch Ratings actually cut Ford's credit rating a notch deeper into junk territory with a negative outlook.

Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century..PART ONE.. Dmitry Orlov.. peak oil.. Economies, too, are known to collapse, and do so with far greater regularity than civilizations.. The bankruptcy race is particularly interesting. Prior to its collapse, the Soviet Union was taking on foreign debt at a rate that could not be sustained. The combination of low world oil prices and a peak in Soviet oil production sealed its fate. Later, the Russian Federation, which inherited the Soviet foreign debt, was forced to default on its obligations, precipitating a financial crisis. Russia's finances later improved, primarily due to rising oil prices, along with rising oil exports. At this point, Russia is eager to wipe out the remaining Soviet debt as quickly as possible, and over the past few years the Russian rouble has done just a bit better than the U.S. dollar.

Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century.. Part 2.. Dmitry Orlov..Differences between the Superpowers.. Most people in the U.S. cannot survive very long without an income…Well, in post-collapse Russia.. an income was not a prerequisite for survival. Most people got by, somehow…But most people in the U.S., once their savings are depleted, would in due course be forced to live in their car.. In all, I expect drugs and alcohol to become one of the largest short-term post-collapse entrepreneurial opportunities in the United States, along with asset stripping, and security..

Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century.. Part 3.. Dmitry Orlov .. An early victim of collapse is the sense of normalcy.. in a consumer society, anything that puts people off their shopping is dangerously disruptive, and all consumers sense this… The safest group of people to be with in a crisis is one that does not share strong ideological convictions, is not easily swayed by argument, and does not possess an overdeveloped, exclusive sense of identity… Collapse in the U.S… Once the cash machines are out of cash.. people will still have basic needs.. A stockpile of this sort, in a walkable, socially stable place, where you know everybody, where you have some close friends and some family, where you own your shelter and some land free and clear, and where you can grow most of your own food, and barter for the rest, should enable you to survive economic collapse without too much trouble. And, who knows, maybe you will even find happiness there.

A Permanent Goodbye to the United States..Michael C. Ruppert….Venezuela...The US economy, the privately-owned Federal Reserve system, and the government which they operate like a franchise….The US economy, driven by a fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, debt-based financing –- and “doped” with the billions of dollars of drug profits laundered through its corporations and banks –- is a superheated pyramid scheme of infinite growth  are the greatest enemies of the entire human race.. “Fascism ought to more properly be called corporatism since it is the merger of state and corporate power.”… And there was nothing left in the United States worth fighting for.

Congress Poised to Unravel the Internet.. members of Congress could soon strike a blow against Internet freedom as they seek to resolve the hot-button controversy over preserving "network neutrality.".. In both the House and Senate versions of the bill, Americans are described as "consumers" and "subscribers," not citizens deserving substantial rights when it comes to the creation and distribution of digital media. A handful of companies stand to gain incredible monopoly power from such legislation, especially AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon. They have already used their political clout in Washington to secure for the phone and cable industries a stunning 98 percent control of the US residential market for high-speed Internet.

Five Things You're Not Allowed To Say About the War In Iraq.. 1-America Is Going To Be In Iraq Permanently…Otherwise, the U.S. wouldn't be constructing numerous giant permanent military bases in Iraq…4-The Iraq War Was All About The Oil.. The fact is, if Iraq had been a resource-poor nation, we wouldn't have cared if it was ruled by a tyrant.

Bush out to Luncheon in Iraq.. And, according to some of the participants quoted in the Aug. 16 New York Times, he couldn’t figure out why the Iraqi people aren’t more grateful for all that he and the U.S. troops have done for them…Clearly, Bush still doesn’t understand the dynamics in Iraq or the greater Middle East.

Bush defends surveillance program.. "Under President Bush and the Republican Congress, the economic situation for too many Americans is going in the wrong direction," said the California Democrat. Since Bush took office, she said, "real median family income has dropped by $1,700 while families are paying $3,200 more in household costs.".. said the team spent much time talking about long-term challenges such as changing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in view of the pending retirement of 78 million baby boomers.."We think it is quite possible to come up with a fix that is quite doable," Paulson said of reforming the government programs. "The question is whether we can get the support of Congress to get something done."(Fed.debt ceiling verhogen misschien?)

Former diplomats and retired generals letter to president Bush.. A Statement on Iran, August 2006.. An attack on Iran would have disastrous consequences…

SPIEGEL INTERVIEW WITH JIMMY CARTER.. Carter: Under all of its predecessors there was a commitment to peace instead of preemptive war…now we have a new policy of going to war on a preemptive basis…SPIEGEL: One main points of your book is the rather strange coalition between Christian fundamentalists and the Republican Party…Carter: The fundamentalists believe they have a unique relationship with God, and that they and their ideas are God's ideas and God's premises on the particular issue…And so this administration, for instance, has a policy of just refusing to talk to someone who is in strong disagreement with them -- which is also a radical departure from past history…And, of course, fundamentalists don't believe they can make mistakes, so when we permit the torture of prisoners in Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib, it's just impossible for a fundamentalist to admit that a mistake was made.

I Dare Any American to Name a Single Bush or Republican National Security Success...Just One.. Today, few nations take seriously our threat of force because they know we are bogged down in Iraq…That the United States has lost all respect within the international community cannot be denied. It is humiliating enough that a ranking member of the British government called the President of the United States 'crap', but it is all the more embarrassing and telling when the Chinese envoy tells the United States to 'shut up'. '''It's better for the U.S. to shut up,' Sha said. 'Keep quiet. It's much, much better.''' "It is better for the U.S. to shut up"? The President of the United States is "crap"?

Reparations for Iran.. on August 19, 1953 the government of the United States executed a coup d'etat in Iran…Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, the duly elected prime minister, had the intention of nationalizing the oil fields so that the people of Iran would benefit. That single fact was enough to bring about the CIA invasion. Even back then, the official U.S. policy was that the oil under Iran's sands was the property of U.S. corporations.

The politics of the latest terror scare.. had thwarted a plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights from London to the US…neither the British nor the American government has produced any facts to substantiate their dire claims.. Twenty-three British citizens remain in jail, under conditions, according to their lawyers, that make a mockery of due process and democratic rights. They have been denied contact with family members, have had virtually no contact with legal counsel, and are being subjected to abusive treatment, including confinement in freezing cells. They have been charged with no crimes, and, under recently passed British anti-terror laws, can be held without charge for up to 28 days. The names and photos of most of the prisoners have been splashed across newspapers and their assets have been seized by the British Treasury, proving that the presumption of innocence is a dead letter in both Britain and the US…Why does the media take the government leaders in the US and Britain at their word? They all dragged their people into a war on the basis of lies.

Five key questions for anti-terror investigation.. Today 23 suspects, two of them women, are being held on suspicion of plotting to commit terrorist offences. While police interrogate them, there are many unanswered questions…The operation involved tracing the money that went in and out of their bank accounts and involved the Pakistani security services.

German suitcase bombs 'part of terrorist plot' .. suitcase bombs that failed to go off on two regional trains July 31…The authorities said they were offering a 50,000-euro reward for information about the failed bombings.

U.S. blocked missiles to Hezbollah two U.S. intelligence officials say.. The intelligence officials did not provide reports, satellite photos or other evidence to corroborate the sequence of events. Their account could not be independently verified…Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said, "We work on these kinds of things all the time." But she added, "I can't comment on specific cases.".

Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible?.. Better killing through chemistry Making a quantity of TATP sufficient to bring down an airplane is not quite as simple as ducking into the toilet and mixing two harmless liquids together…Jack Bauer sense So the fabled binary liquid explosive - that is, the sudden mixing of hydrogen peroxide and acetone with sulfuric acid to create a plane-killing explosion, is out of the question…For some real terror….. picture twenty guys who understand op-sec, who are patient, realistic, clever, and willing to die, and who know what can be accomplished with a modest stash of dimethylmercury.. Dimethylmercury is most often used in toxicology experiments as a fixed point of reference due to its extreme toxicity.

Information Cleansing, Canadian Style.. since early July, the country's government -- under conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper -- has been systematically scrubbing its websites of information regarding global warming and the Kyoto Protocol treaty to curb greenhouse gas emissions... "This is all about controlling information and not about controlling greenhouse gases," said Godfrey.

Which Is A Better Source Of News: The Mainstream Media Or The Blogosphere?.. If you want the unvarnished truth these days, the blogosphere is the place to go…Don't believe me? Let's take a look at a number of major stories and see how they were presented by the MSM and the blogosphere..

Colombia’s Coca Survives U.S. Plan to Uproot It.. a six-year, $4.7 billion effort to slash Colombia’s coca crop — has left the price, quality and availability of cocaine ..virtually unchanged…"The problem is the replanting.".. Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, the leading sources of coca and cocaine, produce more than enough cocaine to satisfy world demand.. (effecten ‘war on drugs’in Afganistan?)

NEW LABOUR’S IMMIGRATION CRISIS.. Britain’s already overcrowded prisons are struggling to cope with a massive rise in the number of foreign prisoners…Prison officers' leaders said last night that the huge number of foreign inmates, many of whom did not speak English, was making the policing of prisons more and more difficult.

Republicans Losing The 'Security Moms'.. Married women with children, the "security moms" whose concerns about terrorism made them an essential part of Republican victories in 2002 and 2004, are taking flight from GOP.. and other concerns such as rising gasoline prices and economic anxiety are proving more powerful in shaping voter attitudes…Moreover, terrorism does not have the salience as a political issue it did two years ago…only 2 percent of respondents cited it as the top issue they want to hear candidates discuss -- and that was after the news from London.

FDA says viruses safe for treating meat.. A mixture of six bacteria-killing viruses.. called bacteriophages.. can be safely sprayed on meat and poultry to combat common microbes that kill hundreds of people a year, federal health officials said Friday…Scientists have long studied bacteriophages as a bacteria-fighting alternative to antibiotics (vnl in Rusland.e.o..met goede resultaten).

Radioactive Leak Reaches Nuclear Plant's Groundwater.. One of two nuclear power plants in California, San Onofre provides 2,150 megawatts of power, enough for 2.2 million homes throughout Southern California…Since groundwater will continue to seep into the contaminated area, plant officials will continue removing contaminated water and discharging it into the ocean until they can remove all traces of the contamination…The leak probably occurred sometime between 1968 and 2004, Golden said.

Radical 'Ballistic Computing' Chip Bounces Electrons Around Like Billiards.. There's one hurdle the team isn't quite as confident about: "We're talking about a chip speed measured in terahertz, a thousand times faster than today's desktop transistors" Diduck says. "We have to figure out how to test it because there's no such thing as a terahertz oscilloscope!"

Kamervragen van Bommel over Beatrix & Bilderberggroep…(*.doc)..zeer korte ambigue antwoorden van Bot en een oorverdovende stilte (merci B.)

My pink pacifier's stopped soothing.. Mogambo Guru.. "Do you comprehend, even remotely, the staggering enormity of America being looted by the Federal Reserve, which is just a private bank.. We are on the cusp of the dollar's next great decline…A 30% increase in price in 12 months? And if that's not inflation, then what in the hell IS it? And as the price of oil affects everything, this means that everything will soon be more expensive! Yow! Yow! Yow!.. inflation is everywhere.. property taxes were up 13.8% in fiscal 2004. Likewise, the cost of electricity was 12% higher year-over-year in February 2006 with natural gas prices up is the perfect day to buy more gold and, especially, silver.

Gold Falls as Declining Oil Costs Reduce Inflation Concerns.. In the 1970s, it took about 20 barrels of oil to buy an ounce of gold.. Now it takes about 8.8 barrels…``This is a buying opportunity for gold and silver,'' Matt McKinney, a commodity broker at Infinity Brokerage Services in Chicago. ``Slowing economic growth in this country make gold look very attractive as a haven against the dollar.''

U.K. First-Time House Buyers Dwindle, Threatening Blair's Boom.. Lorraine Highton is searching online for someone to live with. She isn't looking for love; she's seeking a stranger to help buy her first apartment in London.. Last year economic growth slowed to a 13-year low of 1.9 percent…The growing burden of student debt is also making it harder for university graduates to get onto the property ladder.

Oil, water, weather crises will hit cities.. "Our whole economic system is based on cheap oil," said Miller…What happens if you only produce 83 million barrels a day of oil? All of a sudden people start bidding and the price breaks free of the production curve and it gets worse and worse and worse."

Adjustable loan resets to impact mortgage bonds.. "If the default rate doubles, the basket of mortgages backing these bonds will undoubtedly fall in price," he said….Goldman Sachs also expects the U.S. Federal Reserve to start lowering rates in the first half of 2007, which should lower mortgage rates.

Northwest Airlines Tells Workers to Seek New Careers…"If you have saved some money, pat yourself on the back -- you deserve it," the booklet reads. "Take out only what you need and spend prudently."

Ford plans to reduce number of dealers.. In the past, when a dealership would close, Ford would try to replace it, but now the company will review those decisions more closely, Cain said.

Saudi says signs deal to buy 72 Typhoon jets.. Saudi Arabia has a long history of buying arms from Britain dating back to the 1960s, and usually pays in oil.

Iran military to launch war-games as tensions build with West.. “We must show the enemies the Islamic Republic’s military capability”

FOX Military Guest Hypes War with Iran.. but the debacle that these fanatics in Iran - and they are not reasonable people. You cannot negotiate with them.

Effecten Verarmd Uranium in bommen..korte Video..waarschuwing..bevat schokkende beelden!..Ook gebruikt in Afghanistan!

Afghan Opium Cultivation Hits a Record.. up by more than 40 percent from 2005.. "Now what they have is a narco-economy. If they do not get corruption sorted they can slip into being a narco-state," the U.S. official warned…Gen. Khodaidad, a top official at the ministry, said virtually all cultivated land in Helmand - including government-owned land - has been planted with opium poppies.

No 'Zimbabwe style' reform for SA.. Land reform is one of the most emotive and politically charged issues in South Africa. And returning land seized from black farmers during apartheid was one of the key promises made by the African National Congress when it came to power in 1994.

Federal judge orders end to wiretap program.. The government argued that the program is well within the president’s authority, but said proving that would require revealing state secrets.

Engineered grass found growing in wild.. Grass that was genetically engineered for golf courses is growing in the wild, posing one of the first threats of agricultural biotechnology escaping from the farm in the United States, a new study says…Ultimately, Strauss said, development of the engineered grass may be an economic question rather than a biological issue — whether it could affect the cost of agriculture and weed control.

Slower selloff by central banks keeps shine on gold .. the signatories were permitted to sell 500 tons of gold but by the end of July they had sold only 331 tons. They cannot carry over the allocation from one year to the next…Previously, the banks had sold their full allocations every year. (sparen?)

TED BUTLER COMMENTARY.. BETTER THAN EVER.. Don’t hesitate to buy silver now.

Peak oil and fragility of global oil supply.. The bottom line is that 84 million barrels of conventional oil per day appears to be the maximum that the world's oil industry can deliver…And the increased cost of energy across the board, and certainly for the energy contained within a usable barrel of oil, will drive up the rate of inflation…The time has come for people to accept the idea of Peak Oil. Start planning now…
BP battles to keep Alaska flowing as oil price heads for record.. BP will be able to produce 200,000 barrels of oil a day from its giant Prudhoe Bay oilfield .. Prices could spike as soon as the end of this month, with 31 August the deadline for Iran…I
ran says won't back down over atomic rights

The Euro Zone: Sunshine or Twilight.. What everyone is wondering now is how long is Europe's nascent growth spurt- and how strong

US mulls change in key inflation gauge.. a change in the consumer price index that may have an impact on how markets and policymakers interpret inflation data

Investment banks team up over plan to bypass LSE.. to build a new system for reporting equity trades that would bypass the London Stock Exchange and other European bourses. Ten banks, including Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and UBS, are working together on the cryptically code-named Project Boat.

Bank profits on target for new high..UK.. make a profit of £112.20 per customer this year, a 12 per cent increase on 2005…accused the banks of exploiting customers with hidden charges and poor rates of interest. 

FTW Economic Alert #4- The Abyss Awaits …Michael C. Ruppert..Peak Oil has just been acknowledged in both the financial markets and in congress. I consider this to be a very ominous development that is sure to start having a real effect on shareholder equity by the end of the summer…Put at least some of your money into precious metals. (Pay no attention to gold’s recent price drops. Gold is a long-term investment and still paying off handsomely.).. Silver is also a solid buy.. Do whatever you can to support local agriculture and farming. Start a vegetable garden yourself…In other words, the rats are starting to leave the ship.

Leader of India warns nation on cost of oil.. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Tuesday that the government would do everything possible to keep inflation in check but that there were limits to what it could do to insulate people from the effects of record oil prices.. With India importing 70 percent of its crude oil, policy makers say high prices are a concern for the economy…”Economic growth is of primary importance to us." (hoe??)

Bolivia's oil and gas policy is thrown into confusion.. Bolivia's decision to suspend a plan to nationalize its oil and gas industry has reinforced doubts about the ability of its state-run energy company to manage the country's gas reserves.. foreign investment will return to South America's poorest country, but only when policy directions are explicit. "Before those guys come back into the picture, things are going to have to be very, very clear,"

The Current Risks of a 1987-Style Financial Meltdown: The Scary Similarities between 2006 and 1987 .. Today, the tensions with China on the trade deficit and the RMB revaluation are reaching a similar tipping point…the collapse of a large and systemically- relevant hedge fund or of another highly-leveraged financial institution, a Chapter 11 event for a major US corporation such as Ford or GM leading to systemic  effects in the credit derivatives market.  There is indeed an embarrassment of riches in terms of factors that can trigger a financial meltdown.

Defining the new Oligopoly.. The new oligopoly is made up of multinational corporations that have chosen specific product or service categories to dominate. In each category, over time, only two to four major players prosper…
Oligopolies and Oligopsonies.. Most oligopsonies are in turn oligopolies. The big chains are oligopsonies with regard to the manufacturers, but oligopolies to the customers…But in almost every imaginable industry, there are fewer players than there were ten years ago. Industries that had 10 major players now have six, those that had six now have three leading firms…
Wal-Mart posts first profit drop in 10 years.. Wal-Mart, which has 5,000 stores in 15 countries

Syrian Generals Tied to Lebanon Roles Have U.S. Assets Frozen.. The U.S. froze the assets of two Syrian military commanders, saying one of them helped support Hezbollah and that both contributed to their government's interference in Lebanese affairs…The order also bars Americans from doing business with the Syrians

US space commander predicts satellite attacks.. Chilton said the United States had a duty to secure "the entire space domain not just for our own military but for our allies and for the benefit of the free world."

Tax inspectors given new 'get tough' powers.. UK..Government plans to give thousands of tax officers powers to make arrests, execute search warrants and even take fingerprints.. "There is no question of the powers being used to shock or intimidate suspects or innocent taxpayers."

Media must stay silent on suspects..UK.. It warned: "The Attorney General will consider, if and when appropriate, any particular publication which might infringe these requirements." The politicians said the Government was endeavouring to "strike the balance between the need to provide necessary information to the public and to business whilst avoiding prejudicing ongoing investigations or future proceedings..

Chertoff Says U.S. Needs More Authority.. should consider reviewing its laws to allow for more electronic surveillance and detention of possible terror suspects, citing last week's foiled plot…The Bush administration has pushed for greater executive authority in the war on terror, leading it to create a warrantless eavesdropping program, hold suspects who are deemed as "enemy combatants" for long periods and establish a military tribunal system for detainees that affords defendants fewer rights than traditional courts-martial.

Water shortage 'a global problem'.. WWF warns that rich countries face increasing water shortages. 

Zimbabweans suffer cash chaos.. as they try to deposit and spend their cash before it becomes worthless on 21 August…Only Z$100m ($400) in old money can be deposited in a bank each week without any questions being asked. .. Anyone attempting a larger transaction is subject to an investigation and is liable to have the money confiscated if it is found to be have been acquired illegally. .. road block .. her car was searched thoroughly by the same policeman when she passed through a roadblock twice on one day. .. I keep an excess in US dollars so that if anything happens I know at least I'll have some money," she said..(nog wel).

Zimbabwe sets 21-day price freeze.. The freeze started on 1 August and runs to 21 August, when the old bank notes will cease to be legal tender…"Let me warn those that want to derail our economic recovery programme that they will be arrested," minister of state for national security Didymus Mutasa told the newspaper. 

Aaron Russo Uncovers America From 'Freedom to Fascism'.. What galls Russo is the fact that "the government can make their own money without paying any interest. Why are we paying interest to these banks when we can make the money for nothing?".. Also defied is the Constitution's ruling that only the government is authorized to create money. Congress simply handed the power over to the Fed in 1916…

Iran oil bourse at the end of September 2006.. and is slated to replace the current dollar-based oil exchange with one based on the euro, he said.

Bernanke Puts His Reputation on the Line on Inflation.. Bernanke put his inflation-fighting credibility on the line after barely six months in the job, leaving interest rates unchanged even as consumer-price increases quicken…The property market is slowing very meaningfully, and I think it would be a mistake to keep chasing inflation,''.. The Fed is no better than most private economists, worse than some. I don't think you can put that much weight on forward-looking inflation expectations as opposed to actual inflation.''

US labor costs soar, slowing productivity growth.. With inflation, workers actually saw little real gain in purchasing power in the second quarter

Govt Russia Could Be Scared of Gasoline Growth.. Retail prices for gasoline grew 1.1 percent in July ..“Should it happen, the adjustment capacity of Russia’s economy will expire and a crisis will probably come on,”..

Crude Oil to Soar to $250/Bbl.. But the worst will happen only if Iran not only stops deliveries but also blocks the Strait of Hormuz passed by oil tankers from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. As more than 15 million barrels of crude are daily shipped via the Hormuz,

Join us as we watch the crisis unfolding.. Numerous critics are claiming that the present world economic situation is a house of cards: built on trade deficits, housing price bubbles, and barely-adequate natural gas supplies. Pulling any one card out from the bottom of the pile might collapse the whole structure…I can now refer to the world oil peak in the past tense. My career as a prophet is over. I'm now an historian.

BP shutdown puts pressure on gas prices.. "We estimate it could take between 2-3 months to get it back on line," Bruce Lanni, an industry analyst with A.G. Edwards, wrote in a research note. "However, there are no assurances that it will return to current capacity, given the complexities and age of the reservoirs."..Energy Dept. Has Oil Reserves on Standby…The Energy Department is prepared to provide oil from the government's emergency supplies if a refinery requests it because of the disruption of supplies from Alaska…Saudis, Mexico Pledge to Fill U.S. Oil Shortage..hoe???

OPEC Oil Output Fell 0.8% in July.. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and Nigeria all posted minor declines in output,'' said Tim Evans, an energy analyst at Citigroup Global Markets Inc. in New York. ``It's unusual to see so many members' output move in the same direction.''.. Iraqi output last month rose 40,000 barrels a day to 2.13 million barrels a day.. insurgent attacks. ..Instead of attacks on pipelines we are seeing attacks on soft targets such as mosques and marketplaces.''

Bridgestone profit down on soaring rubber costs.. Top Japanese tire maker Bridgestone Corp…profit fell 8.7 percent, hit by higher costs for rubber, crude oil and other materials.. Natural rubber prices have more than quadrupled in the past five years to more than $2 a kilogram, mainly because of voracious demand from China and India.

The loser in Lebanon: The Atlantic alliance.. Gezelligheid alom…Through the course of a single week, the US and France came as close to a bitter split over Middle East policy as they had on the eve of the Iraq war.. just nuts.. was particularly enraged.. Bolton was at his arrogant best.. La Sabliere not only bristled at Bolton's language, he threatened to end all discussions.. It was a stupid thing to say.. The European anger boiled over.. Even the British were enraged.. His voice edged with anger.. was even blunter.. I don't care what the secretary of state says.. Sooner or later the United States is going to have to choose what is more important - its strategic alliance with Europe, or its friendship with Israel.".. Iran's supreme leader urges Muslims to 'defend' Hezbollah.. "Some Arabic states that have kept quiet should know that the United States will never consider their interests," Khamenei said.

Nuclear Weapons and the National Security Strategy in War on Terrorism.. the new National Security Strategy says: " Safe, credible, and reliable nuclear forces continue to play a critical role…If necessary, however, under long-standing principles of self-defense, we do not rule out the use of force before attacks occur, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy's attack…This is the principle and logic of preemption."..The strategy identifies Iran, North Korea, and terrorism as the three main threats to the United States and its allies.

Iran Has Soldiers In Iraq, Claims U.S. Ambassador..
Iran mulls cheap oil exports to poor nations.. to lighten the burden of surging oil prices on poorer countries while ensuring that rich nations paid the full price...
'Global Strike nuclear exercise Global Lightning 07 scheduled Oct. 24 – Nov. 8....
Global Strike …in January 2003, a strategic concept for CONPLAN 8022 had been developed.  CONPLAN 8022=Iran  zie STRATCOM 

Next We Take Tehran.. Both Russian and Chinese oil companies had enormous development and supply contracts with Baghdad under Saddam Hussein, deals that are worthless in an Iraq controlled by the United States. They might be forgiven for thinking that Iran, too, would be off-limits to them if Bush succeeds…For China’s economic future, Iran and the region are essential.. President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Hu Jintao of China have made energy the centerpiece of Russian-Chinese relations…Meanwhile, U.S. relations with both China and Russia are edging toward outright hostility…“This looks like déjà vu.” Indeed, the parallels with the year before the invasion of Iraq are startling…“If that is déjà vu, then so be it,” John Bolton, the neoconservative saber-rattler who represents the United States at the U.N., told reporters in March. “That is the course we are on.”

Gazprom's huge Venezuela gas deal alarms US.. News of the possible tie-up follows Gazprom's recently declared interest in investing in Bolivia, another regional enemy of the US, and is the latest sign of Moscow's deteriorating relationship with Washington.

Venezuela 'to sever Israel ties'.. Mr Chavez said he had "no interest in maintaining diplomatic relations, or offices, or businesses, or anything with a state like Israel"…During a visit to Tehran at the end of last month, Mr Chavez said Venezuela would "stand by Iran at any time and under any condition".

U.S., North Korea on Collision Course: Report.. U.S. officials have said the bank froze about $24 million in assets. Some of the accounts belonged to North Korea's top leaders, who have since found it difficult to bank in other places because of the U.S. crackdown. Washington has vowed to maintain the restrictions.

40,000 U.S. Troops Have Deserted Since 2000.. More than half served in the Army…"They lied in Vietnam with the amount of opposition to the war and they're lying now," said Eric Seitz, an attorney who represents Army Lt. Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment to the war in Iraq.

Cynthia McKinney Loses Runoff for Georgia Seat.. the fiery Georgia congresswoman known for her conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11 attacks

Video cameras on the lookout for terrorists.. Cressey said there are about 30 million video surveillance cameras in the United States shooting about four billion hours of footage every week. Relying more on computers to go through that footage would allow manpower to be better used elsewhere and perhaps lead to faster recognition of possible threats.

How to Hack a Diebold Voting Machine..Marty Kaplan..Video..
Diebold now faces formal SEC accounting probe

Credit Suisse calls $1200/oz gold by 2015.. studies indicate that gold supply is falling behind demand as the diminishing number of new reserves fails to compensate for dying mines, worldwide. “This has been happening for some time but, until recently, the effect has been masked by central-bank sales and producer hedging,” says Davis. “However, central-bank sales will likely whither, and these banks could become net buyers of gold.”

YOU CAN'T EAT GOLD!.. By now it should be apparent to the reader that having dollars or Euros or gold or stocks or bonds, is not a foolproof method of sustaining wealth…Self-Sufficiency Is The Secret..When goods become scarce, or too expensive to purchase, we must re-learn how to provide the necessities for ourselves.

Gold May Rise for Third Week on Demand for Dollar Alternative.. The dollar is the single most important factor,'' said A.C. Moore, who manages the $500 million Dunvegan Growth fund in Santa Barbara, California, and has been buying gold the past month. ``We're moving more positively back into gold. The dollar is vulnerable to potential slippage versus other currencies.''

China's Gold Mining Sector Sees Profits Soar 53.21%

Stagflation in control of world economies especially in America and Europe.. The new term to watch is hyper-stagflation…Stock markets and corporate profits will collapse because rising material input prices, stagnating productivity rise and lack of buying power of the consumers totally submerged in debt…The effect has already started.

Michelin's BFGoodrich Union Workers Ratify Three-Year Contract.. that calls for a 20 percent (20%!!!)reduction in wages.. Michelin.. look to slash costs to blunt the impact of rising health-care and pension spending.. ``There can be no more business as usual in this climate of escalating costs and increased competition,'' Jim Micali, chairman and president of Michelin North America, said in a statement. ``We're committed to our manufacturing base in North America but significant change has to occur to assure the competitiveness of our plants.''

Ford Has $489 Million in Pension Costs From Job Cuts.. Two days ago, the company revised its loss in that quarter to $254 million, more than double what it originally reported, because of the higher pension expense…Ford is cutting 30,000 jobs in North America by 2012

U.S. Companies' Quarterly Profits Climb 19%, Lifted by Energy.. Oil and gas companies reported a 45 percent increase on average.. Rising interest rates and high oil prices both have been a broad and regressive tax on consumers,''

French Economic Growth May Have Accelerated in Second Quarter.. It's robust growth,'' said Jacques Cailloux, head of euro area economic research at the Royal Bank of Scotland in London. ``The underlying trend remains strong.''

Iran threatens oil price reprisals against the West.. Oil prices could scale new heights this week after Iran warned yesterday that it was prepared to use an export boycott as a "weapon" in its fight for the right to nuclear energy…a spike in oil above $100 a barrel. He said: "If oil were to reach such a level, the world economy and stock markets could be severely depressed. "The impact on the US economy would be especially brutal."

Peak Oil Passnotes: A Peak Oil Critique.. Everyone believes in peak oil. But maybe they could just stick to the figures.

Rising gas prices cripple New York taxi drivers.. sustained high fuel prices have endangered their livelihood…Many cabbies say they have moved into smaller apartments, stopped going out and racked up thousands of dollars in debt…Many drivers say they sometimes end 12-hour shifts with less money than they started with.

One every five minutes drowns in debt flood.. "Given that consumers are now facing higher fuel and heating costs as well as heftier council tax bills, we forecast that the stress on those in debt is likely to increase," said Mark Sands, director of personal insolvency at financial consultants KPMG…but higher rates could lift mortgage payments beyond the means of already stretched homeowners and even put pressure on house prices.

Israel's Central Bank chief said the conflict in Lebanon is costing the Israeli economy up to $227.3 million a week

'Dead zone' threat to US suburban dream.. Soaring oil prices have threatened suburbia as petrol has risen above $3 a gallon. At the same time heating costs have risen and the so-called McMansions of the 1990s are expensive to keep warm.

Israeli pilots 'deliberately miss' targets.. 'The impression is that information is sometimes lacking. One squadron leader admitted the evidence used to determine attacks on cars is sometimes circumstantial 

Fearing U.S. Attack, Cuba Readies Troops.. The White House has insisted no such threat exists, with press secretary Tony Snow dismissing the suggestion that the United States would attack the island as "absurd."

Israel and Hezbollah Step Up Attacks.. Some 10,000 Israeli soldiers are fighting several hundred Hezbollah gunmen in that area, trying to track and destroy rocket launchers. Israel says it won't leave until a multinational force has been deployed.

British troops treated at the Priory.. More than 1,541 soldiers who served in Iraq are suffering from psychiatric illnesses.. Experts in combat stress warn that the combination of coming under sustained fire and seeing civilians, including women and children killed on a daily basis, presents a lethal combination for soldiers' mental health…UK troops 'on brink of exhaustion'.. in Afghanistan.. "This is a situation which is ultimately unsustainable. The shock of battle, the lack of sleep and back-to-back operations are beginning to impact on the troops.

Half of U.S. Still Believes Iraq Had WMD.. found that a full 50 percent of U.S. respondents - up from 36 percent last year - said they believe Iraq did have the forbidden arms when U.S. troops invaded in March 2003…"This finding just has to cause despair among those of us who hope for an informed public able to draw reasonable conclusions based on evidence," Massing said…Beyond partisanship, however, people may also feel a need to believe in WMD, the analysts say. "As perception grows of worsening conditions in Iraq, it may be that Americans are just hoping for more of a solid basis for being in Iraq to begin with," said the Harris Poll's David Krane.

Iran Says Will Expand Nuclear Activities.. Iran also gave its Hezbollah allies a green light to keep fighting in Lebanon, saying that the United States can't be a mediator in the crisis because of its support for Israel…Iran denies that it is arming the guerrillas and says it wants a cease-fire, but on terms fair to Lebanon.

Iran denies reported bid to import uranium from DR Congo.. "is utterly untrue, because we do not need to import uranium while we have uranium mines and a plant to reprocess it," Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani told reporters.

Bush didn't know there were two sects of Islam.. Galbraith reports that the three of them spent some time explaining to Bush that there are two different sects in Islam--to which the President allegedly responded, “I thought the Iraqis were Muslims!”.. One of the administration's intentions in invading Iraq was to undermine Iran, but instead, the Iraqi occupation has given Tehran one of its greatest strategic triumphs in the last four centuries…“There is no easy exit from Iraq,” said Galbraith.

North Korean Missile Bases Target US Military In Japan.. "Combined with its nuclear weapons, North Korea's ballistic missiles provides it with a powerful deterrent.".. 6 of 7 N.Korean Missile Tests Successful.. but later discovered that the six medium-range missiles actually fell inside the sea zone North Korea had marked beforehand,

Governors Wary of Change on Troops.. Huckabee told reporters that the move to shift control of the Guard to the president during national emergencies "violates 200 years of American history" and is symptomatic of a larger federal effort to make states no more than "satellites of the national government."

VoIP hacking exposed.. illustrated how it might be possible to overload phones with spurious traffic, flood IP telephony phones with calls, force hang-ups, reboot phones or reassign devices to other users. The tools all target systems using Sessions Initiation Protocol (SIP).

the 'blue gold' rush.. H20 is becoming de rigueur…Water is already a key strategic concern for governments. Consider, for instance, the current assault on southernLebanon…In Britain, the privatised water companies have come under fire for making excessive profits.. customers' bills have increased, on average, by 35 per cent in real terms.

AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM…Aaron Russo.. VIDEO 15 min...The scariest damn film you'll see this year…Makes 'Fahrenheit 9/11' look like 'Bambi.'.
-Primary Objectives.. Shut down the Federal Reserve system.. Return America's gold to Fort Knox and have it audited.

Interview with Aaron Russo..VIDEO 40 min.. what's wrong with the government, the IRS and the Federal Reserve...(en alle CB’en in het algemeen).

de DNB… De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is een naamloze vennootschap (NV)… DNB heeft twee bestuursrechtelijke gedaanten, namelijk als onderdeel van het Europees Stelsel van Centrale Banken (ESCB) én als zelfstandig bestuursorgaan (ZBO).

ESCB en Eurosysteem.. Het Eurosysteem bestaat uit de Europese Centrale Bank (ECB) en de nationale centrale banken van de 12 lidstaten ..Het Eurosysteem zorgt binnen het eurogebied voor:.. het uitgeven van bankbiljetten.. Dit doen ze geheel onafhankelijk van de politiek.

Middle East at a crossroads.. Richard Heinberg.. Ward’s presentation was remarkable for its depiction of Bush and Ahmadinejad as two sides of the same coin. Both need external conflict to maintain domestic legitimacy, and both are right-wing hard-liners supported by religious fundamentalists; they are also unpopular at home and habitually rely on bravado to boost their image… For decades there was a petroleum status quo of sorts in the Middle East.. Now the status quo is crumbling.. Questions about the real size of Kuwait’s oil reserves have emerged in the Kuwaiti National Assembly, leading the opposition party to call for production cuts… Even worse news, potentially, comes from Saudi Arabia, where oil flows have shrunk by some 400,000 barrels per day over the past few months.. Terence Ward repeatedly said that America’s bombing of Iran would make the work of petroleum depletion analysts easier—presumably because skyrocketing oil prices.. and everyone will feel the economic pain from a crashing global economy.

A Net Energy Parable: Why is ERoEI Important? .. Nathan Hagens.. Energy Returned on Energy Invested..Energy quality is also relevant…Renewable flows, at least thus far do not match up in energy gain. Large scale wind has a higher EROI than oil, but cannot (as of yet), power our planes, trains and automobiles.

Global Oil Gnaws the Forbidden Apple.. The main oil importing countries are having increasing difficulties to meet their wasteful lifestyles. Energy security has become a central issue of foreign policy.. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Secretary General of NATO, declared in May that this grouping would consider the use of force if energy supplies were threatened…The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts crude demand will go up by 37% from now until 2030, but some producer countries will not or cannot meet the demand…These hard facts have made many analysts fear for the outburst of a new world war.

The Coming "War" with Canada.. Behind this looming turnabout is one very troubling development: Natural gas production in North America has leveled off. Only warm winter weather has so far delivered the continent from a severe crisis… Reynolds expects the falloff in North American gas production to resemble a cliff. When gas wells begin to decline, they decline swiftly and often with little warning… The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) obliges Canada to share its oil and gas in the same proportion as it has in the previous 36 months prior to any restrictions placed on output.. But what if the Canadian government faced a situation in which its own citizens were freezing in their homes for lack of heat?.. And what would the United States do short of military action when its own people are threatened with freezing?

US slaps sanctions on N.Korea, Russian firms.. at least until July 28, 2008.. has imposed sanctions against seven companies from North Korea, Russia, India and Cuba for their alleged arms dealings with Iran, a State Department official said on Friday… The Russian firms were listed as state-owned arms export firm Rosoboronexport and warplane maker Sukhoi… Russia strongly condemned the move. "This is a clearly illegitimate attempt to make foreign companies work by internal American rules,"

Mexico ups airport, oil security against protests.. Mexico ramped up security at its international airport, power plants and oil refineries on Friday, as leftists challenging a tight presidential election result.. The state-owned oil industry is another key economic pillar, generating one-third of government revenues, and a symbol of national sovereignty.

Abusing their power by abusing their power.. Two Chinese officials cut off power to a hotel after they were not invited to its opening party.. The loss of power also caused chaos and blackouts for surrounding residents, it added.

Pushing for a Cuba beyond communism…Another US fear is that Mr Castro's allies in the region, such as Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, might intervene to influence a transition…''The president is worried about people in the neighbourhood who seek to destabilise neighbours using economic or other means,'' Mr Snow said…
Venezuela recalls ambassador from Israel.. Chavez said during his visit to Iran, adding: "It's also fascism what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people ... terrorism and fascism."

US Army makes way for older soldiers.. The Army has begun training the oldest recruits in its history, the result of a concerted effort to fill ranks depleted during the Iraq war…the Army raised it to just under 42…To accommodate the older soldiers, the Army has lowered the minimum physical requirements needed to pass basic training.

German hackers clone RFID e-passports.. Grunwald demonstrated for Wired the whole process of cloning a passport, and even proceeded to copy the data to a corporate smartcard, which when slipped between the normal RFID chip and the reader allows him to have a physical passport that differs from his RFID passport… but the security failures so far sure don't inspire a lot of confidence.

Hackers Clone E-Passports.. The demonstration means a terrorist whose name is on a watch list could carry a passport with his real name and photo printed on the pages, but with an RFID chip that contains different information cloned from someone else's passport. Any border-screening computers that rely on the electronic information -- instead of what's printed on the passport -- would wind up checking the wrong name… He and his partners were also able to crash RFID-enabled alarm systems..etc..Video

RFID e-Passport Vulnerability.. Our research has shown that, even when open only a fraction of an inch, the current proposed passport will fail to prevent unwanted RFID communications… Taken to a logical extreme, this security vulnerability could make it possible for terrorists to craft explosives that detonate only when someone from the U.S. is nearby.

World must race to develop green energy, urges Rees.. the Royal Society.. Research drive 'must rival the Apollo moon project'

Banken die onder toezicht staan van DNB..pdf

Zimbabwe money loses three zeros.. Mr Gono said people had experienced enormous inconvenience because of banknotes with too many zeros… Zimbabwe is suffering from shortages of food, fuel and foreign currency.

Iran warns oil could reach $200 on sanctions.. Tim Evans said.. "While we can't rule out $200 oil, I think we can assign it a rather low probability,"

Iran's oil finds ready buyers despite nuclear row.. The customers were mainly India and oil giant Royal Dutch Shell.. "The world needs any crude that it can get," said Manouchehr Takin, analyst at the Centre for Global Energy Studies in London. "There is growth in demand and there are problems on the supply side."

Four Swedish nuclear reactors stopped.. were shut down after the operator said their safety could not be guaranteed.

America will attack Iran, Syria in October.. Maj. Gen (R) Hameed Gul has "predicted" that America would definitely attack Iran and Syria simultaneously in October… He also "predicted" that after Iran and Syria, Saudi Arabia would also meet the same fate, followed by Pakistan.

Iran working with N.Korea on missiles.. a South Korean state-run think tank said.

Chavez seeks ties in west Africa.. "I will give Mali $100m a year in petroleum products and I do not want payment in cash… I need your mineral products like bauxite, gold and fertiliser, and the rest of the total will help you combat poverty." (de goede oude ruilhandel).

Bush calls for democracy in Cuba..heeft olie in de buurt.

US echoes Iraq civil war warning.. Gen Abizaid's warning was backed up by Gen Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,.. transition to a stable democracy.. would be "messy" for five to 10 years.

Guantanamo detainees may remain indefinitely: Gonzalez.. US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the US government could "indefinitely" hold foreign 'enemy combatants' at sites like the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba… Around 450 prisoners are being held in the prison camp..

White House Proposal Would Expand Authority of Military Courts.. Detainees would also not be guaranteed the right to be present at their own trials, if their absence is deemed necessary to protect national security or individuals… allow the government to tell a prisoner: "We know you're guilty. We can't tell you why, but there's a guy, we can't tell you who, who told us something. We can't tell you what, but you're guilty.".. To secure a death penalty under the draft legislation, at least five jurors must agree, two fewer than under the administration's earlier plan.

"Revenge Of Stark Reality" theory.. The Mogambo Guru.. gold is doing okay, and silver is doing okay, and oil is doing okay, so I'm doing okay,.. Anytime a government allows a central bank to create excess credit and money (and they are all doing it!), it is a good time to buy gold (And not just gold, but silver, too), especially if you want to make a lot of money in the short-term. Which I do. Unfortunately, over the long-term, on the average, you will only preserve your purchasing power by owning gold. But considering the alternatives, (all losers) gold is the best-case scenario!

ECB Expected to Raise Key Interest Rate.. to 3 percent Thursday.. While higher interest rates increase the cost of mortgages and auto loans, they also can benefit consumers by increasing yields on interest-bearing investments.

Indian, Chinese banks plunge at different rates.. I believe the Chinese banking system poses greater dangers and is more likely to collapse from the sheer weight of its problem loans…The resulting avalanche of bad loans will cost the country about 20% of its GDP, in my opinion…India.. The worst-case scenario comes about if the Reserve Bank of India hikes rates even as a slowdown bites into the export-oriented sectors. Resulting losses from this scenario would cross 5% of GDP in my opinion

US war costs continue to shoot up.. military spending for the coming year will be more than $600 billion.. War costs are rising despite Pentagon estimates of lower personnel costs. Offsetting that decline is an increased request for procurement of new equipment

Vegetable prices to soar as heatwave blights harvest.. there is no slack to cushion the effects of the heatwave

Mideast Stocks and Currencies `Shrug Off' Violence.. The drivers that are moving markets higher in the Middle East, such as oil, are still there.. Supply disruptions because of Middle East fighting may send the price to $100 a barrel temporarily, said Adam Sieminski, the New York-based chief energy economist at Deutsche Bank AG.

Energy and Gas Prices in Crisis..overzicht

Oil tops $76 as storm heads toward US Gulf.. as a tropical storm gathered strength and headed toward the Gulf of Mexico.. An Iraqi pipeline carrying crude from the country's northern oilfields to Turkey's Ceyhan port was bombed on Monday.. Concerns over Iran persisted.

Peak in gas output predicted..(aardgas).. "Gas production will peak and start declining next year, and unless we find new plays, or new technologies, we are going to be in a bind.".. "We need energy for the industries, for our economic base…
U.S. Natural-Gas Prices Surge on Hurricane Threat, Heat Wave in Northeast.. Gas is the third-largest source of fuel for U.S. electricity generators..Storage companies recorded their first ever summertime withdrawal in the week ended July 21, according to the Energy Department.

Heat wave strains power grids in half of nation.. Stifling heat is straining power grids..
heat emergency in NY.. conserve energy to avoid the blackouts

Blair calls for "complete renaissance" on foreign policy.. We are fighting a war, but not just against terrorism but about how the world should govern itself in the early 21st century, about global values…It is about hearts and minds about inspiring people, persuading them, showing them what our values at their best stand for…I would never put Israel's security at risk…we need to make clear to Syria and Iran that there is a choice: come in to the international community and play by the same rules as the rest of us; or be confronted…I say this struggle is one about values. Our values are worth struggling for. (orgineel)..
It's the Stupidity, Stupid..over Bush.. Two days later, with Tony Blair standing at the adjacent podium, things went from bad to worse. One is used to hearing Bush say things that aren't true…This sort of display would be embarrassing were it not so frightening.. And if that risk (ME-war) becomes a reality, our country will be led into it by a president who doesn't seem to grasp what's happening.

Rumsfeld snub of war hearing draws fire.. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said he essentially was too busy to testify at a public hearing on the Iraq war.. "America is in deep trouble in Iraq, yet Secretary Rumsfeld refuses to explain and defend his policies in full public view tomorrow," Kennedy said…Rumsfeld said it is evident that Hezbollah is using Iranian weapons,

Mideast war rages with no end in sight …aid officials fear fuel shortages could also hurt food production. Power and water outages also have become common, especially across the south…
Israel's Peretz: Hezbollah is Iran's Vanguard…Hezbollah is Iran's advance commando unit..
Britain helps to block EU call for 'immediate' end to hostilities.. in the Middle East, deciding instead on a vaguer declaration calling for an "immediate end to hostilities, to be followed by a sustainable ceasefire.. Iran’s Supreme Leader warns U.S. of impending jihad.. “Today, it is clear for everyone that the aggression against Lebanon was a premeditated U.S.-Zionist action as a key step in the path of dominating the Middle East and the Islamic world”,..
News blackout imposed on American arms flights refuelling at British bases.. containing American arms destined for Israel…Government officials have admitted that two flights, carrying GBU28 bunker-busting bombs

Romanian teenagers with HIV 'facing persecution'.. Romania, which is to join the EU next year…unchecked discrimination will push far too many of these children to the margins of society.. serious obstacle is a law providing for mandatory HIV-testing for anyone wanting to become a hairdresser, a beautician, a child carer, a health professional, a cleaner, or work in the food and several other industries.

China Critics Decry Web Site Censorship

Hong Kong debates 'spying law' ….

S. Africans shiver through harsh winter.. but heavy snow has fallen in some interior towns that rarely experience such weather…Torrential rains have caused flooding along the southern coast

Dark New Day.. Financial scenarios for the collapse of the USD and why paper investments are no good at all.. The US is so dependent upon foreign financing for its Federal and Trade deficits that, when that financing stops, the Federal government will become unable to pay its bills…In short, the cost of living in the US will rise by at least ten times in USD terms…It aint a good thing to be a saver or investor in a country that has liabilities the size of the US. Meaning- your retirement accounts are at great risk as of this time forward!.. So, my conclusion is that you have to have some kind of cash assets that can survive a USD crisis, and a paid off residence. Any investing in paper today is not worth the paper its printed on, if a USD crisis were to unfold…gold would protect your cash in that event. 

Central Banks Looking to Exit the Dollar.. That diversification out of the dollar, with a lot going into gold, has begun. A regime change is afoot - though few have yet recognized it…the big-picture, fundamental reasons for holding gold - and especially high-quality gold and silver shares - are as much with us now as they were a month ago, and gold's continuing march upwards is far from over.

Oil Exporters, With $311 Billion Excess, May Pressure U.S. Debt.. The U.S. must import $1.72 million of capital every minute to finance its current-account deficit, according to Paul Donovan, an economist at UBS AG in London. ``The days of cheap and reliable financing of U.S. consumption in excess of income are coming to an end,'' he said. ``The cost of deficit financing is rising as the world's new savers demand higher returns.''

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir.. Tells World To Use Dollar Weapon To Pressure Washington.. "Switching out of the US dollar to using other currencies such as the euro and yen or gold will somewhat weaken the US and put pressure on it,"

OIL DEPLETION ECONOMICS 101.. Oil shortages (or availability), along with the price of oil, will tend to drive the growth or decline of GDP…We are moving from a world economy that enjoyed excess oil capacity…Any oil crisis will drive up the rate of unemployment…Any oil crisis will have a global reach, sparing no nation from its pain and hardship…Every scenario produced higher rates of inflation and unemployment with declining GDP. The only real difference was in the timing and degree of severity.

Mexico's Largest Oil Field Output Falls to 4-Year Low.. 13 percent less than a year ago.. The drop worsens the outlook for Mexico's crude exports, about 80 percent of which go to the U.S., and for the country's public finances…Oil production and oil exports are going to decline considerably over the next three years.''

Salopek.. An energy cold war over oil..Peak-oil in de mainstream media…tekst….video

Along with Peak Oil, Peak Grain and Peak Water the world enters crisis overload.. Food prices are likely to rise worldwide, and for a third of the world's population - which subsists on less than $2 a day - a subtle hike in the price of staples would hasten the process of slow starvation.

Housing Bubble, Recession, and That 70's Show.. Inflation, however, is a problem.. we are already starting to see companies pass through the high energy costs to the consumers.. The end result of the pass through of costs is a higher core CPI number…While the upcoming real estate and economic outlooks are far from rosy, you can position yourself to weather out this storm…Gold, for example.. AUSTRALIAN Households sink into debt..
 Mr Howard said yesterday soaring fuel prices were "the greatest worry of my political life"...Cutting excise by just 1c a litre would cost almost $300 million, he said.

Coal May Surpass Oil as Better Bet on Demand for Cheaper Fuel.. Converting coal into liquid fuel or natural gas becomes economical when oil remains above $40 a barrel,.. A lot of the future energy requirements globally will have to be satisfied by coal,''

US carmakers suffer drop in sales.. "Consumers are wrestling with higher interest rates and other increased household costs on a monthly basis

Petrol forces up price of beer.. as they struggle with higher transport costs.. Meanwhile, the cost of repaying mortgages is expected to rise after the Reserve Bank meets tomorrow. Economists are almost unanimous in opinions that the bank will lift the official interest rate by 0.25 of a  percentage point.

Venezuela will cut its oil exports to the United States.. "Our policy is clear; if America wants to have a hostile policy toward us, we will stop exporting oil to that country…
President Hugo Chavez has urged Iran to increase investment in his country's oil and gas assets..
Iran defiant on nuclear deadline.. If it does not comply, the council would consider adopting "appropriate measures" under Article 41 of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which relates to economic sanctions…Russia and China argued against…

"Free Market" Ideology Has Killed Thousands in Iraq.. Bush's plans to subject Iraq to the most radical forms of capitalism are as responsible as the war itself for the destruction of Iraq…Iraq's economic transformation is an example of war profiteering by other means, and the disastrous results are plain to see…
unfolding in Iraq a 'civil war'.. marauding gangs of militiamen began systematically separating Shia from Sunnis, and killing the Sunnis on sight…
A series of bomb attacks in Iraq have killed more than 50 people - many of them soldiers.

Syrian Information Minister Mohsen Bilal warned that if Israel invaded Lebanon, its forces could come within 20 km of Damascus, in which case "Syria will intervene in the conflict”.

Iran forces urged to prepare to hit Israel.. An Israeli military source has said an Iranian-made C802 radar-guided land-to-sea missile with a range of 60 miles (95 km) hit and badly damaged a ship during Israel's offensive against Lebanon.

Violence in Baghdad Stalks Its Victims Even at the Morgues.. Now, even the morgues have become a source of danger, at least for Sunni Arabs…Mr. Sudani said the lightest loads number about 70 bodies while the heaviest have topped 250.

Bits of Freedom stopt per 1 september 2006 .. Na zes jaar gaat Bits of Freedom haar activiteiten staken. De stichting Bits of Freedom (BOF) heeft zich sinds 2000 ingezet voor digitale burgerrechten zoals privacy op internet en vrijheid van meningsuiting.

Bush Submits New Terror Detainee Bill.. the broad definition of enemy combatants is alarming because a U.S. citizen loosely suspected of terror ties would lose access to a civilian court - and all the rights that come with it. Administration officials have said they want to establish a secret court to try enemy combatants that factor in realities of the battlefield and would protect classified information.

Bush Admin May Have Violated 26 Statutes.. The Bush administration may have broken over two dozen federal laws and regulations -- some of them multiple times -- according to an unreleased report from the House Judiciary Committee Democrats…No, a slow walk to possible impeachment (preferably down a path that includes months of hearings) is more what the would-be chairman envisions, he has said.

EU biometric ID plans reach out for the children.. The EU is planning to fingerprint children from as young as six, and earlier just as soon as it is technically feasible,

WORST EVER SECURITY FLAW FOUND IN DIEBOLD touch screen voting machines.. “If you have access to these machines and you want to rig an election, anything is possible with the Diebold TS -- and it could be done without leaving a trace. All you need is a screwdriver.”.. “These findings underscore the need for open testing and certification. There is no way such a security vulnerability should be allowed. These systems should be recalled”

'Vliegveld-douane VS mag laptops doorzoeken'.. zonder 'gerede twijdel, aannemelijke verdenking of dwangbevel'.

Converging Ecological Crises: Are We Up To The Challenges?..Environmental and resource changes will force us into a very different relationship with the earth…zie ook Limits to Growth

Environmental 'crisis' in Lebanon.. 35,000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil had escaped from damaged tanks.. reaching the shoreline

Oil boom puts stress on water supply.. Altogether, oilsands companies are licensed to take 395.7 billion litres a year from the Athabasca River, the equivalent of 395,700 Olympic-sized swimming pools. (Almost all of this water will not be returned to the river, but will end up in toxic tailings ponds.)

Acid waters, dissolving shellfish.. The reason that oceans are becoming acidic is that carbon dioxide is water-soluble and easily passes from the air into the sea.

The Role of Precious Metals in an Investment Portfolio.. (MUST READ) The Ibbotson study concluded that, by allocating from 7 to 15 percent of a portfolio to precious metals, returns would increase while risk decreased…to hedge against.. A-Currency crises.. B-Loss of Purchasing Power.. C-The third hedging benefit provided by precious metals is protection against a sudden, unexpected financial crisis - a fat tail event…Hedging and tactical allocation to precious metals can only be achieved through investment in bullion itself, and not from mining company stocks…Zie en hoor de complete presentatie..(MUST SEE & HEAR)

Slower Growth Will Not Contain Inflation.. Peter Schiff.. The bottom line is that the Fed’s perceived battle against inflation has already been lost, and the biggest casualty will be the American standard of living.  Those who are hoping for an economic slowdown to contain inflation are in for a rude awakening…

Credible Inflation Data (for a change).. "In the past three years, inflation has risen by 4.6 per cent while the cost of running a house increased by 14 per cent… the cost of owning and running a house in 2004/05 rising by 20 per cent

US senators warn China they may revive tariff bill.. Two U.S. senators warned Beijing on Friday they could demand a vote on their bill threatening China with steep U.S. import duties because of the scant progress it has made revaluing its currency… U.S. manufacturers contend the yuan is undervalued by 15 to 40 percent, giving Chinese an unfair advantage in world trade.

Bernanke's fluid inflation tone bemuses Wall St... Ben Bernanke seemed remarkably unperturbed this week by recent signs that price increases in the economy are accelerating… "Bernanke wants to create some wiggle room because he sees that the economy has slowed and is likely to slow more,".. "But if you're creating wiggle room, well, then you're not inflation targeting. And that brings up a problem, because if you've set up inflation targeting as a principle, you're compromising your principle."  

Only wider Mideast conflict would derail markets.. "The risk lies not so much in the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. It depends on whether it spreads to oil producing countries.. "There will continue to be tensions in the Middle East, but the likelihood of a major conflict is low and from that point of view it is not affecting our investment strategy,".. Oil rises as Israel calls up reservists.. Oil held above $74 a barrel on Friday on concerns about escalating violence in the Middle East .. Production snags at U.S. refineries also supported prices…ConocoPhillips shut its 306,000 barrel-per-day (bpd) Wood River refinery in Illinois after a power cut due to storm damage. Valero Energy Corp shut a gasoline-making unit on Thursday at a Louisiana refinery for unplanned repairs…

Spoils of War.. Besides the news events in the Middle East, don't forget that the web bot project sees rebellion/revolution breaking out around September 1st, and a Dow stricken to 1-10th -  to as little as 1/-10th its (present) value by year's end. 

Neocons favor escalation of Middle East War.. They appear to be part of a deliberate campaign by neo-conservatives and some of their right-wing supporters to depict the current conflict as part of global struggle pitting Israel, as the forward base of Western civilization, against Islamist extremism organized and directed by Iran and its junior partner, Syria. Zie ook PNAC-standpunten en samenvatting Hezbollah: Dirty Bomb Rockets Ready.. reports that the British intelligence service MI6 has established that Hezbollah is poised to launch a new "rain of terror" on Israel (c"v) with rockets equipped with "dirty bomb" nose cones made of spent nuclear rods… 'Dirty Bomb' Missiles Reported Missing..2003.. Russian military documents showing that the dirty bomb warheads - 24 ready to use, 14 dismantled - were missing from a storage depot near the Trans-Dniester Tiraspol military airport…US says Iranians witnessed N.Korea missile test.. deepening U.S. concerns about growing ties between two countries with troubling nuclear capabilities.. Israel has massed soldiers and tanks on the border with Lebanon.. Condoleezza Rice said she was seeking an "endurable peace" - but not an immediate ceasefire that would return the region to the pre-conflict era.  …Secretary Rice Holds a News Conference..RICE: And whatever we do, we have to be certain that we are pushing forward to the new Middle East, not going back to the old one…QUESTION: Madam Secretary, since you don't talk to Hezbollah or Syria,…. QUESTION: Madam Secretary, can you tell us why you're not actually visiting any Arab countries?.. RICE: What I won't do is go some place and try to get a cease-fire that I know isn't going to last… U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis..

Chavez hails Mercosur admission.. Venezuela formally joined the 15-year old customs union at a summit in Argentina.. "It is an effort to try to build and consolidate an alternative alliance to US-backed free trade policies.".. Russia Signs USD 1 Bln Contract on Supplies of Fighter Jets, Helicopters With Venezuela.. Oil-rich Venezuela is a major purchaser of Russian weapons and hardware… Russia, India to Produce, Sell 1,000 Supersonic Cruise Missiles.. The 2.5-ton BrahMos has a strike range of 290 km and has a maximum speed of Mach 2.8 (one km per second).

Merkel strongly rejects Iranian leader's letter.. saying it did not even deserve an answer…German government official gave Reuters more details of the letter.."It talks about how both Germany and Iran have been victims of historical developments," he said. "It also says 'we have to find a solution to the Palestinian problems and Zionism' and so on. It's rather weird," he added.. Ministers accused of giving Israel green light to bomb..UK.. "Syria finances Hizbollah and facilitates the transfer of weapons including thousands of weapons which appear to be supplied by Iran."

Afghanistan close to anarchy, warns general.. The picture Gen Richards painted yesterday contrasted markedly with optimistic comments by ministers.. Nederlandse militairen hebben in Uruzgan achttien vijandelijke strijders gedood.

Joint Statement by President George W. Bush and President V. V. Putin on Nuclear Energy.. The United States and the Russian Federation believe that strengthening their cooperation in civil nuclear energy is in the strategic interests of both our countries. It will serve as an additional assurance of access for other nations to economical and environmentally safe peaceful nuclear energy…Through our cooperation in the field of nuclear nonproliferation we seek to improve the security of our own peoples and of all others in the world community.

Blackouts from wind, lightning vex utilities.. Power outages that left more than 1.5 million customers without lights this week have fired up criticism that U.S. utilities aren't investing enough to fortify electrical lines against wind, lightning and falling trees… but they have to be in a position to pass the costs along to customers. There's no free lunch," he said… Stroomstoring treft deel New York.. in de wijk Queens. Tienduizenden klanten.. al zes dagen zonder elektriciteit.. De problemen begonnen na een recordverbruik maandag.

Ford hit by $123m losses.. The firm is shutting 14 plants and cutting up to 30,000 manufacturing jobs in North America by 2012.

Could You Afford to be Poor?.. If you're rich, you might want to stay that way. It's a whole lot cheaper than being poor.

Baghdad 'calmer' after new curfew.. The city is increasingly a dangerous place to live, our correspondent says.

Blowing the Whistle on Diebold.. law firm of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed a “qui tam” lawsuit in U.S. District Court, alleging that Diebold and other electronic voting machine (EVM) companies fraudulently represented to state election boards and the federal government that their products were “unhackable.”.. Kennedy claims to have witnesses.. 2004 Bush/Cheney Campaign.. According to Kennedy, “at least 357,000 voters, the overwhelming majority of them Democratic, were prevented from casting ballots or did not have their votes counted.” Ohio was decided by 118,601 votes.

RFID records to be implanted in 280 patients.. VeriChip have announced that 280 patients from the New Jersey area are to be have health records chips inserted under their skin as part of a trial into the use of the technology to manage long-term conditions.

Surveillance Bill Meets Resistance in Senate.. would allow the administration to submit the National Security Agency's warrantless surveillance program to a secret intelligence court for review of its legality…it would actually give the government greater powers to spy on Americans without court oversight.

Investors turn to 13th century for financial tips.. the work of Leonardo Fibonacci.. Use of Fibonacci can become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy for stock markets where there is a crowd mentality and where everyone starts to watch out for the same levels.

Britain's Water companies lose 3.6bn litres a day in leaks.. a good place to start would be to refuse to allow these companies to put consumer prices up further until they start meeting their leakage targets

Earth faces 'catastrophic loss of species'.. The planet is losing species faster than at any time since 65 million years ago.. "Biodiversity is much more than counting species. It's crucial to the functioning of the planet and the loss of species is extremely serious," 

Russian Scientists Claim to Invent Drug-Free Cannabis, Suggest it to Replace Wild Cannabis Worldwide.. Scientists from the Russian city of St. Petersburg have announced they had managed to develop a new, drug-free variant of cannabis.. Hemp must be used to make traditional fibers and oil, Grigoriyev said


----ZIMBABWE----Special-----Leven met hyperinflatie......Ons voorland???

Need to re-value African society, assets.. The end of African poverty begins with Africans perceiving themselves as those who have robbed them perceive them: a rich and well-endowed people whom God has blessed above all other continents. Poverty eradication begins in the head...
Africa needs to curb corruption – Wolfowitz.. urging reforms to improve infrastructure and decrease corruption to attract investment… Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo urged African-Americans in a speech last night to see Africa as “a continent where you can pursue leisure and business.”..[instead of the black diaspora]…
The Minister of Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development, Chombo named in timber scandal.. Njabuliso Mguni, the MP for Lupane, accused Chombo of "playing a corruptive role". "Everyone should follow the proper channels. He is influencing and interfering using his position and where does that leave people without political connections?"..
Government Zimbabwe to spend trillions on new Parliament.. Over the years, nearly all government projects have benefited Zanu PF cronies and their friends. Government has paid out huge consultancy fees to companies even if there was no chance of the project being implemented…
Subsidies cost Zimbabwe $125 trillion.. "The major problem with subsidies is that they are a source of inefficiency in the system,".. that subsidies for commodities like fuel were promoting arbitrage, a system whereby an individual buys a commodity at a cheap price in one market and sells the same commodity at a higher price on another market…
President speaks on successor..President Mugabe said some policies that the Government had introduced were beginning to bear fruit, adding that action would be taken to ensure that as the economy improves, the situation should also improve...
Zimbabwe faces wheat deficit.. only 53 percent of the targeted 109 367 hectares has been cultivated, raising the spectre of huge wheat imports… Gumbo cites the critical shortage of ammonium nitrate at a time when 80 percent of the wheat needed to be top dressed, the shortage of equipment, labour problems, erratic fuel supplies, limited technical support and frequent power outages…
Starving Zimbabweans to get food aid..meer  
British ambassador slams Mugabe's economic policies..
No respite for sinking economy.. Zimbabwe’s gross domestic product has contracted by a cumulative 40% over the past eight years, and it has the largest budget deficit in the world at 10%… Prices of basic commodities are doubling every month, and the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer "by the day",..
A COTTON-buying war has erupted between six rival companies which are competing for harvests in Gokwe North.. At some centres the buyers could be heard exchanging harsh words, as they competed for the crop… Farmers expressed joy over the prompt cash payments, saying this was an incentive for them to deliver more cotton…
Electricity tariffs go up by 100%.. Officials at the power utility have however said that the staggered increase had not made any impact as they failed to meet expectations as a result of ever-rising input costs…
Zim’s zeros baffle computers.. Some 72 representatives from commercial banks and the central bank have met to discuss the hard time their computers are having reading the zeros on Zimdollar transactions… The meeting also heard that software suppliers are not keen to change their entire systems and programs just to accommodate users from Zimbabwe as it does not make any business sense for them…
Abuse of sick leave.. One employer said to me he now has knowledge of employees who are known to get sick leave so that they can spend sometime at their farms or gold mines…
Mugabe refuses to pay son's fees.. Zimbabwean schools have increased fees, in cases by over 400 percent, in a bid to compete with inflation which is racing towards the 1200% mark. The government has sought to impose a fees cap in all public schools. Only private schools, like Hartman, have remained outside the direct control of the government. A decline in standards has forced most parents who can afford to take their children to private schools…
Zimbabwean state doctors entered on Tuesday the fifth day of a strike that has crippled public health services, and vowed to stay away from work until demands for better salaries and working conditions were met... Zimbabwe has seen a heavy exodus of doctors and nurses over the last few years, with most of them moving to neighbouring countries and as far as Britain after completing their training…
Zim millionaires can't afford basic foods, medicines.. Becoming a millionaire in Zimbabwe is easy these days, but wallets and purses have given way to car trunks and suitcases as the crucial accessory for carrying wads of nearly worthless cash…
Forex Black Market Business Booming.. "There is no need for us to hide. Even the law enforcers trade their foreign currency here," said one of the traders at Roadport… In other words the exchange rate should be determined by market forces…
Banks predict gloomy future.. " For example if you borrow $1 trillion from the Reserve Bank over a month you will have to pay interest of $994 billion while on the other hand if you lend the same amount to customers at 560% the bank will only receive interest of $447 billion.".. The association said that with problems bedevilling the sector most banks are unlikely to meet the 30 September 2006 deadline for the new capital requirements..
Zim business climate most unfavourable.. A host of problems, including inflation currently at over 1 000% and dwindling agricultural production, have added to the woes afflicting the economy, forcing some companies to relocate to stable economies like South Africa, Botswana and Zambia… Shortage of curators.. Zimbabwe has been hit with another shortage - curators are scarce and the Law Society of Zimbabwe has dispatched distress calls to all law firms pleading with them to offer their services… Since 2004, more than 15 financial institutions have been placed under curatorship by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe…
Illegal hunting and poaching has reached crisis proportions in Zimbabwe.. who are forced into the illegal activity as unemployment increases and the economy goes into freefall… National Parks.. are unable to control the poaching because of the lack of fuel.

Germany avoids Europe budget fine.. Under the so-called Stability and Growth Pact, member states are obliged to keep their deficits below 3% of their overall economic output…The Commission says that further steps will be needed if the deficit from Germany is to stay under control beyond 2007. 

Arabs need free monetary policy to control inflation.. Gulf countries have their currencies pegged to the dollar as the region exports oil priced in dollars, with their monetary policy linked to that of the US Federal Reserve…Our purchasing power is deteriorating.. The Gulf countries plan to have a single currency and monetary union by 2010.

Spending cuts could hurt Arab states - Report.. The International Monetary Fund is urging Middle Eastern oil exporters to spend more of their record revenues and help redress global trade imbalances…To have a sizeable impact on imbalances, the bank said, the revaluations would have to be dramatic and would thus erode the value of the region's mostly dollar-denominated foreign asset holdings.

World Bank / IMF Questions and Answers.. What is the World Bank?.. What is the IMF?.. World Bank / IMF Fact Sheet

Grote stroomstoring Twente..France imports power in heatwave.. French firm EDF had to purchase 2,000 megawatts of electricity from abroad to make up for its shortfall. Meanwhile Britain turned to expensive oil-fired stations to meet demand but said enough supplies were available.. "This demonstrates the continued volatility in wholesale energy markets which all suppliers are faced with at the moment," said spokesman Andrew Hanson.

Dennis Meadows Says We’ve Already Overshot.. “That’s why collapse occurs. We are fundamentally unable to do the things we must do to avoid collapse. Sustainable development is possible but not likely and probably too late.” (zie ook: Facing the Limits to Growth en boek).. Waarom is olie belangrijk?

Navy pledges to safeguard Hormuz Strait.. Mon Jul 3,.. The United States would ensure the free flow of oil and trade through the Strait of Hormuz if passage was threatened.. "It would be fair to say that we factor in the potential for the collapse of world markets when we look at the role we play,"

Mali: “Poor people’s summit” slams G-8 policies.. In a final statement, participants called for “the suppression of the World Bank and of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the creation of new institutions that are democratically controlled by states and by citizens.”

US Fed warns of inflation risks.. Mr Bernanke told Senate members that higher energy and other raw material prices could "sustain inflation".

Rate rise looms as inflation hits nine-year high.. The Office for National Statistics said housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels rose at a record annual rate of 9.8 per cent in June. Within that, gas bills rose 35.8 per cent

United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah.. Diplomatic sources said there was a clear time limit, partly dictated by fears that a prolonged conflict could spin out of control…US hawks smell blood.. prominent neo-conservatives are calling for unconditional US support for Israel's military offensives in Gaza and Lebanon and "regime change" in Syria and Iran, as well as possible US attacks on Tehran's nuclear facilities in retaliation for its support of Hezbollah…Newt Gingrich.. "the early stages of ... the Third World War".

EU plans emergency border squads.. to deal with European Union immigration crises.. Bid to solve Malta migrant crisis.. which has left 51 African migrants stranded at sea since Friday…Almost 1,000 immigrants have landed on Malta, which has a total population of 400,000, since January.  

'Secret' Euro meetings under fire.. Ministers from the UK and the EU's largest states have come under fire for holding meetings on issues about terrorism and immigration "in secret"…She added that the G6 is an "informal grouping" of states that "do not have formal decision making powers".

6000 civilians were killed in Iraq over the last two months.. a recently released United Nations report stated.

Machine Vote-Flipping Claimed in McKinney Primary.. The McKinney Campaign says they have documented complaints of voters here in Georgia whose votes FLIPPED BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES on Diebold machines…"I have said [much] about this and so much more... The Carlyle Group... The defense contracts of Haliburton. I don't mind speaking truth to power."

Vulture numbers are cut to the bone.. they are vital in limiting the spread of diseases in livestock. With vultures around, corpses don't get a chance to rot and act as reservoirs for disease…The situation is catastrophic.. This could have irreversible consequences for regional ecosystems and communities.

Eating the Amazon: The fight to curb corporate destruction.. Last year, Brazil produced more than 50 million tons of soya across nearly 23 million hectares, an area about the size of the United Kingdom. .. In the past three years, nearly 70,000 square kilometres of the Amazon rainforest have been destroyed.

PHYSICAL SILVER YES, SPECULATION NO.. Israel Friedman.. Physical investment is the safest way to riches, in my opinion. When the naked shorts go to bankruptcy courts, including the big sharks, you will dance to the bank…only invest in physical silver with free cash money. 

The Train Left the Station.. Besides, if you believe government statistics, there is no inflation. If that is the case, why has gold risen from $252.00/ounce to trade as high as $733.00/ounce? I'll tell you why; it's because we have inflation! Markets don't lie, at least not over the long run…Gold is going higher, a lot higher, and it will be volatile. Eventually you will see $100 ranges in a trading day, so buy intelligently. But buy! Buy little by little every month. Don't try to get the best price, just buy! By the year 2010 you will be very happy that you did.

About gold and the meaning of a gold bull market.. Inflation takes away their savings and, dare I use the phrase -- their purchasing power.. But the Fed will NEVER dare to compare the purchasing power of your dollar this year with the purchasing power of your dollars five years or ten years ago. Because that would be exposing the fraud…People know, despite all the governmental propaganda, that rising gold means that fiat currency is worth less.

The Main Flaw in the Deflation Case.. the argument for deflation outlined in the above paragraph is based on the incorrect premise that the consumer is the engine of inflation…The central bank, not the consumer, has always been and always will be the engine of inflation.

HISTORY - THE GREAT TEACHER!.. History has shown that commodity prices are positively correlated to the direction of interest-rates. On the contrary, financial assets such as stocks and bonds are negatively correlated to interest-rates!..You must understand that the central banks don’t raise interest-rates to fight inflation. After all, the modern-day central banking system IS inflation! Central banks raise or lower interest-rates in order to manage the public’s inflation fears or expectations.

Old-People Economics.. The Mogambo Guru.. "Unless the United State moves quickly to fundamentally change and restrain its fiscal behavior," Kotlikoff continues, "bankruptcy will become a foregone conclusion.".. The figure, as negative and depressing as our Daily Reckonings occasionally are, is $65.9 trillion - or about 500% of the nation's GDP.

Is Oil at the Tipping Point?.. Oil markets are operating on fear. The gap between demand and productive capacity is tiny, perhaps 1 million or 2 million barrels a day. Because oil demand is what economists call "inelastic"

Oil rigs leave Gulf of Mexico for more lucrative jobs.. In 2001, about 148 rigs were in the Gulf. Now, about 90 remain, and more are expected to leave soon…The duo of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 destroyed five rigs. But the bigger factor is that drilling companies are signing long-term deals to send rigs overseas.

All eyes look to the Kurdish region and its oil riches.. Last month, the Norwegians claimed the discovery of 100 million barrels after testing their first well in an area close to the border with Turkey.

German Chancellor Merkel Has No Fears of Energy Dependence on Russia

Thinking The Unthinkable.. Norman Church.. It is difficult to think about 'how things will play out' when an oil-based global economy loses its cheap energy source. It has never happened before. It will never happen again.

Africa scrambles for new energy as blackouts bite.. "I think for Africa it is a crisis ... there is already evidence it can have a huge impact on countries, cutting GDP (gross domestic product) growth.. The severe power shortages and rolling blackouts some countries suffer may deter investors and stifle future growth, keeping the poorest continent poor, analysts say.

Turkey signals it's prepared to enter Iraq.. Turkish officials signaled Tuesday they are prepared to send the army into northern Iraq if U.S. and Iraqi forces do not take steps to combat Turkish Kurdish guerrillas there — a move that could put Turkey on a collision course with the United State

US orders nine warships to waters off Lebanon.. evacuating US nationals, officials said

Hezbollah is the Wild Card.. The irascible Gibson asked why the United States simply does not go after Iran now and Woolsey admitted such things are done incrementally, in steps…First Syria, and then Iran, along with North Korea.

Fury as Karzai plans return of Taliban's religious police .. "The job of the department will be to tell people what is allowable and what is forbidden in Islam," he said. "In practical terms it will be quite different from Taliban times. We will preach ... through radio, television and special gatherings."..

Government Monitored Anti-War Group E-Mails.. Appel said the report references information that was not contained in the e-mails, which he said indicates actions by the department could extend beyond the monitoring of e-mail.

James Woolsey calls for an attack on Syria.. Gibson asked him why the US shouldn’t just hit Iran…Woolsey: Well, ahh, one has to take things to some degree by steps. Bush: Iran May Be Behind Crisis.. Putin Suspects Israel of Pursuing “Wider Goals” in Lebanon Attack World War 3.. Israel bombs Syria.  Syria invokes its mutual aid pact with Iran in order to deal with Israel.  Iran must cross Iraq to help Syria, which puts Iran at war with America, regardless of what America does  or does not do at Israel's behest.  America uses its mini-nuclear "bunker buster" bombs on Iran, in response,.. Iran and Syria launch Silkworm or Russian Sunburn missiles (which cannot be defended against) against American naval forces in the Persian Gulf

Top Iranian MP issues nuclear treaty warning.. Iran's hardline parliament may push though a law on suspending membership of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty if the Security Council pressures Tehran to freeze sensitive atomic work, a top MP warned Tuesday.

HP develops grain-size wireless chip.. The chip has a 10 megabits-per-second data transfer rate.. a storage capacity ranging from 256 kilobits to 4 megabits.. The chip incorporates a built-in antenna and is self-contained, with no need for a battery or external electronics. It receives power through inductive coupling from a special read-write device, which can then extract content from the memory on the chip.

Aging Oil Tankers May Provoke Ecological Disaster in Caspian Sea — Russian Expert.. “Oil deliveries by single-hull tankers pose a real threat to this unique ecological region,”

GOLD AND STOCK CREAM OUT.. For the last year, we have seen progressive central bank interest tightening which has now become simultaneous raising. This trend has now coincided with a synchronism of gold and stock markets… The central banks’ ultimate goal: To prepare for a new alternative to the USD as a world reserve currency- by getting their gold ducks in order because they have all now decided it is time to act to deal with the ever present/threatening USD crisis… The end of the whole scenario is that.. the CB’s would be the first in, and know way before you do what the real gold bottom is becoming, and send their billions of dollars into gold well before you ever do, if you insist on waiting for the bottom!

ScotiaMocatta Metal Matters - Monthly Report..PDF..10 pg´s

China trade surplus hits record.. Song Guoqing, an economist at the Chinese stock exchange predicted that the surplus would continue to grow throughout 2006. .. Such a trend could increase the pressure for protectionist measures in the US.. China auto sales rise nearly 50 percent in first halffirst half of 2006 .. China saw sales of 1.804 million cars in the domestic market in the first half of 2006

Iraq Is Killing the Dollar.. People with lots of money have ways of protecting themselves against the damage inflation does. People without do not. And that may be the basis of the old saying: "rich man's war, poor man's fight."

Oil industry hits peak production.. ALI SAMSAM BAKHTIARI.. says the latest finds by the industry will add only, at most, a few days to the world's reserves…We are consuming, world-wide, 30 billion barrels of oil every year. It is an enormous amount. But what is the industry finding? It is finding something between four and six only.

Report: Saudis look for way to tap more oil.. And the paper said that Kuwait is planning a pilot project in its northern heavy-oil fields, likely using steam.. Chaotic Dubai builds up ... as oil dries up.. "We are now ready to live without oil,"..It is estimated Dubai's oil reserves will be depleted by 2016

Gas pipeline begins in Venezuela.. Energy experts say Venezuela is looking to replace the United States as its number one customer with new partners in Asia because of longstanding diplomatic tensions with Washington

G8 summit: It's really about Russia.. "Now the Russians find that they are in a powerful position over energy and that people are interested in them…The "new Cold War" concept arose from Mr Putin's latest State of the Union speech in which he compared the US to a wolf. 

GM's Troubles Driving Down a City

What do these presidential elections all have in common.. Mexico, 1988, US, 2000, US, 2004, Colombia and Peru, 2006 and the just concluded Mexican election on July 2? In each case, the outcome was "arranged" and known in advance before voters went to the polls. They're what economist and media and social critic Edward Herman calls "Demonstration Elections "

Mexico: Calderon's brother-in-law wrote the vote-counting software, and it's already been hacked!.. Suspicions about computer-generated fraud.. have been raised anew by the statistical anomalies and inconsistencies both in the PREP counts and hard counts claimed by the IFE, particularly the lack of fluctuation in Madrazo’s hard count tally at the very moments when a radical shift occurred from Obrador to Calderón…The Tip of the Iceberg of the Crimes Committed by Mexican Electoral Authorities Is the Fraudulent Vote Count of 2006

UK ID card scheme near collapse, as Blair pushes cut-down 'variant'.. So it isn't over by a long chalk.. Terror warnings to be made public.. But that system has been criticised for being unduly alarmist and confusing.

Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?.. Ferencz called the invasion a "clear breach of law," and dismissed the Bush administration's legal defense that previous U.N. Security Council resolutions dating back to the first Gulf War justified an invasion in 2003. Ferencz notes that the first Bush president believed that the United States didn't have a U.N. mandate to go into Iraq and take out Saddam Hussein; that authorization was simply to eject Hussein from Kuwait…n the recent Hamdan v. Rumsfeld ruling by the Supreme Court suggests that Bush's attempt to ignore the Geneva Conventions in his approved treatment of terror suspects may leave him open to prosecution for war crimes… Seven Questions: Covering Iraq.. Rod Nordland: It’s a lot worse over here [in Iraq] than is reported. It's WWIII, and U.S.
is out of ideas
.. Michael Goodwin

one thing will always identify criminals — their walk... on a computer system that can analyse the movements of criminals caught on CCTV and compare them with those of a suspect.. but now computers are faster and memory is a lot cheaper to buy.” ..Eventually a national databank will be created to demonstrate to courts that individuals do walk differently and that the evidence of identification is safe to use as evidence.

Afghanistan reels under bumper harvests.. Western officials expect the largest-ever opium crop in the face of a toothless US$1 billion eradication campaign… "Warlords and farmers may support Karzai in the abstract, but not when he is compelled to target their only reliable source of livelihood.

Autism: A Hidden Epidemic.. Just a couple decades ago, autism afflicted 1 in every 10,000 Americans. Now 1 in 166 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. More children suffer from autism than childhood cancer…The national reaction shifted from disbelief to alarm. 


Congressman McFadden's Speech On the Federal Reserve Corporation.. Congress, 1934.. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers.. "The people of the U.S. are now using unredeemable paper slips for money. The Treasury cannot redeem that paper in gold or silver. The gold and silver of the Treasury has unlawfully been given to the corrupt and dishonest Fed.

Thus, the central banks become paper-producers.. Richard Russell.. the central banks are fearful of rising gold…it means that it requires more fiat paper to buy true money…Yes, the great battle of gold vs. paper lies ahead.

A Commodity Bull Market Update.. James Turk.. It makes more sense owning a pound of copper than $3.25 in cash. It makes more sense owning a barrel of crude oil than $74. It makes more sense owning an ounce of gold than $620. It is better to own commodities than dollar-denominated financial assets.

Those following gold's glitter are wagering on bad times.. The people who buy gold are simply the people who have no faith in paper currencies.".. "Very few people buy gold because they want to make a bunch of money on it. They buy it to protect themselves," he said. "In terms of gold, I think we're entering a bull market trend."

WHERE IS YOUR MONEY?.. Frank, please try and understand that the fed cannot any longer control the gold price as they cannot even control any longer our US economy... the United Arab Emirates Central Bank governor hinted that the emirates will shortly be purchasing more gold and also euros for the purposes of diversifying their reserves.. Up to 10% in gold when the market conditions are right or about 2 to 3 billion US dollars in gold.(=ong. 120 ton goud).

LIVING ON THE EDGE.. His work leads him to fear that gold’s parabolic rise may see it fall back at least to its starting point of $420, and silver may drop back to around $7…“…disposable personal income totaled $6.7trillion in 1999…this figure had climbed to $9.3 trillion by Q1 of 2006, an increase of nearly 40%. During the same period…total household debt climbed from $6.8 trillion to $12.2, an increase of 80%...yes, 80%. …households have gone from spending ALL of their disposable income to OUTSPENDING it by nearly one-third.”

Stagflation Reality Sets In..This two-pronged effect will combine to cause the federal budget deficit to swell just as rising interest rates make it increasingly more expensive to fund.

Chinese reserve diversification buzz grows louder.. saying China should both set up an international investment fund and increase its gold holdings. Like most countries, China shrouds its reserves management in secrecy…"Such transactions may not be reflected on the central bank's balance sheet,". Green at Standard Chartered speculated that the bank had indeed already been buying surreptitiously.

George Soros on the global energy crisis.. "Changing the attitude and policies of the United States remains my top priority,".. Not only is the Middle East unstable, but the whole world order has been shaken as a result of the Bush administration's policies…So we are in fact in a global energy crisis. That instability has certainly added $20-$30 to the price of oil…The puncturing of the housing bubble is the most immediate danger…The Federal Reserve is aware of this and is not eager to raise interest rates, but they can't avoid it.

Canada increasingly awash in dirty money.. Toronto will become the permanent home for a global body, the 11-year-old Egmont Group, to fight against money laundering and terrorist financing… Canada will oversee the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a body that is the flip side of the coin in fighting global dirty money… The FATF works for global scrutiny standards while the Egmont Group promotes co-operation and sharing among the world's anti-laundering agencies.. Mr. Walker predicts anti-money-laundering authorities will have to expand monitoring.

House prices suffer biggest fall in 5 years as mini-boom stalls.. The 1.2% decline reported by the Halifax yesterday was blamed in part on householders feeling the pinch from higher utility bills and fears that interest rates were set to rise…The Fed's pickle.. As much as 43% of the new jobs added since 2001 were
added by the housing boom. America’s economy today IS housing. And should the housing boom go down, it will be a double whammy for the economy.. Bernanke must fight inflation in the north…and then turn his forces to be ready for war with deflation when the economy sinks.. Oh Ben, consult an oracle, read the stars, read the paper! Abdicate before it is too late.

The World's Youngest Billionaires.. Among the 793 billionaires Forbes found in 2006, only 11 of them, or 1%, were under the age of 35. Of those, five inherited their fortunes..

The Most Successful Online Gambling Web Site.., in only its sixth year of business, turned over about $7.3 billion in wagers and gaming. What's most surprising of all is that it is illegal to run an online gambling business in the United States…he has arranged a complex international business model that means he doesn't fall foul of the laws of any particular jurisdiction.

No G-8 Seat for China, Other Big Economies.. The G-8 summit.. next weekend in Russia ..China, now the world's fourth-largest economy.. is not a member…Neither is India, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico or Spain, each with a larger economy than G-8 member Russia's…Critics view the annual economic summit as a Cold War relic that needs to be reconstituted…"Five years from now, I cannot possibly see how a G-8 would still be relevant,"

Stocks plunge as oil surges, companies warn.. as investors worried that the U.S. economy is cooling too quickly…Declining issues outnumbered advancers by about 5 to 3 on the New York Stock Exchange.. High gas prices hammer businesses

Race to the world's energy hotspots.. The decision by Sinopec of China to pay $1bn for the right to explore for oil in deep water off Angola has shocked the west, which fears it could be left behind in a global scramble for resources…he struggles to see how Sinopec can explain the cost-competitiveness of spending $1.1bn in Angola…The race for assets has even included territories formerly shunned by the west, such as Libya…

Israel presses for oil from shale.. ..“The cost of producing a barrel of oil using the process would be around $17 a barrel,” estimates Amit Mor, managing director of Eco-Energy…If the new technology proves to be as worthwhile as it is cracked up to be, Israel and many other countries could be on the road to greater energy independence within a matter of years.

Oil and gas pipeline deals hot.. Global oil and gas deals, which includes pipeline-related acquisitions, rose nearly 30 percent to $111 billion during the first half of the year.( Master limited partnerships)

Iran's nuclear program triggers neighbors' interest.. So far, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, two of the largest producers of oil and natural gas, have been examining the prospect of a nuclear research program…Turkey, plans to build at least three nuclear reactors by 2011.. Yemen would establish a nuclear reactor facility and train operators.

US destroyer arrives in Japan.. on Saturday as tensions surrounding North Korea's missile tests remained high…Venezuela's Chavez planning arms-for-oil trip to N. Korea.. Analysts in Seoul say Kim and Chavez would mainly discuss forming a "strategic alliance" against the United States.  Afghan, U.S. troops attack Taliban.. Afghanistan and the U.S. military say they expect the offensives and extra NATO forces to quell the violence later this year.

War weariness.. Attitudes towards the war on terror have shifted, both in the United States and in Europe…The greatest anxiety is that war weariness will force the politicians to withdraw their troops before they have been able to stabilise the security situation on either front…Afghanistan brought down the Soviet Union. It could also bring down Western Governments.

Agent who led Bin Laden hunt criticises CIA.. Shutting down the Bin Laden unit squandered 10 years of expertise in the war on terror, said Michael Scheuer, who founded the unit in 1995…We haven't even begun to understand where our enemy is coming from.".. Bush says report CIA bin Laden unit closed is 'incorrect'.. QUESTION: So you're still looking?.. BUSH: Absolutely. No ands, ifs or buts. And in my judgment, it's just a matter of time, unless we stop looking. And we're not going to stop looking so long as I'm the president,.. In the long run, the way you defeat this enemy is the spread of liberty. And that's what you're seeing unfold.

Justices Tacitly Backed Use of Guantánamo, Bush Says.. Mr. Bush said at a news conference in Chicago. " The Supreme Court were silent on whether or not Guantánamo — whether or not we should have used Guantánamo. In other words, they accepted the use of Guantánamo, the decision I made.".. Ally Told Bush Project Secrecy Might Be Illegal.. Mr. Hoekstra's blunt letter (PDF) is evidence of a rift between the White House and House Republican leaders over the administration's perceived indifference to Congressional oversight and input on intelligence matters.

CIA sent me to be tortured in Afghan prison, says Algerian.. Laid Saidi said he was rendered by US officials from Tanzania to Afghanistan in May 2003 and kept in a prison outside Kabul for more than a year before being returned to Algeria via Tunisia… Two Egyptian nationals, Muhammad al-Zery and Ahmed Agiza, who were rendered from Sweden to Egypt in December 2001..Similarly, numerous ex-detainees of Afghan "black sites" have described a dark prison near Kabul where Western rap music was played at deafening volume.

Cheney's Halliburton Paradigm for Fraud.. The evidence that the Office of the Vice President was directly involved in arranging government contracts with his former company, Halliburton, is now undeniable.. "Under President Bush," the report says, "the federal government is now spending nearly 40 cents of every discretionary dollar on contracts with private companies, a record level."… the magnitude of changes Halliburton proposed to the contract, and her observation that the line between Halliburton and government officials had "become so blurred that a perception of a conflict of interest existed."

Tax dollars to fund study on restricting public data.. The federal government will pay a Texas law school $1 million to do research aimed at rolling back the amount of sensitive data available to the press and public through freedom-of-information requests…to produce a national "model statute" that state legislatures and Congress could adopt to ensure that potentially dangerous information "stays out of the hands of the bad guys.".. Addicott said he knows of no cases in this country in which public records or a public meeting were used for a terrorist act.

Using "war on terror" to flout own laws.. Put simply, rather than adhere to established laws and treaties, US and UK leaders are opting to replace them with new laws drafted to favour the furtherance of their joint agenda…EU countries.. illegally assisting the CIA in its transport of "ghost prisoners" to secret detention centres within the Union…If the report is backed up with hard evidence, EU member countries found guilty could lose their voting rights.. As western governments become more authoritarian and leaders use the war on terror as a pretext for a power grab,..

Lethal doses of poison were tested on troops, says report into top secret Porton Down

Chinese Government Views Natural Disasters as Threat to Power…The draft implements strict limitations on how the media can report industrial accidents, natural disasters, public health issues, social security issues and other unexpected events.

Four hospitals in Puerto Rico will begin implanting a microchip.. in patients who suffer from illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease….VeriChip is the only company with U.S. FDA approval to implant such chips in people. The company has implanted more than 2,500 people worldwide with chips that give hospitals access to their identification, which is used to retrieve medical information from an Internet database.

Pick a Crisis - Any Crisis.. the impending numbers of potential “national emergencies” in this nation keep mounting up. In fact, it’s hard to keep count of all the horrific scenarios, which could be played out at any moment in time… why.. why.. And why are we operating under Admiralty Law and a 200-year-old state of emergency?

eBay bans Google Checkout.. designed to protect its own PayPal operation…It joins a host of other online payment services that eBay does not allow including,,,,,, and

Vast chunk of rock threatens to fall from Eiger as global warming opens up crack.. 2m cubic metres of the Eiger in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland - twice the volume of the Empire State Building - was rapidly working its way loose…as an indirect result of global warming.

Study finds organ genes differ by gender.. “We saw striking and measurable differences in more than half of the genes’ expression patterns between males and females,”.. “Our findings in the liver may explain why men and women respond differently to the same drug,”

-Top Scientist NASA Silenced on global warming.. VIDEO..
-Witness of global warming can be seen firsthand, north of the Arctic Circle....VIDEO..MUST SEE
-New studies show both polar ice caps are melting due to global warming..VIDEO
-Markets are worried that rising Fed rates will send economy into a recession..VIDEO..MUST SEE

Michael Ruppert's economic forecast.. talks with GPM correspondent Jamey Hecht about the US economy, the price of gold, politics, war, peak oil, relocalization and more…AUDIO interview…must hear.

5º International Conference on Oil and Gas Depletion.. will be held in San Rossore (near Pisa) in Italy, on July 18-19 2006…CONFERENCE PROGRAM

ECB interest rate stays at 2.75%.. "It's very clear that they will continue to hike, but the question is very much about the timing," said Stephane Deo from UBS.

Gold Up Due To Dollar, N. Korea.. "It's all technically driven," continued the trader. "People who did not want to get in at the top were looking for a dip to get in… "If they (metals) don't rally, they're certainly not going to come in $40 lower right now," said the trader. "People don't want to be caught short now for certain."

Gold rises as investors seek haven.. "Gold is a non-political, cross-border asset," said Frank McGhee, head trader at brokerage Alliance Financial LLC in Chicago. "In localities of significant disruption, it gives you portable wealth."

Great golden imponderable.. And again, it was seemingly anonymous investors who drove the gold price upwards past $700/oz in May and down $100/oz in the same month… Typically there’s no consensus on the gold price… Gold is like religion. You either believe, or you don’t.

The Oil Crisis – Good for Gold, bad for Global Confidence!.. This is a fundamental picture, which explains why oil remains over $75 a barrel, why it won’t fall to $50 and why any supply rupture will send the oil price up to $100. Will these prices prove deflationary or inflationary?  Unless allowed to spawn inflation, growth will be the victim.   Do not be surprised if the Fed quickly abandons its fight against inflation, so as to lower the real price of oil and keep the economy healthy.

Oil Analysts Raise Price Forecasts on Demand Growth.. Oil analysts raised their price forecasts for this year as demand increases and threats to output loom in the Persian Gulf, Nigeria and the Gulf of Mexico… Oil jumped 23 percent this year to about $75 a barrel.. We don't expect a huge decline in prices in 2007, with a retreat to about $60.''

Non Peak Oil.. George Giles.. There has never been a time that the oil industry has had less proven reserves at the beginning of the year than at the end, even with the intervening 365 days of consumption being factored in…The basic thesis here is that lots of eco-nuts, and policy wonks think that oil production has peaked and that doom is around the proverbial corner (as it always seems to be, no matter how many corners we safely round)..Abiotic Oil: Science or Politics?.. Ugo Bardi.. What is the relevance of the abiotic theory in practice? The answer is "none." The "strong" version is false, so it is irrelevant by definition. The "weak" version, instead, would be irrelevant in practice, even if it were true. It would change a number of chapters of geology textbooks, but it would have no effect on the impending oil peak…Abiotic Oil.. FreeEnergyNews.. If abiotic oil exists, where is it?.. Dale Allen Pfeiffer.. The abiotic hypothesis remains just that, an hypothesis which has failed in prediction and so cannot be elevated to a theory. It is completely ignored by the oil industry worldwide, and even within Russia. And that is the final testament to its failure…THE LAST FRONTIER.. Samsam Bakhtiari .. With the Arctic presently being explored, our small planet is only left with one 'last frontier': Antarctica… Current World Oil Situation.. Oil varies greatly in quality. Some oil is so light and sweet (low in sulfur) it can be pumped directly into the fuel tank of a Diesel truck. Some oil is more like tar and it may contain sulfur. It's hard to transport and natural gas may be needed to refine it into useful fuel. The oil from Manifa, a large oil field in Iran, is an extreme example. It contains so much sulfur and vanadium it can't be refined using today's technology. The average quality of oil is declining because the best quality was produced first.

Angry Putin says he will not sell fuel for 'peanuts'.. Mr Putin alleged it was ironic that Russia had been made to look like the villain since it had merely decided to apply market principles long cherished in the West. "The price of gas is not dictated by the Kremlin but by the markets," he said.

Ministers to give power to people.. Householders are set to be given the go-ahead on plans to install solar panels and miniature wind turbines.

The War in Afghanistan Is Only the Beginning.. Karzai’s popularity among Afghans is best judged by the fact that he is constantly surrounded by 100–200 U.S. bodyguards kept just out of range of western TV cameras…The biggest difference between the Soviet and U.S. occupation is that since 1989, Afghanistan has become a total narco-state. Most of the national income comes from export of opium and morphine/heroin. Afghanistan supplies 80% of the world’s heroin. Washington’s allies, members of the Karzai regime and Afghan Communists (Northern Alliance) are accused of being deeply involved in the drug trade…Of course. Afghans know one day Americans and other foreigners will go home, just as did the Russians, British and Alexander’s Greeks… Afghanistan commanders call for reinforcements.. A large force of extra troops is expected to be sent to Afghanistan in response to the escalating violence facing British forces in the country.

Taiwan to test-fire missile: report.. Taiwan plans to test-fire a missile capable of hitting China, alarming the island's main ally, the United States

Britain's nuclear warheads could be triggered by road crash.. The warheads, designed to produce a blast equivalent to up to 100,000 tonnes of TNT, are deployed aboard Royal Navy submarines but are regularly transported to weapons facilities in Britain and the United States for checks…to be published in this Saturday's New Scientist, citing what it says is a newly-declassified defence ministry document, says that extreme accidents could result in a partial nuclear explosion, an event called an "inadvertent yield".

The father of London bomber tells of anguish.. Hussain blew up the number 30 bus…"No-one has shown me any evidence that he did it.".. Mr Hussain said there should be a public inquiry so people could see any evidence against his son.

Panel orders Abu Ghraib documents from Pentagon.. The subpoena follows Rumsfeld's failure to respond to a March 7 letter from the congressional panel requesting the same documents.

MoD terror dossier discovered in ditch.. The bag - also containing an MoD security pass - had apparently been stolen from a Major's car while he was shopping at a Sainsbury's store in the Home Counties. He is not thought to be facing any disciplinary charges…it includes phone numbers for the UK's most important military figures. There are also details of how Cabinet ministers, the military, and intelligence services would meet in the aftermath of an attack.

Six men charged with plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and FBI offices have been denied bail... Government officials described them after their arrest as "home-grown terrorists" but said they posed no real threat because they had no actual al-Qaeda contacts, no weapons and no means of carrying out the attacks.

Russian Parliament Approves “Repressive” Law on Media Reports.. law enforcement officials would have the power to dictate to journalists how they gather information during an anti-terrorist operation…Beslan school siege in September 2004 when 331 people-half of them children-were killed. Media reports about a chaotic rescue operation embarrassed the Kremlin.

Report to Affirm Organ Harvesting Claims in China.. between June 8 and June 15, 2006, surgeons at the Anzhen Hospital in Beijing performed three heart transplants." "According to a witness, a group of people wearing camouflage uniforms delivered the hearts," the report continued. "The medical staff was told not to answer phone calls from Falun Gong practitioners and not to reveal any related information," according to the report.

Big Brother Bell.. Canada's largest Internet service provider, had opened the door to increased customer surveillance through changes to its user agreement…Moreover, Canadian fears over intrusive surveillance may have been magnified by developments in the United States. In recent months, there has been a steady stream of reports of domestic spying, Internet surveillance and CIA tracking of banking records, as well as the establishment of a database tracking billions of phone calls created with the active cooperation of network providers.

Police Surveillance Policy Draws Protest.. Police officials said the new policy is designed to prevent undercover investigations of First Amendment activities unless there is reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, and that the surveillance must be conducted on public property before going onto private property.

Fascism: An American reality.. further its global hegemonic objectives, America's cynical racism and hypocrisy has made a meaningless mockery of words and phrases such as democracy, legality, freedom, fair judicial process and justice. This is a reality which most of the peoples of the world outside of the United States have already acknowledged… The Trouble With Conservatives.. they fail to live the principles of freedom that they expound.. the principles of freedom, free enterprise, and limited government.. Consider the omnipotent power that the president now wields to send the entire nation into war against countries that have never attacked the United States, even if it entails killing tens of thousands of innocent people in the process. The president no longer feels any need to first secure a congressional declaration of war, as the Constitution requires. He now wields the omnipotent power to wage wars of aggression, wars that were punished as a war crime by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

Dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods.. FAQs… Genetically Engineered Crops May Produce Herbicide Inside Our Intestines.. Since glufosinate ammonium might have endocrine disrupting properties, even small conversions of NAG to herbicide may carry significant health risks for ourselves and our children… The Case for A GM-Free Sustainable World.. Why GM Free?.. Sales of organic food rise by 30% in a year.. demand in Britain had been partly prompted by a Danish study showing that organic milk had more omega 3 and trace elements than conventional milk.

Jede dritte Amphibienart droht auszusterben.. Mehr als 1860 der weltweit 5743 bekannten Arten sind jedoch in Gefahr, endgültig zu verschwinden…Besonders bedroht sind viele der Tiere von einer Pilzkrankheit, die sich auch wegen der Klimaerwärmung ausbreitet.

Acid Buildup in Oceans Threatens Food Chain.. If CO2 from human activities continues to rise, the oceans will become so acidic by 2100 it could threaten marine life in ways we can't anticipate,".. "Coral reef ecosystems are going to be significantly impacted by climate change," Kleypas says. "They're already being degraded by both climate change and by direct impacts such as overfishing and habitat loss, and the combination of these stresses can be devastating."

Research claims gold effectively hedges US dollar depreciation and inflation.. The World Gold Council today unveiled research that advises US wealth holders that exposure to gold acts as an effective hedge against future possible dollar depreciation and rising inflation.

Get ready to do some bargain buying!.. The Mogambo Guru.. Has it been so long that we have forgotten Fannie Mae's significant financial troubles in the late 1970s and early 1980s?.. As interest rates rose, Fannie Mae's cost of funds rose above the interest rate it was earning on its long-term, fixed-rate mortgages. Like many S&Ls, Fannie Mae became insolvent on a mark-to-market basis. It lost hundreds of millions of dollars.".. Mr. Denning ominously says "If the same thing happens today, you can replace 'hundreds of millions' with 'trillions.' "

TED BUTLER COMMENTARY.. Just this week, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) filed manipulation charges. No, not concerning the COMEX silver market, but in propane,.. The simple fact is that the law of supply and demand has been turned on its head by excessive and uneconomic short selling of pretend silver…The silver manipulation will end when the concentrated short position is terminated. That short position will be terminated one way or another, namely, by CFTC action, by the SEC, by Congress or by market forces. It is inevitable. It’s just a question of which comes first.

Inflation or Deflation.. My general feeling at this point is that money is a very, very risky business. It is illogical to believe that money is a good store of value. Since money could inflate or deflate in value, all at the whim of others and due to unpredictable trends and attitudes, money is extrememly risky.

Is Cheney Betting On Economic Collapse?.. where Dick Cheney puts his money? Then you'd know whether his "deficits don't matter"..The Bush-Cheney team has racked up another $3 trillion in debt in just 6 years. The US national debt now stands at $8.4 trillion dollars while the trade deficit has ballooned to $800 billion nearly 7% of GDP…So, while working class Americans are loosing ground to inflation and rising energy costs, Darth Cheney will be enhancing his wealth in "Old Europe". As Blackburn sagely notes, "Not all bad news' is bad for everybody.".. Cheneys betting on bad news?.. Vice President Dick Cheney's financial advisers are apparently betting on a rise in inflation and interest rates and on a decline in the value of the dollar against foreign currencies. That's the conclusion we draw after scouring the financial disclosure form released by Cheney recently.

Germany may lower deficit a year early.. Last year was the fourth consecutive year that Germany's deficit exceeded the 3 percent limit, but it now looks set to avoid an embarrassing fifth year.

Rising interest, and fears, over synthetic fuel.. The coal in the ground in Illinois has more energy than all the oil in Saudi Arabia.. "It's a potential disaster for the environment if we move in the direction of trying to create a big synfuel program based on coal to run our transportation fleet,".. But coal is cheap.. The cost to convert the coal is $25 a barrel.. The Biofuel Illusion.. The United States annually consumes more fossil and nuclear energy than all the energy produced in a year by the country’s plant life, including forests and that used for food and fiber, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Energy

Gazprom nears formal status as a monopoly.. Russian Parliament passed a law Wednesday granting exclusive rights to export natural gas to Gazprom, the state-owned energy company and the supplier of a quarter of Europe's gas.. Demands for access are part of the EU's energy charter with Russia, which the Duma has not ratified.  

Reserves rise to $925 billion, China reports.. Chinese foreign currency reserves, already the world's largest, grew about 5 percent to $925 billion…end of May. The reserves rose by $30 billion in May and $19.9 billion in April

Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble ..“If we fail to build a new economy before decline sets in, it will not be because of a lack of fiscal resources, but rather because of obsolete priorities,”.. “One way or another, the decision will be made by our generation. Of that there is little doubt. But it will affect life on earth for all generations to come.”.. The World After Oil Peaks.. The food sector will be affected in two ways.. Cities will be hard hit by the coming decline in oil production, but suburbs will be hit even harder.. In the coming energy transition, there will be winners and losers.

Brits are poorer than five years ago because of taxes and energy bills.. While wages have increased, the cost of living has increased at a quicker rate..

Chávez celebrates Mercosur entry.. has marked the country's entry into the South American trade bloc Mercosur.. "We are defeating the hegemonic pretensions" of the United States "and today we have placed a new cornerstone for the freedom and unity of South America,".. Resource Nationalism: The Ramifications for America’s Future.. The U.S. military recently penned a lengthy study.. there is a growing threat emanating from Latin America and the Caribbean. As these countries look to seize control of their energy reserves.. known as “resource nationalism”.. The military’s take on the region could equally have been motivated by something that James Monroe never predicted—the growing presence of China in our backyard…The Southern Command’s response to the problems of the region is to “contemplate beyond strictly military matters.”

 The European Parliament set to back post-enlargement regional fund rules.. how EU member states should use €308 billion of funds put aside for the next seven years to support poorer regions and boost social solidarity…Due to the overall decrease of the union's average GDP, some of the "old" member states will no longer qualify to receive cash from Brussels.

Blair: No limit on Afghan war spending.. no military spending cap for troops in Afghanistan battling the Taliban and opium production.. Two British soldiers killed as Afghan poppy crop booms.. "In Taliban-held areas everyone cultivates poppy. They do not get any problems so they prefer Taliban."

U.S. elite forces face shortfall.. as the Pentagon seeks to expand the forces by 15% over the next four years to bolster the anti-terrorism campaign…Retention also is a problem. Some veterans can make $780 a day as civilian security contractors in Iraq.. Drug money laundered in UAE comes mostly from Europe, bank chief says.. Britain and other Western European countries are the main sources of drug money laundered in the United Arab Emirates, the governor of the UAE Central Bank said Sunday.

French agents questioned detainees in Guantanamo.. The French government has been plunged into embarrassment by the revelation that its intelligence agents interrogated six French citizens inside the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay…Italian spies arrested over kidnap of Egyptian cleric three years ago.. as proof that Italy's former government under Silvio Berlusconi colluded with the US in the abduction of Abu Omar, and in his rendition to Egypt where he claims he was tortured.

Israel on edge of international law, Brussels says.. But left-wing MEPs accused Israel of using the Shilat crisis to try and topple the newly-elected Hamas government, while highlighting Israeli killings of Palestinian civilians in June and the fact Israel currently holds 9,600 Palestinian "political prisoners" in its jails…"A state that acts like this is no different from a terrorist organisation,".. Israel intensifies Gaza offensive after second rocket attack

Gov't contractor was able to hack FBI and director's accounts.. A government consultant, using computer programs easily found on the Internet, managed to crack the FBI’s classified computer system and gain the passwords of 38,000 employees, including that of FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III,

Much at Stake in Bush Battle With Press.. Bush has been abetted in this power grab by a complacent GOP Congress and federal courts. Both have shied from challenging the White House on anything about the war and terrorism, until now…The press, for its part, has an obligation to assess when the president's political interests lead him to transgress constitutional limits in the name of national security…

Busted for wearing a peace T-shirt.. After informing me I could either pay the $275 fine on the citation or appear in court, Ousley escorted me off the premises, warning me if I returned with "that shirt" on, I'd be arrested and booked into jail…I have to believe that this whole country has not yet gone insane, just the government. This kind of behavior can't be tolerated. It must be challenged.

China involved in harvesting organs: Cdn. report.. Falun Gong, a quasi-religious movement that's outlawed in China, claims thousands of their imprisoned members have been murdered with their vital organs taken out to supply a booming trade in transplants.

Where are all the birds?.. 12% of species to be in peril by 2100.. The predominant threat to species now is habitat destruction.. "Birds are an important component of our ecosystem. They keep mice and rats in control and eat insects that attack crops. They are food for other organisms and create habitat for other organisms. They disperse seeds and pollen. There are cases on islands when birds go extinct that the trees also go extinct, 


Gold shines after UAE's dollar switch.. Gold has surged to a six-week high of $625 an ounce after the United Arab Emirates revealed plans to invest 10pc of its foreign reserves in bullion, suggesting a strategic shift away from dollars by the oil-rich sheikdoms of the Gulf…The Russian central bank has a similar strategy of raising reserves to 10pc, buying the dips each time gold falls back from a speculative surge - a policy that quickly puts a floor under each correction…Raise gold holdings, China told.. "It is practical for China to increase its holdings of gold by choosing an appropriate time to buy, because compared with other big trading countries the percentage of gold in China's reserves is seriously low,"

Bank of Portugal sold 15 tonnes of gold.. from its reserves in the last few months.

USA GOVERNMENT DEBT.. A clear picture emerges of a government completely out of control.. with debt soaring to impossible levels against projected GDP.. these are the government’s own projections.. The government is closer to bankruptcy than anyone who has not studied the situation can guess…Gold and the quality companies that produce or competently explore for it should no longer be viewed as entertaining speculations, but as portfolio requisites…Dobbs- North American Union..Video

Goldman Gives Ex-Chief $18.7 Million Bonus

Peak Oil Passnotes: $80 Here We Come.. China’s demand rose by 600,000 barrels a day year-on-year.. Their domestic output declined by 100,000 barrels per day.. US output fell by 460,000 barrels per day year-on-year.. OPEC’s latest output shows a fall of 770,000 barrels per day.. Mexican output fall.. 112,000 barrels year on year.

800 British minerals jobs to be cut.. as the Paris company says energy prices are making it unprofitable.

India to Import Wheat After a 6-Year Hiatus.. India had been a Green Revolution success story in the 1970's.. Food security through self-reliance is critical.. There are just a few growing countries with a surplus

Russia raises natural gas price for Moldova 45%..

Putin restates opposition to overseas financing for NGOs.. "I will always speak and fight against foreign governments financing political activity in our country, just as our government should not finance political activity in other countries." .. Russia to withdraw WTO pledges if no agreement with U.S. - Putin.. Putin said America's position contradicted rules of diplomacy, as did "attempts to negotiate a protocol in accordance with U.S. legislation, rather than with WTO rules."

Russia says loses $6 bln a year on unpatented arms sales.. Arms exports remain a key element of the Russian economy. President Vladimir Putin said in March that Russia had increased its military hardware exports to more than $6 billion in 2005 and had supplied weapons to 61 countries…Russia, China to Hold Second Joint War Games.. Putin steps up anti-terror drive.. It would permit the deployment of military personnel outside Russia to prevent international terrorism. 

China now 4th largest economy: WB.. The United States, Japan and Germany remain the world's first-, second- and third-largest economies.. The new figures provide good news for China, economists say, suggesting that the country's economy is healthier, more diversified and more capable of sustaining growth than previously believed…Energy list to encourage sustainable growth.CHINA. The current energy consumption per unit of GDP in China is about three times that of the United States and 10 times that of Japan.. More QDII banks set for approval..  In April, the People's Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange jointly announced that the mainland's banks could invest, on behalf of their clients, in financial markets overseas. That signals an important deregulation of the mainland's financial regime…China's growing interest in Congo's raw resources.. With eastern Congo rich in gold, diamonds, copper and cobalt.. 'The Chinese are doing absolutely nothing to indicate that they are interested in humanitarian help.

Zimbabwe: Remittances Slow the Slide Into Ruin.. "I would be condemning my dependants to starvation if I fail to send both money and groceries. They depend entirely on me," Adelaide Ndlovu, a Zimbabwean working in Swaziland, told IRIN…"And the reality is that the majority of Zimbabweans are sliding deeper and deeper into hunger and poverty every day…Zimbabwean President Mugabe holds talks with UN chief.. Mugabe made it clear he would accept no intervention in the Zimbabwean crisis

Supreme Court: Bush Administration Has Committed War Crimes.. In other words, the whole top administration, from Commander in Chief George W. Bush on down, is guilty of war crimes. The punishment for committing war crimes ranges from a lengthy jail sentence to, in the event the crimes in question caused the death of any prisoners being held, to death.

Bushehr NPP to come online in second half of 2007 - diplomat.. the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran in the second half of 2007.. The Russian nuclear power equipment and service export monopoly has been working on the project to build Iran's first NPP, Palestinian Ultimatum Passes Without Incident.. "Israel has not taken the precautions required of it in international law to protect the civilian population and infrastructure," the Swiss statement added…Israel warns of "long war" over soldier.. Olmert said Israel would not negotiate with the militants

Supporters of bin Laden apply to MI5.. An official source said: "We are aware that there are people with terrorist connections who have expressed an interest in getting people on the inside."

EU opens public consultation on RFID.. "It's the same with any new technology, take genetically modified foods, people tend to think the worst because of little knowledge."

China Defends Proposed Law to Fine Media.. The law is meant "to prevent certain news media from disseminating groundless news or rumors, or reporting false information which may mislead the public and cause unnecessary social panic," he said…Russia Bars British Reporter from Entering Country.. Russia has refused a visa to a British journalist well-known for his coverage of Chechnya and the turbulent Caucasus, citing the needs of “state security”,

Blogs Study May Provide Credible Information.. The blog study is part of Air Force Office of Scientific Research’s new Information Forensics and Process Integration research program recently launched at Syracuse University,


Banks' rate policies 'risk disastrous crash'.. Central banks must carry out a wholesale revolution in the way they set interest rates to help avert a disastrous crash in the financial markets, the Bank of International Settlements warned today…The Keynesian analytical framework, which remains the workhorse in the stable of most central bankers, needs modification."

Inflation: it's the ambush on every corner .. So they might question the relevance of the official rate of inflation, currently 2.2 per cent.. even a low level of inflation can eat away at your cash. At just 2 per cent - the Government's target rate - it will turn £5,000 into just £4,101.74 in 10 years.

The maturation of Matt Simmons, energy-industry investment banker and peak oil guru.. Kicking the oil habit, to Simmons, means primarily using less transportation energy. How to do this? "Liberate the work force" from commuting. He even used the word village to describe the new environment for work. He urged "reduction of globalization" that makes products as cheaply as possible somewhere to be shipped via oil somewhere else…Matt Simmons
Old King Coal is a merry old soul... but will the future of fossil fuels be so happy?.. the world has about 40 years' supply of oil left, some 65 years of gas but more than 150 years of coal. The overriding conclusion is that if the world remains a fossil-fuel economy, it will increasingly turn to coal.

Iran warns it may use oil as weapon if interests attacked.. "The world needs energy and understands the affect of oil sanctions against Iran on the market and no-one will make such an unreasonable decision,"

Chevron CEO: Corn is not the answer.. Anybody can make ethanol out of corn, but eventually you've got to grow the corn, and there's already a bit of a tension between the food chain and the fuel chain.

Bill Gates departs - an epoch ends.. said that he will leave full-time work at Microsoft in 2008…That Gates is leaving daily responsibilities at Microsoft to devote most of his time to health care and social betterment makes me wonder if he will now define the next phase of modern business. Nothing would be better than if his departure helped inspire the global business community to finally, resolutely, realize that if it doesn't make this a more liveable planet, there may not be much future for capitalism…Warren Buffett gives away his fortune.. most of it to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…A conversation with Warren Buffett.. I have some small hopes that what I'm doing might encourage other very rich people thinking about philanthropy to decide they didn't necessarily have to set up their own foundations but could look around for the best of those that were up and running and available to handle their money.

Failure to deliver on G8 pledges has left millions to die, says charity report.. World leaders agreed to cut subsidies and open their markets to the poorest countries, who cannot compete in world markets. But the report found that the US and the EU are still spending more than $100bn a year on subsidy payments to their own farmers, while continuing to dump cheap exports in developing countries so local producers cannot sell their goods in their own markets.

U.S. drafts Iraq troop cuts plan.. that projects steep reductions in the U.S. military presence there by the end of 2007.. A 127,000-strong American force is serving in.. US troops kill fewer Iraqis after new guidelines..

White House may allow wiretapping review.. The White House appears to be leaning toward allowing a secret federal court to look at its controversial warrantless wiretaps, a reversal of previous policy,.. "There is not the same privacy interest in bank records." Under the bank program, the Treasury Department has subpoenaed data from an international banking cooperative called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, or SWIFT…Data brokers and buyers anger Congress.. Almost every piece of personal information that Americans try to keep secret -- including bank account statements, e-mail messages and telephone records -- is semi-public and available for sale.

Conspiracy theorists meet over 9/11..Webster Tarpley, author of 911 Synthetic Terror; Made in USA, said the Sept 11 attacks were an example of "state-sponsored, false-flag terrorism" designed by rogue CIA elements "to start the war of civilisations.".. "There are so many prominent people who are incredibly well-respected who have stated that the evidence is overwhelming that 9/11 was an inside job"

THE LAST DAYS OF PRIVACY.. And therein lies one of the 21st century's most vexing problems: More and more of our personal data are captured and stored by corporate and government interests, and are potentially available to anyone with the technological, legal or financial means to access that information.

Russia launches secret reconnaissance satellite.. Is it a bird? Is it a spaceship? No, it's a secret US spy plane.. The United States has never confirmed the existence of the mysterious aircraft, called Aurora.. a triangular plane flanked by two US fighters being refuelled in flight by tanker while he was working on the Galveston Key oilrig in 1989

U.S. population to hit 300 million in 2006.. The growth of the Latino population promises to have profound cultural, political and economic effects…"The over 40 population dominated by the baby boomers, they're the ones in power now," said Frey. "But when we get to 2043, a lot of them will not be with us anymore. Those under 40 will be in power and we will be even more of a global society."

Morgellons - Weird 'Alien' bug hits USA.. There are currently over 1,100 hundred known cases in the U.S… "The lesions start out as bumps that are itchy, little round raised bumps. The fibers are quite alarming.".. The fibers have been analyzed by FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) and have been identified as cellulose. Meer zie:  Morgellons Research Foundation.. The sickly skin disease has actually been around for centuries. In 1935, an English physician wrote a paper about Morgellons including excerpts from medical journals from the 1600's, describing the disease.    

Glaciers' melt rate surprises scientists…There was even a period of melting in December. "We have never seen that," Steffen said… meltwater lubricated the base of the ice sheet and allowed it to slide faster toward the sea.

And God created gold.. And God saw that gold was good, and he ordained it as primordial money…Until man in his infinite conceitedness wanted to be wiser than God. He sought to overthrow the monetary rule ordained by God. He set out to build the Debt Tower of Babel that was to reach to Heaven. Pilfering savers and plundering producers was the inevitable result of the activation of the fast-breeder of debt triggered by the elimination of gold money…I reject the Quantity Theory of Money. It is an essentially linear theory trying to explain an essentially non-linear phenomenon…the fall of the silver basis. It will be followed by the fall of the gold basis. These events will indicate that the irredeemable dollar has entered its death throes -- regardless what the inflation numbers say. Woe to all fiat currencies whose principal backing is the irredeemable dollar. Controlling their quantity can and will do nothing to save them.

The new Ukrainian government is heading down the 'path to a new gas crisis.'.. "It is another wake-up call for Europe," Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said. "Realization of the threats voiced today is the path to a new gas crisis.".. "If Tymoshenko does revise the gas agreements with Russia, this could lead to a widescale war that would engulf the whole of Europe.".. Analyst Gleb Pavlovksy added that Tymoshenko was "trying to blackmail Russia and Europe. ... Taking advantage of its transit location, Ukraine wants to steal gas.".. No Asia Reroute, Gazprom Says.. "In order to satisfy growing demand in Europe we need to know -- is Europe prepared to buy this gas? If not ... then we must correct our investment plans accordingly, both in terms of extraction and transportation.".. Turkmen in gas warning to Russia.. Turkmenistan is now threatening to stop all gas sales to Gazprom unless the company agrees to its latest price demands. .. A large proportion of the gas that Gazprom sells to Ukraine first comes from Turkmenistan…knock-on effect on Russian gas supplies that are piped to Western Europe through Ukraine…China creates network to import natural gas.. In addition to importing from Russia, China will build pipelines with central Asian countries including Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan is contracted to supply 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas to China every year starting from 2009. However, Turkmenistan does not share a border with China so the pipeline will have to go through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Fortunately, these two countries also intend to export natural gas to China. Therefore, once the pipeline is built, the three countries can export natural gas to China simultaneously. .. Saudis to Supply Oil to China Strategic Reserves - Sources.. "China is unlikely to begin importing the oil by the end of this year - largely because the facilities for storing the reserves aren't ready yet," he said.

Bill Clinton acknowledges peak oil.. Clinton said a “significant number of petroleum geologists” have warned that the world could be nearing the peak in oil production…He added that he expects oil prices will reach US$100 per barrel “in five years or less”… that massive amounts of water have been injected into Ghawar to maintain oil pressure. “It implies less oil than we previously thought,” Clinton said.

Venezuela will set fire to its oil deposits in the event of a U.S. military operation, Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Navarro Alexis Rojas said

U.S. grants license to N.M. uranium plant.. allowing an international consortium to build what would be the nation's first private fuel source for commercial nuclear power plants.

The weather is putting a strain on California's power grid.. The system should be able to handle the demand as long as there are no glitches.

Money-tracking leak angers Cheney.. The government has covertly tracked thousands of international money transactions for nearly five years as part of its so-called war on terror. Mr Cheney said leaking the programme played into the enemy's hands..Bank Data Secretly Reviewed by U.S. to Fight Terror.. The Bush administration has made no secret of its campaign to disrupt terrorist financing.. the Swift executives agreed to continue providing the data only after top officials, including Alan Greenspan, then chairman of the Federal Reserve, intervened. At the same time, new controls were introduced…Swift is a crucial gatekeeper, providing electronic instructions on how to transfer money between 7,800 financial institutions worldwide. The cooperative is owned by more than 2,200 organizations, and virtually every major commercial bank, as well as brokerage houses, fund managers and stock exchanges, uses its services. Swift routes more than 11 million transactions each day, most of them across borders.

Capitalism That Works For All.. In a region of northern Italy.. discovered a cooperative approach to living that actually enhances human dignity.. Two of every three people in Emilia Romagna are members of co-ops…Per person income is 50 percent higher in Emilia Romagna than the national average…Davide is distressed by WTO rules seeking to standardize and de-localize such place-based specialties…"Labor is an occasion for self-realization, not a mere factor of production," Zamagni, an economist, writes. Cooperation offers a way beyond the dehumanization of capitalism that fully uses the advantages of the market…Minimum Wage: Lowest in 50 Years

ARM Implosion Straight Ahead.. adjustable rate mortgage, or ARM.. The Federal Reserve is likely to continue to raise interest rates…June 29 meeting, taking the Fed Funds rate to 5.25%.. So how bad is the problem likely to get? AP, continuing with the Anita Britten story notes the following: "Britten's monthly payment jumped from $1,079 to $1,340 at the beginning of this year. It rose again on June 1 by another $104 and is scheduled to increase again in December. Britten, who is also paying off student loans, went to a credit counseling service to help her avoid foreclosure.".. THE PARADOX OF HOUSING.. Now that house price appreciation is slowing, or in some cases reversing, buying houses is paradoxically becoming much more expensive…A more rapidly rising core CPI will force the Fed to continue raising rates, putting even more pressure on home prices, and initiating a particularly nasty spiral.

Global Eye.. everything that Bush says he wants from the Iranians now, he could have had for the asking -- three years ago.. By the way, Saddam made a very similar offer just before the invasion.. Everything that Bush claimed he went to war for in Iraq -- disarmament, regime change, reducing Middle East tensions, democracy for the Iraqi people -- he could have had, for the asking, without war…But the Bushist crony-cons wanted war in Iraq.. the Cheney-Rumsfeld (Video) group also acknowledged that it would take a "new Pearl Harbor" to "catalyze" the American people into readily accepting their radical plans for military expansion abroad and vast new "defense" spending at home…it serves their interests well for the entire Middle East to seethe and boil. War and rumors of war are engines of limitless profits for the crony-cons. It sends oil prices sky-high and keeps those pork-laden contracts for weapons and "military servicing" rolling in.

Olmert: Israeli lives worth more than Palestinian ones.. "I am deeply sorry for the residents of Gaza, but the lives, security and well-being of the residents of Sderot [the Israeli border town which has borne the brunt of Qassam attacks] is even more important…Saudis arrest 42 Islamist 'militants'.. In February, they tried to attack the world's largest oil processing plant at Abqaiq.

Hundreds of migrants reach Italy.. In 2005 more than 200 boats were intercepted off Lampedusa, with almost 22,000 people on board.

White House, GOP Leaders Plan All-Out Assault on Federal Protections.. a proposal that could literally wipe out any federal program that protects public health or the environment--or for that matter civil rights, poverty programs, auto safety, education, affordable housing, Head Start, workplace safety or any other activity targeted by anti-regulatory forces….If such a bill should become law, the sunset commission could be packed with industry lobbyists and representatives from industry-funded think tanks, and could conduct its business in secrecy.

Bandanna banned in Springfield mall.. after a security guard told a 10-year-old girl her bandanna decorated with peace signs, smiley faces and flowers violated the mall’s code of conduct…Mall officials won’t clarify what clothing and accessories are prohibited…With 285 malls in 39 states and Puerto Rico, Simon Property Group is the nation’s largest mall owner.

The Truth Behind the Exaggerated Threat against the Sears Tower.. No terrorist connections.. No actual terrorist actions.. Officials dismiss serious risk

Minister's friend sacks editor over photo.. Paris Match is owned by Hachette Filipacchi Medias (HFM), which is controlled by the French tycoon Arnaud Lagardère, a close friend of the powerful Interior Minister.. The company said that it wanted to end M Genestar’s editorship because of his “ethical disagreement with the shareholder”.

Russian Authorities Fail to Close Web-based News Agency

Creativity older than thought.. The perforated shells from 100,000 years ago.. have been identified as the earliest known example of jewellery…"If people were using beads, they were using them to convey a message about themselves," Professor Stringer said. "I believe that implies there was language, which does much the same thing.".. Stem cells take first step.. Scientists have used stem cells and a soup of nerve-friendly chemicals to bridge a damaged spinal cord and regrow the circuitry needed.. Six months after treatment, 11 of the 15 rats could take steps.

'Warm' species invading Antarctic.. two principal factors are facilitating colonisation of Antarctic habitats by foreign species: the increased numbers of people travelling to the continent and climate change. .. More than 26,000 international tourists visit Antarctica each year and numbers grow by the thousand each season…Revealed: how nation's countryside is losing hundreds of its species.. The vanishing rate is scarcely believable. Well over 200 British insect species have become extinct in the past 50 years, while some counties are seeing a species of wildflower disappear nearly every year…Even more striking is the decline in abundance of invertebrate species which are not yet extinct. "Insect decline as a whole has been phenomenal in recent years,"

U.S. mints pure gold.. For the first time ever, the United States Mint has begun producing a 24-karat-gold coin that will be made available to investors and collectors alike.

Concentrated position in COMEX Silver Futures Market.. [scoll down for letter from Carl Loeb]..For silver, the concentrated net short position would require the delivery of the next 102 days of global silver production to settle. Given current world inventories of silver, does anyone think it would be possible to deliver this amount of silver at settlement?

Gazprom enters UK gas supply market..

Russian MP defends gas export bill.. that Russia should protect its own national interests in deciding where and what terms it sells its natural gas…Yazev submitted a gas export bill earlier this month in order to circumvent Europeans from dictating terms to the Russian gas industry.

China cultivates Africa, planting seeds of worry.. Chinese President Hu Jintao.. China follows "a policy of noninterference in other countries' internal affairs.".. China spent billions securing drilling rights in Nigeria, Sudan and Angola, and has exploration or extraction deals with Chad, Gabon, Mauritania, Kenya, the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Ethiopia. Zimbabwe says China has promised financial aid.. Analysts say Zimbabwe's platinum, nickel and copper deposits could all be of likely interest to Chinese companies.

Private military contractors are earning billions of dollars in Iraq.. The market for private contractors is there thanks to an unprecedented "outsourcing" of conflict,.. That's what we get paid to do -- protect the clients, protect the asset -- that's our job…A veteran of the first Gulf War, he says he can earn in three months what it would take him a year to get in the United States. "My wife and I are pretty frugal. My goal is pretty simple -- I just want to be able to pay off a house and some property."

The end of Net neutrality? Big telecoms want to control the Internet..Is the NSA spying on U.S. Internet traffic?.. AT&T has maintained a secret, highly secured room since 2002 .. The former network technician said he knows at least three AT&T employees who have been working in the room since 2002. "It took them six months to get the top-security clearance for the guys," ..Farber said that "packets" of data can essentially be copied and then sent to some other location for use. "Most of the problems would have to do with keeping your staff from knowing too much about it.".. The network sniffer with the right software can capture anything,"

Secrecy Mustn't Crush Rule of Law.. The government has already been wildly successful in using the state-secrets privilege to completely shield itself from appropriate punishment for shocking and illegal behavior in El-Masri v. Tenet...'UFO Hacker' Tells What He Found.. After allegedly hacking into NASA websites -- where he says he found images of what looked like extraterrestrial spaceships -- the 40-year-old Briton faces extradition to the United States from his North London home…U.S. Dept. of Agriculture hacked.. (origineel)..stealing personal information on 26,000 employees in the Washington D.C. area, including names, social security numbers and photos, the agency.. U.S. police using data brokers.. Police and government officals in the U.S. have been bypassing the need for subpoenas and warrants by gathering personal information made available through private data brokers…The report brings new light the extent to which law enforcement and government agencies will go to obtain private information on ordinary Americans…Robots Patrol World Cup for First Time.. "This is the first time robots like this have ever been used at a major sporting event,"

Free expression rapidly deteriorating in Africa, warns coalition.. (NAFEO) says there is a "marked increase in the arrests, detention, repression and general harassment of journalists, media and other communications workers." The coalition also notes that many governments have either introduced new legislation, or have intensified the application, of laws that criminalise journalistic work and free expression.

Mutasa orders black farmer off ranch to pave way for Nkomo (Zuid-Afrika).. In a development that further proves that the government’s land reform exercise essentially benefits top politicians and their cronies, the Speaker and ZANU PF national chairman, John Nkomo, may have used his political influence to seize the 611.79ha ranch.

The Trouble With Tech Trash.. Just ask the low-paid Chinese workers who expose themselves to all sorts of noxious chemicals as they break open computers in search of tiny bits of treasure. Sometimes they detect types of valuable plastic by smelling it as it burns. Or they strip out gold by dumping microchips into toxic acid, all without any protection.

Gold Nanoparticles Could Improve Antisense Cancer Drugs.. shows that by attaching multiple strands of antisense DNA to the surface of a gold nanoparticle (forming an “antisense nanoparticle”) the DNA becomes more stable and can bind to the target messenger RNA (mRNA) more effectively than DNA that is not attached to a nanoparticle surface (as in commercial agents).

Earth hottest it's been in 2,000 years….bron: National Science Foundation.Origineel

BIG SURPRISES AT BILDERBERG.. European Bilderbergers said they would have no part in an invasion of Iran.. Bilderberg’s mood was described as “uneasy” when it came to the issue of oil, a discussion followed closely by such oil-rich participants as banker David Rockefeller, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Franco Bernabe, vice chairman of Rothschild Europe…Chavez’s barrier to NAFTA expansion leaves them moody because establishing an “American Union” is a critical step toward Bilderberg’s goal of establishing the United Nations as a world government…Canada, the United States, and Mexico... a possible merger?.. but now I believe it's fast becoming a reality and no longer can we ignore the signs.

Toting an Uzi is not a good sign.. The Mogambo Guru.. "There is evidence that the US is attempting to manage the decline by purchasing its own debt. As Asian purchasing of US paper declined last month, the slack was taken up by Caribbean and UK banks that would not normally have the liquidity to make such purchases. Therefore, they are acting for a third party, and the only party that would buy dollars when a loss in value is inevitable is the US Treasury.

Remarkable development in the Gold Market - Dan Norcini - JSmineset.. this recent price decline in gold, namely, that is was an orchestrated and deliberate attack by the Central Bankers of the West to break the back of the gold market and defuse the warning message that gold was sounding abroad. In our opinion, it started with the Bank of England either mobilizing its own gold supplies or gold from the IMF.

Summer Doldrums Offer Best Chance To Buy Gold.. "Summertime has proven to be the best time to buy gold."

Strong Growth in World Energy Demand is Projected Through 2030.. Worldwide marketed energy consumption is projected to grow by 71% (!!!) between 2003 and 2030..

The Permanent Energy Crisis.. Michael T. Klare.. As for international conflict, the focus is particularly on energy. I think there’s a growing panic in the major industrialized countries about the future availability of oil and natural gas, which are absolutely essential in modern industrial societies…Oil is essential for a modern, industrial society. It's unique, first of all, because it’s the primary source, at 40 percent, of the world’s entire supply of energy, and it’s irreplaceable in the transportation field; it provides 98 percent of world transportation energy…Peak Oil = Urban Ruin.. Our economy depends so much on fossil fuel that a lack of oil without any alternative fuel sources would lead to total chaos…One in four Australian parents regularly "borrow" money from their children's piggy banks to pay for anything from bread to luxury holidays

Oil prices could spike, Saudi warns.. World oil prices could double or triple over the current painful $70-per-barrel level if diplomacy failed and military conflict broke out over Iran's nuclear ambitions, Saudi Ambassador Prince Turki al-Faisal warned this morning…Iran not to yield to foreign pressures.. Bush warns Iran and North Korea not to test US patience.. A visibly angry George Bush rounded on the two remaining members of Washington's "axis of evil" today, as he dismissed "absurd" suggestions that the US presents the greatest threat to world stability.

US House clears $427.6 billion for Pentagon..U.S. Back at Full War Footing in Afghanistan.. The offensive, "Operation Mountain Thrust," involves almost 11,000 U.S. troops and is focused on four southern Afghanistan provinces…THE new head of al-Qaeda in Iraq personally slit the throats of two US soldiers

George W. Bush's Resume.. Set the all-time record for biggest annual budget spending increases, more than any president in U.S. history.

Surge in Internet use has tech firms seeking power.. Today, electricity represents roughly 20 percent to 50 percent of the total cost of running a data center,..And the search for data-center power is taking tech companies to some truly unexpected places.

The perfect monster kills quietly.. D.U. is now everywhere in Iraq: (and much of Aghanistan) bullets made with uranium lay in the residential streets, neighborhoods in Baghdad and Fallujah have been bombed with uranium weapons...  and doctors in Iraq have taken notice…babies with missing brains, sex organs, spines, tumors instead of eyes or intestines outside of the body, et cetera.  Like babies born in the wake of Hiroshima & Nagasaki or near bomb-test sites.

Global urban population to surpass rural.. As cities grow, so too do their slum populations. In many cities in sub-Saharan Africa, for instance, over 70 percent of the urban population resides in slums. Globally, the slum population is set to grow at the rate of 27 million per year in the period 2000-2020.. Hungry lions rampaging in Kenya.. Communities that rely on animals as a store of wealth as well as source of food have already lost thousands of animals in the drought, leaving them destitute.

Half of cod in Britain may be illegal.. Norway claims Russian vessels are overfishing the seas by more than 20 percent of the legal quota and then transferring excess fish to another boat mid-sea…Mass Medication With Omega 3 Would Wipe Out Global Fish Stocks.. If fish stocks were allowed to recover and fishing policies reflected scientific advice, there might just about be enough to go round. To introduce mass medication with fish oil under current circumstances could be a recipe for the complete collapse of global stocks.

Global Warming Pollution Doubled in 28 States Since 1960.. Increased oil and coal combustion each accounted for 40% of the rise in U.S. carbon dioxide emissions between 1960 and 2001…Coal emissions from the electricity sector skyrocketed over the period, increasing by 370%, as demand for electricity boomed

Big Gold Sell-Off in Next Three Months.. sell 209 tonnes of gold in the next three months

THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE ON EARTH.. The population explosion is beyond control. It has emerged as the single most powerful, immutable force on Earth, driving geopolitical change, stimulating economic growth and generating global inflation…At some point in the not-too-distant future, this explosion — in population, consumption, and the exhaustion of scarce resources — will inevitably collide with limits to growth…..Third, when you see corrections in gold, silver, copper, oil or other natural resources, greet them as buying opportunities.

Europe's Image Clashes With Reliance on Coal.. But with oil prices soaring and worries rising about the reliability of gas piped from Russia, Europe must depend heavily on that great industrial-age relic, coal: a cheap, plentiful fuel,

The Corporate Control Of Society And Human Life..It was a profile of the 200 largest transnationals.. Of the world's 100 largest economies, 51 are corporations…The Group's combined sales exceed the total combined economies of all nations in the world except the largest 10…..Add it up and the current budget for the military, 2 wars off the books and Homeland Security, and it comes to over $600 billion this year. That kind of spending, with billions more available at the drop of an add-on presidential emergency request gives a whole new meaning to the term "war profiteer.".. Rich get even richer in third world.. these individuals, who represent 1% of the richest 1% in the world, control 24% of global wealth...The World’s Best Big Companies

Energy exploration 'hit by rising costs'.. the cost of using a drill rig was now about $250,000 a day, compared to $65,000 a day 18 months ago

Fuel prices cut car time, not PC time.. "The high cost of petrol is certainly causing people to think harder about their spending levels," he said.

Qantas Says Earnings to Fall 27% on Fuel, Jobs.. there may be further job cuts if fuel prices remain at current levels

Miners in Running for Zimbabwe Uranium.. Bids have come from South Africa, China, Russia and Namibia.

From the Embassy, a Grim Report.. the U.S. Embassy in Iraq painted a starkly different portrait of increasing danger and hardship faced by its Iraqi employees.

A Negotiated Solution to Iranian Nuclear Crisis..By Noam Chomsky.. “There is no military solution to this situation. It is inconceivable. The only durable solution is a negotiated solution.” And it is within reach…Bush to keep up pressure on Iran in Europe.. Bush's drive for sanctions is opposed by U.N. Security Council members China and Russia…Bush is likely to face more European pressure to close the Guantanamo Bay

US activates missile defence.. Two US Navy Aegis warships are patrolling near North Korea as part of the global missile defence system and would be among the first sensors that would trigger the use of interceptors.. North Korea May Be Preparing to Launch Satellite, Not Missile

Guard troops ordered to New Orleans.. This is the first time the National Guard will be used for law enforcement in the United States since the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina…The governor urged the mayor to put a juvenile curfew in place. New Orleans has a curfew for juveniles, but Riley said it is not being enforced because there is no place to put young offenders.

America's problem is again a usurping king called George.. "If you interpret the constitution's saying that the president is commander in chief to mean that the president can do anything he wants and can ignore the laws, you don't have a constitution: you have a king."

The Surveillance State Unveiled.. “Only Terrorists Fear Surveillance”..“If you are not a terrorist, you have nothing to fear.”.. Such surveillance has already hurt innocent Americans such as Walter Soehnge of Scituate, Rhode Island. Soehnge saw the payment to his JCPenney Platinum MasterCard disappear into the ether for months — because he paid off his $6,522 credit card balance. Homeland Security officials suspected Soehnge of being a potential “terrorist threat” because he had made a larger than usual payment on his credit card and suspended crediting his account until he made extensive inquiries and complained…

Computer glitch blights national insurance payments.. A new Revenue computer problem has left half a million national insurance payers with holes in their records, resulting in some being asked to pay twice to avoid losing part of their state pensions entitlement.

Lisbon school plans to use fingerprint ID in lunch line.. to be the first school system in Maine to shift to fingerprint ID in the lunchroom…"Compiling this information in a database is extremely dangerous. Government entities don't have a good track record with maintenance of private information,"

World Cup tickets all RFID-tagged.. Each of the tickets is now personalised with the holder's name in an effort to stop touting and prevent hooligans from getting access to World Cup matches…Nevertheless, the RFID technology is likely to live on beyond the July final, with many of the stadia expected to continue using the technology for ticketing domestic games.

Crave Talk: Google snoops on your TV.. it's now thinking how to teach our laptops to eavesdrop on our telly habits.

22. Doublethink.. Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs
in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.

Child mental health disorders have soared, says report.. A Department of Health spokeswoman said that from 2002 to 2005 the number of child mental health cases seen had risen by more than 40%.

Secretive Bilderberg over but was world domination discussed?..

Beyond Insane.. The Mogambo Guru.. "U.S. Gov't Securities: Bought Outright" next to the number $1,423" which means the evil Federal Reserve bought up $1.423 billion dollars in government bonds last week, after first creating the money to do so…The Labor Department said that the U.S. April trade deficit widened 2.5% to $63.4 billion. The prices of imported goods was up 1.6 percent for the month. The month!.. the Agriculture Department revised their winter wheat estimate to be 1.26 billion bushels, a whopping 16% less than last year.

THE BIG GOLD PICTURE.. According the Big Gold Picture, that means that Gold and silver will be suppressed for a time by the increasing US and world interest rate environment. However, in the longer term, I still foresee gold and precious metals accelerating because for one thing the US and the world will find themselves in higher fiscal deficits if the world economies cool.

Islamic banking goes nationwide.. Lloyds TSB is to offer current accounts and mortgages which comply with Islamic law through its 2,000 strong branch network from Wednesday…Under Sharia Islamic law, making money from money, such as charging interest, is usury and therefore not permitted. 

Slovenia to get euro green light.. The government hopes that euro membership will boost tourism and foreign investment in the small Alpine state of just under two million people. 

Zimbabwe signs China energy deal.. In exchange, Zimbabwe will provide China with chrome.

Russian Official Urges New World Financial System Without Dominating Currencies.. “Along with the growth of the demand for rubles, our currency could be one of the reserve currencies,” Medvedev said.

The rocky road to oil riches.. The US Energy department thinks that the state is sitting on about a trillion barrels worth of oil, as much as the rest of the world's conventional oil reserves added together…in the kerogen-rich shale rock deposits of western Colorado.. Royal Dutch/Shell says it will decide on whether to start a commercial project by the end of the decade.

The shifting balance of oil power.. The basic pattern of capital flows is now set by central banks, not private markets…Ninety percent of the world's untapped conventional oil reserves are in the hands of governments or state-owned oil companies, far more than was the case several decades ago…Russia’s Putin Proposes Special “Energy Club” for Asian Partners

Naftogaz Ukraine Seeks $500M Credit to Pay for Russian Gas .. Ukraine, one of the world’s biggest consumers of gas, plans to raise gas prices for residential consumers some 80 percent as of July 1 in an effort to meet the higher prices.

BP's Browne predicts oil price fall.. held out the prospect of a big drop in crude oil prices to $40 a barrel as he dismissed alarmist views that petroleum was running out very fast.

US economy heads to extinction because of excessive indebtedness..George Bush has presided over one of the steepest peacetime rises ever in the federal debt. The gross federal debt now exceeds $8.3 trillion…In short, the federal government seems to have much larger unfinanced liabilities than official data imply.. the gap is about $66 trillion.. The crux is whether the interest payments you have to make are more or less than you can afford to pay.

Afghan province to provide one-third of world's heroin.. "It's going to be massive," said one British drugs official. "My guess is it's going to be the biggest ever."

Global military spend hits $1.12 trillion.. The USA is responsible for 48 percent of the world total.. US to hit back if NKorea tests missile.. Washington would hit back if North Korea test-fired a missile capable of reaching the United States…Russia Will Not Discuss its Nuclear Weapons With U.S... Russian Stealth Aircraft to Appear in 2007.. China Deploys New Dong Feng.. road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile is expected to enter service during 2006.. The operational debut of the new JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missile is expected some time between 2007 and 2010…it will provide China with an additional, survivable nuclear option.. Chavez Says Venezuela Will Buy 24 Russian Sukhoi Jets in 2006.. the SU-30 jets will replace a fleet of U.S.-made F-16s, which Venezuela has had trouble maintaining because the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush has refused to sell Caracas parts.

Depleted Uranium - An American War Crime That Has No End.. Since 1991, the United States has staged four wars using depleted uranium weaponry, illegal under all international treaties, conventions and agreements, as well as under US military law…During the brief Gulf War, thousands of tons of bombs were dropped on Iraq, more than were used throughout World War II. By systematic intent, all electric power generating facilities, water treatment and pumping plants, sewage treatment facilities, and communication centers were bombed…Rumsfeld expels US media from Guantanamo Bay.. "The correspondents came down to the base on Saturday to cover the aftermath of the suicides, at the invitation of the admiral in charge of the prison," Rosenberg wrote. "The Pentagon canceled the invitation Tuesday night, despite protests from the newspapers.".. U.S. Labs in Arms Race to Build Safer Nuclear Bomb.. The new bomb would have to be built and deployed without testing. The U.S. last conducted an underground test in Nevada in 1992 and has since imposed a moratorium on new testing..”If anybody thinks we are going to be designing new warheads and not doing testing, I don't know what they are smoking," Drell said…US 'biggest global peace threat'

Google Seeks More Power.. Google has lashed together a global network of computers — known in the industry as the Googleplex — that is a singular achievement. "Google has constructed the biggest computer in the world, and it's a hidden asset,".. The best guess is that Google now has more than 450,000 servers spread over at least 25 locations around the world.

Smog in Beijing: 'Doctors tell you not to go outside'.. People all over the country have rioted and held demonstrations over pollution damaging their crops in the countryside and affecting children's health.


Bilderbergers meet secretly today in Ottawa.. It is one of the most exclusive conferences of global elites you will ever find.. the Bilderberg meetings emphasize a globalist agenda and promote the idea that the notion of national sovereignty is antiquated and regressive…it's one of the most influential organizations on the planet.".. Shadowy group meets amid secrecy in Ottawa.. The guest list.. includes Holland's Queen Beatrix.... "To create a one-world government where you don't have individual nations -- you have one region, one religion, one constitution, one church, one currency and one country.".. Even uniformed Ottawa police were required to show identification to private security personnel before passing through the gates… "Now you have 125 of the most powerful people in the world, and no one seems to want to know what these people are talking about… Brinkman invloedrijkste man van Nederland.. zeer kritisch over bestuurlijk Nederland. ‘Het zure is dat ons systeem zo is verziekt dat het onbegonnen werk is het te verbeteren.

Water, Energy and Food Prices.. The cost of grain is rising steeply on the back of soaring energy costs.. the cost of fertilizer is rising in parallel with oil and gas.. Grain stocks are becoming almost as vulnerable as oil stocks and are now at their lowest level for twenty-five years. (achtergronden: Graham Zabel, August 2000 en Albert A. Bartlett, Spring 1998 )

The Peak Oil Crisis.. One Year in Review.. So what does the past year tell us? First of all, world oil production has moved up very little… and increasing rates of world oil field depletion.

Is Saudi Arabia Running Out of Oil?.. The Saudis are pumping, at most, 9 million barrels a day now and have boasted that they could pump as much as 15 million barrels a day for the next 50 years… There's no solid independent data source of Saudi oil production.

Wrap: G8 finance ministers discuss energy, poverty, terrorism.. The finance ministers also held discussions with ministers from Australia, Brazil, the People's Republic of China, India, the Republic of Korea and Nigeria…Italian Minister of Economy and Finance Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, when asked about risks related to energy supplies from Russia to the European Union, declined to discuss the issue…Germany to accept 1.3 bln euros in early payment of Russian debt.. President Vladimir Putin said earlier that Russia hoped to be able to pay off all its debts to the Paris Club of creditors by yearend…Russia to build 2 nuclear power units a year from 2007.. President Vladimir Putin met top nuclear officials to discuss the nuclear-power industry's development and ways to make it more competitive.

'Nederlandse taskforce doodde tientallen Taliban’.. Premier Jan Peter Balkenende zei vrijdag na afloop van het kabinetsberaad dat er sprake was van een verslechtering van de veiligheidssituatie in Uruzgan.

Iraq war bill deletes US military base prohibition.. "The perception that the U.S. intends to occupy Iraq indefinitely is fueling the insurgency and making our troops more vulnerable,"

June 2006 - Iran Special Weapons News.. The Coming Showdown In Iran.. The weapon that could defeat the US in the Gulf.. Washington's position on Iran unchanged - U.S. treasury secretary.. US approves annual aid to Israel.. The annual assistance package to Israel is comprised of USD 2.34 billion in military aid, in addition to USD 120 million in standard economic aid…Hans Blix.. Don't forget those other 27,000 nukes.. In the United States, military authorities want new types of nuclear weapons; in Britain, the government is considering the replacement, at tremendous cost, of one generation of nuclear weapons by another - as defense against whom?  

Three Guantánamo detainees committed suicide.. U.N. panel said May 19 that holding detainees indefinitely at Guantanamo violated the world's ban on torture.

RFID  implants raise flags.. microchips implanted in patients.. Ninety-seven hospitals there have agreed to use the system sold by VeriChip, according to the company.

Ruling Backs Internet-Phone Wiretapping

F.D.A. Imposes RFID Tracking of Prescription Drugs.. as a way to fight counterfeiting and aid in product recalls.

U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman to add money for a study about the impact of depleted uranium munitions on the health of veterans…He said that soldiers are coming home from battle with a range of health problems that might be connected to depleted uranium.

How Melting Glaciers Alter Earth's Surface,Spur Quakes, Volcanoes.. "The pressure of the ice sheet suppresses earthquakes, so removing that load triggers them,"

VIPs' arrivals marked by a discreet 'B'.. global luminaries such as Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands began quietly slipping into Ottawa yesterday for the annual gathering of the ultra-secretive Bilderberg Group…The release confirmed this year's meeting will deal with energy issues, Iran, the Middle East, terrorism, immigration, Russia, European-American relations and Asia.

The Bullish Case for Gold (Is There Another Case?).. This discussion will outline seven factors that underlie our bullish gold price outlook for 2006 and 2007. There are several bearish factors of a short-term nature that should however also be mentioned.

CEOs say new ETF craze has transformed gold market.. There's a huge amount of money waiting to find a home.. "People are looking for something to store value in. They are not just doing it for inflation. It is financially driven,"

Gold Heads for Fourth Weekly Drop as Dollar Gains.. Still, Moore said gold may climb as U.S. trade and budget deficits weaken the dollar…The U.S. current-account deficit, the broadest measure of trade, surpassed $800 billion in 2005 for the first time.

Rosneft Plans to Raise as Much as $14 Bln in IPO, People Say.. Rosneft is raising funds to repay $7.5 billion the state borrowed to acquire a controlling stake in Gazprom, the world's biggest natural gas company. Rosneft plans to spend $30 billion in the next decade to increase production after the country's output growth slowed last year…George Soros wrote April 25 in the Financial Times that the IPO ``raises serious ethical and energy security issues.'' Soros said the plan may legitimize Russia's move to renationalize parts of its oil and gas industry.

Crude Oil Rises as Kidnapping Heightens Concern Iraqi Unrest Will Continue.. The increase in import prices adds to concern that inflation is picking up, which will likely prompt the Federal Reserve to lift its benchmark interest rate again at the end of this month…Iran and the Strait of Hormuz.. Gulf oil passed through the Strait of Hormuz, accounting for 40% of the world’s oil, its geo-strategic significance being matched by few other areas when it comes to energy shipments…“We judge Iran can briefly close the Strait of Hormuz.. Mahathir: US policy in Iraq, Iran prelude to 4th World War..

China's economy is facing heightened overheating signs.. China targets an 8 percent growth rate for the full year, but the world's fastest-growing major economy expanded a revised 10.3 percent in the first quarter.

U.S. Airstrikes on Afghanistan Top 750 for May.. The increased U.S. bombing has sparked opposition from Afghans angered at the rising death toll of civilians, which Afghan lawmakers blame for a surge in Taliban support.

House Rejects Net Neutrality.. Bowing to an intense lobbying campaign that spent tens of millions of dollars – and held out the promise of hefty campaign contributions for those members who did the bidding of interested firms.. "Special interest advocates from telephone and cable companies have flooded the Congress with misinformation delivered by an army of lobbyists to undermine decades-long federal practice of prohibiting network owners from discriminating against competitors to shut out competition. Unless the Senate steps in, (Thursday's) vote marks the beginning of the end of the Internet as an engine of new competition, entrepreneurship and innovation." says Jeannine Kenney, a senior policy analyst for Consumers Union.

Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites..By adding online social networking data to its phone analyses, the NSA could connect people at deeper levels, through shared activities, such as taking flying lessons…The ever-growing online social networks are part of the flood of internet information that could be mined: some of the top sites like MySpace now have more than 80 million members.

DOE computers hacked; info on 1,500 taken.. The data theft occurred in a computer system at a service center belonging to the National Nuclear Security Administration in Albuquerque, N.M. The file contained information about contract workers throughout the agency's nuclear weapons complex, a department spokesman said…Brooks acknowledged that no attempt was made to notify the individuals until now…The Energy Department spends $140 million a year on cyber security.

The Diebold Machine Sleepovers at Poll Workers Houses.. My Mom was also very surprised that the registrar of voters allowed us to take election equipment home with us.. Op-Scan Voting Machines Miscount Ballots in Iowa Republican Primary! Hand Count Reveals Other Candidate Leads By Far!.. decided to count the absentee ballots by hand and indeed found that the incumbent had won the count instead!... By 128 votes instead of having lost it by 20!

How bilingual brains switch between tongues

Global Warming Is Spurring Evolution, Study Says..

Gold tumbles as dollar rallies.. Al-Zarqawi's death in a Baghdad-area air strike sent oil futures below $70 a barrel and gave the dollar an early boost. But the greenback was further helped by a sharp selloff in Asian markets overnight, as well as by comments from European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet that turned out less hawkish than expected…"The current gold sell-off is not only a possible misreading of future outcomes (arising out of this killing), but also a sign that traders (read funds) are focusing strictly on the news of the day and that 'profit myopia' may have set in," he said.

Pension funds will shunt gold ETF growth.. Global investment stands at $60 trillion, and, if investment institutions follow the bare minimum portfolio allocation of two percent suggested by of the World Gold Council, an industry body that advocates gold, the potential growth for gold would be enormous.

Iran Hoarding Gold.. the Iranian leadership decided last fall to begin a massive, secret repatriation of its international currency reserves, according to Central Bank of Iran documents...brought 250 tons of gold bullion from the vaults of Swiss banks to Tehran. Since the first quarter of 2003, he added, "we've seen a broad range of Middle Easterners buying gold for storage outside the Middle East, the United States, Europe, or Japan. More people have bought gold over the past five years than in the entire history of mankind."

Elite firm to guard Members of the Bilderberg Group meeting in Kanata.. top-secret meeting of some of the world's most powerful business and political leaders at a Kanata hotel starting today (8-6-06).. Bilderberg chairman Etienne Davignon told the BBC last year. "It's people who have influence interested to speak to other people who have influence.".. Jim Tucker insist Bilderberg here.. Even mainstream critics say they are elitist, undemocratic and unaccountable.. "Conspiracy is fact when you have 120 of the world's most powerful men and they conduct public business behind closed doors with armed guards."

ECB, Asian Central Banks Lift Rates to Curb Inflation.. ``Markets are very tense,'' said Thomas Mayer, chief European economist at Deutsche Bank AG in London. ``The tightening will probably lead to a slowing of the world economy.''  U.S., Europe at Odds Over Economic Imbalances as G-8 Meets.. The quarrel undermines a pledge by the world's richest nations to form a coordinated approach to the so-called global imbalances, reflected by the U.S.'s $805 billion current-account shortfall

Russia's CB Cuts Dollar Share of Reserves.. The Central Bank said Thursday that it had cut the share of dollars in its reserves to 50 %, diversifying into euros as the greenback's standing as a reserve currency suffers…Russia to Have World’s Third Largest Gold and Forex Reserves in 2006.. “We will surpass Taiwan in 2006 and will become the third largest in the world in terms of gold and forex reserves.”.. Russia’s Central Bank Expects Foreign Capital Outflow from Russia Due to Ruble Appreciation

Gazprom, Wingas agree on annual gas supplies via NEGP.. finalized a deal on Russian gas imports to Germany from 2010 through the North European Gas Pipeline.,, New Gas Price Rift with Ukraine Won’t Cause Winter Shortages in Europe.. European customers get most of their gas from pipelines crossing Ukraine…Russia Mulls Law to Grant Gazprom Export Monopoly.. Russia’s parliament will vote in June ..The draft, obtained by Reuters, says that gas should be considered a strategic material and therefore should be exported only by Gazprom, to protect the national interest.. Gazprom's Media Assets.. Gazprom owns NTV television, TNT cable network and satellite network NTV-Plus; Izvestia and Tribuna newspapers; Itogi magazine; and Ekho Moskvy and several other radio stations. The railways monopoly owns national newspaper Gudok and more than a dozen smaller industry publications.

Urals Oil Futures Begin Trading on RTS.. Besides the Urals futures, gold futures also started trading Thursday on the exchange…prices are quoted in dollars, the contracts are settled in rubles according to the Central Bank's exchange rate. Investors cannot get delivery of any physical oil through the exchange -- all contracts are cancelled and settled in cash.

Zim stands fast on mining laws.. Zimbabwe will not back down which will give the state a majority stake in foreign-owned firms.. South Africa's Implats owns 86.9 percent of Zimplats, which operates Zimbabwe's only platinum mine. It produced 494 tons of platinum last year…Zim's gold production plummets..

Rumsfeld cautions on al-Zarqawi impact.. "Given the nature of the terrorist networks, really a network of networks, the death of Zarqawi, while enormously important, will not mean the end of all violence in that country," Rumsfeld told reporters.House panel approves $50B more for wars.. the Pentagon is spending about $8 billion a month in Iraq and $1 billion a month in Afghanistan…Field commanders tell Pentagon Iraq war 'is lost'.. in private reports to the Pentagon the war "is lost" and that the U.S. military is unable to stem the mounting violence killing 1,000 Iraqi civilians a month…they report the massacre of Iraqi civilians at Haditha is "just the tip of the iceberg" with overstressed, out-of-control Americans soldiers pushed beyond the breaking point both physically and mentally…Iran ready for nuclear talks.. "The Iranian nation will not retreat from the path of progress and obtaining advanced technology one iota," .. UN chief remarks 'severe mistake'.. Mr Bolton accused Mr Malloch Brown of employing "a condescending, patronising tone about the American people"…The organisation could run out of money at the end of June and the US - its biggest paymaster - may withhold its dues unless there is enough progress by the UN on management reform, observers say.

Home Office defends sharing DNA database.. Featherstone said the fact the DNA database was already being shared without public knowledge or proper checks in place does not bode well. She said: "This is a bad omen for the upcoming ID register, now the Government has made it clear that our personal data can be shared with foreign countries".

Gold reasserts role as financial asset: Goldcorp.. "People are looking for something to store value in. They are not just doing it for inflation. It is financially driven.. In the United States, which has by far the biggest ETF gold security, 251 institutional investors had average holdings of $44 million

Big buyers of gold slip under radar.. THE world's big-money brigade is snapping up gold bullion at eight times the rate originally thought, according to UBS, the world's biggest gold trader.. "It is slow steady investment by pension funds and long-term buyers…Oil states armed with a current account surplus of $US480 billion in 2006 are thought to be feeding the "stealth demand" for bullion, led by Russia…Russia's gold and currency reserves will go up

Proving The Silver Manipulation Again.. TED BUTLER.. The actual numbers state that the 4 or less largest traders are net short the equivalent of 181,584,000 ounces, while the 4 or less largest traders are net long 52,506,000 ounces, To put this short amount into perspective, it is more than is produced annually on the largest silver producing continent, North America (Mexico, US and Canada). It’s larger than the combined total holdings in the COMEX warehouses and the silver ETF (SLV). The concentrated net short position is staggering in size.

BEST QUOTES OF MAY 2006.. Remember, gold is static. Gold isn't going up, the dollar is going down.. TEN REASONS FOR HYPERINFLATION

Bush, Blair Preach Democracy to Azerbaijan as Caspian Oil Pipeline Putting into Operation Nears.. The U.S.-backed Baku-Ceyhan pipeline allows the West to tap oil from the rich Caspian Sea fields, estimated to hold the world’s third-largest reserves, bypassing Russia and Iran.

US pension fund giant sues NYSE in $1bn fraud claim.. Calpers is a $200bn pension fund .. they argue: "NYSE officials falsely assured investors that they were operating a fair and orderly market. This simply was not true."

IBM to triple investment in India.. to nearly $6-billion.. IBM now has five software development centres in India along with an office to provide consulting services worldwide, helping Big Blue cut overall costs with less expensive labour and opening new connections to the fast-growing India market.

GM chief cites progress and effort to trim supplier costs by $1 billion - would likely fall short. And when questioned by reporters, he held out the possibility of more plant closings beyond the 12 already planned through 2008.

Iran: Nuclear plan 'positive' but 'ambiguous'.. President Bush said Tuesday it was "positive" that Iran is taking the proposal seriously, but he emphasized again that the Islamic republic must suspend uranium enrichment before negotiations can begin.

Army Manual to Skip Geneva Detainee Rule.. But top administration officials contend that after the Sept. 11 attacks, old customs do not apply, especially to a fight against terrorists or insurgents who never play by the rules. "The overall thinking," said the participant familiar with the defense debate, "is that they need the flexibility to apply cruel techniques if military necessity requires it."

Another Terrorist Attack Coming Soon?.. U.S. officials.. Privately, they say, they'd be surprised if it didn't come by the end of the year.

Evolutionary Psychology, Memes and the Origin of War.. To avoid wars in the long term, all cultures (including Islamic cultures) will have to either empower women or figure out some other way to reduce their population growth to levels consistent with long-term economic growth…An impending resource crisis activates a behavioral switch in humans allowing the build up of xenophobic or dehumanizing memes, which synchronizes attacks on neighboring tribes.

Quebec to beef up privacy law to hamper U.S. surveillance.. Quebec's 12-year-old law governing the release of personal information by private businesses is to be enhanced, partly in reaction to the USA Patriot Act

US says personal data on 2.2 million troops stolen.. officials discovered that personal information on as many as 1.1 million military members on active duty, 430,000 National Guard troops and 645,000 members of the Reserves may have been included in the data theft.

Asian families consider quitting Britain over terror raids by police.. But the scale of the police operation has led some to question their safety and fear that Muslims are increasingly becoming scapegoats in the domestic war on terror…"We are angry and we are scared. It's a case of shooting first and asking questions later.

Two Victories for the Anti-RFID Crowd.. "Your industry is sick.".. in reference to a televised interview on the Fox News Channel with VeriChip chairman Scott Silverman, who argues that implanting microchips in immigrants to the United States could be a viable solution to the immigration issue…The other news for the anti-RFID camp came from the state of Wisconsin, whose legislature passed a bill banning chip implants by corporations that don't have the approval of the implantee.

Coming Soon: The Web Toll.. A tiered system would give established companies with deep pockets a huge competitive edge over cash-strapped start-ups consigned to slow lanes. “We have to remember that some of the companies that we now consider to be titans of the Internet started literally as guys in a garage,”.. Google founder lobbies for net neutrality

European drug watchdog backs Prozac for children.. that Prozac could be used to treat children aged eight years and over.

Beijing plans to make rain to ensure a fine Olympics.. Cloud seeding is becoming increasingly common in China as a means of offsetting the effects of drought. Much of the country is short of water, and the water table is dropping quickly in many places…Later, scientists started to use silver iodide because it was more effective than dry ice.

China notes costs of 'grave' pollution.. After more than 25 years of breakneck growth, China is in the midst of an environmental crisis that has continued to worsen as local authorities fail to enforce regulations meant to counter severe air and water pollution.


Russia leading global 'stealth demand' for gold.. The Swiss bank said information from its trading floor suggested that funds and investors were allocating 20pc of their commodity portfolios to precious metals…Oil states armed with an estimated current account surplus of $480bn in 2006 are thought to be feeding the "stealth demand" for bullion, led by Russia..Yu Yongding ..for Beijing to diversify its $875bn reserves into gold to protect against a tumbling dollar. "We need to use some of the reserves to buy other assets such as gold and strategic resources such as oil," he said.

Gold May Challenge Record on Inflation Concern, Citigroup Says.. within the next three years as higher inflation prompts investors to buy the precious metal as a hedge.. Jim Rogers, George Soros' former right-hand man, reckons the goldboom could last another 16 years.. Where's the oil going to come from? Nobody can give me an answer, including Shell, Exxon, Chevron. They're out there looking for oil, and they don't know where it's coming from."

Iranian Oil Bourse nearly ready to open.. The Iranian Oil Bourse is in its final stages, Iran's Fars news agency reported Monday.

Bernanke voices inflation fears.. US Federal Reserve may have to raise rates to keep inflation under control.. US shares tumble on rates jitters.. A sharp rise in oil prices - a key driver of inflation.. Inflation 'a blot' on UK economy.. The most recent available data points to a possible interest rate rise at some point this year .. Oil prices rise on Iran's warning.. $73 .. Other factors that have hit oil prices in recent weeks are ongoing anti-government unrest in Nigeria, and some minor glitches at US refineries, but analysts agree that the situation in Iran - the world's fourth-largest oil exporter - remains the significant factor. 

The System in Crisis.. Slow Economic Growth.. The U.S. is not unique. The trend of declining growth-rates can be seen in all the wealthy nations of the world, the 29 members of the OECD [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development]. During each passing decade since 1970, growth in OECD countries has declined, compared to the previous decade.[6,pg.38] The trend of slowing growth doesn't affect just the average family. Even more importantly, it affects the super rich -- in the U.S., the one percent of us who own 50% of all private wealth, or, more broadly, the 5% of us who own 2/3rds of all private wealth.[7]

Brown warns against protectionism.. He sees the fact that some European countries have blocked recent cross-border corporate takeovers as a sign that such patriotism is growing.

China envoy defends Africa policy.. Not only has China fiercely resisted UN sanctions against Sudan for its Darfur policy, it has also been opposed to using the threat of sanctions against Iran and, judging by these comments, that is not about to change.

BACK TO THE BUNKER.. June 19, about 4,000 government workers representing more than 50 federal agencies from the State Department to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.. They will take to the bunkers in an "evacuation" that my sources describe as the largest "continuity of government" exercise ever conducted, a drill intended to prepare the U.S. government for an event even more catastrophic than the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks…Universal National Service Act of 2006..(verplichte militaire dienstplicht in de USA komt eraan)..A BILL To provide for the common defense by requiring all persons in the United States, including women, between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes…Vast DNA Bank Pits Policing Vs. Privacy.. Brimming with the genetic patterns of more than 3 million Americans, the nation's databank of DNA "fingerprints" is growing by more than 80,000 people every month.. "These databases are starting to look more like a surveillance tool than a tool for criminal investigation," said Tania Simoncelli of the American Civil Liberties Union in New York…New Orleans Police Chief: 'I'll Grab Guns'.. police in his city would once again confiscate privately-owned firearms in the event of another catastrophic storm like Hurricane Katrina.. "Misuse of police power is a serious matter,” Gottlieb said. "Nowhere in America can a police official violate the civil and constitutional rights of citizens within his jurisdiction under the color of law. We find it necessary to keep reminding administrators like Riley that this is still the United States, not a police state.”.. New York City proposes new gun control laws

US refuses to compensate Agent Orange victims.. will not compensate Vietnam's Agent Orange victims (wel DU-victims in Irak en Afghanistan dan?)

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?.. puts it even more bluntly. ''Down-ticket candidates shouldn't outperform presidential candidates like that,'' he says. ''That just doesn't happen. The question is: Where did the votes for Kerry go?''.. Bruce Funk is a nuisance in an obscure rural Utah.. "Diebold will lie about anything," Dill says. "It's an obvious and dangerous vulnerability. . "No other county clerk gave anyone that kind of access - that's how ridiculous his behavior was," says Joe Demma, Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert's chief of staff. "We don't believe there is a - quote-unquote - 'back door.' 

Russia’s Putin Lauds Media’s Role,.. sidestepped harsh criticism of the level of media freedom in Russia,.. The three main nationwide television channels are controlled by the state and do not criticize the president, a situation rights activists say is reminiscent of the Soviet era. In addition to television and radio stations, many newspapers and magazines remain highly dependent on local and regional authorities.

Internet surveillance providers.. Keeping web records longer than necessary won't stop child pornographers or terrorists, it'll only help hackers…

Precious safe haven in uncertain times... The gold price may have reached a 25-year high, but a long-term view is important.. 'Gold is a great hedge when you're not quite sure what you're hedging against.'

Zim inflation 'nearer 2000%'.. "This suggests current inflation is nearer 1500 percent to 2000 percent, which means the value of money halves in two weeks… Wages are unlikely to be rising as fast as inflation.".. Gideon Gono, Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank governor.. raided offices of South African platinum giant Zimplats last week, confiscating computers, files and even personal documents belonging to senior executives… Gono has been "furious" that the government has backed down on plans to take a majority stake in Zimplats. Generals now control the reserve bank, the grain marketing board, the electoral commission, the state railway, energy ministry, parks authority and other key institutions formerly run by civilians... Zimbabwe's only independent MP, said: "This is an admission that things have fallen apart and that governance can no longer continue in civilian mode." He forecast a possible "slide into anarchy" if social unrest erupted into violence.

The US$, Oil, Hurricanes... The O.E.C.D. has issued warnings that are positive for gold and silver and platinum.

Tight Oil Supplies..dia-show..klik, indien nodig, hier

The Suburban Fantasy.. There is now powerful evidence in the production figures worldwide that we have reached global peak oil production…We’d better start paying attention to the signals that reality is sending or we will be living in a very violent, impoverished and demoralized nation.. Game Plans for Gas Prices.. extended for another month its promotion of a $15 admission discount to anyone who produces a recent gas receipt.

Property 'no alternative pension'.. "This isn't about forcing people to sell their homes but about empowering them to make informed choices that are right for them.".. MPs' rich pensions.. Ordinary taxpayers look with dismay at gold-plating in Whitehall..

Bush Likens Fighting Radicals to Cold War.. "This is only the beginning," Bush said. "The message has spread from Damascus to Tehran that the future belongs to freedom -- and we will not rest until the promise of liberty reaches every people in every nation.".. "The war began on my watch, but it's going to end on your watch,".. Bush recounted his strategy for fighting terrorism, saying the United States continues to consider any country that harbors a terrorist to be as guilty as the terrorist being harbored.

Basra Begins to Fall Apart.. More than 1,000 members of the British military have deserted since the start of the Iraq war.. The children of Guantanamo Bay.. that more than 60 of the detainees of the US camp were under 18 at the time of their capture, some as young as 14 … "There is no international standard concerning the age of an individual who engages in combat operations... Age is not a determining factor in detention. [of those] engaged in armed conflict against our forces or in support to those fighting against us."

Africa needs to wage second liberation war: Zimbabwean official.. Africa needs to wage a second liberation struggle against neo-colonialism and racism to transforming itself into a fully liberated zone.. "Africa is one of the richest regions of the world and yet most of its people are some of the poorest on earth,"

EU considers taxing emails and SMSs.. European Union lawmakers are investigating a proposed tax on emails and mobile phone text messages as a way to fund the 25-member bloc in the future.

Gadgets make people easy to track.. "With newer technologies, tracking can be done automatically by a remote computer, making it possible for law enforcement to monitor the movements of many more people for longer periods of time," the report said. But it But it cautioned that tracking "reveals sensitive information about a person that may have no relation to criminal activity."

Gonzales pressures ISPs on data retention.. A more extensive mandate would require companies to keep track of e-mail messages sent, Web pages visited and perhaps even instant-messaging correspondents… The Europe-wide requirement applies to a wide variety of "traffic" and "location" data, including the identities of the customers' correspondents; the date, time and duration of phone calls, voice over Internet Protocol calls or e-mail messages; and the location of the device used for the communications. But the "content" of the communications is not supposed to be retained. The rules are expected to take effect in 2008.

White Zim farmer finds new heaven in Zambia.. As Zimbabwe declines, its neighbour Zambia has begun to prosper, and authorities say the 300 Zimbabwean farmers who have arrived since 2000 have played a role… Namibia consults Zimbabwe about land reform.. He said Namibia would follow Zimbabwe's example to economically empower indigenous people by expediting its land reform programme… South Africa: 'Share land before it's too late'.... If government sought to achieve a 30 percent distribution of land by 2015 to previously disadvantaged people, the pace of land reform would have to be considerably accelerated, he said… Mugabe seizes black farms to drive his maize economy.. Now, black farmers have also become the focus of his unwelcome attentions… "They told us, 'We are taking away your fields from you'.

Poverty in the land of affluence..Half of South Africa’s population is made up of children under the age of 15, the majority of whom live in poor rural, peri-urban communities, high density townships and informal settlements in cities… SA worried about Zim implosion.. As Zimbabwe implodes economically, an increasing number of its citizens are applying for visas to head south.

Earth's Ozone Layer Appears To Be On The Road To Recovery.. if the trend continues, the global ozone layer should be restored to 1980 levels sometime between 2030 and 2070. By then even the Antarctic ozone hole might close--for good.

Don't Ignore 'An Inconvenient Truth'.. Nineteen of the 20 hottest years on record have occurred since 1980, with 2005 marking the warmest yet…In the far north, Inuit hunters have fallen through ice, and villages have lost ground to swelling seas. In the tropics, deluged islanders are making plans for permanent evacuation. Seas worldwide have risen four to eight inches in the last century; Massachusetts alone has lost 65 acres a year. Malaria has spread to higher altitudes in places such as the Colombia Andes, which is 7,000 feet above sea level.


Tony Blair today called for wide-ranging reform of the UN, the IMF and the World Bank.. change was needed to promote "global values"..Mr Blair warned that the west would sometimes need to take pre-emptive military action abroad, even if it was not on the basis of definite information…Mr Blair's concept of a foreign policy centred on "morally-based" military interventions abroad…Blair 'too busy' for Iran conflict .. "We don't want a conflict with Iran.. "But it could so easily be resolved if people just understood that here are the rules and we should all play by them."

Extract from George Bush and Tony Blair's press conference at the White House.. Bush: The decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power was controversial…Bush: I'd like to see a United Nations that's effective, one that joins us in trying to rid the world of tyranny, one that is willing to advance human rights and human dignity at its core, one that's an unabashed organisation - is unabashed in their desire to spread freedom. 

Is Venezuela's oil production rapidly waning?.. The result of the bad management and neglect, has been the steady erosion and near incapacitation of a major oil-producing region of Venezuela.. Top U.S. Defense Officials Increase Hostility Towards Venezuela.. Today’s statements by Rumsfeld and Negroponte merely confirm the diehard intentions of the U.S. government to continue its efforts to remove President Chávez from power and impede the development of the Bolivarian Revolution…Clearly, the Bush Administration has decided Venezuela and President Chávez represent a “severe threat” to U.S. domination in the region and U.S. control over energy resources in the hemisphere. Venezuela may very well be next on the list for a “preemptory war” in the style of Iraq…Venezuelan anger at computer game.. In Mercenaries 2: World In Flames, gamers play soldiers sent to overthrow "a power-hungry tyrant [who] messes with Venezuela's oil supply, sparking an invasion that turns the country into a war zone"…Venezuelan congressman Ismael Garcia, a supporter of Mr Chavez, said the computer game was preparation work for a real invasion. "I think the US government knows how to prepare campaigns of psychological terror so they can make things happen later," he said.

Russian-Algerian Gas Agreement Sparks Cartel Fears in Europe.. Paolo Scaroni, chief executive of the Italian energy giant Eni, recently told the European Parliament that he fears the formation of a natural gas cartel similar to OPEC. “We are increasingly dependent on a small number of suppliers,” he said.,, Putin Wants Fair Compensation for European Access to Russian Energy Sector.. “We see how the United States defends its interests,” Putin said at the news conference…Russia Calls for Review of Foreign-Operated Oil Projects, Shell, Mobil Under Threat.. For international oil companies, a reduction in their stake in Russian projects would be a serious loss at a time when they are finding it more difficult to locate new sources of oil elsewhere. Most of the foreign companies in Russia are finding their reserves bases are already shrinking…Putin faces energy shootout.. Energy dependence on Russia affects Europe more directly than the US, hence a potential future divergence in the strategies to counter it. And as relations with Washington deteriorate, Moscow does not want ongoing rows with the EU, too…the rise of the petro-ruble.. Russia was planning to make the ruble “internationally convertible” so that it could be used in oil and natural gas transactions. “Collapse of the petrodollar looming”.. “Russia's oil exports represent 15.2% of the world's export trade in oil, making it a much more significant player than Iran, with 5.8% of export volumes. Russia also produces 25.8% of the world's gas exports, while Iran is still only entering this market as an exporter…. Venezuela has 5.4% of the export market.”.. Russia’s wrong direction..(USA) CFR-publicatie.. “Russia has used energy exports as a foreign policy weapon.. the United States needs to agree with other governments, especially our European allies, on measures to assure that state-controlled Russian energy companies act like true commercial entities.” (zie ook de auteurs!).. Fake roubles are proof of currency's revival.. But the rouble has stabilised since Vladimir Putin became President in 2000. He announced this month that by July 1 it should be fully convertible for the first time since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917…How much longer can the dollar reign supreme?.. “A more important question therefore, may be whether oil exports should continue to be denominated in US dollars,”

Russia to Sell Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Iran..

Boeing unveils lightweight bomb for urban combat.. The bombs also will help limit civilian casualties during airstrikes in urban areas.. Boeing’s development of the bomb was one of the speediest and most successful weapons development in Air Force history. He said the bomb should be used in combat as early as this summer.

Italy to pull 1,100 troops from Iraq..

Bilderberg to Meet in Canada June 8-11... Approximately 120 international leaders in politics and finance will also discuss the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which has caused a rare breach between American Bilderbergers and their European counterparts since the United States Iraq invasion in 2003. Whether the United States should invade Iran is also high on the agenda…Secretive power brokers meeting coming to Ottawa?.. Even some rational critics suspect the Bilderberg's meetings set the economic and political agenda for much of the industrialized world without any public oversight or accountability.

Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State..en Nederland?

Intelligent security grabs attention.. The system, which is being touted as a second level of identification after a password, requires a person to type in their name into a standard keyboard. The computer learns using the precise time that each key is pressed and released by its user.

People suffer from silent crisis of ‘energy poverty’: UNDP.. Worldwide 2.4 billion people worldwide who lack any access to modern energy services and 1.6 billion people lack any electricity at home, according to the United Nations…“Universal access to modern energy services is essential to halve poverty by 2015, and we need to underline today that it is both financially and environmentally feasible,” said Ad Melkert

Drought prompts first ever emergency food operation in Nepal.. affected by the drought, which is following the driest winter on record in the region, among the poorest parts of this badly impoverished country…47 percent of Nepalis do not have enough food to live active, healthy lives. .."Many people have already run out of their food stocks and are now eating herbs and roots to survive,"

MOGAMBO GURU: The Bloodthirsty Horsemen Of The Apocalypse.. The dollar lost half its value during the Greenspan years alone.  And now, the Bush administration is adding more debt than all the other administrations in U.S. history combined. .. This debt must be carried, handled, by ever increasing amounts of paper.  That alone is a basis for perma-inflation.  Maybe we've got a new word here -- "permaflation."

House OKs Oil Drilling in Alaska Refuge.. "We need to develop energy, here at home. ... We can't say no to everything," declared Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Calif

Oil flows in China-Kazakh pipeline.. The 575-mile pipeline runs from Atasu, Kazakhstan, to the Alataw Pass of Xinjiang, northwest China, and is built to transport 20 million tons of oil per year.

Wantrouwen tussen Brussel en Moskou groeit.. dat Rusland en Rusland alleen nu en in de toekomst borg staat voor een probleemloze energievoorziening aan het Westen, eerst en vooral aan Europa…Maar de IEA vreest dat de nalatigheid van Gazprom nu tegen 2010 kan leiden tot een ernstig tekort van voor export beschikbaar gas.

Some US utilities have low coal stocks.. "Traditionally we have stockpiles of 60 days, but some of our companies have stockpiles below 30 days,".. since last year as the railroads that deliver the fuel have dealt with track damage and a shortage of locomotives…"We're not going to have a blackout," he said.

GM offers to pay for fuel in effort to prop up sales.. In what may be seen as a desperate step, GM said people buying certain SUVs in California and Florida would have the price of fuel capped at $1.99 a gallon.

US currency slide fuelling UAE inflation.. The dollar's decline is creating inflationary pressure in the United Arab Emirates, which has pegged its dirham to the US currency, an economy ministry official said yesterday…Kuwait's finance minister said on Saturday his country's revaluation was meant to offset the impact of the dollar's slide on investments and inflation.

Bird flu returns to plague the FTSE.. Currencies in Asia, where most bird flu cases have occurred, fell on fears that a global pandemic, which experts believe could kill millions and devastate economies, had moved closer.

Investors power on, users pick up the bill.. Scottish Power.. Energy prices have soared by 30% in just a year.. "Customers will not understand how Scottish Power can announce record profits and then justify multiple double-digit price increases in the same breath…

Drastische herziening Brits pensioenstelsel.. Britse werknemers mogen in de toekomst pas op hun 68ste met pensioen.

Nigeria lost zijn schulden af.. Nigeria heeft afgelopen weekeinde zijn schulden afbetaald aan de Club van Parijs.. 575 miljoen euro.. "Nigeria is niet alleen een leidende macht op het Afrikaanse continent maar ook een belangrijke olieproducent. Daardoor vormt het een zekere tegenmacht tegen de schuldeisers."

U.S. plans “star wars” bases in Europe to counter Iran.. the most likely bases for the anti-missile system are Poland and the Czech Republic…The shield plan prompted fierce criticism from Russia which says that the U.S.’s hidden agenda is to expand its presence in the former Warsaw Pact nation and jeopardize cooperation between NATO and Moscow…Iran doesn’t have any weapons capable of hitting Western Europe

Defence experts warn of worsening world security, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan identified as flashpoints.. British-led efforts to eradicate Afghanistan's heroin production also "carry high risks to international forces as they will come into direct confrontation with the local population and the Taliban". The IISS said North Korea had obtained enough plutonium to build between five and 11 nuclear weapons.

Blair's crackdown on freedom is an inspiration to tyrants.. How can we urge governments to allow free speech when we round up a 25-year-old chef, Maya Evans, and prevent her from reading out the names of the Iraq war dead at the Cenotaph? Bush Orders Jefferson Records Sealed for 45 Days.. "Our government has not faced such a dilemma in more than two centuries," Bush said. "Yet after days of discussions, it is clear these differences will require more time to be worked out.".. Officials Tout U.S. Anti-Terrorism Record.. most defendants were charged with minor crimes unrelated to terrorism and nearly half had no demonstrated connection to terrorism or terrorists…McNulty said prosecutors often needed to use minor crimes, such as immigration violations or fraud charges, as a way to charge suspects who posed a potential threat…Leave spy judgements to government: officials.. The United States government, not any court, is the best judge of whether to keep programs such as its controversial effort to eavesdrop on citizens a secret, an assistant attorney general said on Wednesday.

We're jammin' in the name of the law.. The German federal government is preparing a law that would allow the use of mobile phone jammers during major events, and in prisons. Blocking the use by criminals of mobile phones is seen as an important counter-terrorism weapon.

Internet Governance Forum.. meeting of 48 net luminaries from government, industry and civil society in Geneva this week..Those topics will be (in order): openness, security, diversity and access.

Semantic Web will bring privacy nightmare.. it will be designed to suck in information and process it into a coherent picture of a person or object. meer

Senate Passes Immigration Bill Overhaul.. Legislation to secure U.S. borders and offer millions of illegal immigrants access to the American dream cleared the Senate on Thursday

Support for Democracy Seen Falling in Africa.. "Democracy's not been working politically,".. Three-quarters of Africans surveyed said they have been short of cash in the past year, and 56 percent said they had been short of food.

Tropen dijen uit; subtropen worden warmer.. Als de ontwikkeling zich doorzet, zullen er meer woestijnen ontstaan en neemt de droogte toe. 

OECD warns of Europe growth risk.. The big budget deficits in most EU countries meant it would be difficult to spend more money to stimulate the economy.. The biggest problem for the world economy are global trade imbalances…"A brutal unfolding of such imbalances would hurt the world economy, with perhaps the largest output losses concentrated in the least resilient regions, not least the euro area," ..the dollar may have to fall by a third for a global correction in trade flows to take place.

President Lukashenko Forecasts Collapse of Global Economy.. “If the prices of energy sources continue to grow on global markets, this may lead to the collapse of global economy,”

Time to return to the gold standard?.. If private investors continue to doubt the dollar and bet on gold, central banks will be forced into gold.

Investment demand for gold soars.. Central bank sales dropped by 57 per cent to 116 tonnes and this also contributed to a 15 per cent decline in total gold supply to 868 tonnes in the first quarter.

Gold jewelry's popularity keeps going up in China.. "Many young people now like to buy gold ornaments, and the design of gold ornaments is more and more fashionable.

Russia 'fails to meet gas need'.. "We are afraid that Gazprom will not have, in the coming years, enough gas to supply even their existing customers and existing contracts. This is our data," said Mr Mandil. "Gazprom is not investing enough." .. Severe winter 'could more than double gas price'.. Gas prices in the wholesale market could hit more than double the highs of the past few months given a cold winter, according to the 2006 Gas Market Review -

Venezuela may price oil exports in euros..

George W. Bush's policy takes the USA to financial collapse.. These obligations amount to $54 trillion dollars. This huge problem worried the former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. He told congress: “As a nation, we may have already made promises to coming generations of retirees that we will be unable to fulfil”… Where do your tax dollars go?.(USA..PDF)

The Plan to Replace the Dollar With the 'Amero'.. The North American Union is envisioned to create a super-regional political authority that could override the sovereignty of the United States on immigration policy and trade issues.

Gas Prices Legitimate, Study Says.. The Federal Trade Commission said the sharp increase in fuel costs was attributable to market forces — namely big drops in supply and production and runs on inventories after major damage to refineries, ports and pipelines.

Fannie Mae, one of the financial backbones of the U.S. housing market, doctored its earnings for six years so top executives could collect hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses.. numerous accounting errors led to the overstatement of earnings by $10.6 billion from 1998 to 2004.

India on alert for suicides after stocks slide.. Indian police are watching out for possible suicides by brokers and investors after a steep market slide wiped out billions of dollars in share values, officials said Monday.

European Nations Draw Up Iran Compromise.. The compromise — which would drop the automatic threat of military action if Iran remains defiant.. It also spells out the penalties if it does not.

Zimbabweans go hungry.. "What's happening because of the hyperinflationary environment is that people's disposable income is not enough to get them basics let alone savings," Best Doro, an economist with a banking group said.

The USA forces Russia into another arms race..

US warns against Chinese arms build-up…but Beijing has criticised similar studies in the past, accusing Washington of engaging in militaristic rhetoric.

Will Your Vote Count in 2006?.. 'When you're using a paperless voting system, there is no security,' says Stanford's David Dill…Experts are calling them the most serious voting-machine flaws ever documented. Basically the trouble stems from the ease with which the machine's software can be altered.

Gonzales Says Prosecutions of Journalists Are Possible.. The government has the legal authority to prosecute journalists for publishing classified information, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales said yesterday.

Web inventor warns of 'dark' net.. He warned that if the US decided to go ahead with a two-tier internet, the network would enter "a dark period". 

Amnesty International Condemns Russia, China, U.S. for Rights Abuse

Thieves took sensitive personal information on 26.5 million U.S. veterans, including Social Security numbers and birth dates.. Nicholson said there was no evidence the thieves had used the data for identity theft

Biometric whitewash gathers pace.. The survey was designed, commissioned and issued by LogicaCMG, a firm with a considerable interest in promoting biometric technology. It provided evidence that European citizens were "catching up" with the US in accepting biometric security checks as a part of every day life.

Number of U.S. inmates rises 2 percent.. found that 62 percent of people in jails have not been convicted, meaning many of them are awaiting trial…Overall, 738 people were locked up for every 100,000 residents.. "It's not a sign of a healthy community when we've come to use incarceration at such rates," he said.

Global warming risk 'much higher'.. They both conclude that current estimates of warming are too low, by anything up to 75%.

Liberalization of Russia's domestic natural gas market will be impossible in the next few years..Russia remains a reliable energy supplier for Europe and intends to increase deliveries, a deputy prime minister said Monday.. Inflation in Russia will be kept to a maximum of 9% in 2006 as compared with the rate of 10.8% in 2005, a deputy prime minister said Monday..

The Real Silver Deficit.. This means that based solely upon relative abundance, silver should be trading at about $110.50/ounce (using a gold price of $650.0). Patience, it seems, is destined to pay some incredible dividends.

The U.K. is running a collective deficit [current + fiscal account] of something like $U.S. 120 billion.. U.S. debt obligations.. SOMEHOW they have managed to simultaneously increase their U.S. debt holdings – over a scant nine months - to the tune of an ADDITIONAL $U.S. 120 billion? The numbers simply do not add up…And this is why – left unchecked - we are categorically headed for HYPERINFLATION…This is also why the.. commodities bull market will not end any time soon. In fact, it’s just beginning.

ROAD KILL ON MAIN STREET.. Another scary thought: the prices of gold and silver may never go down again – even after everybody thinks the bull market is over! Why? Because they always have the same value anyway. We have just been trained to think of their “price” as the number of dollars required to buy them. That is how our leaders want us to think of it. They would actually prefer that we didn’t think about it at all.

Global economy headed for danger.. The entire year's gains in almost every world equities market have been erased in less than a week…"We are possibly in the most dangerous period for global financial markets in my working life."

IMF Rato: High Oil Prices, Global Imbalances Risk To Econ.. "Global imbalances are a threat to global prosperity," IMF Managing Director Rodrigo Rato said.. "The risk is that they unwind in an abrupt and disorderly way,"

Warren Buffett Buys Land for Coal.. with the intent of establishing power generation projects.

Zimbabwe unions threaten strike.. The price of bread rose by 30% in one week.. Independent estimates put the level of unemployment at 80%, whereas official figures say it is less than 10%.

Greenspan Says U.S. Housing Boom Over.. The housing market has been one of the economy's biggest economic drivers, racking up record-high sales five years in a row. Rapid appreciation in home prices has helped power consumer spending, boosting the economy.

A million people in Britain could be on the verge of bankruptcy.. “Our research shows an enormous uptake of unsecured debt in all areas: credit cards, personal loans, student loans, hire purchase and overdrafts. This puts literally millions on the borderline," said James Falla, director of Thomas Charles.

Iran to continue uranium enrichment work – ministry.. European Banks Limit Iran Deals, Pressed by U.S.. Mr. Joseph said the use of American banking regulations and antiterrorism laws against European banks had been effective against Iran and would have a greater effect "if we can get other countries to take similar actions." No Security Guarantee for Iran, Rice Says.. if Bush would leave office with nuclear arms being developed in Iran, Rice said: "We can't allow Iran to steadily turn toward nuclear weapons because it would be tremendously destabilizing in this already volatile region. We have a lot of tools at our disposal.".. Olmert: Iran Close to Atomic Bomb Know-How.. Iran is just a few months away from acquiring the technological know-how that will allow it to build an atomic bomb.. Olmert expressed confidence that Bush would "lead other nations in taking the necessary measures to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power.".. Kissinger: President Bush Will 'Do the Right Thing' on Iran.. WAR would be a last resort to stop Iran from pursuing its nuclear ambitions, Prime Minister John Howard said... President Hugo Chavez said Venezuela will offer to sell its fleet of 21 U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to any country it chooses, including Iran, while looking to buy new warplanes from Russia

Secret military budget sees a major increase

military vehicles equipped with this laser device have been used in Afghanistan..Docu; Video.

BB in de UK.. Some 2,700 people have been wrongly labelled as criminals by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB),.. 'Big Brother' plan to store every baby on computer.. The national database is being planned by ministers to revolutionise information sharing between different agencies and improve protection for vulnerable children…We have mutated into a surveillance society

WOMAN who arrived in London on a flight from Africa yesterday is reported to have died from the deadly and contagious ebola virus... When the Airbus A340-600, carrying 267 passengers and crew, touchdown at Heathrow she was rushed to nearby Hillingdon Hospital, West London.

Ernstige zorgen over de veiligheid van GM voedsel

Global Food Supply Near the Breaking Point.. The world is now eating more food than farmers grow, pushing global grain stocks to their lowest level in 30 years.

June 2006 – Beginning of phase 2 of the global systemic crisis: the phase of acceleration.. during June 2006, the world will enter a phase of acceleration of the crisis…The acceleration should elapse over 3 to 6 months and convey seven concrete consequences:1. accelerated collapse of the Dollar 2. internal social and political crisis in the US 3.Iran/USA/Israel military conflict 4.increased global inflation 5.stop of the process of trade and economic globalisation 6.accelerated emergence of new regional/continental « blocks » 7.rebalancing of world assets’ comparative value.

The death throes of the scumbags..The Mogambo Guru.. "It's not the metal that's goin' up, it's the dollar goin' down,.. Nowadays, "growth" in GDP is created only by increasing debt, which creates new money, which increases prices, which is also a measure of an increase in GDP, and then the inflation that produced the higher prices (and thus the higher GDP) is ignored, making it look like the economy "grew."…. Every dip like that is Lady Fate smiling on you, letting you buy gold and silver at a temporary bargain! Whee! Lucky you!

INFLATION ADJUSTED GOLD.. In the Kitco chart above, the thin black line is my inflation adjusted gold chart HELD IN CONSTANT 1983 dollars. In fact gold is very cheap today! AT $700 gold is really $230 in 1983 USD!

IEA could cover cutoff of Iran oil for 4 years.. "When you take all of the stocks that all of the countries hold together in the IEA, we have the ability to meet a complete shutoff of Iranian oil for over four years,".. "There would certainly be some sort of price reaction," Harbert said, pointing to tight spare capacity globally.

Making gold into lead.. Popular alternative fuel sources amount to little more than empty promise.. do get a small windmill and solar panel on your rooftop. Get one now, while the rest of mankind is still asleep and dreaming of unlimited oil.

British Gas loses more customers.. The increased cost of wholesale gas has been driven by falling production from the UK's North Sea fields…..It has been exasperated by reduced supplies coming across from continental Europe, something both the European Commission and UK regulator Ofgem have blamed on lack of competition in European energy markets.

US spells out plan to bomb Iran.. THE US is updating contingency plans for a non-nuclear strike to cripple Iran's atomic weapon programme if international diplomacy fails, Pentagon sources have confirmed… Knesset member: Strike Iran now.. if U.S., others don't take action, Israel should act alone..Kissinger: World Faces Nightmarish Prospect.. that nuclear weapons will become a standard part of national armament and wind up in terrorist hands," warns former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. US forces cannot withdraw yet from any Iraqi province: general.. Rumsfeld Seeks Extra Funds for War Bills.. request for an extra $65 billion to cover costs in Iraq andAfghanistan this year.

US, ISRAEL OPERATE IN IRAN, COVERT FORCES IN IRAN TRAINING KURDISH REBELS.. From the perspective of Washington and Tel Aviv, the history of the Kurds makes them ideal recruits for a covert war against Iran and Syria.

Why Iran Is Driving Oil Up.. A drop in oil prices could very quickly become the regime's greatest weakness. "If there's a decrease to lower than $40 a barrel," says Laylaz, "that would create chaos in the Iranian economy."

IMF facing first annual loss in decades.. The decision of Argentina and Brazil this year to repay their multibillion dollar loans early has left the fund facing an operational shortfall of $110 million this year. And Asian countries have built up huge reserves

US Proposes Ban on Nuclear Bomb-Making Material.. He says the treaty would not include a verification or inspection regime.  He explains such a scheme would not be effective.(???)

Japan passes fingerprinting law.. to fingerprint and photograph foreign visitors in an effort to fight terrorism…Japan is worried it could be a target for terrorism due to its close links with the US and its despatch of troops to Iraq.

Government enlists public service 'spies'.. Ministers believe an army of frontline public sector workers could provide information on criminals if they were, in return, given access to police intelligence.  Fingertip scans point the way to a safer night out..Uitgaan nieuwe stijl.. "I signed up because if it becomes a condition of entry then I don't have a choice if I want to go out in Yeovil,".. He said the club worked with police but the Data Protection Act protected the system. Officers would not have access to the system, which was operated by the pubs and clubs.

Stop Federal Regulation of Internet.. Currently, the Internet is regulated by a U.S.-based, non-governmental organization, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. If MoveOn and its allies have their way, a federal agency, the FCC, would gain unprecedented control over the Internet…"Make no mistake: network neutrality is the first giant leap toward government regulation of the Internet."

Surveillance society: Growing daily

Mexicans say nothing will halt illegal trips in USA.. Mexicans say it will take more than three layers of fence and 6,000 National Guard troops to keep them out of the United States.

Oliemaatschappijen respecteren mens en milieu het minst.. Olie-, gas- en mijnbouwbedrijven zijn verantwoordelijk voor twee derde van alle gevallen van mensenrechtenschendingen, uitbuiting en milieuvervuiling door ondernemingen. Dat zeggen de Verenigde Naties.

Wereld investeert tien keer meer in wapens dan in hulp

3 Major Hurricanes to Hit US This Year, Predicts AccuWeather.. with the storm-battered Gulf Coast most at risk in June and July..

DNA reveals human-chimp crossbreeding.. Investigations of the X chromosome revealed it's around 1.2m years “younger” than the rest of the genome. Co-author Eric Lander said: “The young age of chromosome X is an evolutionary smoking gun.”

Monkeys can talk to each other using sentences


Oil and gas to be traded in Roubles.. The president <Putin> called for the establishment of a Rouble-denominated oil and natural gas stock exchange in Russia…Once Russia has completed these steps [July onwards], we expect to see the greatest bulk of Russia’s oil sold for Roubles…Let’s make clear what this could mean eventually, with Russia supplying oil to the U.S., the U.S. will have to buy Roubles to pay for it just like other nations.

The world is about to change radically... in every way, and you and your life are going to be directly affected, and soon too... The consensus has formed and gold is telegraphing this... No less than the BIS, the EU central Bank, the Bank of Japan, and the Chinese central bankers are all now simultaneously talking of a radical change from the USD system….A consensus has now formed. The consensus is: the fears we have all had about economic Armageddon are now at hand in 2006.

Fears for eurozone if dollar crashes.. The European Central Bank warned last night of the dangers to the world economy of a plunge in the dollar as the US currency came under renewed pressure on foreign exchange markets.

Back to the gold standard.. If private investors continue to doubt the dollar and bet on gold, central banks will be forced into gold. Investors won't trust currencies back by dollars, and central banks would be just as foolish as private investors to trust won- or yuan-denominated bonds.

Akkoord DNB met spaarders Vd Hoop..

Shell heeft 70% Sakhalin II-project gereed.. Aanvankelijk dacht Shell 10 miljard dollar nodig te hebben.. maar dit is inmiddels al opgelopen tot 20 miljard dollar…Conventionele olie- en gasbronnen raken steeds meer uitgeput, waardoor energieconcerns meer moeite moeten doen om olie op te pompen of gas te winnen…Shell-topman: voorraad olie en gas raakt niet op

Het Russische olie- en gasbedrijf Rosneft heeft de bewezen reserves flink weten op te schroeven

Iran wijst voorstel EU af.. Venezuela may sell U.S. jets to Iran, others.. the United States announced the ban on arms sales Monday, Washington had stopped selling Venezuela sensitive upgrades for the F-16s… Russia, China Will Not Back Use of Force Against Iran.. Iran Will Damage US If Military Action Used.. said his country would continue its uranium enrichment program and that it would inflict heavy damage on the U.S. in response to any use of force against it… Iran, North Korea seen unlikely to follow in Libya's footsteps.. In Libya's case, oil appears to be a key factor behind the American decision Monday to restore full diplomatic ties with the North African state in return for abandoning its weapons of mass destruction programs.

Blair presses the nuclear button.. New generation of atomic stations endorsed by PM.. Mr Blair said: "Essentially, the twin pressures of climate change and energy security are raising energy policy to the top of the agenda in the UK and around the world.

HUNDREDS OF VOTING MACHINES BREAK DOWN IN PHILLY HUNDREDS OF VOTING MACHINES BREAK DOWN IN PHILLY.. they keep spitting out the paper tape that keeps the tally of the vote. It is the largest breakdown since we started using the new voting machines.

The great drought..(UK deze zomer).. As the first water ban in a decade comes into force, Martin Wainwright remembers the long, hot summer of 1976, while Dominic Murphy offers 20 tips for saving water

How to rebuild the eurozone.. "In fact, I can be even more explicit: if we do not move forward at a political level, then it's quite sure the Euro will collapse.".. He thinks what is needed is stability - not radical reform. .."The central bank has to be very strict about its criteria for operation," he explains…"Its just like we had in Victorian times with the gold standard. You have a stable currency that you know where its going to be next week, next month, next year and five years down the track. (Tja, waarom dan nu niet opnieuw een goudstandaard implementeren?)

Gold price may jump to US$1,000 per ounce

THE MAIN DRIVER OF GOLD'S RISE: GOVERNMENT IMBECILITY.. India.. While the government does not control gold prices, it is concerned that a sustained rise in its prices could become a politically sensitive issue.".. Goes without saying, the Indian government's plan to control the gold price is as childish as my attempts to control the climate of Moon or Mars…In India, bullion glitters more than gold

U.S. Treasuries May Extend Declines as International Investors Shun Dollar.. In the last two months, Sweden's Riksbank almost halved its dollar reserves and banks in Kuwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates said they were increasing holdings of the euro. Russia's finance minister complained about the dollar's ``instability.'' .. Germany's Interest Costs May Rise Most in Six Years at Auction.. ``There's a very good chance that commodity-price increases become a problem,'' said John de Garis, who helps manage more than 25 billion euros as head of fixed income in London at Credit Suisse Asset Management. ``That is a huge risk. Over time, inflation will accelerate.''..

Inflation - The Invisible Tax!.. In order for the present monetary system to be accepted by the public, inflation must remain concealed. If the public discovered the truth, there would be tremendous uproar. Accordingly, central banks keep up the propaganda by claiming that inflation is tame and under control…Basically, inflation (money supply growth) has turned people into slaves! No matter how much you save, it's never enough because things always seem to get more expensive. ..

What the Price of Gold is Telling Us .. Since gold has proven to be the real money of the ages.. Though Treasury officials deny any U.S. sales or loans of our official gold holdings, no audits are permitted so no one can be certain…The economic harm done by a fiat monetary system is pervasive, dangerous, and unfair…Without an enormous increase in the money supply over the past 35 years and a worldwide paper monetary system, this increase in the price of gold would not have occurred.

Zimbabwe's inflation tops 1,000%..Zimbabwe is suffering from shortages of food, fuel and foreign currency. .. the government made the situation worse when it seized control of land owned by white farmers, which triggered a sharp drop in production and exports of agricultural goods. ..Land battle divides South Africans.. Minister Thoko Didiza says the government wants to avoid the kind of confrontation that has been seen in neighbouring Zimbabwe.. There's a point at which the state will have to intervene, in the interests of those who have been dispossessed .

The Russian bear is back.. Mr Putin's speech this week, he added, was "a wake-up call ... for Europe to realise who they are dealing with.".. "Gas will be more important than oil in the future. What will that mean for the world economy?".. Bolivia Wants Higher Prices for Natural-Gas Exports..

Emerging Nations Powering Global Economic Boom.. For the developing world, that growth is expected to be 6.9% this year (verdubbelingstijd ong. 10jaar).. Global economy shrugs off soaring commodity pricesGlobal economy shrugs off soaring commodity prices.. The prices of commodities such as oil, copper, aluminium, platinum and sugar are smashing records -- and will head higher owing to fierce demand from economic powerhouses India and China, analysts say..

House passes $10M hydrogen prize.. He said the prize would not take away funds from any federal hydrogen programs, including the $1.7 billion hydrogen research program that President Bush first detailed in 2003.

Chavez warns US over Iran policy.. "If the United States attacks Iran... oil could reach $100 (£52) a barrel or more," he said… Mr Chavez said the US "doesn't know what to do" in Iraq, which he called "the Vietnam of the 21st Century"…Chavez kicks off private UK visit.. But he will not meet Prime Minister Tony Blair, whom he has called a pawn of the "imperialist" US. .. While in Vienna, he said he would like to provide cheap heating oil for Europeans on low incomes as he had to needy Americans in the eastern US this winter.

The Corporate Takeover of Iraq's Economy.. Bremer had the power to create laws by issuing "binding instructions or directives." Bremer issued 100 Orders.. The result of these orders was to create an economic environment more favorable to U.S. corporations than laws in the United States.. "The new economic laws have fundamentally transformed Iraq's economy, applying some of the most radical, sought-after corporate globalization policies in the world and overturning existing laws on trade, public services, banking, taxes, agriculture, investment, foreign ownership, media, and oil, among others…Saddam the poet ready for hangman.. Saddam has been so isolated that he first saw the notorious pictures showing the humiliation of Iraqi prisoners by US guards at Abu Ghraib prison when she produced them in court in April.. I could see the shock on his face,” she said.

Pres. Bush considers deploying National Guard troops to Mexican border.. The National Guard is generally under the control of the state governors, but Guard units can be federalized by the president, such as those sent to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Active duty military may not be used for law enforcement unless the president authorizes it.

Mentally ill troops forced into combat.. U.S. military troops with severe psychological problems have been sent to Iraq or kept in combat.. Ritchie acknowledged that some deployment practices, such as sending service members diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome back into combat, have been driven in part by a troop shortage.

Blair 'to amend human rights law'.. The Observer says a leaked letter to Home Secretary John Reid suggests creating new laws which would allow the government to veto court rulings…"We will need to look again at whether primary legislation is needed to address the issue of court rulings which overrule the government in a way that is inconsistent with other EU countries' interpretation of the European Convention on Human Rights."

US lambasted on secret detainees.. "There is a certain subcategory of individuals who have forfeited their protections under the Geneva Conventions and there is not an obligation to allow access to those individuals," said state department spokesman Sean McCormack.

 Latin America: Crisis behind bars.. Worsening living conditions in Latin American prisons amount to a regional human rights crisis.. Many analysts agree that the prison crisis will not be resolved until the gap between rich and poor is addressed. They say that growing social inequality is fuelling crime in the region.

Cheney pushed to widen eavesdropping - NY Times.. Cheney's spokeswoman, Lee Anne McBride, declined to discuss the deliberations about the classified program and said: "As the administration, including the vice president, has said, this is terrorist surveillance, not domestic surveillance ... "

Spies ‘hid’ bomber tape from MPs.. “They did not find out nor tell us the whole truth, and I feel badly, desperately let down.”

Diebold voting systems critically flawed.. "It is like the nuclear bomb for e-voting systems," said Avi Rubin, computer science professor at Johns Hopkins University. "It's the deal breaker. It really makes the security flaws that we found (in prior years) look trivial."

Indian IT firms look for data security chief.. The move is intended to counter fears raised by reports last year of security breaches involving data held by Indian services firms on behalf of Western banks.

Agency rejects '.xxx' domain name.. ICANN's rejection of ".xxx" in a 9-5 vote ends, for now, a 6-year-old effort by ICM to establish a domain for the porn industry…Many porn sites also objected, fearing that such a domain would pave the way for governments -- the United States or repressive regimes abroad -- or even private industry to filter speech that is protected here under the First Amendment…The porn industry trade group Free Speech Coalition believes a domain name for kids-friendly sites would be more appropriate.

Babies' blood samples could lead to everyone's DNA being kept on file.. BLOOD samples routinely taken from newborn babies to screen for diseases such as cystic fibrosis could be used to create a DNA database of everyone in the country

British woman pregnant with cancer-gene-free 'designer baby'

Mega-Extinction? Blame the Weather.. Climate change, not human hunters, drove mammoths and horses to extinction in Alaska and the Yukon Territory almost 12,000 years ago


FINANCIAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.. The US Congress cannot get a straight answer to “how much gold is left?”…. A mammoth storm this way comes. We are not prepared.

AUGUST 15, 1971: Inflation Unleashed.. “The way our current monetary system works, the careful savings of a lifetime – including your pension – can be wiped out in an eyeblink.”.. In recent years, most industrialized countries have been increasing M3 by more than double the reported increases in the CPI. Some of the annual increases in 2005 were: US 7.8%, Canada 8.4%, Euro zone 7.6%, and Britain 12.1%.

DollarCollapse FAQs..

COMMODITIES-Funds extend highs for copper, gold

US oil refiners tell Congress not fixing fuel cost.. He said "market volatility" that causes wide price swings would continue until fuel supplies increase. To get more supply on the market, he said, the permit process and other federal environmental regulations for building new refineries, or expanding existing facilities, should be eased.

OPEC will not increase production: Iran…. US official says China will not block action against Iran.. Zoellick said Russia and China were hesitant because Chapter 7 "suggests to some the possibility of a use of force"…Putin hits out at Washington as Iran dispute intensifies.. In an apparent reference to suspicions that the US is planning military action against Iran, Mr Putin added: "Methods of force rarely give the desired result, and often their consequences are even more terrible than the original threat." Iran and US: Nuclear standoff or realpolitik?.. Whether it still genuinely believes in military options as decisive retorts to its many global challenges, the Bush administration must learn to deal with new political realities, and it must also accept that playing politics is no longer restricted to empires alone…Iran will not suspend Enrichment: senior official.. Rumsfeld says Russia, China policies worrying.. The United States is concerned about Russia's use of its energy resources as a political weapon and China's lack of transparency over military spending.

Energy crisis? Venezuela gas is cheaper than water.. Chavez has maintained popularity by channeling oil revenues toward social programs for the poor, and has often criticized U.S. dependence on cheap gasoline. Washington says he is using his oil wealth to threaten regional democracy.

Gasohol use soars in first four months.. The price of ethanol has been set at 23 baht per litre until June, although producers want to increase the price to 26 baht to reflect the higher cost of molasses.

Iran in trade talks but it won't barter for oil.. ''We believe that Iran needs to buy more rice, more than usual, to build up its stocks on concerns of possible trade sanctions,'' said Chookiat Ophaswongse, head of the Thai Rice Exporters' Association.

Congress passes $70 billion tax cut.. "Working families have been left behind," Sen. Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat said. "Congress has chosen ideological wants over America's needs."

Afghan poppy farmers expect record opium crop and the Taliban will reap the rewards.. Western officials admit to intense frustration in a war where so many Afghan officials are a part of the narco-criminal problem.

Peres resumes hard line against Iran..Palestinians face worsening hardships.. because of international sanctions imposed on the PA since Hamas won January's parliamentary election…The fuel shortage has led to the emergence of a black market.. They want us to starve to death because we voted for Hamas. This will lead to an explosion.".. "Where is the democracy that the US and Israel are talking about? Where are human rights when they are denying the children of Nablus their milk? Where is the conscience of the international community as the Palestinians face starvation?".. Palestinians promise payment to end fuel crisis

Bush denies spying infringes on privacy.. despite a report that a domestic spy agency was collecting phone records of tens of millions of citizens…EU lawmakers complain US stonewalls on torture.. "It is very difficult to find common ground if, for instance, regarding the facts, the European sides state this is a form of torture and the American side say it is not," he said.

Get on with EU integration, urges Barroso.. Timothy Kirkhope.. "The EU continues to delude itself that the EU Constitution and more integration is the answer to Europe's problems. The reality is that it is initiatives like the Constitution that have done so much to damage to the organisation's credibility.".. Merkel believes in EU constitution

Bush: Brother Jeb would be ‘great president’

Web of extremism.. Security services across the world know the value of internet video propaganda.. and the growth of video sharing sites like youtube.come will only make it harder for western governments to counter or for hackers to pull down.

U.N. to resume North Korea food aid


Doing Exactly What They Said They Would Do.. The Mogambo Guru.. Mogambo sez: It's not just you and me buying gold. I saw a report that Chinese economists are urging that China quadruple its gold reserves from 600 tonnes to 2500 tonnes. This is equivalent to about a year's worth of mine output. How's that for shifting the supply/demand dynamic to Mogambo Mega Bullish (MMB)?

They Just Don't Get It!.. Bill Murphy.. Gold, silver and the shares remain THE historic investment opportunity of a lifetime.

Saudi sees oil prices holding firm this decade.. but that the world will face a refining capacity crunch for the next four years.

Raid on nuclear fuel market.. The new plans foresee a highly regulated and closely monitored fuel supply distribution system. The IAEA would become the intermediate between fuel producing and fuel consuming members…In the event, that such a coup of the nuclear-weapon states would succeed, it would probably put the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the UNO under enormous strain. These organizations might loose all credibility and see many non-nuclear-weapon states leave. The result may be opposite to what these organizations were designed for.

Russia seeks to increase energy resources.. Putin has declared energy security as a No. 1 priority for this year's G8 summit…Speaking after the Russian president, head of the government's nuclear agency said the development of Russia's nuclear power would guarantee energy security around the world

How does a currency collapse? And the U.S. $?..It is an emotional progression, one that moves in lurches as particular incidents destroy confidence limb by limb. In such a climate a steady degeneration of confidence lead to an effect we shall call a "plateau - cliff" process…At some stage the U.S. will have to impose Controls to prevent foreign capital from exiting the States and rejecting dollars coming home. These are called Exchange Controls.

China Not Manipulating Currency, U.S. Says.. Mr. Snow said that over all China's record on currency and economic matters was "deeply concerning"

Copper passes $8,000 a tonne

Judge set to rule on UK 'hacker'.. And his lawyers say he was trying to expose lax computer security and access what he believed was withheld information about UFOs.

Putin: arms race with US is not over

President Bush should talk to the Iranians.. Losing money – that might dissuade him. He seems utterly indifferent to the loss of lives and moral standing.

Iran signs its own death warrant.. The Iranian oil bourse may never be mentioned by U.S. policymakers as a official reason the United States decides to go to war with Iran, but it may end up being the straw that broke the camel's back.

How Iran will win a sanctions war.. Sanctions might slow economic growth in Iran, but they would lead to collapsing economic growth in many countries, including those imposing sanctions. This would prove particularly problematic for the Bush administration, which faces crucial mid-term elections in November.

Bank of England Governor Mervyn King  sounds warning over economy.. House prices are overvalued and consumer bankruptcies risk becoming a large social problem

EU urged to make more progress on security.. Commissioners hope that that a practical policy agenda will regain momentum towards greater unity that stalled when a proposed constitution for the EU was rejected by French and Dutch voters last year.

Putin warns on population decline.. Russia's declining population is the biggest problem the state faces today, President Vladimir Putin has said.

US sees ethnic minority baby boom.. The latest figures show 45% of US pre-schoolers are non-white, with the Latino population growing the fastest.

Population Growth over Human History.. The human population growth of the last century has been truly phenomenal…Most of the future growth will occur in the developing world as each country struggles to go through a demographic transition of their own.


Gold Tops $700, Oil Exceeds $70 on Iran Nuclear Plan Concern.. This is purely a geopolitical move for gold. We've been here before. The difference is that this time, there are nukes involved.''

Buffett Loses His Silver.. Theodore Butler ..The recent revelation that the renowned investor Warren Buffett sold his silver was a mega-event… Here’s what I think happened. Buffett didn’t sell his silver willingly, it was taken from him. He lost it. He lost it through speculation in derivatives of the very kind he publicly vilifies… That this is a bullish event for silver is beyond question.

Gold Bull Stage Two.. The bottom line is gold’s transition into Stage Two is proceeding nicely.  Gold’s uplegs and gains are getting bigger and better than anything we saw in Stage One.  Its behavior is also becoming more and more independent of the dollar on balance, with episodes of strong positive correlations, strong negative correlations, and no correlations all intermixed over time. But today we are now sojourning in one of those Stage-One-like negative-correlation episodes.  This, coupled with very overextended gold technicals, may lead to a major correction in gold if the dollar enters one of its periodic bear rallies.  So please be careful here and keep plenty of powder dry to buy the resulting bargains.

The Islamic Gold Dinar, the Iranian Oil Bourse and the Gold Standard.. It is hardly conceivable that capitalist societies could fit again into the tight golden corset in which they once flourished for a while when they were little babies… Dr. Eckart Woertz is Program Manager Economics at the Gulf Research Center (GRC)

Global oil production is peaking.. "Optimistic oil production forecasts deserve to be viewed with considerable skepticism," the Hirsch report said. "World oil peaking represents a problem like none other. The political, economic and social stakes are enormous," the report said… "Waiting until world conventional oil production peaks before initiating crash program mitigation leaves the world with a significant liquid fuel deficit for two decades or longer," the Hirsch report said.

Iran: Euro to replace dollar as oil currency.. In July Iran will ditch the dollar in favour of the euro as the currency in which it will accept payments for its oil and natural gas exports.

DOLLARS ON SALE - 30% OFF.. Mr. Summers who served in a series of senior policy positions – most notably as the secretary of the treasury of the United States – specialized in the currency markets. Indeed, he was “the man” who successfully engineered foreign central bank gold sales to help hold the price of gold down and make the dollar look strong!.. Larry Summers has just yelled “fire”.

 Zimbabwe..A nation of millionaires.. Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation is no joke. Last week the basket of essential basics that an average lowincome family needs for survival rocketed to Z$41 million a month in a country where more than 60 per cent of the workforce is jobless and others earn as little as Z$4 million a month…..and slammed a brick on the table. He had just bought 15 of them for some repair work at a cost of Z$300,000. “The bloody house only cost me Z$200,000 in 1990 — and it has a swimming pool and tennis court,” he shouted.

Oil giants' charm offensive as US politicians threaten action.. The oil industry is to channel millions of dollars to US Congressional election campaigns this year as part of a desperate plan to squash calls for a windfall tax on their record profits.

World System on Weimar Collapse Curve..Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.(pdf 3pg’s)

Currency Reserves Jump to $225Bln.. Russia is awash with cash from oil and gas.. The world's governments held $4.34 trillion in reserves (!!!)

A decree by King Abdullah on Sunday ordered a cut in petrol prices to 60 halalas.. "Diesel is used widely in agriculture and heavy transport. "So this is good for development. Whatever savings people make will let them buy other things and enhance demand in other sectors," he added.

Ahmadinejad ( Iran) letter attacks Bush.. "Lies were told in the Iraqi matter,".. In another part of the letter, Mr Ahmadinejad suggests Washington has been untruthful about the 11 September 2001 attacks on the US,… No plan to attack Iran - Beckett.. But she refused to repeat her predecessor Jack Straw's insistence that such action was "inconceivable".

The fall and fall of Afghanistan.. "Contractors in Afghanistan are making big money for bad work.".. The contractor's solution was to build irrigation canals. But the report pointed out that poppies need very little water or fertilizer to thrive. The result, the report said, was that opium-poppy growers used the water in the canals to grow even more poppies.

Russia considers annulling benefits for Georgia, Ukraine, if they quit from the Commonwealth of Independent States.. Georgia's withdrawal from the CIS would also affect the republic's energy sector, which covers only 40% of the country's energy needs while 60% of electricity is largely supplied from Russia,

Global: Imbalances Matter More than Ever.. If mounting global imbalances are not in China’s or America’s best interests, it is only a matter of time before something pops.. Given the overhang of excess dollar holdings by poor countries, the flight out of dollars could be fast and furious…But because the powers that be have concluded that imbalances still matter, the urgency of global rebalancing is now center stage in the global policy arena.

Iran and Pearl Harbor syndrome.. give us enough grounds to predict that the decision on a missile attack... has been made. Considering the election race, this should happen in late spring or summer.

America's Geopolitical Nightmare and Eurasian Strategic Energy Arrangements.. In the space of 12 months Russia and China have managed to move the pieces on the geopolitical ‘chess board’ of Eurasia away from what had been an overwhelming US strategic advantage, to the opposite, where the US is increasingly isolated. It’s potentially the greatest strategic defeat for the US power projection of the post World War II period. This is also the strategic background to the re-emergence of the so-called realist faction in US policy.  (achtergrondinfo)

The RFID Hacking Underground.. "Nobody thought about building security features..The new US passports..A special key-cracking machine could probably break a passport key of this length in 10 minutes.".. I've decided to get an implantable tag from VeriChip.. After a few seconds of fiddling, Westhues switches the cloner to Emit and aims its antenna at the reader. Beep! My ID number pops up on its screen. So much for implantable IDs being immune to theft. The whole process took 10 minutes…John Proctor, VeriChip's director of communications, dismisses this problem. "VeriChip is an excellent security system, but it shouldn't be used as a stand-alone," he says. His recommendation: Have someone also check paper IDs…But isn't the point of an implantable chip that authentication is automatic?

Flying robot attack "unstoppable": experts.. The technology for remote-controlled light aircraft is now highly advanced, widely available -- and, experts say, virtually unstoppable… Bruce Simpson, an engineer from New Zealand, managed to produce an even more dangerous contraption in his own garage: a mini-cruise missile. He made it out of readily available materials at a cost of less than 5,000 dollars (4,000 euros). A DIY Cruise Missile…bouw je eigen cruise missile!!!

Congo's tragedy: the war the world forgot.. and the reason for the conflict - control of minerals essential to the electronic gadgetry on which the developed world depends

Malaysian water a matter of life and death.. Malaysia's contentious drive to privatize and protect its water resources has taken a drastic turn: the death penalty for serious cases of water contamination…So who would face the death penalty then - the chairman of the board? All the directors? The general manager? The administrative officer? It's absurd

Ice-capped roof of world turns to desert.. In China alone, 300 million people depend on water from the glaciers for their survival. Yet the plateau is drying up, threatening to escalate an already dire situation across the country.

Rock Slab is growing at more than one meter a day at Mt. St. Helens Volcano


Gold Rises to 25-Year High as Standoff With Iran Spurs Buying.. ``It's the same story of Iran, inflation concerns and rising oil prices,'' said Charles Dowsett, head of trading of precious metals at ABN Amro Holding NV in Sydney.

Value of Silver vs. Value of the Dollar.. That's why there are 1.6 billion ounces of gold inventory compared to only 300 million ounces of silver inventory. That's 5.33 times as much gold as silver. For the sheer heck of it, let's translate that into dollar value

Trichet Signals Additional Rate Hike

Record numbers crumble under debts.. More Britons than ever were unable to pay back their debts and tens of thousands faced the threat of losing their home in the first quarter of 2006 as the nation's trillion-pound debt mountain claimed even more victims… She predicted a total of 100,000 insolvencies this year.

Poll: Americans Rethink Vacation Plans.. Seven in 10 say gas prices are causing a financial pinch. And that pressure is being felt increasingly by middle-income and higher-income families.

EU Approves Giant Transcaspian Pipeline Project.. the commissioner said: “We support the creation of the fourth corridor for transporting gas to the European Union states. We will certainly support the construction of the Transcaspian gas pipeline as this would supply additional gas, and would become a way for Kazakhstan to diversify its export routes.”.. Shell praat over grote olieconcessie Kazachstan.. De deal stond onder zware druk van de Amerikanen, die de concessie ook graag binnen wilden slepen. Maar Bot was de Amerikaanse vice-president Dick Cheney, die vandaag voor dat doel naar de Kazachstaanse hoofdstad Astana reist, net voor.

Kremlin Calls Cheney’s Remarks Completely Incomprehensible.. Cheney, speaking at the conference said that the Russian government had restricted the rights of the people in many areas. He also warned Moscow against using its energy resources to blackmail its neighbors.. Russia keen to debunk gas politics image

China Aims for 9.5% GDP Growth for 2006.. China's trade surplus tripled to a record $102 billion in 2005 as exports jumped, increasing tensions with the U.S. and European Union over the nation's currency policy.

Eating Fossil Fuels.. In the United States, 400 gallons of oil equivalents are expended annually to feed each American (as of data provided in 1994).. Considering the utter necessity of population reduction, there are three obvious choices awaiting us..

Closing the Collapse Gap..Dmitry Orlov..Instorting Sowjet-Unie versus komende instorting USA.

Nigerian oil audit uncovers massive fraud.. Hart Group official Chris Nurse said the accounts could not be reconciled due to difference in the reports of oil companies and shoddy records kept by the Central Bank of Nigeria, commenting simply, "The quality of the records in the early years was really not good."

Bolton Refuses To Answer Kucinich’s Questions About US Troops In Iran.. Ambassador Bolton did state that the US was prepared to move against Iran, with or without the UN Security Council.

Bush says fight against terror is 'World War III'.. United Airlines plane before it crashed in a Pennsylvania field…Bush said: "I believe that. I believe that it was the first counter-attack to World War III.

Bush: US must ensure Israel's security

EU overweegt steun aan president Abbas.. om zo de Hamasregering buitenspel te zetten..

Berkshire Hathaway pays $5B for Iscar.. Wall Street had been expecting Berkshire Hathaway to announce a significant investment, in part because it has about $45 billion in cash for such purposes.. Berkshire Reports 70% Profit Increase, Buys Toolmaker

All Diebold Touch-Screen Machines, In All States, Said to be Affected by 'Horrifying' Vulnerability, Systems 'Sequestered' in PA.. "The problem is very serious and because primary elections are being held, releasing even a small part of what makes this security hole so dangerous presents an immediate threat to U.S. elections."

Net censorship spreads worldwide.. The report was produced to mark World Press Freedom Day.

Data protection and storage company Iron Mountain has admitted losing back-up tapes for two of its customers.. In March last year Iron Mountain lost computer tapes containing the personal information of about 600,000 current and former Time Warner employees.

Colombian President Would Consider Immigrant Tracking With Microchips.. Using microchips the size of a grain of rice to track the movement of cattle is nothing new. There has been some marketing of the microchips for human use as a way to control access to secure areas and keep tabs on some criminals, but not for immigration.

Facial micro-expressions can detect lying

A Speech by Michael C. Ruppert..MUST READ!!!

Energy Solutions Conference: Matt Savinar

Bolivia seizes gas industry.. "This is a historic day, when Bolivia retakes the absolute control of our natural resources," Morales said. "The state is recovering the property, the possession of and the total and absolute control of these resources." Bolivia has the second largest deposits of natural gas in Latin America, after Venezuela.

German Energy CEO Defends Gazprom’s Credibility as Europe’s Gas Partner.. The fact that gas fields and infrastructure for converting it into a shippable liquid were concentrated in countries such as Russia, Qatar, Algeria, Libya and Iran had caused anxiety among western officials.

Gazprom may hike Belarus fees by three.. Gazprom is likely to increase Belarusian gas prices at least three-fold in 2007

Kenyan MPs form oil rights lobby group.. Chinese President Hu Jintao last week announced on a trip to Kenya that he had signed a 20-year offshore prospecting agreement with the Kenyan government.

Oil climbs above $74 on Iran, fund buying.. He also warned crude oil prices could exceed $100 a barrel by winter as supplies cannot be increased in the short term.

Fuel Costs Prompt School Closings in Tenn... Rhea County Finance Director Brad Harris said county schools spent $14,000 on fuel in March, compared to $7,800 in March 2005. He said fiscal year to-date-spending was up from $68,000 to $102,500.

April auto sales hurt by higher gas prices.. "The market for lower-priced, higher-mileage vehicles are showing strength, as are hybrids," Toyota Motor Sales President Jim Press said in a statement. "Record oil prices have a way of reminding us of how close to the cliff we're living."

Rabo zwijgt over rente hypotheek.. Alleen de 250 Rabo-filialen krijgen voortaan nog landelijke adviestarieven onder ogen. Zij zijn, binnen bepaalde grenzen, vrij met hun klanten tarieven af te spreken. De onderhandelingsruimte krijgt de klant echter niet te zien.

Agis schrapt banen na klantverlies.. De grote commerciële maatschappijen zouden premies ver onder de kostprijs aanbieden,

Iranian commander: Israel will be first target if U.S. does 'evil'.. "The fixation of the West, especially Washington, on 'denying' Iran enrichment capability is a stupid policy and a failure proven by the fact that Iran has now achieved it," said a senior Vienna diplomat familiar with the IAEA's Iran dossier…Russia, China Promise Not to Back Sanctions Against Iranian Nuclear Program.. The Tyranny of Iran.. The tyranny of Iran and the irony of oil.

Afghan returnees say rights are 1st concern.. Taliban resurgence as NATO troops replace US forces.. "The Taliban and al-Qaida are everywhere,"

UN Chief Calls For Global Strategy To Combat Terrorism..(BB goes globally)

US 'lets torture flourish'

The 10 Worst Corporations of 2005

Hong Kong Citizens Protest Live Organ Harvesting

Chinese tourists flock to Eastern Europe

Silver ETF Approved! ….Silver ETF Launches to Success on Day One.... Silver: supplies depleted - demand rising.. the total COMEX short position exceeds 2 years of world silver mine production, and silver is now being redicovered for is "monetary" role....NY gold scales new 25-year high, silver shines......BARCLAY’S ZILVER ETF

Gold tipped to rise tenfold.. Dr Faber, an investment adviser and author of a newsletter called The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, said gold wasn't expensive when "you compare its price to the quantity of money that has been printed in the last 10 to 15 years in the US and the world in general".

Bullion stocks get no glitter from gold's jump.. The concern among stock investors is that higher energy costs could eat into the gold miners' profits as production costs soar, overshadowing any benefit from a jump in the bullion price.

New oil shock ahead as $100 spike looms.. The stand-off with Iran is one of several factors that could cause a significant supply disruption. Ethnic and tribal disputes in Nigeria have resulted in the loss of 500,000 barrels a day. Output in Iraq, potentially the world's second-largest exporter, is still well below pre-war levels. There are also concerns among traders about supplies from Venezuela and Russia because of internal politics.

No Magic Fix for Gas Prices, Bolten Says.. President Bush's new chief of staff…."The suppliers have lost control of the market. Demand exceeds supply," Bodman said, citing demand worldwide from China, Indian and other growing economies. "Clearly, we're going to have a number of years — two to three years — before suppliers are in a position to meet the needs of demands."

FOREX-Dollar tumbles as G7, rates views, Iran weigh.. "It looks increasingly like the Fed rate hike cycle is coming to an end, and that's been the focus," Buskas said. "... The market is just looking for an excuse to sell the dollar.".. Dollar starts the big slide against major currencies.. The dollar has been under pressure following last weekend’s meeting of G7 finance ministers and central bankers, which emphasised “global imbalances” and said currencies should reflect economic fundamentals…Analysts say that without interest-rate support, the dollar will be weighed down heavily by America’s imbalances.

Rice says US could pressure Iran outside UN.. "I have no idea. I have never seen the man or talked to him," Rice said on CNN's Late Edition. "I just know that nobody speaks in polite company in that way and that he represents the Iranian regime very badly."..Iran said: Security Council should maintain its reputation.. He, moreover, said that "states which produce and test atomic bombs cannot deprive Iran of its international legal right to engage in peaceful nuclear activities on the pretext that these are dubious.".. Tehran rejects demands to abandon uranium enrichment.... Olmert says Iran president "psychopath" .. Iran Says Russian Enrichment Proposal Still on Table.. Imposing Sanctions on Iran Illegal — Russian Diplomat

EU elite more pro-nuclear than ever.. made to EU energy security by nuclear power and the need to avoid buying in 90 percent of EU energy from Russia by 2020.  Russia Criticizes NATO Plans to Deploy U.S. Bases in East Europe

No one can prevent cooperation between Iran and China.. The Chinese ambassador was clearly referring to an energy agreement between Tehran and Beijing which is worth over 100 billion dollars.

Castro, Chavez, Morales Sign Anti-U.S. Pact

ABOUT ZIMBABWE.. 913% inflation is so frightening that most people literally do not know how they will make it from one month to the next. Food prices are just the tip of the iceberg as hyperinflation rages into bills and services, swamps medical and dental costs and makes clothes and shoes a complete impossibility.

NGOs blast EU security investment cabal.. The study, called "Arming Big Brother" and co-authored by Statewatch and the Transnational Institute, accuses the EU of working on the creation of "a powerful new internal security-industrial complex" which will cost €1 billion per year…"The story of the European Security Research Programme (ESRP)  is one of ‘Big Brother' meets market fundamentalism," the study indicates.

Bush challenges hundreds of laws.. Bush, however, has repeatedly declared that he does not need to ''execute" a law he believes is unconstitutional. (BB in actie)

Strasbourg rent scandal may end up in court.. The allegations of inflated rent sums has triggered an internal probe into parliament accountants and is set to re-ignite the debate on whether to scrap the seat in Strasbourg.

Dure metalen brengen wereldwijd het voortbestaan van kleine munten in gevaar.. Door de aantrekkendetoenemende wereldvraag, vooral uit China, zijn de prijzen van koper en zink met meer dan 200 procent gestegen sinds het einde van 2003. Voor de euromunten voorziet het ministerie van Financiën evenwel geen problemen. ‘Zelfs niet als de metaalprijzen zouden verdrievoudigen’

A Shift From Dollars to Euros & Gold Will Impact You.. With the fundamental underpinnings of the dollar becoming increasingly suspect, we see more and more countries seeking to "diversify" their foreign currency holdings not only into euros and yen, but quietly and surely into gold.

Rentevrees door gestegen inflatie Eurozone.. De ECB maakte ook bekend dat er in maart een geldgroei is geweest van 8,6%. (8,6%-2% ec.groei= 6,6% werkelijke inflatie)

U.S. Economic Growth Rises Sharply.. The biggest uncertainty for the American economy remains the financial health of consumers. Rising interest rates, which remain near historic lows, could dampen spending. Already, mortgage applications have fallen by more than 20 percent in the last 12 months and home equity loans have flattened out. Higher energy prices could also limit spending on other goods and services.

Bernanke Bets His Reputation by Telegraphing a Pause in Fed Rate Increases.. by betting he can suspend interest-rate increases without prices spinning out of control…Without Fed vigilance, there is a pretty good chance that rising energy and materials prices will begin to impact core inflation.''

ABN Amro schrapt ruim 2400 banen.. ABN Amro’s nettowinst is ten opzichte van het laatste kwartaal van 2005 gedaald met bijna 23 procent, tot 1,0 miljard euro.

Olieconcern Chevron behaalt 50% meer winst.. De resultaten werden verder opgedreven door de overname van de oliemaatschappij Unocal in de zomer van vorig jaar.

Grote olievondst in West-Afrika.. Mogelijk liggen er een miljard vaten brandstof verborgen. (= 12 dagen wereldverbruik!)

Iran 'flouts UN nuclear demands'.. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also said this week Iran was ready to share its nuclear technology with other nations. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iran willing to move in accordance with IAEA rules, as always.. "The Iranian nation considers it an absolute right to be benefitted from all technologies of the day, including the nuclear technology, for entirely peaceful purposes, and insists on materializing that right solidly." De Verenigde Staten zijn niet van plan Iran aan te vallen vanwege het omstreden nucleaire programma van dat land. Dat zei minister Bot van Buitenlandse Zaken vrijdag..(Werd ook gezegd i.h.k.v. Irak)

Nederlandse militairen zijn in de Afghaanse provincie Uruzgan beschoten

C.I.A. Flew 1,000 Flights in Secret European Inquiry Says.. "The European Parliament deplores the fact that the C.I.A. has on several occasions clearly been responsible for kidnapping and illegally detaining alleged terrorists on the territory of member states, as well for extraordinary renditions" to third countries, wrote Giovanni Fava of Italy, a Socialist member of the European Parliament who led the committee.

Special Briefing on Release of Country Reports on Terrorism 2005.. There are three reasons the numbers are so large. First is methodological.. you will get several thousand incidents a year using this broader definition.. Second reason is level of effort.. we would do a retroactive look at 2004 using this broader definition. the third major issue for the growth of incidents this past year has to do with Iraq..Original (Lees, huiver en reken na pdf pg 10-287-289) (Volkskrant)

Bush Says Anthem Should Be in English.. Mr. Bush said: "I think people who want to be a citizen of this country ought to learn English. And they ought to learn to sing the anthem in English."… Congress is currently wrangling over the question of how to deal with people who, though not legal residents of the country, provide vital labor in agriculture, construction and service industries.

Big holes in net's heart revealed.. One site vulnerable in this way was run by the FBI, said Professor. Sirer. Although the five computers that act as the first reference point for the domain were secure, one of the five that connect to these has yet to install a patch for a well-known bug.  

Australian research shows mobile phones affect brain function.. Stough said further, as-yet-unpublished, research by his team suggested the impact of mobile phone radiation on the brain was cumulative.

Darfur Food Rations Cut as Donations Lag.. The food program said it had received just one-third of the $746 million it requested from donor nations for all of its operations in Sudan. As a result, individual rations.. will be halved, from 2,100 calories a day to 1,050.

West must take Africa's climate burden.. Climate change may not yet be a problem for people in Europe, but here in Ethiopia its effects are being felt today by millions of ordinary men and women farmers.  


Either way, I've got the Screaming Mogambo Willies.. Then, dismissively, I point to the door and exclaim "Go thee now! Go! Hie thee to thy places of gold and silver exchange, and buy, buy, buy!"

Barclays' silver ETF could be OKed in days -source.. Christian estimated that demand for the silver ETF would reach 30 million to 130 million ounces within the first couple of years after the launch.

Preparing for the Economic Typhoon.. Gold traders love George Bush. They know that his blundering mismanagement of the economy will keep gold soaring well into the future.


Zimbabwe’s inflation set to breach 1000%..This week the central bank’s overnight accommodation rate rose from 750% to 800%, making it difficult for commercial banks to borrow from the Bank. The interbank rate is 637%, while the rate in treasury bills is 525%…"The value of a Zimbabwean dollar is halving every 29 days, if official inflation is to be believed. ..(e.e.a. dankzij Mugabe’s landconfiscatie van blanke boeren..Zuid-Afrika gaat eveneens die weg op zie hier).

As Zimbabwe’s economy collapses, a tiny few make huge profits.. Welcome to the surreal world of Zimbabwean economics.

Gas prices may hit $4 before falling back.. "High gasoline prices drain from the pockets of working families' money that could be used for food, clothing and health care," California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote, asking the California Energy Commission to investigate price gouging… Bush Takes Steps to Ease Increase in Energy Prices.. Mr. Bush also said he had ordered some short-term steps, mostly involving the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Behind the GOP Attack on Science.. “We found a serious pattern of undermining science by the Bush administration, and it crosses disciplines, whether it’s global climate change or reproductive health or mercury in the food chain or forestry – the list goes on and on,” said Kevin Knobloch, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Impeaching Bush, State by State.. "[T]he distant rumbling is growing louder by the day, creating a resonant echo that is rapidly taking root in public discourse. 'Impeach Him,' reads the cover of this month's Harper's Magazine. And in a public forum in New York City last week, journalists, lawyers and political figures came together to discuss the case against our president.".. Vermont lawmakers to call for Bush impeachment

Iran leader issues warning to US.. US interests around the world will be harmed if America launches an attack against Iran, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said.

Nuclear attack on Iran would be a deadly mistake..animatie met geluid.

U.S. residents benefit from Venezuelan fuel exchange.. He added that this assistance will make it possible for them to endure the severe winters, given that the U.S. authorities disregard their living conditions.

Big Tires in Short Supply.. In an attempt to cash in on the commodities rally, mining companies have been reactivating old mines and expanding existing operations. But time and again, these firms have been stymied by a lack of available tires.

Aussies to get pseudo-ID Card.. Australia's biometric non-ID card will be used to replace 17 existing health and social service cards. It will also be backed up by the thing that makes an ID card an ID card - a massive database, shared across government departments.168

US privacy campaigners fear mark of the beast..RFID…The US department of agriculture (USDA) wants to keep track of all livestock production and movements in what it claims is an attempt to improve the traceability of disease outbreaks. By 2009, 40m cattle will have been tagged, and the scheme is to be extended to include the billions of chickens and other animals farmed every year in the US… if you do it to animal diseases, the next step is humans. I believe we are on the verge of the next step."

CIA kidnapped terror suspects in the EU: lawmaker.. "The CIA has, on several occasions, clearly been responsible for kidnapping and illegally detaining alleged terrorists on the territory of (EU) member states, as well as for extraordinary renditions,"


Economists call for political union to prevent euro collapse.. "The monetary union will collapse ... not next year, but on a time frame of 10 or 20 years. There is not a single monetary union which survived without political union. They have all collapsed."

Fiscus heropent jacht op zwart spaargeld.. Staatssecretaris Joop Wijn van Financiën gaat bij de Luxemburgse autoriteiten aandringen op het verstrekken van informatie over zogenoemde coderekeningen….Wijn vindt dat het bankgeheim in Luxemburg 'een verouderd concept' is. Luxemburg behoort, samen met Oostenrijk en België, tot de lidstaten van de Europese Unie met een bankgeheim.

Chavez moves toward nationalizing Venezuela oil

Bush asks government to probe high gas prices.. "We have a strong economy, but high gas prices are like an additional tax on families that are trying to live within a budget," McClellan said. "It puts a strain on working families, farmers and small businesses."…. "It's important to make sure that there's not any price gouging," he said. "The federal government has a responsibility to act."

India seeks more gas from Qatar.. and will expand the capacity of its Dahej LNG terminal to 10 million tons a year from 5 million tons.

Gazprom wil de totale macht grijpen.. Dat mag blijken uit het onverbloemde dreigement aan Europa van Gazprom-voorman Aleksej Miller vorige week. Als de expansie van Gazprom wordt gedwarsboomd, zoekt Europa het maar uit en verkoopt Gazprom zijn gas aan landen als China en de Verenigde Staten, luidde de boodschap…EU warned against dependency on Russian energy

A New Age of Perpetually High Oil/Gas Prices?

Germany and India are seeking to continue their cooperation in fighting terrorism and deepening economic ties, according to the country's two leaders.

Tehran insider tells of US black ops.. "The Americans are pushing Iran to become a nuclear state. Iran just wants to be a supplier of nuclear fuel. But [with their threats] they are pushing it further."

An official U.S. terrorism finance expert arrives here Tuesday to discuss economic measures against Iran and the Palestinian Hamas government.... U.S. plans economic sanctions on Iran

Russian military planes flew undetected through the U.S. zone of the Arctic Ocean to Canada during recent military exercises, a senior Air Force commander said Saturday.

Pechtold presenteert elektronisch paspoort.. In de nieuwe paspoorten en identiteitskaarten komt een chip met een digitale opname van het gezicht erop. Later volgt nog een vingerafdruk.. De minister weersprak berichten als zou de chip op het nieuwe paspoort makkelijk te misbruiken zijn. ‘Natuurlijk zijn er altijd groepen mensen die kwaad willen, ook als het om paspoorten gaat. We proberen hen steeds een stap voor te blijven.’

Zimbabwe is visibly falling apart.. Agriculture and industry are in ruins, unemployment is pushing 80% and the official inflation rate of 913% is widely deemed a gross underestimate. The economy has shrunk by 50% in the past six years - the fastest contraction anywhere outside a war zone….The crisis dates from the government-sponsored invasions of white-owned farms in 2000

As criminal gangs run amuck in Iraq, hundreds of girls have gone missing. Are they being sold for sex?

Vaticaan wijst condooms niet langer af.. Het Vaticaan werkt op verzoek van paus Benedictus XVI aan een nieuwe richtlijn voor condoomgebruik bij met aids besmette personen.

Global warming behind record 2005 storms: experts.. But he said carbon dioxide started changing traceable patterns in the 1970s and by the early 1990s, the atmospheric results were affecting the storm numbers and intensities.


DEADLY DOLLAR DOMINOS.. Gold seems poised for a meteoric rise. A confluence of powerful forces is at work, far more inter-related than we might perceive or admit.

China 'may cut US debt holdings'.. China is a major funder of US debt, holding about £260bn (£149bn) in US Treasury bonds - second only to Japan. Any reduction in China's dollar assets could hit the US economy.

Should GCC countries diversify reserves away from the US dollar?.. The UAE Central Bank is to discuss diversification of its reserves into other currencies and possibly precious metals at a meeting this week.

Commodities: Investing in things we all need

Withdrawal of equity from homes rising again..UK

The World's 2000 Largest Public Companies..Citigroup is the winner!

EU warns 17 states on energy laws.. Brussels has begun legal action against most of the EU's 25 members - including the UK, Germany, France and Italy - for failing to ensure directives on opening energy markets to full competition were incorporated into national law.

Russian military stalls on reports Ukraine sold warheads to Iran.. that Ukraine had sold 250 nuclear warheads to Iran.

Iran Claims More Success In War Games.. Iran had warned the West on Monday not to "play with fire" and said the success of the war games demonstrated that it would never back down over its nuclear programme.

If You Can't Win One War, Start Another.. Russian leaders speak of the "messianism of American foreign policy" leading to a new cold war… The US might have nuclear primacy, but it no longer has economic primacy. The US economy has been living on debt.

Iraqi PM rejects calls to resign.. "There is a decision that was reached by a democratic mechanism and I stand with it," Mr Jaafari told the British newspaper.

A Civil War By Any Other Name.. Despite President Bush's repeated denials, the figures are clear: 900 sectarian killings in a single month in Iraq means a civil war is well under way.

Students for an Orwellian Society.. Because 2006 is 22Years too late.

China Surpasses U.S. In Internet Use..

EC paves way for UK nuclear privatisation.. Neelie Kroes, competition commissioner, said: "I am committed to taking full account of the polluter-pays principle in the implementation of state aid policy." Some Brussels officials, however, believe that the government's offer to meet shortfalls in the cost of decommissioning amounts to illegal state aid.

GOLD UNDERSTANDS THE FED'S PROFLIGACY.. the Fed are raising interest rates at the same time they are increasing the money supply, which is not supposed to happen in a free market… Since the Fed announced it would hide the M-3 number, Gold has risen $123.11 or 26.4 percent. Since the Fed has actually stopped reporting M-3 two weeks ago, Gold has risen $39, or 7.1 percent. Gold understands the nonsense going on at the Fed.

THEY WON'T BELIEVE UNTIL GOLD IS MUCH HIGHER.. the media compares gold with copper and pork bellies. They discuss its value as they would any commodity… Gold has been the only item that mankind has always desired and repeatedly recognized as true money. From the beginning of civilization it was the sole item that has endured the test of time, and offered civilized man a benchmark of value.

Gold set to become even scarcer.. Bobby Godsell, chief executive of AngloGold Ashanti, predicted that worldwide gold production would stagnate, then fall in the coming years as large deposits of the precious metal become scarce.

Chávez seeks to peg oil at $50 a barrel.. The price proposed by Mr Chávez is about $15 a barrel below the current global level but a credible long-term agreement at about $50 a barrel could have huge implications for Venezuela's standing in the international oil community.

ECB's Trichet May Toughen Inflation Stance, Signal Higher Rates.. ``Monetary tightening is a global issue, but central banks will move at a relatively moderate pace,'' said Kohl of Baer.

EnBW plans first German tidal plant

Government in secret talks about strike against Iran.. There will be no invasion of Iran but the nuclear sites will be destroyed. This is not something that will happen imminently, maybe this year, maybe next year. Jack Straw is making exactly the same noises that the Government did in March 2003 when it spoke about the likelihood of a war in Iraq. Armageddon.. Iran has Russian anti-ship missiles that are to the Exocet (the weapon that nearly defeated the British in the Falklands) what an F-22 is to a WWII-era Spitfire, and that there are no effective countermeasures. Our Fifth Fleet, which patrols the Persian Gulf, is completely vulnerable… What would happen if, for whatever reason, Iran sank a couple of American warships? Iran says UN council risks worsening dispute.. "This missile evades sonar technology under the water and even if the enemy sonar system could detect its movement under the water, no warship could escape from it because of its high velocity,"

Iran Calls Test of New Missile Successful.. On Sunday, guards paratroops practiced a drop in an attack on a mock enemy position, and warships, jet fighters, helicopters and sophisticated electronic equipment were used in other exercises.

Sectarian Strife Fuels Gun Sales in Baghdad.. Iraqi leaders are increasingly worried about this gun glut. After Mr. Bremer disbanded the Iraqi Army, Baghdad was transformed into a weapons bazaar, with kiosks offering bargains on pistols, carbines, rifles, shotguns, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers… Still, he said, business was booming.

Rice, Straw in Iraq to break deadlock

Rohatyn, Shultz, Cheney `Privatization' Scheme To Wreck U.S. National Security.. in 1991, shortly after "Operation Desert Storm," then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney hired the Houston, Texas-based oil equipment company Halliburton to conduct a top-secret study of how America's military operations could be outsourced to the private sector…But there are two major structural differences between the 19th century British and 21st century US empires. First, publicly quoted companies now conduct private military operations. Second, the market for this force is now genuinely global, which raises new accountability and normative concerns."

US and UK Forces Establish 'Enduring Bases' in Iraq.. The Pentagon says it has already reduced the number of US bases from 110 a year ago to a current total of around 75. But at the same time it is expanding a number of vast, highly defended bases, some in the desert away from large population areas.

Schroeder Govt Guaranteed Credit for Russia’s Gazprom, Report Confirmed.. Gerhard Schroder guaranteed a credit of one billion euros ($1.2 billion) for the Russian gas group Gazprom’s Baltic pipeline project.. The gas company has since named Schroeder as head of its supervisory board.

How To Build 6,000 Nuclear Plants by 2050.. Consider that China is building roughly one new coal plant per week now, and the United States has about 100 coal plants on the drawing board…The nuclear power enterprise can reduce the coming world energy conflicts, create wealth, and be a model to address the inability to deliver technology and services to the developing and undeveloped world and bring these societies into the economic mainstream

Russia Sends First Uranium Shipment to Indian Nuclear Plant

German Nuclear plant owners lose keys.. German nuclear power station officials have admitted losing the keys to top security areas within their own plant.

Labor Shortage in China May Lead to Trade Shift

Privacy, What Privacy?.. The slogan "Privacy, what privacy?" sums up the mood. We seem to be inching towards the panopticon: a type of prison designed by the 18th century British philosopher Jeremy Bentham. The design enables a centrally-placed observer to see all prisoners, conveying a "sentiment of an invisible omniscience." The British writer George Orwell reconfigured the panopticon as Big Brother: the dictatorship.

Data sharing planned in government IT shake-up..UK.. "But evidence suggests people don't mind their data being shared - in fact they want it - provided they get a better service."

Russia’s Former PM Kasyanov Warns Kremlin Builds Dictatorship.. “An atmosphere of fear is being created and a sense that everyone is under the state’s control. These are the first steps towards a totalitarian system.

MySpace removes 200,000 profiles.. According to the FT, News Corp's strategy to attract more advertisers faces two challenges, keeping young users from switching to a new site and keeping advertisers confident that their reputations won't be tainted by "inappropriate content."

Zimbabwe children die of starvation, AIDS.. Zimbabwe's "Drive Out the Filth" campaign has left people without homes or livelihoods and resulted in malnourished, dying and abandoned children… Inflation has reached 1,000 percent and the government's seizure of 95 percent of commercial farms has seen food production plummet.

Tanzania "This environmental destruction is the cause of drought and the drying up of water catchment areas in the country Shein said the government had given arable farmers and herders until June to leave, adding that the order would be enforced by regional commissioners.

Texas professor says the Earth would be better off with 90 percent of the human population dead.. 6.5 billion humans is too many… We are looking forward to a huge collapse. 


Gold at 25-year high as precious metals sparkle.. A weak dollar makes gold cheaper for holders of other currencies and lifts gold buying….. Silver has risen more than 13 percent since early last week when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission cleared the way for final approval of the first ETF.. Precious metals slip off new multi-year peaks.. Funds and investors have diversified into metals on worries about inflation, Middle East tensions and dollar instability. .. the European Central Bank said it had sold 57 tonnes of gold, and planned no more in the second year of the Central Banks' Gold Agreement that stipulates banks should cap total sales at 2,500 tonnes during 2004-2009. (2500 ton=wereldproduktie per jaar= ¼ wereldproduktie per jaar extra op de markt door CB´en goudverkoop….eigenlijk verkoopt de CB onze goudvoorraad )

CENTRAL BANKS, WEIMAR GERMANY, AND GOLD.. The man on the street is increasingly beginning to figure it out that the Government has been lying to him and, in effect, stealing from him… Yet if we look at the German experience the stock market went from under 100 to over 26 Billion in five years’ time. A lifetime of savings and retirement funds were wiped out in a matter of months and people were forced to live from hand to mouth. With $50 trillion in present value of future benefits promised to workersm do Americans really believe they will get anything close to that in real terms? They may get it in nominal terms but it will probably not buy a bologna sandwich… The wisest defense in this environment is to have the bulk of your assets in gold and silver yet the vast majority as yet have none. What are YOU waiting for?

Problem: Foreign Oil, Answer: Blowing in the Wind?.. Policymakers in Washington could aid the growth of renewable energy--and help America outgrow its oil dependence--by preserving or enhancing incentives such as the production tax credit, aimed at offsetting subsidies to fossil fuels and nuclear power, Brown said.

Oil Heads Back Toward $70 a Barrel.. BMO's Cooper said the Fed probably needs to raise interest rates again in May to slow economic growth because there are signs — rising airfares among them — that inflationary pressures are creeping up.

Norway sets Arctic oil plan - boom or gloom?.. In the 65 wells drilled in the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea, oil companies have struck gas in six or seven wells around the Snoehvit field. There have also been another 13 finds, most of them non-commercial

Rice calls Russian energy move 'obviously political'.. "It was not a good week from the point of view of Russia's demonstrating that it is now prepared to act ... as an energy supplier in a responsible way," Rice told reporters.

Chief of Russia's gas monopoly declares Belarus must pay European rates for natural gas

European Economies: Confidence Rises to 5-Year High.. The ECB will react to the more positive signals from economic growth,'' said Thomas Mayer, chief European economist at Deutsche Bank AG in London. ``There is now a greater determination at the ECB to move rates higher.''

Brown's £44bn gap breaks EC rules again.. further fire from the European Commission after it emerged that the UK's budget deficit ballooned to 3.6pc of gross domestic product last year. ( de ECB print wel bij)

Bernanke Adopts Greenspan's Language on Interest Rates, Surprising Markets.. Excluding food and energy, wholesale prices for goods at the intermediate stages of production rose 0.5 percent in February and were up 4.8 percent in the last 12 months, according to Labor Department figures. Core raw material prices jumped 3.3 percent last month and are up 11.9 percent since February 2005. ``As long as you have the possibility of higher energy prices passing through to core inflation, you have to be cautious,'' said former Richmond Federal Reserve Bank President J. Alfred Broaddus in an interview. ``In the absence of a compelling reason for easing, there is a bias'' to continue raising rates.

Profits surge to 40-year high.. But consumers are very wary of rising prices. So far, their incomes have not kept pace with inflation. Goldstein expects consumer spending to slow this year.

The prospect of crippling strikes which could shunt General Motors into bankruptcy have increased with its major supplier,

'Cheney and Halliburton hold title — top earners in Iraq'.. People also seem to have forgotten that Cheney continues to own stock in Halliburton…A study released in June 2005, originating from the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), revealed that overall, Halliburton had received roughly 52% of the $25.4 billion that has been paid out to private contractors since the war in Iraq began.

Iran To Stage Massive Gulf Military Maneuver.. Rear Admiral Mohammad Ebrahim Dehghan told state television that the strait of Hormouz will be one of the focal points of the exercise. "Some 80 percent of the Persian Gulf's oil is shipped out of this strait over which Iran has dominant and accurate control," he said.  Holy Prophet (PBUH) maritime wargame kicks off

Iran claims a successful test: A missile that can avoid radar.. "I think Iran's military posture, military development effort, is of concern to the international community. Israel said it too was alarmed by the missile report.

Putin Stresses Russias Need For Nuclear Deterrent.. In recent months Putin has said several times that his country will soon acquire new nuclear arms capable of penetrating all existing defence systems

Bush reassures Mexico on migrants.. President George W Bush has said he supports immigration to the US from Mexico and Central America, so long as it is orderly.

Manfred Nowak said he had proof that secret U.S. prisons continue to operate in Europe... "It is totally unacceptable, even in the fight against terrorism, that a highly democratic country such as the United States of America is keeping secret places of detention," said Nowak, an Austrian law professor who reports on torture allegations to U.N. rights bodies and the General Assembly.

ID card laws gain Royal Assent in return to the wartime past.. The ID Card Act will allow the Government to establish a national identity database containing the biometrics of all adults. A new Identity and Passport Service, which will oversee the reform, will come into being tomorrow. Some of the world's largest IT companies are likely to line up for the work, with EDS, BT, Fujitsu, Sun Microsystems and Accenture among those rumoured to be interested. A report published by the London School of Economics last year - and fiercely disputed by the Home Office - estimated the cost of implementing an ID cards scheme at between £10.6 billion and £19.2 billion. (BB eindelijk een feit in de UK)

Sequoia E-Vote Systems Found 'Hackable' in PA, Testing Shut Down After Machine Failures!.. Dr. Shamos encountered yesterday's problem during a test for vote tampering. In an instant, he said, he was able to transform a handful of votes into thousands. Developers quickly fixed the problem by replacing a file in the tabulation software, but that didn't alleviate Dr. Shamos' concerns. A malicious hacker could easily make the same switch, allowing votes to be changed, he said. "What control is there over the software package if different files can be swapped in and out?" he asked. (Ned.?)

Much of Europe on flood alert..


John Howe.. The End of Fossil Energy.. interview door Jim Puplava (audio 55min.)

GOLD, SOON TO GO PARABOLIC!.. “There are $23.6 trillion in bonds outstanding of which $8.2 trillion is public debt. US stocks are worth $35 trillion. If just 1% of that money was converted into gold that would be $350 billion or 19,800 tons of gold. That would be 13% of all the gold in existence and 8 times the annual production of mined gold.”… But in a year or two or maybe less, I perceive that the government will throw a bond auction and nobody will show, including the Chinese, until rates shoot up dramatically.” “Any portfolio designed to counter government-mandated inflation has to be bedrocked in gold…”… “I figure gold could reach $1,000 if the Chinese stop buying our paper. Once the levee to the Treasuries breaks, the easy high ground worth gaining will be gold.” “When paper gets debased, you can’t have enough minerals, gold or otherwise, in your stock basket.”

Is gold set to replace paper money?.. Even with gold at 25-year highs, only a modest percentage of the population continues to insist - and to remember - that gold and silver are money. It is surprising, and sometimes breathtaking, how quickly modern man forgets his past…Ultimately, money is linked to something even older and more abstract: the concept of trust…The evidence to support our conclusions is right before our eyes... but in terms of how long everything will take, we cannot know.

THE WEALTH ILLUSION!.. So far, the ongoing inflation has been masked by the bogus core inflation figures released by the authorities. According to the official statistics.. During highly inflationary times (such as now), the purchasing power of money declines against all asset-classes. In other words, if enough money is printed, despite a horrendous economy, stocks, bonds, property, commodities as well as collectibles may all rise at the same time. Such a rise in asset prices due to high inflation gives the ILLUSION of prosperity.

FED ORDERS TWO TRILLION DOLLARS TO BE PRINTED AND PUT INTO CIRCULATION!.. Three separate sources in the U.S. Treasury have told me that this week, the federal reserve ordered TWO TRILLION dollars to be printed!… Watch for Gold and silver to skyrocket in price within days as the world wises up and begins dumping the U.S. Dollar.

ECB.. expectations of an interest rate rise in May.. "Where we still have to walk the talk is to deliver on price stability to bring about inflation that is close to but below 2 percent,".. "The predictions of a recovery are being confirmed but we are still seeing high oil prices and global imbalances," he said when asked if the ECB was worried about economic fragility.

Norwegian and US Companies to Win Rights to Shtokman Field.. The field has proven reserves of 3,500 billion cubic meters of gas —- equivalent to more than seven times the annual gas consumption of the European Union in 2004.

Gas Prices Surge to Highest in 6 Months.. Gasoline futures charged to their highest level in nearly six months on Wednesday after the U.S. government released data showing a large decrease in domestic supplies of unleaded gas.

U.N. Security Council Calls on Iran to Halt Nuclear Program.. The West has refused to rule out sanctions if Iran does not comply and U.S. officials have said that military action was an option, although Britain has disavowed it.

President Bush does not want Ibrahim al-Jaafari to remain Iraq's leader.. "We want to see them choose someone who can unify the country," he said, "someone who is strong and capable, and will pick strong people for the cabinet." Bush to Iraqis: Time to Get a Government.. Bush.. "In fact, much of the animosity and violence we now see is the legacy of Saddam Hussein," Bush said. "He is a tyrant who exacerbated sectarian divisions to keep himself in power." The War Memo.. Bush line of  "no president wants to go to war, " after it reveals the war plans were already drawn up five days before Colin Powell went to the UN. (video-4min.)

Rice Tells Russia to Probe Iraq Intelligence Leak.. that Moscow gave Saddam Hussein information on U.S. war plans for Iraq in 2003. ..Russia’s foreign intelligence service has denied the Pentagon report. Lavrov called the charges “politically motivated.”

Chavez Readies Troops to Battle U.S... bought 15 Russian–made attack helicopters. The military also expects to receive 33,000 new rifles from Russia in May, out of a total deal for 100,000 Kalashnikovs, Defense Minister Orlando Maniglia said during the program.

US Navy prepares aircraft carrier strike group for "major training exercise"..“The presence of a US carrier task force in the Caribbean will definitely be interpreted as some sort of signal by the governments of Cuba and Venezuela,” said Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute, a pro-defense think tank in Washington.

Russian MPs Want to Ban Use of Foreign Software in Strategic Industries.. foreign software ..“Russian IT specialists and system administrators have neither codes nor commands for these programs”. In deputy’s opinion, “this means that in case of military confrontation there is a real possibility that all of the software will be put out of action, basically meaning Russia’s military defeat.”

City Defends Surveillance of Protesters.. the police were not willing to stop the videotaping, because the tactic was necessary for them to be "pro-active against terrorism”.

Deal paves the way for ID cards.. UK..Anyone who renews a passport will have their details put on a national ID database .. "Millions are already vehemently opposed, the Home Office will have to round them up and force them to be fingerprinted, which will bring home to the public the true nature of the scheme.

Gillette Fuses RFID With Product Launch..

Global Warming .."The fact is that any solution requires trillions of dollars of sacrifice from world economic growth..(Videofragment 4min.)


Theodore Butler.. SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED?.. It appears that actual trading of the ETF is only a matter of time. Silver prices rose to new highs on the news…There are many positives for silver and but one negative. Come to think of it, this has been the case for more than 20 years. Someday, the positives must outweigh the one negative. Which day is the question.

MOGAMBO GURU.. Senate Finance Committee…Ben Bernanke, chairman of the horrid Federal Reserve, has announced that the sheer reputation of the Federal Reserve will be enough to keep interest rates lower than they otherwise would be. Hahaha! Another example of "full faith and credit." Hahaha!.. that, last week, created another $4.7 billion in Total Fed Credit,

Bernanke may have inherited the wind, but he'll reap the whirlwind..... "How would you like to be responsible for an economy that's dependent upon $700 bn of foreign money every year?" added Volcker. "I don't know what I would do about it, but he's going to have to do something about it sooner or later."

NY gold closes a touch lower ahead of Fed decision.. silver futures followed gold to a slightly lower close, though dealers said the market still had the potential to hit $11 (an ounce) in anticipation of a near-term launch of a U.S. investment vehicle to be backed by silver bullion.

Largest gold deposit in China discovered.. With a recoverable reserve over 200 tons (2500 ton is produktie goud wereld/per jaar)

Peak oil and failing mass media.. The mass media remain silent…the potential consequence of global peak oil if we are not prepared: “As worldwide demand for oil outpaces worldwide production, the price of a barrel of oil will skyrocket and economies everywhere will grind to a screeching halt.”

Countdown to $100 oil (24) - What markets are telling us about future energy prices.. So it is actually quite remarkable how quickly the view of the market on future prices of oil has changed in the past 2 years. What the graph says is that as of today, the market expects oil prices to still be around 60-70$/bl 5 years from now, and not to drift down to 20$/bl or somewhere in between.

Fed hikes interest quarter point, as expected.. to 4.75%.. Banks immediately responded by increasing the prime rate to 7.75%. The prime is the base rate for many credit cards, and consumer and business loans. (hypotheken!)

Yuan hits new high against dollar.. to impose tariffs of up to 27.5% on some Chinese goods unless Beijing moves to free up its currency… Some US politicians and manufacturers believe the yuan is undervalued by 15-40% against the dollar.

Brazilian finance minister quits.. Mr Palocci has been described as one of the architects of Brazil's economic recovery, which has seen foreign investment rise, unemployment fall and inflation brought under control.

Study reveals financial crisis of the 18-40s.. into Britain's personal finances reveals a lost generation of 18- to 40-year-olds unable to cope with debts and soaring house prices, with alarmingly low levels of savings and little hope of building a decent pension…The report said 81% of people of pre-retirement age think the state pension would not provide sufficiently for their old age, Households on 'money knife-edge'.. Most Britons are good at making ends meet but not so good at saving for the future  

GM says sales still 'challenging'.. The firm is cutting 30,000 jobs and closing 12 plants by 2008. Press reports say more cuts may follow.

'We're on the eve of World War III'.. The former intelligence chief referenced recent terror attacks against Israel, Europe and the United States; Iran's alleged nuclear ambitions; the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan; and worldwide Muslim riots. .. "The problem of [Iranian] nuclear armaments is not an Israeli problem; it is a worldwide problem.
Russian Defense Minister. “Russia has always held, and continues to hold, that we have the right to use pre-emptive strikes, if we are 100% certain that terrorist attacks against Russia or Russian citizens are being planned.”

US And South Korea Launch War Games

Halliburton billing abuse; $57m in new questioned charges.. Halliburton has faced scrutiny of its Iraq contracts before -- they were awarded a secret "no-bid" contract.. Army auditors previously questioned large chunks of Halliburton's billing, but the company was awarded a bonus for their work regardless. (Cheney’s ex-firma)

Impetus within the EU for a revival of atomic energy is gathering pace.. The overwhelming majority of EU leaders at last week's EU summit, including Tony Blair, gave strong backing to a revival of nuclear power as the answer to Europe's need to reduce its growing dependence on overseas energy supplies and to combat climate change.

URANIUM stocks soared yesterday after news that China and Australia could sign an agreement on uranium exploration and mining next week... Australia, which has the world's largest-known uranium reserves

Undercover investigators bought radioactive ingredients needed to make a dirty bomb.. "The reality is that it is easier to buy low-grade radioactive material for a dirty bomb than it is to buy cold medicine that has been restricted because of the meth epidemic,"

Soldiers flee to Canada to avoid Iraq duty.. and there are an estimated 400 in Canada out of more than 9,000 who have deserted since the conflict started in 2003.

War of ideas about justice, not democracy.. Marc Sageman, a French forensic psychiatrist.. study to more than 400 known terrorists.. What would address the problem of terrorism at its roots, according to Sageman, is advocating justice… Those very conditions were what led to the violent protests last year in Paris.

The biggest national strike for decades saw widespread disruption across the UK today as 1.5 million local authority workers walked out in a row over pensions... "These are real people who have paid 6% year in, year out to their pension scheme, and are now being treated like second-class citizens when it comes to paying out on their pensions.

Ex-defence chief Caspar Weinberger dies

Primary voting-machine troubles raise concerns for '06.. In Fort Worth, an initial ballot count showed about 150,000 votes even though there were only one-third that many voters, says David Rogers, campaign manager for the candidate, Steve Smith. Meer

FBI Keeps Watch on Activists.. "They don't know where Osama bin Laden is, but they're spending money watching people like me," said environmental activist Kirsten Atkins. Her license plate number showed up in an FBI terrorism file after she attended a protest against the lumber industry in Colorado Springs in 2002.

Iran Hard-Line Regime Cracks Down on Blogs.. The debates on Iranian weblogs are rarely political. The most common issues are cultural, social and sexual…"The government has observed carefully and learned that blogs are important ... and they want to capitalize on that," she said. "They want to lead the movement, they want to control it."

Earth Is at The Tipping Point.. "The last 12 months have been alarming." Adds Ruth Curry of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts:

UK to miss CO2 emissions target..

Using the sun to sterilise water.. Solar radiation means a combination of ultra-violet rays and heat destroys the bacteria which cause common water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery and diarrhoea. After eight hours in the sun, it is ready to drink. 


WHO NEEDS AL CAPONE?.. Mr. Paul Volcker and for that matter all Central Bankers, view the rising gold price signal as an unwelcome occurrence because it signals failed policies on their part… The Reality: A Rising Gold Price Is An Enemy of the State.. “Recently, when the Cheuvreux Report came out, I went straight to the chief principal at [my] firm to give him a copy.. the firm could not buy even a single solitary share of any gold/silver stocks and here is why: 1). Our firm uses Morningstar ratings on stocks and stocks cannot have the lowest rating [one star] to be considered by our firm.

Central Banks Core Contradictions.. Thus central banks are saddled with conceptual contradictions in assuming the dual role of a vigilant supervisor of the rules of prudence in the financial market while at the same time acting as a permissive cheerleader for the infraction of the same rules in the name of innovative economic expansion… What is even more pathetic is that in the US, the Federal Reserve is legally owned by its member banks, not the government, or the people, although some 98% of the profit made by the Fed goes to the US Treasury by law. Board members of the Fed are nominated by the member banks and appointed by the US president, and as a group they predominantly represent the special interests of the banking sector.

US living on borrowed time - and money.. The nasty thing about this is that with a projected $975 billion current-account deficit for this year, the US is no longer getting what it needs from the world to maintain its lifestyle. The foreign-capital food supply is dwindling just as the hunger increases… to the concept of TANSTAAFL - there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. The United States may soon be introduced to the concept of TANSTAAFE - there ain't no such thing as a free empire.

Wall Street lays plans in case bird flu strikes.. How stocks do this time depends on what plays out.. Woody Dorsey, behavioral market strategist at Market Semiotics, says the fact that the virus can spread quickly and cause widespread havoc means it is likely to be more damaging to the economy and financial markets than a terrorist attack or severe hurricane

Wal-Mart pulls part of bank bid.. On Thursday, 45 members of the U.S. House of Representatives wrote to the regulator, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., saying that due to Wal-Mart's scope and international dealings, financial problems within the company might damage the bank and disrupt the U.S. payments system.

Common EU policy, national sovereignty.. The future of Europe's energy must respect national sovereignty with regard to energy mix, draft summit conclusions being considered by EU heads of state say.

Japanese nuclear reactor ordered shut.. A Japanese court Friday ordered the shutdown of Japan's second-largest nuclear reactor, saying its anti-earthquake safety measures are inadequate.

General: War on Terror Will Last for Years.. The war on terror will continue long after Iraq and Afghanistan are stable, Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told military officials from around the world Friday.

Rice Won't Tolerate Stall Tactics on Iran.. Russia and China have refused to back a U.N. Security Council statement proposed by Britain, France and the United States demanding Iran suspend uranium enrichment.

China repeats it in accord with Russia on Iran.. "China and Russia exchanged views and both sides agreed the Iran nuclear issue should be resolved through diplomatic means," Qin told reporters.

Bush warns Iran on Israel.. "I made it clear, and I'll make it clear again, that we will use military might to protect our ally Israel," said Bush, who was apparently referring to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's call for the destruction of Israel. Study blasts US pro-Israel lobby.. The study also points to Washington's staunch support of Israel at the United Nations. Since 1982, it says, the United States has vetoed 32 Security Council resolutions critical of Israel - a number greater than the combined total of vetoes cast by all the other Security Council members. And it has blocked Arab states' efforts to put Israel's nuclear arsenal on the agenda of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Chavez grants fuel deal to El Salvador.. Chavez argues that US-proposed pacts such as the Free Trade Area of the Americas would help big US companies at the expense of Latin America's poor.

US aid decision now likely after Hamas sets govt.. The EU has held back from deciding the fate of its financial aid to the Palestinians, giving Hamas more time to act on calls to moderate its stance on Israel.

CHARLIE SHEEN: WHAT 9/11 HIJACKERS?.. CHARLIE Sheen has joined the 9/11 gone-bonkers brigade. The "Two and a Half Men" star gave a bizarre interview on GGN Radio Network's conspiracy-minded "The Alex Jones Show," 

Charlie Sheen doesn’t buy 9/11 spin.. The father of two also questioned whether a plane actually hit the Pentagon and how President George Bush was able to see the first plane hit the north tower, when no live footage of that incident was carried

Chinese try mobile death vans.. The execution vans are converted 24-seater buses..Although the vans cost about 500,000 yuan ($A100,000) each, officials say the method is cheaper and requires less manpower than traditional executions, because land for traditional execution grounds is not cheap. But the main impetus was a law passed in 1995, making lethal injection an alternative to the bullet

Texas arresting people in bars for being drunk

Being watched..Welcome to the surveillance society.. "So far, the courts have been reluctant to see any unreasonable intrusion [of privacy] once the person is out of their private domain," he says. "But what exactly is one's private domain is becoming fuzzy. Is it your home? Is it your office? Is it your home-office? Is it your cell phone? Is it your TV? It's hard to say. But the big concern is what happens when these technologies begin to converge."

The US treasury has frozen the assets of the Lebanese satellite channel al-Manar

Alton Towers is introducing a radio frequency identification (RFID) system to allow visitors to have their day at the theme park recorded on personalised souvenir DVDs.

Smoking and the short step to a police state

Texas has begun sending undercover agents into bars to arrest drinkers for being drunk

Chernobyl blast may kill 1000 British children.. His study also suggested that a downward trend in infant mortality in affected areas was interrupted in the four years after Chernobyl.

Melting ice sheets could spur oceans' rise: study.. "It's not really a debate any more about whether sea level is rising or not. I think the debate has shifted to, how rapidly is sea level rising," Bindschadler said in a telephone briefing.


INVESTMENTS BASED ON PEAK OIL ARE CRITICAL FOR INDIVIDUALS.. Since no major world currency is backed by gold or silver, gold and silver remain the world’s only true currencies. Owning physical gold, physical silver, or stocks in precious metals companies can help you combat a falling U.S. dollar and rising inflation.

GET FILTHY RICH INVESTING IN GOLD.. Are you beginning to get an understanding of why investing in precious metals today is the best place to be putting your money? These resources are NOT growing, but rapidly becoming extinct

Credit derivatives rocked by loss at GM finance arm.. Timothy Geithner, president of the New York Federal Reserve, warned in a recent speech that the $300,000bn derivatives market had raced ahead of the infrastructure needed to support it…Warren Buffett has been warning since 2003 that derivatives are a ticking "time bomb".."We are a canary in this business coal mine. Our experience should be particularly sobering because we were a better-than-average candidate to exit gracefully.

Rabobank urges global central banks to prevent possible dollar plunge.. but the researchers said that several factors may force the Chinese central bank to stop buying dollars, which could result in a worldwide sell-off of US dollars

George W. Bush and Peak Oil: Beyond Incompetence.. that “90% of known reserves are in production,” and that “as much as 70% of the world’s producing oil fields are now in decline” with decline rates averaging between four and six percent per year.4

Oil falls as U.S. supplies stay robust.. Saudi Arabia and other members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries have been pumping close to the limit in a bid to calm prices that hit a record $70.85 in August as hurricanes disrupted Gulf of Mexico supplies.

US said to be urging Japan to halt Iranian oil development.. Japan defied the United States in 2004 by signing the contract to develop Azadegan, considered one of the world's biggest untapped oil reserves.

G.M. to Offer Buyout Deal to More Than 125,000 Workers.. G.M. plans to cut 30,000 jobs through 2008, and has begun closing some of the 12 plants where it will eliminate production.

Income tax bill doubles to £145bn

Troops to stay past Bush's term.. The complete withdrawal of U.S. troops "of course is an objective, and that will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq," Bush said at a White House news conference that was dominated by questions about Iraq. The president had not previously stated that the military role would continue beyond the end of his second term, Jan. 20, 2009, a White House spokesman said.

Chavez: 'U.S. Empire Defeated in Iraq'.. "You know that one of the most serious problems the world has today is the energy problem, so much so that the North American empire has invaded Iraq just to look for oil and now threatens Iran because of oil," Chavez said in a nationally televised speech, referring to the United States. "It's an excuse by the empire, looking for energy."

Hugo Chavez: U.S. Lying About Iran Nuclear Program

Pakistan on Tuesday successfully test-fired a nuclear-capable cruise missile for the second time, without informing rival India, officials said

Sky falls in on Bush the outcast

Neo-Nazis threaten to massacre Muslims at World Cup

Pulled over in Kansas? Get ready to show your license, registration — and fingerprints.. If you are stopped by police in Kansas, don’t be surprised if the officer pulls out a little black box and takes your fingerprints.

High-tech voting hits snags.. But problems arose frequently. Voters from the North Shore to the South Side reported that selected touch-screen voting machines weren't working, and said they also encountered problems with new, oversized, optical-scan paper ballots…"It's a landslide," Republican election judge David Masak said, trying to diffuse the situation with humor. "As of right now, I can tell you we are officially the only precinct in Chicago that is going 100-percent Republican."

Oil Gushes into Arctic Ocean from BP Pipeline.. "For years we've been warning the company about cutting back on maintenance," Marc Kovac, a union official told the New York Times. "We know that this could have been prevented."

Greater efforts needed to save Amazon rainforests.. "By 2050, current trends in agricultural expansion will eliminate a total of 40 percent of Amazon forests, including six major watersheds and ecoregions,"

Governments, not private companies, should take the lead in improving public access to safe drinking water, representatives of 148 countries said Wednesday


The Second Great Depression: Starting 2007, Ending 2020 Warren Brussee (tekst en audio MUST HEAR)

Gold May Rally for 2nd Week on Concern About Iraq War, Iran Nuclear Plans.. The confirmation by the U.S. Federal Reserve last week that it will stop publishing the broadest measure of the money supply, or M3, this week will ``only hasten the rush out of dollars into the safety and security of gold,'' said James Turk, founder of Jersey, British Channel Islands-based, which stores gold for investors.

China to open gold theme park.. Last year, Chinese demand for gold rose eight percent to more than 250 tonnes (2500 ton is wereldproduktie)

Kevin Warsh, who became the youngest-ever Federal Reserve governor last month, may also be the wealthiest.. Warsh, 35, and his wife, an heir to the Estee Lauder cosmetics fortune, have at least $65.3 million in assets.. Warsh's father-in-law, Ronald Lauder, has a net worth of $2.7 billion.

The Coup de Grace to the Economy.. As the Real Estate Bubble Pops, so Does the Economy.. The inevitable conclusion: as bond rates rise, so do interest rates. As Interest rates rise, housing prices drop and foreclosures rise, putting more downward pressure on housing values. As housing values drop, American can no longer borrow their equity to spend, spend, spend. According to many sources (for example, Parade Magazine this past Sunday), American pulled out $880 billion from their home equity in 2005 alone. That accounts for about 7.5% of the entire U.S. economy, and about 10% of all consumer spending.

Taxes hit all-time high.. “It’s an all-time high and we’re entering uncharted waters,” said Peter Spencer, economic adviser to the Ernst & Young Item Club.. The poor performance of the National Health Service, despite tens of billions of extra funding, is in the spotlight, with hospitals cutting staff and cancelling operations because of financial deficits... A Tory party analysis suggests government debt, including public sector pension liabilities, is more than £1,500 billion, or 127% of GDP, compared with the £442 billion, or less than 40% of GDP, claimed by ministers.

Jeb Bush: Promote Ethanol, Beat Chavez.. He added that increasing Florida and the nation's reliance on other energy sources will help reduce their reliance on Venezuela, which he described as on "a quiet march toward dictatorship."

Chavez blasts Bush as "donkey" and "drunkard"..A White House report released last week on pre-emptive force in national security described Chavez as a "demagogue" who uses Venezuela's oil wealth to destabilize democracy in the region…Chavez has used billions of dollars in oil revenues to finance development programs for the poor as part of his self-styled socialist revolution.

Bolton: Iran Working With A-Bomb Ingredients.. "The urgency of sending a clear and strong signal to Iran is certainly very much on our (the U.S.) minds, conscious as we are that the Iranian centrifuges are spinning with uranium hexaflouride in them ... (an A-bomb ingredient). ... That is a very serious matter."

Blair takes poll hit over sleaze row.. The controversy erupted this month when it was disclosed that several wealthy businessmen were nominated for seats in the House of Lords after lending large sums of money to the Labour Party…"It's very ugly," said Labour MP Clare Short, a vocal Blair critic who quit as a cabinet minister over the Iraq war. "We're spending a lot more, we're getting rich people to fund it, and it is corroding our political system."

Cheney: Don't Listen to Kennedy.. I think we are going to succeed in Iraq. I think the evidence is overwhelming. I think Ted Kennedy been wrong from the very beginning, he's the last man I'd go to0 for guidance as to how we should conduct national security policy."

Civil War Has Erupted In Iraq - Claim..Iraq's former prime minister has said his country is in the grip of civil war, three years after the start of the conflict.

Bush predicts 'victory' three years after Iraq invasion.. Three years after invading Iraq, President George W. Bush said he had a strategy for "victory in Iraq" while administration officials denied that the country had sunk into civil war.

Rumsfeld: Leaving Iraq like giving Nazis Germany.. Leaving Iraq now would be the same as handing postwar Germany back to the Nazis, U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said in a column published on Sunday, as retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton called Rumsfeld incompetent and urged him to resign.

Hamas presents Palestinian cabinet to Abbas.. Israel has said it would not deal with a Hamas government but would not restrict humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

Soldiers going Awol have trebled since the invasion of Iraq.. British Army. the Government's decision to tighten up the definition of desertion was "pretty obviously" an attempt by ministers to stop people from refusing to serve in Iraq. .. "It's now happening in such sufficient numbers that someone in the MoD wants to legislate specifically for it," 

Lessons of Iraq War Start With US History.. On the third anniversary of President Bush's Iraq debacle, it's important to consider why the administration so easily fooled so many people into supporting the war….One is an absence of historical perspective.  The other is an inability to think outside the boundaries of nationalism.

Revelations add to picture of US torture.. The revelation adds to the picture of harsh interrogation practices at US prisons in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as well as at secret CIA jails around the world.

Feds Nab Computer After Anti-Bush Threat.. college freshman Tim Willis has lost his computer because of a song parody about President George W. Bush. Secret Service agents seized Willis' computer after he posted lyrics on the Web site.

"Cancer village" highlights China's water woes.. More than 70 percent of China's rivers and lakes are polluted, while underground water supplies in 90 percent of Chinese cities are contaminated, according to government reports.. But amid the heightened party worries that China's growth model is environmentally unsustainable, little is being done because immediate economic interests continue to come first, environmental activists say.

Water profits soar despite 800m gallon leak.. Britain.."If water companies are continuing to make large profits there is no reason why they shouldn't be addressing these leaks."

Water crisis looms in India as drilling depletes resources.. "In many parts of the country, it (the water problem) is now irreversible,".. "There should also be greater awareness at the community level and it should be made a national mission to introduce rain water harvesting," Talbot says.

Hong Kong pollution leaves tourists choking.. Last week smog levels rose to such dangerously high levels that the government was forced to warn people with breathing or heart problems to stay indoors.

Aids leaves 9m African children without mothers.. "When a mother is sick, and after she dies, it is often the extended family and local community support the family and care for her children. With the rising numbers of affected children, communities are struggling to provide support from their own resources.

We Were Warned,Tomorrow's Oil Crisis..CNN docu (MUST SEE!!!)

We Were Warned, de reportage van CNN's Frank Sesno, onderzoekt en verklaart hoe het zo ver heeft kunnen komen. Sesno neemt ons mee naar een schip op olie expeditie in de diepe wateren van de Golf van Mexico, naar de koude teerzanden in Noord-West Canada en naar een klein dorpje in Brazilië waar ethanol, dat gebruikt wordt door 40% van de auto's in dat land, wordt gemaakt van suikerriet. Bij iedere stop gaat Sesno na of  een van deze methoden de oplossing kan bieden voor de ontluikende energiecrisis of dat we misschien al te laat zijn.
CNN Presents: We Were Warned: Tomorrow's Oil Crisis wordt uitgezonden op:
Zaterdag 18 maart: 13.00 uur en 23.00 uur  Zondag 19 maart: 14.00 uur en 18.00 uur  (Thanks!!!)

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY It's Time to Evaluate Our Options.. We have to accept reality. And deal with it in a constructive way.

Your Gold Mining Stocks - The Moment of Truth.. The supply/demand fundamentals on silver are even more positive than gold. Silver is also the poor mans' gold and there are billions of poor people in India and Asia, many who manage to save.

Silver shoots past yellow metal this year...

Vergrijzing vereist nieuwe, harde ingrepen.. CPB-onderdirecteur Casper van Ewijk benadrukt dat de kosten van de vergrijzing in Nederland veel hoger zullen zijn dan tot dusver werd aangenomen. ‘Het is niet de vraag óf er iets moet gebeuren, er moet iets gebeuren. Anders explodeert de staatsschuld.’

Calif. residents get conservation discount.. By reducing their natural gas consumption, customers can earn a 20 percent rebate through PG&E's 10/20 Winter Gas Savings Program.

Big oil firms struggle to find new reserves.. Investment bank Lehman Brothers estimates that excluding acquisitions, the top U.S. and European oil and gas firms achieved a reserve replacement rate of only 82 percent.

EU to warn Putin energy row could harm investment.. Russia's Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko said that $17 trillion (£10 trillion) needed to be invested before 2030 to ensure security of supply.

Curatoren Van der Hoop laten privégegevens slingeren.. In de komende maanden zullen de curatoren onderzoek doen naar de oorzaken van het faillissement. Zij hopen die in september in kaart te hebben gebracht.

Royal Bank's top two executives pocket £14m.. He said: "It is scandalous that these directors are paid so much when so many banking staff are on such low wages."

Cost of Iraq war could surpass $1 trillion.. even a society as rich as ours has finite resources, and the public has a limited appetite for absorbing the costs of war, whether human or economic.

Policy Watch: Ahmadinejad's logic.. In light of this, Ahmadinejad's effort to escalate the Iranian nuclear crisis is not an example of irrational behavior, but a deliberate attempt to bait a trap for the U.S. The Bush administration, unfortunately, does not seem to recognize this and so try to avoid the trap. Indeed, the Bush administration seems intent on rushing headlong into it.

Bush's rules for China.. Senior Chinese officials bridle against such tutelage, which has been characterized by former deputy premier Qian Qichen as a "Bush Doctrine" marked by "cocksuredness and arrogance."

Brzezinski calls for Iraq pull out.. Brzezinski also hit out at President George W. Bush's newly released National Security Strategy. He called it "an erroneous version of reality."

Spain Scrambles to Cope With Tide of African Migrants.. Spanish officials said. Mauritania has estimated that more than 10,000 potential migrants have gathered in the city in hopes of reaching Spain.

Nuclear Reactors Found to Be Leaking Radioactive Water.. Indian Point officials say the quantities are tiny, compared with the amount of tritium that Indian Point is legally allowed to release into the river.

Google told to reveal Web sites.. "It is still a little disturbing that essentially the government can compel information from a party that is not involved in a lawsuit," he said.

Terror suspect reveals the daily misery of life under control order.. But in the five years since the allegation was first made he has not been allowed to see a single piece of incriminatory evidence. Neither, say his lawyers, has he been interrogated by the security services about any of the allegations!!!!!!

The Age of Autism: Mercury creeps back in.. Plus, the autism rate has started to drop in California since thimerosal was removed. Finally, as we've pointed out, the CDC continues to research whether thimerosal causes autism -- that hasn't been "ruled out," nor has any other cause, a spokesman told us earlier this year

Egyptian woman 'dies of bird flu'

Thousands may starve in 'forgotten' Somalia crisis.. The country is experiencing its worst drought in more than 40 years,


Oil groups shun Iran over fears of embargo.. Talks by several European companies on oil and gas projects have largely ground to a standstill amid fears that the nuclear dispute, now before the UN Security Council, could lead to fresh sanctions against Iran.

Big Oil's Smaller Cushion.. At the same time, production at the oil giants dropped between 1% and 7% last year. (BP posted a slight increase of 0.5%.) Output is falling because many oil fields are mature and are not producing as much as they used to. That means oil companies now have to drill deeper, in unconventional areas and in risky countries that require more money, time and technology.

US$: Forget Iran, the problem's at home.. the projected Tehran oil bourse.. But a possible dollar collapse is much more likely to stem from the unsustainability of the country's gigantic and growing trade and budgetary deficits and the irrational fiscal policies of the Bush administration.

The fragile Euro-US 'alliance' on Iran.. "The West hasn't yet fully realized that the world has changed," said Guldimann. "The economic development of Asia, rising oil prices, the emergence of Russia as a key negotiating partner - all these things work against the idea that we can impose an end to the enrichment program, which is the preferred solution."

Martial law imposed in volatile Iran cities..

Nuclear Bunker Buster Bombs against Iran: This Way Lies Madness.. of Bush is that he has demanded and received permission to use nuclear “bunker busters” in Iran in a preemptive strike.

Latin America and Asia are at last breaking free of Washington's grip.. Noam Chomsky.. Every day Latin America, too, is becoming more independent. Now Asia and the Americas are strengthening their ties while the reigning superpower, the odd man out, consumes itself in misadventures in the Middle East…China, unlike Europe, refuses to be intimidated by Washington, a primary reason for the fear of China by US planners.. In January, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah visited Beijing, which is expected to lead to a Sino-Saudi memorandum of understanding calling for "increased cooperation and investment between the two countries in oil, natural gas and investment",…Already much of Iran's oil goes to China, and China is providing Iran with weapons that both states presumably regard as deterrent to US designs

Accounting error raises GM's loss.. The company now says its losses totalled $10.6bn last year, with the additional $2bn caused by errors at a mortgage subsidiary.

China could overtake US's India trade

Cash crisis 'won't hit patients'.. The Health Secretary has rejected claims patients will suffer because of the NHS cash crisis, after a hospital trust said it was cutting 1,000 jobs. (???)

The Bolton archipelago.. A UN General Assembly vote on establishing the new Human Rights Council is a fairly devastating comment on current US global prestige as well as the effectiveness of diplomacy as practiced by US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton.

A new poll finds that a plurality of Americans favor plans to censure President George W. Bush, while a surprising 42% favor moves to actually impeach the President.

Bush battered by US pessimism, leadership doubts.. "The biggest problem the White House faces is reconnecting with people. People simply aren't buying it anymore," Bennett said. "People can see for themselves that things actually are not fine."

President Bush's new, 19,322-word national security report is a stunning document that parents should not permit their children to read... Bush's message to our children in this surreal document is that situational ethics is right. Increasingly, that is how the rest of the world perceives us -- as believing that the end justifies the means.

Materials to make bombs get through screeners at 21 US airports.. Security screeners at 21 airports across the United States failed to detect materials that could be used to make bombs in recent tests by government agents, US legislators said.

Asian police target movie downloaders

Visa Debuts RFID-Enabled Payment Card

US bank approves ripped-up credit card application.. "All other costs and problems of identity theft are borne by the consumer; they're an externality to the credit card company. They don't enter into the trade-off decision at all,"

RFID World Still Reacting Strongly To Virus Research.. "RFID has security challenges," Ashton admits. "This isn't one of them." This is a far fetched scenario requiring many improbable security holes to line up just so."

California gang members to be tracked by GPS.. California prison officials have begun using Global Positioning System anklets to track known gang members.

MPs face new Lords clash on ID cards

PM finally calls for Guantanamo to close.. Tony Blair joined the growing calls for the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay to be closed

High illness rate near oilsands worrisome, says Alberta health official.. Elders in the community say they didn't see these kinds of diseases until the oil industry started production near their homes ..Syncrude and Suncor extract and process hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil a day in their oil sands projects near the community

Do we really need central banks? "The forces of globalization have diluted the power of the domestic central bank." The Fed would rather you not know that. What it means is the Fed will be pretty useless come the next global financial crisis. It can't prevent one any more than it can solve one. The depth of the Fed's conceit extends even further than BCA admits. Consider the rate of price inflation.

BEST OF MOGAMBO GURU.. But all that economic fraud is getting to be old hat by this time. What is tragically new is that if you are familiar with the George Orwell novel "1984" then you are familiar with concepts such as NewSpeak and NewThink, which are twisted lies and frauds with the authority of law. Along those same lines comes.. NewBank

East China province records fast growth in silver imports.. The booming Jiangsu Province in East China imported 25.5 tons of silver in January, nearly 20-fold increase over the same time of last year.

TED BUTLER INTERVIEW.. With industrial commodities shortages show up first in the form of delays, which have been present in silver. If you’ve read the Silver Users Association’s critique of the ETF, you know they are nervous because it would cause a pronounced shortage in silver. What greater confirmation does anyone need?.. by the time this silver story plays out, the $50 Hunt Brothers episode will merely be a footnote in silver history.

Senate Votes to Raise Debt Limit.. The Senate voted Thursday to allow the national debt to swell to nearly $9 trillion, preventing a first-ever default on U.S. Treasury notes… "The three largest deficits in our nation's history have all occurred under this administration's watch."

Markets oblivious to geopolitical risks.. Portfolio investors appear oblivious to extreme global geopolitical and high global economic growth risks that the world's fixed investors have clearly become aware of… A sudden change in risk perception among portfolio investors, bringing perceived risks into closer alignment with actual risks, may well push the world's financial markets sharply lower in the months ahead. This sudden loss of investor capital could easily trigger a global economic recession.

Pickens sees $5 per gallon gasoline worldwide.. the founder of Mesa Petroleum Co., said demand is so tight that if Iran pulled one million barrels of oil off the market "you'll have $75 (a barrel) oil in 24 hours."

Countdown to 100$ oil (22) - gas shortages in the UK - 230$/boe..

IMF sees oil boom opportunity for central Africa

Bush Reaffirms Pre-Emptive Use of Force .. President Bush reaffirmed his strike-first policy against terrorists and enemy nations on Thursday and said Iran may pose the biggest challenge for America. .. U.S. examining Israel’s military options for Iran.. the possibility of an Israeli pre-emptive strike against Iran and the way under which such an attack could be carried out.

Bush Confronted on Nuclear Pact.. India never signed the Nonproliferation Treaty..(Bush).. "When India's demand for fossil fuels goes up, it causes the price of our fossil fuels to go up," he said. "And so, therefore, to encourage them to use a renewable source of energy that doesn't create greenhouse gas, this makes a lot of sense." U.S. Nuclear Hypocrisy: “Dont compare India with Iran”

Arab investors feel chill from Dubai ports deal.. UAE Central Bank Governor Sultan Bin Nasser Al Suwaidi was quoted Friday in the daily Gulf Today as saying the ports controversy could cause waves over the trade deal. “It is something that doesn’t reflect well,” he said.

The U.S. trade deficit is closing in on $800 billion per year, or about $3 billion per business day

French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin is leading a new wave of protectionism—in Europe.. "There's a neo-nationalism in Europe," says Columbia University economics professor Xavier Sala-i-Martin. "They don't even believe in their own project. They say they want a big market for capital and goods, but when it doesn't go well, they resort to neo-protectionism."

Bolton compares Iran threat to Sept. 11 attacks.. The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, Wednesday compared the threat from Iran’s nuclear programs to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States. Bolton: U.N. Will Send Iran Strong Signal

U.S. launches largest Iraq air assault in 3 years

Zimbabwe's central bank has raised interest rates by up to 75 percentage points to 785 percent in a new bid to curb soaring inflation,

U.S. Human Rights Report: Applying double standards.. "After all, how can you take seriously a report on human rights written by a nation-state that is currently perceived to be among the most egregious violators of human rights and rule of law in the world?"

White House Alters Security Rules for Gays

Chinese Training Military in Latin America

Halliburton failed to purify GIs’ water.. Halliburton was headed by Vice President Dick Cheney for several years before he ran for vice president.

More Kids Are Getting Anti-Psychotic Drugs.. Soaring numbers of American children are being prescribed anti-psychotic drugs — in many cases, for attention deficit disorder or other behavioral problems for which these medications have not been proven to work, a study found.

NY silver touches 22-year high, gold price gains.. There has been no word from U.S. regulators on the ETF since a public comment period ended last month.

The Rich Get Richer.. Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Because rich people have capital and capital is mobile, says Lila. Labor can’t least not easily. 

Newsclips From This Day In 2016.. I dusted off the crystal ball and gazed 10 years into the future.

EU chief warns on protectionism.. The EU has expressed concern about efforts by national governments to thwart pan-European mergers.

EU gravy train 'is still running'.. It is appalling,” said Hans-Peter Martin, an Austrian MEP, who has led a campaign against abuse of expenses. The €60 million-a-year travel allowance system is so generous that many MEPs admit it amounts to legalised embezzlement of taxpayers’ money.

Senate plans to vote on debt increase Thursday.. The legislation would raise the U.S. debt limit by $781 billion…He noted "repeated increases in the debt limit over and over again. During the first five years of this administration, raising the debt over $3 trillion."

Fed: Economy Carries Momentum Into Spring.. In general, consumer prices also are rising at a modest pace even though businesses are coping with high energy prices and rising costs for other materials, such as cement, lumber and copper, the Fed said.

Ministers rule out compensation for lost pensions.. "Ministers - who enjoy guaranteed, public sector pensions - should think again about their decision which will force thousands to sell their homes, if they have one, and/or to go on working in order to try to build up some level of income for their postponed retirement."

Kenyans facing Goldenberg charges.. Those charged are: businessman Kamlesh Pattni, ex-intelligence head James Kanyotu, ex-treasury permanent secretary Wilfred Karunga Koinange, ex-central bank governor Eric Kotut, ex-deputy central bank governor Eliphaz Riungu.

Russian Finance Ministry Raises 2006 Inflation Forecast to 10%

Deutsche Boerse eyes Euronext.. The intention would be to "create a global market leader in the industry."

Top U.S. Military Official: No Evidence of Iran Involvement in Iraq.. On Monday, President Bush suggested Iran was involved in making roadside bombs, known as improvised explosive devices, that are being used in Iraq. And Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld last week accused Iran of sending members of its Revolutionary Guard to conduct operations in Iraq.

Hussein urges Iraqis to fight.. Rahman told the former dictator, "This is a criminal court. We are not interested in politics." Hussein answered, "If it wasn't for politics, neither you nor I would be here today."

Congress forms panel to study Iraq war

Banks sell Yukos debt to Rosneft

UK unemployment continues to rise

RFID tags can be infected with a virus.. Dutch researchers have warned that RFID tags – small microchips, which can be used to tag products or animals - can be infected with computer viruses.

Government ID Card claims deflated.. Biometric data employed for identification purposes could be misused and lead to "function creep", the European Data Protection Supervisor has warned.

Use of Implanted Patient-Data Chips Stirs Debate on Medicine vs. Privacy.. VeriChip Corp. of Delray Beach, Fla., is selling kits containing scanners and the large-bore needles used to insert the chips, and recommending that doctors charge patients about $200 each. The company has sold about 2,500 chips worldwide for use in people, and several hundred have been implanted, including about 100 in the United States,

The Lords tonight defied the government for a third time on its controversial plans to introduce identity cards.. The suggestion that the government might eventually have to use the Parliament Act to get the bill into law sparked angry exchanges today over the revising role of the Lords and the right of peers to challenge MPs when they think they have made a wrong decision.

Most federal agencies that play key roles in the war on terror are doing a dismal job of protecting their computers and information networks from hackers and viruses

Shock Therapy For Kids: Torture or Cure?

Chongqing is the fastest-growing urban centre on the planet... According to the World Bank, 16 of the planet's 20 dirtiest cities are in China, and Chongqing is one of the worst. Every year, the choking atmosphere is responsible for thousands of premature deaths and tens of thousands of cases of chronic bronchitis. Last year, the air quality failed to reach level 2, the government health standard, one day in every four. Today's haze is so thick that I still haven't seen the sun.

Greenpeace Wins GM Foods Case Against Russian Institute..

India struggles with power theft.. If the current 8% growth rate continues, India's energy planners reckon generating capacity will need to expand sevenfold over the next 25 years - and that means as much as $300bn on new power stations and transmission lines.

Loss of hydroelectric power changing Tanzanian life.. In Tanzania, water levels at hydropower dams have fallen drastically, resulting in daytime power cuts which now last 16 hours, up from 8.5 hours when the cuts were introduced last month to conserve energy.

Carbon Dioxide Hit Record in 2005.. "Global observations coordinated by WMO show that levels of carbon dioxide, the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, continue to increase steadily and show no signs of leveling off.".. said: "If you have that much more energy being trapped, where does it go? That's the question everybody wants to know. Is it increasing the average surface temperature? Is it increasing storm frequency?"


I like gold. Listen... I like gold because it gives me a sense of security…But there is one money that is outside our fraudulent central bank system. That money is gold.

Arab central banks move assets out of dollar.. Middle Eastern anger over the decision by the US to block a Dubai company from buying five of its ports hit the dollar yesterday as a number of central banks said they were considering switching reserves into euros.

Poland raises heat over bank deal.. The European Central Bank stepped into the controversy on Monday after ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet expressed support for the Polish central bank chief, who is resisting government pressure to block the merger.

 U.S. may reassess economic ties to China.. "The U.S. government is continuing its effort to get China -- as a responsible and mature player in the rules-based global trading system -- to play by the rules," said Christin Baker, spokeswoman for the U.S. Trade Representative office.

UN PUSHES FOR GLOBAL TAXES.. The latest UN tax scheme was revealed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January. At this conference of the world’s financial elite, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) unveiled a UN plan to take $7 trillion from developed nations for use by the UN to save the rest of the world from all of its problems.

CHINA MAKES POLICY SHIFT, AIMING TO WIDEN ACCESS TO CENTRAL ASIAN ENERGY .. However, Russia’s obstructionism has helped force Beijing to abandon its preference for unilateral action. China’s new willingness to explore joint deals with India, as well as work through the SCO indicate that Chinese leaders now see multilateralism as perhaps the best way to outflank Russia in energy affairs.

Scientists Find Big Afghan Oil Resources.. hold 18 times the oil and triple the natural gas resources previously thought, scientists said.. Afghanistan's petroleum reserves were previously thought to hold 88 million barrels of oil and 5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas (=20 dagen wereldverbruik olie).

Groot olieveld ontdekt in Golf van Mexico.. Wanneer het nieuwe veld inderdaad kan evenaren aan Cantarell, betekent dit dat er miljarden vaten olie kunnen worden opgepompt.

Nigeria: The Next Quagmire?.. Kidnapping of American oil workers is common. So are protests by local residents who say their needs are neglected even as Chevron and Shell reap huge revenues from oil. Most local people lack electricity, running water, decent schools for their children and job opportunities..So far the Bush administration has said nothing publicly, but a new report on the future of U.S.-Africa relations, by the influential Council on Foreign Relations, calls for the U.S. to launch a "pilot program for interdiction and to curb (oil) piracy." Such a program might involve ships and personnel from the U.S. Navy or Coast Guard.

Big Oil faces Congress on profits, mergers.. The legislation would also permit the government to sue the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries for restricting oil supplies and fixing prices.

UK gas prices soar on new warning.. If the situation gets worse, industrial users could see supplies cut off. "This is as close as the UK has got to a national gas emergency," said the Energy Intensive User Group.

Iran Leader: Nuclear Path 'Irreversible'.. In a nationally televised speech, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also vowed to resist pressure from the Security Council, saying "no power" can take nuclear technology from Iran.

Afghans to Drug Lords: Keep Profits Home.. Afghanistan will encourage its powerful drug lords to invest their illegally earned profits in the war-shattered country, according to the governor of the nation's top opium-growing region…The new judiciary system is weak and has never prosecuted senior traffickers. Afghan and Western officials say the police force is corrupt with officers suspected of involvement in the narcotics trade.

Russian Scientist Says Floating Nuclear Plants Could Supply Energy Worldwide

Rice praises 'moderate' Indonesia.. "I think Indonesia has a very big role to play as an example of what moderation, tolerance and inclusiveness of society can be," she said.

Iraq Edges Closer to Open Civil Warfare..

Television evangelist Pat Robertson said Monday on his live news-and-talk program "The 700 Club" that Islam is not a religion of peace, and that radical Muslims are "satanic."

Bush Rejected More Storm Loans..

Judge to Order Google to Turn Over Records.. The government's scaled-back requests have minimized Google's concerns about sharing confidential company information, but the privacy issues remain troublesome, Gidari told Ware….. Google awaits ruling in data spat..Google also argued that the government's position is flawed and that the search data would not help them in dealing with problems such as child pornography.

6,000 terror watch list hits inside U.S... The screening center runs a database containing more than 350,000 names of people known or suspected to have ties to terrorism. In about 200,000 of those cases, Bucella said, there was enough information to enter the individual into the National Crime Information Center

US issues biometric passports despite concerns.. Last month, security concerns about the new passports arose anew after a Dutch television programme detailed how, in July 2005, the Dutch security laboratory Riscure successfully penetrated the encryption scheme planned for use in forthcoming Dutch electronic passports.

Documents released today by the American Civil Liberties Union reveal that the Federal Bureau of Investigations has indeed monitored political groups solely on the basis that they opposed a U.S.-led war.

 U.S. military plans to make insect cyborgs

Climate change 'irreversible' as Arctic sea ice fails to re-form.. Sea ice in the Arctic has failed to re-form for the second consecutive winter, raising fears that global warming may have tipped the polar regions in to irreversible climate change far sooner than predicted.


Gold May Rebound From 3-Month Low on Improved Investor Demand, Survey Says.. It is a very good time to buy,'' said George Ireland, chief investment officer of Boston-based Geologic Resource Partners, a $300 million venture capital and hedge fund. ``I don't believe gold is going to $1,000, but I would not be surprised to see $650 this year. I buy it as an alternative to investing in dollar-based securities.''

TANGIBLE WEALTH.. In the current economic environment where monetary inflation is rampant, every investor must take a position in commodities as a wealth preservation strategy.

THE FED OFFICIALLY KICKS OFF THE NEXT RECESSION.. M-3 was increased by $28.3 billion last week, a 14.2 percent annualized rate of growth. Over the past 2 weeks, M-3 was boosted an amazing $81.9 billion, for an annualized rate of growth of 20.7 percent! Over the past 8 weeks, M-3 is up 129.6 billion, an 8.2 percent rate of growth, and is up a whopping $249.7 billion over the past 12 weeks, a 10.7 percent annualized rate of growth, a $1.0 trillion annual expansion.

Treasuries fell on speculation reports this week will show an expansion in manufacturing and a gain in consumer prices, suggesting the economy is growing fast enough for the Federal Reserve to keep raising interest rates.

EU warns against energy monopolies.. "Bundling of generation, supply, pipelines, grids and distribution seems to be at the heart of the current market failure," Kroes said at a Brussels energy law conference.

Top Chinese blasts national oil firms.. A top Chinese official has asked the country's oil giants to reduce exports so domestic supply can be stabilized.

Oil threat fuels nuclear dispute.. “If (Security Council members) politicise our nuclear case, we will use any means. We are rich in energy resources. We have control over the biggest and the most sensitive energy route of the world,” he said, referring to the Strait of Hormuz, south of the country.

Russian Nuclear Proposal Still Negotiable — Iran

Npower raises energy prices again.. "Despite this, their bills have still gone up by 53% for gas and 44% for electricity since January 2004," said Alistair Tillen at SimplySwitch. 

UK develops secret nuclear warhead.. One possible way to avoid breaching the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is for Blair to announce that the new deterrent will have fewer warheads. We currently have about 200.

Russia Strikes $7.5Bln Arms Deal with Algeria.. that Russia was willing to forget Algeria’s Soviet-time debt if the contracts were signed.

SAS soldier quits Army in disgust at 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq.. "I did not join the British Army to conduct American foreign policy," he said.

Internet blows CIA agents' cover.. The Chicago Tribune says it has compiled a list of 2,653 CIA employees, just by searching the internet.

US states restricting access to more government information in secrecy surge.. shows an increasing trend among state legislatures to restrict access to information that was public before the 9/11 attacks.

Britain's top policeman secretly taped a phone call with the attorney general... "This is covert surveillance... of the attorney general of this country by Britain's top cop.. It is not illegal for individuals to tape conversations providing the recording is for their own use, under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA).

Banned depression tablets are still being prescribed to thousands of children.. Banned antidepressants are being handed out to thousands of children by doctors because they face waits of up to 10 months to see a psychiatrist.

Robot pig drives German drying plants.. The sludge absorbs the heat from the solar rays, and an innovative ventilation system based on sensors and microprocessors keeps the air inside the shed warm and dry. In comes the electrical pig, a fully automated robot. With its mixing tools, it turns over and aerates the microbiologically highly active sludge and thus accelerates the drying process and helps prevent rotting. The whole system works fully automatically, uses up very little energy and can be easily maintained.

A "drought across the south-east" of England has forced the UK's biggest water company to impose a hosepipe ban.

Across the Horn of Africa about 11.5 million people are at risk of starvation,…. Five successive rains have failed, making this Kenya’s worst drought since independence

Death of the World's Rivers.. The world's great rivers are drying up at an alarming rate, with devastating consequences for humanity, animals and the future of the planet.


Bank for International Settlements Confesses to Gold Price Suppression Scheme..MUST READ!

Gold may be dangerous but it is innocent of all charges.. Gold and silver are feared and hated by
governments precisely because they are the guardians of individual liberty against the state
that aspires to omnipotence.

Lady Fate is Waiting.. The Mogambo Guru.. Mogambo sez:  I cannot believe that gold is not soaring, and all I can conclude is that Lady Fate is waiting for somebody out there in Mogambo-land to load up on gold and silver before she lets it rip. That person will be famous as "The person who bought precious metals the day before the price soared!"  Maybe that is you!  And if not you, then send your money to me so that I can buy some gold and silver, because I would love for it to be me! (MUST READ!)

Gold futures were dealt a blow Friday when favorable U.S. economic data boosted the dollar..Leve de data-massage!

Giant trade gap: no end in sight.. "We are so rich as a country," says Robert Lawrence, a Harvard University economist. "We're borrowing, we're running down our assets, but we're very wealthy." He wouldn't be surprised, though, to see the gap shrink eventually. (????)

MONETARY HARA-KIRI.. In summation, falling consumer prices are the economic equivalent of manna from heaven. By continually debasing their currencies, central bankers routinely rob their citizens of this bounty.

SILVER ETFs, ETFs AND WORLD BANKING CRISIS.. See how complicated this gets when you don’t just buy the bullion yourself?

Syrian bank 'blacklisted' by US.. However, the order does not freeze funds held in the US by the Syrian bank; those accounts are used by foreign banks to do business in the US if they do not have subsidiaries in the country.

Yukos creditors seek bankruptcy.. Now a group of creditor banks led by Societe Generale have petitioned for the bankruptcy as they chase about $480m lent before Yukos hit trouble.

Zimbabwe sees record inflation.. Zimbabwe's inflation has hit a record high of 782%, the country's Central Statistics Office announced on Friday. (ons voorland?)

German inflation still above 2%..(vlgs ECB!)

Energy costs to hit Greggs profit.. The UK's largest bakery chain, Greggs, has warned that higher energy costs are set to eat into its profits this year.

British Gas chaos leaves thousands without heat .. British Gas admitted it has experienced problems with its HomeCare operation, but denied several of the whistleblower's claims.

Crude oil prices slipped below $60 a barrel Friday as traders took profits ahead of the weekend, but worries about violence in Nigeria and the possibility of U.N. sanctions against Iran still underpinned the market.

N. Korea missiles tested are quantum leap: US general.. U.S. officials said the missile test proved the North's nuclear programs posed a threat to the region, but neighbors China and South Korea were muted in their reactions.. Pyongyang is ready and willing to sell the technology, posing a great concern about proliferation, Bell said. "North Korea is a significant threat that still must be deterred," Bell told the committee.

Iran 'grave concern', says Bush.. America's UN ambassador, John Bolton, told the BBC the issue would strongly test the council. 

John Bolton: Iran Nukes Threaten Russia

Iran Shock & Awe Spin Moves into Hyperdrive.. Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei was spot on when he declared: “This time they have used nuclear energy as an excuse. If Iran quits now, the case will not be over. The Americans will find another excuse” as a pretext to shock and awe his country, as they went through several excuses in the lead-up to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Iran cleric scorns EU role in standoff

Secret sale of UK plutonium to Israel..jaren ´60

Iraq executed 13 insurgents on Thursday

GM Recalls About 900,000 Pickup Trucks

E-Voting System Adds 100,000+ Votes in One Texas County During Tuesday's Primary Election!..Situatie in Nederland?

30% of ES&S Voting Machines Fail Recent Test in Ohio..Situatie in Nederland?

US defends Guantanamo force-feeding

Heathrow eye scan checks extended.. "Secure and effective border controls are vital to safeguard our citizens against terrorism, serious and organised crime and illegal immigration, while at the same time facilitating entry for legitimate travellers."

Europe tagging along on RFID.. Anyone at yesterday’s briefing who thought her mind is already made up is just being hysterical and needs to get hold of the real facts. Once Brussels has decided what they are.

UK plans to make driving licences biometric

Alaska hit by 'massive' oil spill.. The source of the spill was a hole caused by internal corrosion in the pipeline, officials say. It remains unclear when the leak started.

China's boom is killing sea that gives it life, warn scientists.. There are even signs that the negative impact of pollution on human health is leading to outbursts of social unrest from those citizens who suffer the most from the downsides of China's economic boom.. "No large throng of any variety of fish, crab and testacean can be spotted in the sea now, and the whole of the spawning area in the sea was polluted."

LIVING ON BORROWED TIME!.. “Inflation eats up most income gains.” ..Richard Daughty - “The fact that I constantly scream for you to invest in gold and silver and commodities is because history has a way of repeating itself, and especially the history of fiat currencies, and doubly especially the history of countries that have abused a fiat currency, and that's why I scream for you to buy gold and silver and commodities if you want to get rich on this monetary stupidity.”

Warning! Fiscal Hurricane Approaching!.. These experts used words like 'Economic Armageddon', 'Financial Apocalypse', 'Financial Disaster', 'Financial Train Wreck', 'Deep Funk', 'Great Disruption', 'Category 6 Fiscal Storm', 'Economic Earthquake', 'Serious Collapse', 'God-Awful Fiscal Storm', 'Debt-Driven Meltdown', 'Major Upheaval', 'Demographic Tsunami', 'Rude Awakening', 'Economic Pain', 'Systemic Banking Crisis', 'An Accident Waiting to Happen', etc. to describe what we are in for.

State sector pensions bill put at £1,000bn. THE cost of the Government’s unfunded liabilities for state workers’ pensions... equivalent to £40,000 per household in the UK or 80 per cent of GDP.

Fearful EU aims to take energy policy from governments.. ALARMED by a surge in energy costs and the threat of an acute gas shortage, the European Commission has made an attempt to seize control of energy policy from national governments.(Slochteren vs Brussel?) However, many governments felt compelled to join forces because of their inability to prevent a doubling of gas and oil prices in the past two years and amid fears over energy security..

Join us as we watch the crisis unfolding.. My fingers got away from me and typed out: "By 2025, we'll be back in the Stone Age." I'm sorry that some readers thought that I actually meant that we would be wearing furs and hunting buffalo with flint spear points. It's called "hyperbole." Nevertheless, I have been looking into acquiring some property on the Arkansas novaculite belt. Great flint.

If the U.N. Security Council is incapable of taking action to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Israel will have no choice but to defend itself, Israel's defense minister said on Wednesday.

Logic out the window at the White House.. So a “preemptive” American attack on Iran would ignite a general insurrection against the American presence in Shia-dominated areas of Iraq and trigger a global economic crisis.

Bush disapproval rating highest of any president since Nixon

Iran Threatens U.S. Over Nuclear Program

Iran achieves stealth technology

North Korea conducted new missile tests, U.S. says .. And I think that any country is going to -- I think it's understandable any country is going to take actions to protect itself." (NK heeft ws een A-bom maar geen olie)

Taiwan Says It Now Faces Almost 800 Chinese Missiles

China warning to US over Taiwan.. Japan also raised concerns about China's military on Tuesday, saying in a report that information on this issue remained "opaque".

Japan US To Jointly Test Missile Defence System This Week

Vermont Towns Vote to Impeach -- UPDATED.. The key amendment involved the addition of a call for the Vermont House and Senate to take up the issue. Though it is a little-known and even less-used power, state legislatures can officially forward impeachment resolutions to Congress.

Police state USA and Big Brother's most cool tool.. A totalitarian dream coming true

Privacy fear as Google plans 'super database'

SANYO have built their new PAN-Focus technology into a lens that keeps all objects in focus no matter how close or far away they are from the camera.

Thirst for oil threatens a fifth of the world's fresh water.. “Even if billions of dollars are at stake, the Russian Government cannot put Lake Baikal at risk,”

Afghan government begins opium eradication campaign.. But a government and UN report has said that Afghanistan's illicit opium crop is likely to increase sharply this year with destitute villagers planting more of the lucrative plant in defiance of a ban.

Why Is Cannabis Illegal?.. Prohibition stops nothing, but there's a lot of money and power in it, and that's the truth…"The federal government, by imposing a Prohibition based on biased, inadequate studies, is depriving the American people of a safe and effective medicine." --Tom O'Connell, MD.

MD Republican Guv Demands Paperless Diebold Touch-Screen Voting Machines Be Sent Back to Fed Authorities for More Testing.. be sent back to federal authorities for further testing in light of recent discoveries of the vulnerability of the machines to hacking and tampering.

Co-op supermarkets introduce pay-by-touch.. one supermarket has introduced payment verification by fingerprint.

Famed "computer terrorist" teaches anti-hacking.. Now the companies he once stole secrets from pay him to hack into their systems and show them how to improve security.

A parliamentary committee on Thursday questioned whether education remained the government's priority as growth in spending on the area falls behind health service funding.

Base Metals Mania?.. And second, there are nearly 2.5 billion more people on this planet since the last major commodities bull of the 1970s

Gold May Rise on China Buying, Demand for Alternative Assets, Survey Shows.. The Bank of China today will ease restrictions on trading in Shanghai and plans to allow buying and selling of gold using dollars, the state-run China Daily said last week…”The Chinese understand that gold is money,'' said James Turk

Silver shines on investment vehicle hope.. Silver closed at its highest level in more than 22 years last week ahead of an expected announcement by the Securities and Exchange Commission on the launch of a silver-backed exchange-traded fund.

The mirror-gazers have misled the ECB.. Under these circumstances, it is hard to imagine how the European economy could get any stronger this year.

The Next Conservative Energy Policy.. Peak oil will cause a crisis in transportation because there are no ready liquid fuel substitutes of comparable quality or quantity. We can't fill gas tanks with coal, wind, solar or nuclear fuel.

Iran remains defiant on nuclear row.. "The longer we wait to confront the threat Iran poses, the harder and more intractable it will become to solve," Bolton warned.(Olie en Oliebeurs)

Nato may help US airstrikes on Iran.. “Washington appears to be dispatching high-level officials to prepare its allies for a possible attack.”.. claimed this weekend that Iran had increased its production of Shahab 3 missiles, which have a range of 1,200 miles, sufficient to reach Israel.

France to give Libya nuclear help.. "The governments have already given their approval," Ollier said. (geen Olie en Oliebeurs)

AP: US 'flying gunships' moving to Iraq.. "It's got tonnes of guns, and it's got all kinds of stuff on it that can be applied to the problems you have," Brigadier General Frank Gorenc

Patriot Act wins final approval in Congress

How we move ever closer to becoming a totalitarian state.. The 'reform' in the title allows ministers to make laws without the scrutiny of parliament and, in some cases, to delegate that power to unelected officials. In every word, dot and comma, it bears the imprint of New Labour's authoritarian paternity.

Lawyer: Gitmo `our American gulag'..We have obtained copies of bounty leaflets distributed in Afghanistan and Pakistan by U.S. forces promising rewards -- ''enough to feed your family for life'' -- for any ''Arab terrorist'' handed over…Every prisoner I've interviewed claims to have been badly beaten and subjected to treatment that only could be called torture, by Americans,

VeriChip has VeriMed Patient Identification ID Chip Implants being used during Medical Emergencies.. There are currently 80 medical centers that have the scanners to read and detect for the chip.  The medical procedure cost $200 to have the rice sized implant put into the patients arm. 

State tests show drop at the top.. *Schools felt increased pressure under the 2002 federal No Child Left Behind law. More met federal targets this year -- but apparently because some standards were relaxed.

UN pleads for food as drought grips Kenya.. The United Nations food agency will run out of the supplies it needs to keep 3.5 million drought-stricken Kenyans alive because it has received just over a tenth of the required funding, officials said yesterday.


Australia May Overtake S. Africa in Gold Output


Honest Money Report.. The United States monetary system currently creates, emits, and circulates paper bills of credit known as Federal Reserve Notes. Such acts are not authorized by the Constitution – they are literally prohibited by the Constitution, and should be repealed forthwith… Both silver and gold coins are the constitutional currency.

Bush quietly reshaping the Fed.. "People are always trying to explain the lack of questions as saying there's a consensus around monetary policy, but there's anything but a consensus on monetary policy," said Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. "What upsets me more than anything is no one is asking serious questions."

FED UP with the FED.. Despite the scathing denunciations, the fact that the Fed is a private—not federal—consortium of bankers was unaddressed.

Zimbabwe 'running out of wheat'.. Zimbabwe has been in economic decline since President Robert Mugabe began seizing white-owned farms in 2000… "Fuel is not available, commodities are unaffordable, unemployment 80%, inflation above 600%.

WORLD INTEREST RATES RISING.. Much of the growth in Japan, China, and the US is really due to the incredible amounts of new debt for the consumers, and speculation related positions for investors.This whole speculation mountain is about to quickly erode. The first cause will be simultaneous rising interest rates worldwide, followed by consumer pullbacks here and elsewhere.

Family Savings Look Scary Across the Board.. That is the portrait of the median American household as painted by the Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Consumer Finances.  "This is awfully sobering," said Peter Speros, managing director of Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blayney Inc., a wealth-management firm in McLean. "These numbers are just so much worse than I would have thought. It's a real eye-opener."

Bush U-turn on Iranian pipeline.. The US had previously stated it was "absolutely opposed" to the gas pipeline, even indicating Pakistan and India could face sanctions if the project got under way.

Venezuela to seek OPEC output cut.. Ramirez was quoted as saying that Venezuela will ask the OPEC cartel next week to cut oil production by between 500,000 and one million barrels per day.

Chavez prepares his people's army to confront US.. Mr Chavez claims Venezuela, along with Brazil and Cuba form an "axis of good", united against President George W Bush, the "world's only terrorist". He has even threatened to stop oil supplies to the US.

Highest natural gas prices since mid-1980s.. and 82.3 percent over the previous five winters

PM attacked on Iraq 'God' remarks.. He accused Mr Blair of "jumping on the same bandwagon" as US President George W Bush, who caused a storm after saying he decided to invade Iraq because he was on a "mission from God". "Are we really seeing over 100 coffins coming back (to the UK) because God told him (Mr Blair) to go to war?"

Israel Prepared for Iranian Nuke Attack.. The Arrow system is supplemented by U.S. Patriot missile batteries, which were used to take out Iraqi Scud missiles during the first Gulf War.

Iran 'will have nuclear arms'.. IRAN will have nuclear weapons within five years, Russian experts believe.

Putin’s Aide Outlines Main Threats to Russia

EU presses Paris on energy merger.. The French government, which denies any wrongdoing, owns 80% of Gaz de France. 

Israel pushes to close pirate gas stations

U.S. to sharpen focus on Iran.. The U.S. State Department is creating a special office to deal with foreign policy changes related to Iran and to promote a democratic transition in the Islamic republic.. Dubbed "transformational diplomacy," Rice's plan will shift several hundred diplomatic positions to what she called "new critical posts for the 21st century," such as China, India, Nigeria and Lebanon, where rapid change is creating a need for a greater U.S. presence.

GOP growing increasingly angry, frightened by Bush's missteps.. And even some Bush supporters remain anxious about the economy, the federal deficit, the war in Iraq and the extent of the administration's warrantless wiretapping.

Depleted Uranium Kills Indiscriminately.. An alarmingly high percentage of U.S. military personnel who have served in Iraq have been afflicted by a variety of health problems commonly known as Gulf War Syndrome. Exposure to uranium spread through the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons is thought to be the primary cause of the high rate of chronic ailments and mortality among Gulf War vets. (DU is ook ingezet in Afganistan!)

Big Brother’s Youth League Snoops Colorado Teacher (orginele Mp3..vuurwerk!)

Pay too much and you could raise the alarm.. They paid down some debt. The balance on their JCPenney Platinum MasterCard had gotten to an unhealthy level. So they sent in a large payment, a check for $6,522… They were told, as they moved up the managerial ladder at the call center, that the amount they had sent in was much larger than their normal monthly payment. And if the increase hits a certain percentage higher than that normal payment, Homeland Security has to be notified. And the money doesn't move until the threat alert is lifted.

Scaling the firewall of digital censorship.. At the University of Toronto, in the small basement office of Citizen Lab, researchers are getting ready for the release of Psiphon, the latest weapon in the fight. Powerpointpresentatie ( )

RFID Technology Becoming Omnipresent


MONEYIZATION #21.. Individuals are increasingly moving to the only viable and liquid real alternative to fiat money. Gold's price is where it is today due to individuals selling government money and buying Gold, the natural money…The structural nature of the U.S. trade deficit and denial by U.S. policy makers, in the form of Bernanke's Delusion, mean that the U.S. dollar is going down in value over time…US$1,300 Gold and CN$2,000 Gold are both no longer fantasies about which Gold Bugs write. They are real possibilities.

MOSQUES, CIVIL WAR, OIL & GOLD.. The USDollar is being outflanked not on one front, but on at least four fronts. The global economy offers a far more complex fabric being stretched and torn. The current situation seems far more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis under Kennedy. The entire world has been swimming like frogs in a slowly boiling kettle, desensitized. Given the cultural ignorance and disdain for Islam and its shrines, few seem sufficiently alarmed even after its Krystal Nacht event…WE ARE ON NOTICE – MAYHEM IS NEAR. THE CRUDE OIL PRICE (AND GOLD) WILL SURELY RESPOND FAVORABLY.

RICHARD RUSSELL ON GOLD, SILVER & US$..My thinking is that one day we'll see that kind of action in gold. "There's no fever like gold fever," runs the old adage. Believe it -- we will see gold fever again. The fever lies somewhere ahead, maybe years ahead, but it's out there as sure as night follows day.